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  • Dinner w/friends C&O Trattoria
    Dinner w/friends C&O Trattoria
    by DJ_Rolo
  • Tiramizu, C&O Trattoria
    Tiramizu, C&O Trattoria
    by DJ_Rolo
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Best Rated Restaurants in Marina del Rey

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    Mercede's: You gotta luv this place!

    by kiwi Updated Aug 17, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You have to love this place. "Cuban Caribbean with Latin & American Infusion" - their own words. Another quote from their menu that I love: "..served with a litter of our Famous Sangria...", apparently they were voted #1 Sangria in LA.
    The staff were so very friendly and efficient, and they had the largest store of Tabasco sauce this little kiwibird has ever seen. Personally it was best left on the shelf!
    Whatever, on a nice balmy summers evening, sitting outside watching the world go bye was paradise for me.

    Favorite Dish: The Traditional Cuban Garlic Citrus Chicken Breast with caramelized mojo onions was real nice, and a chance to taste Cuban flavours.
    Any of the salads are "to die for" as I'm sure the whole menu is!

    Inside dining room.
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  • travelgourmet's Profile Photo


    by travelgourmet Updated Sep 5, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Shanghai Reds continental restaurant has been in the same spot for 37 years and is still the premium Sunday Brunch, all you can eat, restaurant. To make it even better, the restaurant sits on the waterfront in Marina Del Rey. Ask for a window or outside table to view the passing sail and motor boats that are coming from and going out to sea. The beauty of the restaurant is only enhanced by the view.

    So many seafood and breakfast offerings at the brunch, you get full just looking at all the dishes and items available to pile on your plate. The food is top quality and many items are featured that are not found at many "all you can eat" restaurants. Service is first class and the waitstaff jumps to help you. If you are in the area on a Sunday, stop by Shanghai Reds for the brunch. You will not be disappointed.

    Favorite Dish: Everything is set out in front of you on sweeping tables in two rooms. Trying to choose the favorite dish is like looking in a box of popcorn and saying which piece looks like it would taste better.

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  • TonyP's Dockside Grill: Yummy Earlier Dinner

    by marinagal Updated Nov 24, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If your in the mood for an early dinner stop by TonyP's for their new special, "Dine at Dusk" three course meals, between 3 and 5pm for under $16. The food here is always fresh, delicious and plentiful -- a big plus for a mom with teenagers. These earlier dinners are a great value; they include a first course -- salad, soup or an appetizer -- one of their signature dishes such Alfredo's Pasta -- my daughter's favorite -- or Stir Fry, or a Southwest Chicken Platter, even a fish dish and of course -- my son and husband's favorite -- the Flat Iron Steak (can you say "BEEF"). And then a personal mini dessert -- perfect for 1-- like their Triple Berry Cobbler with a tiny scoup of Vanilla Ice Cream or a small Hot Fudge Sundae. Yumm!

    Favorite Dish: This a favorite of my family's because the food is fresh, delicious and plentiful. Good selection that appeals to grown-ups and kids. Plus, they have an outdoor patio (with heaters) so you can sit next to the water. Waiters are attentive -- even bring by the "kids packs" -- crayons with a few little toys so the little ones can color on the paper table clothes.

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    Why, the The Cheesecake...

    by Krystynn Written Oct 4, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Why, the The Cheesecake Factory, of course.

    What do I like most about this place?

    EVERYTHING! The attentive service, great menu... and the fact that this restaurant overlooks the gorgeous marina. I love it. The ambience is just perfect. Thanks, SJ for suggesting this eaterie.

    Favorite Dish: A pretty extensive menu. I wanted to order EVERYTHING (greedy me). I think my American friend just had salad. She's extremely disciplined... unlike me. :-(

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  • Aunt Kizzy's Back Porch: Aunt Kizzy's has moved!

    by marinagal Written Mar 31, 2009

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When you get a hankerin' for some down home Southern Soul Food and Aunt Kizzy's Back Porch comes to mind -- especially thinking about the fried chicken, mac & cheese, greens and such mouth watering selections that you just have to have it -- don't go to the old location cause they've moved! They are now on Washington Blvd. & Via Marina, second floor of the small strip mall on the north side of Washington (used to be Killer Shrimp -- now closed!). Same great comfort food, same great people serving.

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  • DJ_Rolo's Profile Photo

    Warehouse: Great Food

    by DJ_Rolo Written Apr 30, 2006

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Warehouse is a really cool Docks style restaurant. Its located In the Marina of Marina Del Rey. The entrance is really cool, with a little bridge that goes over a pond. The food here is excellent. I was here for a Christmas party, so it was served buffet style. I tried many of the dishes and i liked it all. The Fish was great. They have live bands play here on certain nights. They also have a full bar, and the drinks arent to expensive.

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  • DJ_Rolo's Profile Photo

    Waikiki Willy's: Aloha

    by DJ_Rolo Written Apr 30, 2006

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Waikiki Willys is a really cool Hawaiian restaurant located in the marina. As you enter you get laid. Its been awhile since i ate here, so i dont really remember the food. I do remember that it was good. I came back here again to eat, but it was closed because they were filming a movie. I dont know if its reopened ever since..

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  • Shanghai Red's: Don't do it!

    by mishfashion Written Aug 2, 2007

    Please don't go here! It's extremely expensive, for the worst food and service around!
    I love dining out and do ofter, constantly trying new places. We went here on a recommendation of a friend of my husbands. Bad idea!
    We sat down and it took roughly 10-15 min for even a hello. We ordered drinks, after we received, bread, our soup and salad and our appetizer we received our drinks. Roughly 30 min or more before we were even brought a drink! During this time, my husband got up to fill his own water glass twice!
    Then, the salad, omg, the whole thing was brown, we asked them for another, same exact thing when they returned!
    The calamari was really oily, not good at all!
    We finally got our entree, i ordered it medium, it was blood red rare!
    Afterwards, we wanted another drink, couldn't find our waiter, so ended up finally going to the bar ourselves and the bar was out of liquor!!! No Jack, no crown, no maker's mark, nothing!
    We waited another 20 min to get our bill and left!
    Horrible horrible service and the food was gross for $100 tab!

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  • HELEN's Profile Photo

    Tony P's Dockside Grill: Fantastic views of the marina

    by HELEN Updated Mar 30, 2006

    Tony P's is a fun, casual restaurant right on the waterfront, with fantastic views of the marina. The atmosphere is casual and very relaxed. The restaurant is big, but my favorite part is the out side patio. It's great for sunsets.
    The bar area is like it's own restaurant. It's huge. It's the designated place for the University of Floriday, Gators fans. Any time the gators are playing, you're bound to find lots of fans in blue and orange. The bar has a lot of TVs and plenty of seating. It's just a great place overall.

    Favorite Dish: I've tried lots of items from the menue and I just can't decide on my favorte one. I like them all.

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  • DJ_Rolo's Profile Photo

    C&O Trattoria: Best Italian Food Ever!!

    by DJ_Rolo Updated Dec 26, 2006

    C&O's is the greatest italian restaurant ever! It is located at the end of Washington Blvd, just before it hits the beach. The restaurant is divided into 2 parts, the patio and the inside. The patio is where most people like to sit. It gets pretty crowded here every night. Every night, twice a night, i believe at 7 and 9pm the restaurant breaks out into song. Everyone starts singing its Amore, not only the waiters but the customers too. The food here is excellent. They start off with garlic bread, its actually a garlic roll, these things are delicious and they are free!! these things just kee coming. The house wine here isnt too bad either. My favorite dish is the Spaghetti bolognese. I love it. everything else is really good too. They serve the food in 2 sizes, the smaller size is enough, but id recommend getting the larger size and taking it home so you can enjoy it again in the morning... This is my favorite Italian restaurant, not only for the food, but the ambience as well.. the only thing about the place that sucks is the wait when it gets too busy, oh and its hard to find self parking so most of the time youll have to valet park.

    Dinner w/friends C&O Trattoria Tiramizu, C&O Trattoria

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  • Matjik's Profile Photo

    See below: This format is too confining

    by Matjik Updated Jun 17, 2003

    Here's my list -
    1. Geoffrey's of Malibu (Seafood/Contemporary- Malibu)
    2. Chinois on Main (Wolfgang Puck's-SM)
    3. Buffalo Club (International - SM)
    3. Lobster House (Seafood-SM)
    4. Giraffe's (Steak/Seafood - SM)
    5. Restaurant Hama (Japanese/Sushi -Venice)
    6. James' Beach (Continental - Venice)
    7. Cafe Del Rey (Continental - MDR)
    7. Beach Hut (Continental - SM)

    1. C&O's Trattoria (Italian - MDR)
    2. Lula's (Mexican - SM)
    3. Rebecca's (Continental/Mexican - SM)
    4. Typhoon (Japanese/Continental - SM)
    5. World's Cafe (Continental - SM)
    6. Shanghia Reds (Steak/Seafood -MDR)
    7. Valentino's (Italian - SM)
    8. Ivy at the Shore (Continental - SM)

    1. Paco Tacos (Mexican - Culver City)
    2. Eastwind cafe (Thai food - MDR)
    3. La Cabana (Mexican - Venice)
    4. The Terrace (Continental-MDR)

    *Hit and Miss*
    1. The Canal Club (Venice)
    2. Chaya in Venice (where else?)
    3. Sushi Ryoku (Japanese - SM)
    4. P.F. Chang's (Contemporary Chinese-SM)

    There's so many restaurants between these three areas, but these are what sticks out the most for me. I'll update this list if in case I forgot one or two.

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  • Matjik's Profile Photo

    Huntley's Hotel: Deal and chill

    by Matjik Updated Jun 17, 2003

    Tired from the day's beach activity? But now you just want to relax and have a drink or two?

    Huntley's Hotel have a pretty good 'Happy hour' in the late weekend afternoons. Wolfgang Puck didn't cook the food but it's free, and compliment that with a cold picther of Strawberry Margarita, which isn't free, and you'll can sit back and enjoy a panoramic view of Santa Monica from high up from their penthouse section. It's cool to watch the sun dive down on the ocean with the mountain ranges on the foregound.

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  • Frisbeeace's Profile Photo

    The Cheesecake Factory: Great food - Great setting

    by Frisbeeace Updated Jul 12, 2003

    The Cheesecake Factory in Marina del Rey is a great spot to have dinner. This unique location offers outdoor seating with an unbelievable on-the-water view (seasonal umbrellas and heaters are plentiful). The portions are generous and prices are reasonable. The downside... there is usually a long wait, no matter what time you go.

    Favorite Dish: Try:
    Sauteed Chicken Breast with Lemon Sauce, Mushrooms and Capers. Served with Angel Hair Pasta

    DULCE DE LECHE CHEESECAKE (dulce de leche is an Argentine invention) or the old New York Cheesecake with strawberries


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  • marinarena's Profile Photo

    Jerry's Famous Deli: Dine at Deli, Catch a Game

    by marinarena Updated Sep 21, 2008

    Get your rye bread sandwich, potato pancakes or tasty pastry at Jerry's. If not one, get all three!! Jerry's is a popular hangout in Marina, as well as in every town where it located. Known for its satisfying array of meaty sandwiches and wonderfully sinful pastries, Jerry's a treasured Los Angeles staple.

    Stopping by in the fall of 2007, I felt this location as rather cozy and roomy. What's especially nice here is the relatively short walk to the marina. Overall, the atmosphere and menu is good for families and groups. I recommend this as an alternative sports bar venue. I happen to be in the area and caught a few NFL games on big screen (there are several screens set up for the game)


    (Hots Dogs and) Knocks- Knocks are knockwurst (sausages)

    Sky High - big sandwiches

    Triple Deckers- meat sandwiches

    Favorite Dish: any sandwiches, and the fries are excellent as well

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  • Tony P's Dockside Grill: GREAT FOOD

    by Nicabocer Updated Apr 4, 2011

    The food is great and there are big portions. The ambiance is welcoming. The view is gorgeous and the service was great. This is the place to go for any time.

    Favorite Dish: Steak is great. Chicken Parmesan is delicious. Best Clam Chowder.

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