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Best Rated Restaurants in Orange

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    Watson's Drug and Soda Fountain: Old Fashioned Food and Desserts

    by Jokerit_pl Written Aug 23, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Watson's Drug and Soda Fountain is Orange County's oldest drugstore which opened in 1899. The building houses both a drugstore and the restaurant. The ambience is that of a 1950's diner with a menu that is reflective of that with burgers, steaks, sandwiches, shakes, malts, ice cream sodas (floats), and a variety of desserts. The dining is very casual. You seat yourself at any available table or the old fashioned soda fountain counter and a server will be along shortly to take your order. The food is served in nice portions and is quite good. The hallmark soda fountain drinks and desserts are excellent. A very good way to cool off on a hot day.

    1950's memorabilia is scattered throughout Watson's. The restaurant area definitely has that nostalgic feel too. Watson's also served as a backdrop to a number of movies including "That Thing You Do" starring Tom Hanks. Numerous Hollywood stars and politicians have also dined here in the past.

    Favorite Dish: Watson's shakes and ice cream sodas (floats) is what makes me return often. Their shakes are one of the best in the city (maybe even the county) and the floats come with a huge serving of ice cream that spills over the rim of the mug.

    Watson's Entrance and Outdoor Dining Area Soda Fountain Dining Area mmmmm!! Coke Float!!

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    The Original Fish Company: A Clamor for Clam Chowder, Los Alamitos, OC

    by marinarena Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Pride in Fish would be the second title for this page. To ensure freshness at its most fresh, the fish served at OFC is hand selected by pro catchers (not baseball related!) who go on short trip boats.

    This place will always have a place in my and my family's heart. I've grown up coming here, mostly making pit stops at the fish market/to go area just to get the famous clam chowder ! Yes, it is just that delicious! It is all that my mother orders from here. She just can't get over it.

    Famous people have dined here--oh so many of them to name! There have been actors, sportsmen, and even president Bush Sr. They are all pictured on the entrance walls of the cozy, semi-fancy restaurant. This is a good choice for everyone. Seafood lovers would be in heaven here. The ambiance is perfetc for couples and those going on a first date. Yet, this restaurant prides itself for being family-friendly as well. Also, it should be noted of the seniors who make this restaurant a favorite haunt. I mean, it is in senior capital Los Al- not so far away from the retirement community of Leisure World in Seal Beach!

    Include yourself in the mix at OFC

    Favorite Dish: Get the clam chowder !!

    For lunch, I love the grilled ahi sandwich on ciabatta with asian cole slaw and a wasabi aioli, which really gives the taste a distinct quality.

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    Noah's Bagels (Westminster, almost H Beach ): Go to the only OC Noah's Bagels, Westminster

    by marinarena Written Dec 8, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Oh. how do I love my Noah's bagels !!! My mouth waters just thinking about them. There is much more on the menu here though including gourmet hot dogs, panini, muffins and bread loafs which are ready to order. Despite it being a western chain, the taste is more like New York. Though Noah's is a chain, it should be singled out for its quality. Such a shame there is not a location closer to me!! Noah's only OC appearance is in Westminster (in the nice part of the city along Beach Blvd, right on the border of Huntington Beach).

    The location itself is ordinary and quaint. It is at the Pavilion Place Shopping center, yet another suburbia assortment of one-stop shoppings we all so love here in America. Noah's a wonderful stop for breakfast especially if in the area for taking in Huntington beach or if heading down Beach Blvd or off the creeping 405 freeway in the area.

    Favorite Dish: c

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    (OPEN) The Original Pancake House: Dutch Baby!!!

    by Phalaenopsis03 Updated Sep 22, 2011

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Probably one of my most fave breakfast joints in the OC. The pancakes served here are yummy and the service nice and friendly. This place is always packed, so you're sure to expect lines, but be patient because it's worth it.

    There's 14 of these franchised restaurants serving the state of California, so each restaurant is owned and operated by different individuals. However, I can attest to how great the Aneheim and Redondo establishments are and friends have told me that the San Diego one is also good.

    Days/Hours of Operation:
    Tuesday - Sunday: 6am to 2pm
    Monday: closed

    Favorite Dish: One of the restaurant's signature items is the "Dutch Baby" (see photo), which is an oven-baked pancake sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with lemon wedges. There's a much bigger version of this, which just overflows from the plate it's served on, that I typically order. It tastes almost like a crepe, except it's slightly thicker and definitely more huge. Yum! Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

    web photo of

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    (OPEN) Duke's Huntington Beach Restaurant: Pac-Rim Yuminess

    by Phalaenopsis03 Updated Sep 22, 2011

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    With a yummy Pacific Rim menu and a fun, laid-back, Hawaiian-themed atmosphere, Duke's is the right place to just chill out for dinner and drinks. My colleague brought her sister here for food and cocktails for her birthday and we all enjoyed. Afterward, we walked over to the other side of the street to continue the party at another bar/club who's name I forgot.

    Celebrating Nikki, 09.30.06

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    Naan & Kabob: Eat Good Persian with the Persians in Tustin, OC

    by marinarena Written Oct 9, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    One day in Tustin, I decided to go for a different dining experience and I wound up here at Naan & Kabob. From viewing the surroungs, I knew that this would be a very local and modest place to eat, which I thought perfect! One gets tired of passing so many McDonalds and the likes throught OCsuburbia.

    If looking for authentic but not super fancy Persian cuisine, come here (Compare this review to that of Darya on my Santa Ana page). The surroundings and interior are not inspiring but all that really matters is the quality of food when stopping by. Mostly, diners here are Persian or of another Middle Eastern background but considering that it's close to Larwin Square, the main hang-out zone of the city of Tustin, others come in as well. Table service and takeout are available here.

    Favorite Dish: Soltani (Chicken , Beef)

    This dish has a very good universal appeal, especially good for those who are new to Persian cuisine

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    Felix's Continental Cafe: Cuban and Spanish in One !

    by marinarena Updated Aug 7, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Here is the most famous place to get a Cuban Sandwich way west of Miami- Felix's!
    Also, Spanish food is on the menu here with the usual suspect- paella! Come in early for dinner (6-7 PM to beat the rush of locals dining. The restaurant building is quite small but there are tables placed outside for extensive "al fresco" experience.

    The location is very visible, off the famous traffic circle of the Old Orange district.

    What's nice is that there are generous portions here- perhaps too nice with the rice.
    Careful to avoid eating here if on a low-carb diet.

    There is patio seating but note the bar is indoors only!

    Check out the website for more on specialties from Felix!

    Favorite Dish: Cuban Sandwich- just the basics here: toasted bread and ham

    platanos- plantains, made with perfection

    Tres Leches Cake !! a moist , rich cake with "three milks"

    Felix- a mainly Cuban eaterie, Orange, CA
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  • DJ_Rolo's Profile Photo

    TuTu Tango: Just Appetizers?

    by DJ_Rolo Written Mar 21, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Tutu Tango is a really cool restaurant at the Block in Orange. I would say its more of a hang out spot, to drink and chill with some friends. There are really no main dishes here, its all appetizers. The appetizers are pretty good, but i just cant get used to it. This place has a really big patio and i believe the majority of people like to sit outside under the heaters, so they can people watch. Its located in the middle of the Block in front of the movie theaters, so you basically can see everybody walking around. It definitely gets crowded here and sometimes hard to get a seat. Normally on the weekends youll need to wait awhile, but if you have the time, you might as well. They also ahve Belly Dancers and tahitian dancers on different nights.

    Chillin at TuTu Tango @ the Block In Orange

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  • marinarena's Profile Photo

    Linx: Frankly Delicious & Friendly

    by marinarena Written Aug 19, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    America's fan favorite of the hot dog gets a gourmet upgrade at Linx, a modern day gastropub with a throwback theme reminiscent of mid 20th century times in the U.S. A new favorite of Old Towne Orange is this relatively small eatery that's big on preparing quality comfort food and serving with authentic, passionate service.

    Principally, Linx is about serving up a gourmet version of the classic frankfurter and sausage. What's so different about Linx as a hot dog restaurant? Their franks and other food ingredients are locally based primarily organic and made with an artisan touch. Believing in sustainability, Linx is a great option for those who take pride in healthy conscious eating. No fillers in the franks here. See down below for all of the sausage options, including a vegan dog for you non-meat eaters out there!

    As for grown up beverage tastes, craft beer lovers rejoice! There is a great selection of wonderfully ales Unwind at the frank-central eatery which has both an indoor and outdoor patio dining area that both seat a few dozen comfortably. A frank and beer is most always a perfect combination. Call or check website for the latest of bubbling alcoholic drinks-

    Upon walking into Linx, you'll very likely be greeted with smiles. Newbies are educated by well trained and attentive hosts on everything Linx, from the menu and its standards to the frank and beverage specials of the day. Both singles and families, those young and old are welcome to dine in the charming rustic looking restaurant or take outoaming convenience. Do consider to stop in and more than satisfy your gourmet yet classic food fix.


    Check current hours on the restaurant website.


    all beef, natural casing
    KNACKWURST (1/3 lb.)
    all natural pork and beef
    110 year old german recipe, veal and pork
    hickory smoked pork, aged cheddar
    250 year old recipe, spicy pork,
    aged provolone, basil
    smoked spicy pork, natural casing
    spinach, feta, sun dried tomato, pine nuts
    our all organic meat-free option

    Favorite Dish: Option of making your own hot dog/sausage:
    -Get a classic frankfurter with one of the several unique toppings, including dipping sauce.
    - Have you frank with a toasted roll! Try pretzel or potato roll!

    Choose from toppings/sauces:
    smoked onion relish
    pushcart style onions
    neon green relish
    giardiniera relish
    house made pickle spear
    apple-bacon kraut (my preference)
    bacon marmalade
    pico de gallo
    roasted jalapenos
    grilled sweet peppers
    grilled onions (my preference)
    fresh vidalia onions
    vine-ripe tomatoes
    crispy onions
    LinX four cheese blend

    fritessaus (1000 island style)
    curry ketchup
    spicy ketchup
    blue cheese-bacon aioli
    lemon-garlic aioli (great stuff)
    spicy beer mustard
    honey mustard (always good)
    yellow mustard
    “trinity” (ketchup,mustard & mayo)
    chorizo mayo
    sriracha mayo
    LinX fire sauce
    honey bar-b-que
    red ranch
    honey badger

    Belgian frites:
    I am in love with the french fries here. Done to PERFECTION! Perfect crisp, not too salty, sprinkled. Get the large order for

    custom made hot dog, Linx, Orange, CA Linx restaurant sign, Orange, CA
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  • marinarena's Profile Photo

    Zito's Pizza: Get the Good Stuff at Zito's

    by marinarena Updated Mar 4, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Zito's is a main pizza joint in the city of Orange and throughout central-east OC. You come here mainly for the pizza, which has a decent NY Style. Maybe native New Yorkers would approve- maybe not, but this California girl certainly does! Zito even will refund the price of a pizza if you're not satisfied after a bite of one slice! The deluxe version of Zito's is in Tustin, which features Sunday Brunch (yay!).


    For the locals especially, Zito's is good for offering coupons in snail-mailed dining guides and coupons. However, on website there are coupons for anyone to get.

    Live entertainment occurs every Friday and Saturday at the 17th St location in Tustin.

    Slices are readily available M-F during lunch hours, until about 3 at the Old Towne Orange location.

    17th St. (Tustin, most fancy location, like a restaurant)
    (714) 832-1111

    Glassell St (Old Towne Orange)
    (714) 771-2222

    Katella Ave. (Anaheim)
    (714) 939-6222

    Santa Ana Cyn.(Anaheim Hills)
    (714) 998-2000

    Tustin St. (Orange, close to the Village at Orange)
    (714) 974-6191

    Favorite Dish: BBQ Chicken , just right -cheesy and a lil' not too spicy!

    Zito's Pizza, Orange, CA Old Town Orange's Zito's Pizza, California Zito's Pizza patio, Orange, CA
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  • marinarena's Profile Photo

    Paul's Place: Go Local Gourmet Fast Food at Paul's

    by marinarena Written May 15, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Awesome grilled grub inside! Paul's Place is that alternative to McDs and Wendy's when you're out and seeking for delicious, fresh fast food! PP is a local joint with locations all in northern Orange county. Featuring a diverse menu of fast food favorites and friendly service, this joint can become downright addicting.

    Food selections include Greek, Mexican and classic American. Really hungry? Combine a Grecian lamb gyro ("year-oh") sandwich with a beef taco and fries. Got a family to feed? The "broasted" chicken dinners are a great deal. For about $20, a family of four can be easily fed and happy with fresh California grown chicken, garlic rolls and cole slaw.

    Burgers are always great, made to order like everything else on the menu. For a mouthwatering original fave, try the sourdough bun of Paul's "California" Burger. Those who want healthy can be satisfied with one of the amazing deluxe salads, with no or minimal dressing included.

    I've personally been at three locations (Anaheim, Buena Park and Orange). Orange has the newest location, a very comfy and attractive looking French styled dining room.


    Paul's Locations-

    Orange- new in 2014
    Los Alamitos
    Buena Park

    Menu from each location slightly different. Check website for details!

    Favorite Dish: Gyros Sandwich or Plate- Thinly sliced, tender lamb cooked, great with fresh red onion and sliced tomato. Super filling

    Feta Fries- Round cut fried potatoes topped with real fresh feta cheese - share with another!

    Both pictured!

    Paul's Place, Orange, CA Lamb Gyro, at Paul's Place restaurant, CA Feta Fries, at Paul's Place restaurant, Orange, CA
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  • Phalaenopsis03's Profile Photo

    (CLOSED) Turner New Zealand Restaurant: All natural and delish...

    by Phalaenopsis03 Updated Sep 22, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A colleague of mine took me to Noel Turner's restaurant for a belated birthday dinner, which was absolutely delicious. Unfortunately however, we had to rush through our meal so as not to miss the musical we were scheduled to attend at the neighboring Orange County Performing Arts Center. Having informed our hostess upon our arrival that we were crunched for time, the staff did a wonderful job of accommodating us. Not only was the service excellent, but the food was even more-so phenomenal. Turner's appeal is that it is committed to serving only the finest, all-natural, hormone-free, antibiotic-free gourmet products in the world straight from New Zealand. And boy, was this evident in the food they serve. From the butter spread to the lamb to the chocolate souffle, the freshness of ingredients and the flavors were top notch. A truly fine dine that I look forward to experiencing again soon!

    Favorite Dish: - Turner Orange Roughy: Fresh Turner orange roughy pan-seared along with stir fried organic mushrooms, peppers, red onions, carrots, cabbage, sugar peas, with cilantro infused jasmine rice and crispy wontons.
    - Turner Lamb Porterhouse: Minimum 30-day aged Turner lamb porterhouse, oven-roasted organic tomatoes, lyonnaise organic potatoes, finished with truffle essence.
    - For dessert, a warm and gooey chocolate souffle accompanied with cream and ice cream.

    Celebrating my birthday, 01.04.07 Birthday girl. Turner lamb porterhouse.
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  • marinarena's Profile Photo

    Kimmie's Coffee Cup: Try a Flavorful & Friendly O.C. Fave

    by marinarena Updated Apr 15, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Kimmie's is one of those local town faves you'll want to seek out if you're an outsider who want to experience everyday local- not just in the city of Orange but in all of Orange county. You take ma and pop, granny, your best friend- guy or girl, kids- everyone will delight here. Kimmie's is a busy breakfast, lunch and brunch spot that draws the regulars with newspaper in hand or near by the plate and butterknife.

    My Kimmie's experience has been at the old town Orange location, arguably the most charming location of them all. One coming to OTO from south on Glassell Ave will be welcomed first by the quaint diner. Come early- else you have to wait for a table to open or squeeze into a spot in the bar area.

    The wife and husband owned diner is all-American- serving up the friendly "how ya dos" along with the hamburgers and huevos rancheros. Of course, being all-American means having a little Mexican influence as well. There is a dedicated "South of the Border" men with staples of breakfast burrito and breakfast quesadilla. Like many dining spot in the U.S, it's hard to eat light here. Heaping servings are favored. Make Kimmie's your only meal of the day if you are concerned about calories!

    Though an AM joint, Kimmie's is getting in on some PM action. Try something unique and seasonal from daily specials.

    Phone: 714-288-2899

    Favorite Dish: Eggs Benedict- very fulfilling. Share if you want a sensible portion!

    EB: English muffin topped with two poached eggs, ham, and hollandaise sauce. Just enough sauce. Served with either potatoes or fruit. I got the potatoes- easy choice! Very fulfilling!

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  • marinarena's Profile Photo

    Joey's Pizza: Jump for Joey Joy in Tustin!

    by marinarena Updated Jun 14, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    CLOSED---> now is D'Amore's Pizza, which I recommend. Revised tip to come!

    OK, this is a total hole-in--the-wall! Joey's in Tustin, within the historic Larwin Square serves up perfect NY thin style pizza at the best prices I have seen in O.C. The sauce and cheese are just the right amount, not too much, not too little. Slices are about $2 a slice, equally individually- for cheese only, meat (pepperoni and or sausage), Hawaiian or veggie.

    No fancy parlor here but clean and with a smile from the counter guy. Simple, great place to eat.

    There is more than pizza here (salads, pasta, etc) I believe but haven't tried these yet!

    Favorite Dish: Veggie pizza slice

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  • marinarena's Profile Photo

    Old Towne Grinder & Ice Cream Parlour: Eat and Drink All-American style

    by marinarena Written Sep 12, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you want the ol' time American experience, come here. Inside, the eaterie is filled with old soda bottles and a few Coca-Cola machines. As for the menu, don't expect the modern-day American fu-fu cuisine here. No fancy gourmet sandwiches with exotic ingredients, no tacos, no nachos, no sushi.

    The "grinder" on the menu is a staple here. It is simply a submarine sandwich or "hoagie" with white roll bread and fillings inside. Choose from the classics: roast beef, ham or turkey. Originally, a grinder was a nickname for a dock worker.

    If you can't deal with the meaty grinders, there is a vegetarian sandwich available, along with sides like fries and salads.

    And everyone can't go wrong here with ice cream. There is a classic variety of flavors: Vanilla, Rocky Road, Mint and Chip and more. To be kind to yourself, a kid's scoop will suffice.

    Favorite Dish: Turkey grinder ...not too heavy
    Mint and Chip ice cream- delicious and freshens your breath!

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