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    by MRRAIDER Written Nov 13, 2006


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  • Oakland is a Safe, Friendly City

    by maybelll Updated Oct 21, 2006

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    My experience in Oakland has always been positive. Yes, there is crime like any other City but not in the tourist areas and not focused on downtown. Unfortunately most of the crime is contained in a couple of the poorer areas of the City Most of the crime is domestic and or drug related. If you use common sense and don't deal in drugs visitors to Oakland will be fine. Oakland is the best kept secret in California. I love it here and travelled all over the world and still come back to Oakland!

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    by OaklandCA Written Jun 18, 2006

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    Starting with North Oakland :
    The area within Acatraz ave., Telegraph ave., and San Pablo ave is really dangerous at night. Avoid walking alone if possible this area has a heavy reputation for its drug/narcotic problems.

    West Oakland :
    Now the area from W. MacArthur Blvd., Broadway ave., and 5th St. is also really dangerous do not make eye contact with people and avoid walking through crowds of young people and stay away from runned down neighborhoods. Crime in West Oakland is very high and it happens alot during day time as well as night. Stay away from ¨ The Lower Bottoms ¨
    The area that is outline by Mandela Pkwy, 5th Street and the Bay Area Waters its the most violent part of West Oakland

    Downtown Oakland :
    Be carefull at night time you see alot of homeless, beggars, and young people looking for trouble due to the clubs located Downtown. Its pretty safe during the day, the Oakland Police Department is located on Broadway. Most of the criminals you see around are heading to the city lockup just a few blocks from the police station.

    East Oakland : ¨The Flatlands¨. Area within Park Blvd., Bancroft Ave., and E.98TH Ave. Now this part of town is infested with crime and chaos.Theres always crime on International Blvd. DO NOT wander around past 11pm unless you want to put yourself in harms way. Theres too many bad places to name so heres the most notorious.. from E.20th to E.27th they call it Murder Dubz, From High Street to Seminary Ave., and from E.73rd Ave., to E.98th especially from E.90th to E.98th Ave. you see many gangs and witness plenty of violence it is not a place for tourist the smart thing will be to stay away. Theres always gang fights, shootings, Sideshows and many homicides in this part of the city.

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  • lucythedog's Profile Photo

    Few taxis after dark

    by lucythedog Updated May 27, 2006

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    Oakland in all its wonderful ethnic diversity, is not the greatest after dark, downtown. Cabs are hard to find, and lots of gangs and homeless late at night. After a concert at the Paramount, it was over an hour to get a taxi and quite sketchy in that area.

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  • Oakland is ghetto on all sides!

    by sonofisis Written Mar 2, 2006

    No part of Oakland is truly safe. I know, I grew up in Oakland. When there wasn't nothing to do in the flat lands, people would go up to the hills and rob you. East, West, and North Oakland all have a rebellious young generation. East Oakland, being the biggest is the most historcally ghetto part of Oakland. Most of the Bay Area rap stars came from here. Ghettos include the 7o's, Rollin 100's, dirty 30's, murder dubs, funk town, 69 ville, ect.. West Oakland is where the Black Panthers started and is mostly an African American ghetto (Though they've been trying to clean it up). Ghettos include: Lower Bottoms, Ghost Town, 18th st., Dog Town, ect.. North Oakland is probably the better part out of these two, but only because of it's size. It's the smallest part, but has it's ghettos and historically bad neighborhoods also. This is where a lot of the Black Panthers actually met and this is the closest part to Berkeley. But as of recent, South Berkeley and North Oakland have been having wars, and in 2002,2003 more than 22 people were killed with in a 10-15 block radius, not to mention that Bushrod has always been a mess. Notable ghettos are Bushrod Park, Golden Gate Park, 62nd st., Gaskill, ect.. Stay away from Oakland. Visit Berkeley and San Francisco, but stay away from The Town. Oakland is ghetto on all sides!

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  • Karnubawax's Profile Photo

    A few places to be wary of...

    by Karnubawax Written Aug 2, 2005

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    Oakland is famous for its' high murder rate. But, as I said in the intro, almost all of these murders are drug- and/or gang-related, and occur in places you're not likely to go. That being said, there are some places you may go that should be mentioned.

    Lake Merritt is a beautiful place to cruise around, whether walking or biking. I would avoid it at night, though. Every so often, you hear about a rash of muggings near the Lake.

    Network Associates Colisseum (or just the Colisseum as most people call it) is near a very bad neighborhood. Don't try to save a few bucks by parking on the streets near the park, or you may get your battery stolen; I know this through personal experience!

    Ask at your hotel, or ask a local, which neighborhoods to stay out of. Given Oakland's bad reputation, they want to make SURE you don't encounter any unpleasantness!

    Finally, don't give in to all the bad hype about Oakland. It is actually a very cool city, with some very beautiful neighborhoods and first class attractions, as well as some bad neighborhoods which, unfortunately, get all the publicity.

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  • davequ's Profile Photo

    Use common sense

    by davequ Written Mar 7, 2005

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    I like Oakland, and I walk around by myself all over at all hours.

    But that is just me. Not trying to offend anyone from the area, but I recommend you use a little caution when walking around certain parts of Oakland (especially downtown / Broadway) at night.

    I do it all the time & I'm still alive, but I don't push it. Use common sense and you'll be fine.

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  • supune's Profile Photo

    Oakland Gangs

    by supune Updated Jul 22, 2003

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    Oakland gangs don't have running fueds like in L.A. or Chicago. But when you do hear of violence it is sporadic and usually deadly and are usually over drugs.

    Ironically, the gangs here started when the Panthers died out and 'young bloods' started feeling dissillusioned. The Crack epidemic brought boat loads of drugs from Panama and the gangs banked in. The famous hustler, Felix Mitchel, who some claim "New Jack City" was modeled after came from 69 ville. Other street gangs include StoneCity, 11/5, 23rds, Highstreet, Acorn boys, 85 boys, and Plymoth rocks.

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  • Stay in well lighted areas of...

    by Linda_Terry Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Stay in well lighted areas of downtown at night, use car alarms if you have them, be sure to lock your car. Rockridge, Montclair and Piedmont Ave. are generally safe - but keep your eyes open if you are at a BART station late at night.

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  • cvilla007's Profile Photo

    Oakland is still a dangerous...

    by cvilla007 Written Aug 26, 2002

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    Oakland is still a dangerous city, especially at night. Always stay near well-lit and popular places, and at night it's best to hang out at Berkeley.

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  • pattyx's Profile Photo

    Oakland still has a few high...

    by pattyx Written Aug 24, 2002

    Oakland still has a few high crime areas so make sure you're in a safe neighborhood and you're not alone venturing in the night.

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  • Nov 8, 2012 at 8:34 AM

    Went to College in East Oakland. It was pretty crazy! Jack London Square is a great part of Oakland. I enjoyed my time there even with dealing with girls on our campus getting mugged at gun point for .65 cents and a bag of cookies. Other than that and Fruitvale smelling like pee, it can be a fun city!

    • giampiero6's Profile Photo
      Nov 8, 2012 at 11:50 AM

      Did you go to Mills? I like parts of East Oakland where my buddy lives, but it can be a bummer too...

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