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  • Oregon City Schoolhouse
    Oregon City Schoolhouse
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  • Ruins Of Cherokee Bank
    Ruins Of Cherokee Bank
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  • Old Post Office
    Old Post Office
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Oroville Things to Do

  • Brad B. Freeman Bike Trail

    If you love cycling, like I do, the Brad B. Freeman bike trail, is a must. The entire trail is a 40 mile long loop. It starts at the dam, circles the After Bay, than runs through the wildlife area to downtown, along the Diversion Pool, and ends back at the dam. The trail is divided into two parts, and you can either take a short cut at the...

  • Kayak The Feather River

    Oroville is known as the "Adventure Capital of California", and here, you can have an adventure, inside the city limits. If you're the adventurous type, you can run a kayak down the Feather River. You cannot rent a kayak on the river, accept during the Salmon Festival, when they offer special tours. There is a rental place at the Forebay, but I...

  • Feather River Fish Hatchery

    Every August, September and November hundreds of salmon come to the Feather River to spawn. They can be seen at the Feather River Hatchery. The hatchery has a built in aquarium, which allows visitors to view this salmon underwater. They can also be viewed at the hatchery's holding tanks. You can also view them in their natural habitat, as they try...

  • Step Back In Time, Visit Historic...

    The city of Oroville was founded in the mid-1800s during the California Gold Rush. Infact, Oroville means "City of Gold". Most people who live in Oroville will tell you there is nothing exciting here, but visit the historic downtown and you will soon realise how wrong they are. Most of the buildings in downtown date back to the California Gold...

  • Mega-Holiday CONCERT Dec.23rd! Free

    Dec. 13th - This Saturday - 8pm - Festivus II@ Cafe Coda - Chico - 265 Humboldt AveDr. Yes playing with a full band (bass,drums,guitar) The Soulgazers.Free compilation CD of all the bands to first 50 so GET THERE EARLY.Featuring: The Shimmies (acoustic), Red Giant, Surrogate, Pontiak Dec. 23rd - 7pm - Hearts of Gold Rock Spectacular! - Food & Toy...

  • Oroville Dam and Lake

    Oroville Dam is one of the largest earthen dams in the entire world. It is quite a sight to behold. It stands 770 feet high, with a crest of 6,920 feet.Lake Oroville, behind it, is a favorite place for boaters.


Oroville Hotels

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Oroville Restaurants

  • A Restaraunt, With A View

    In terms of food quality, this is one of the best restaurants in town. I would definitely rank it in the top 3. The king of Jordan even ate here in July 2010, during his motorcycle tour of America.Having lived in Kelly Ridge for over 9 years, I have witnessed this restaurant have it's ups and downs. The owner changed many times, and when the owner...

  • Something isn't right here...

    We had been told that the food at Tong Fong Low's was great and the portions large. Food was tasteless, could not rate it average even by any scale I know. Now, I've had Kung Pao Chicken before, many times and in many countries, including China. This did not look and it did not taste like any Kung Pao Chicken I've ever had, period. Patty had Tofu...

  • Best Burgers In Town

    I've visited a few burger joints around town and this one is still my favorite. I have been coming here for about 8 years, and it never dissapoints. I used to come here for the rootbeer shake, and the arcade, but their shakes aren't as good as they used to be, but their food is.I always order the same thing when I go, a bacon cheese burger, and...


Oroville Nightlife

  • briantravelman's Profile Photo
    Night Time In Downtown Oroville

    by briantravelman Written Mar 12, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Once a year in December, the city of Oroville hosts a night time light parade. There are also concerts during major holidays and in the summer. And of course, there is 4th of July.
    Other than that, there is no nightlife in Oroville. Bar goers aren't social, and clubs, shops, and restaurants close rather early, so the streets are usually deserted, except for the occasional drunk, drug dealer, or bored teenagers looking for trouble.
    That's one of the bad things about Oroville, there is no nightlife. I think it would be nice if the city of Oroville organized some nightlife on weekends, at least during the warm months. This town needs more culture.
    If you want something close to nightlife, your best bet would be Gold Country or Feather Falls Casino. They often host parties and concerts. The Kelly Ridge Country Club, also hosts parties during holidays, and in the summer. Other than that, most night time events are private festivities.

    It is cool to see the shops in downtown lit up at night, especially during Christmas, but that is about it. There is no sense in walking around at night, plus the town gets a bit shady after dark.

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Oroville Transportation

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    B-Line Bus

    by briantravelman Updated Jan 21, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you don't mind riding with a bunch of weird people, and drug users the B-line is the cheapest way to travel around Butte County. It only costs a $1.40 within the city, and $1.80 if you're traveling to another city. They have special discounts as well. You can also buy a transfer ticket and day or monthly pass, but I only use it in Oroville, so I don't know how any of that suff works. Honestly, I think it would just be easier to pay the fee at each location.
    The bus is kind of small, a bit dirty, and the seats aren't every comfortable, but this isn't Europe, so I don't expect luxory. It can also get a bit crowded on Fridays and on weekends, so be prepared to stand. The buses also have bike racks, and there is a long yellow bar next to all the windows, which you can press to request a stop anywhere along the route. Buses usually have a string to request stops, not a bar, so it took me a while to find it. I couldn't figure out how people were doing it, until I saw someone press it.
    The schedule isn't very good though. Some places, the buses only go twice or 3 times a day, so you may have to wait a few hours to get to where you want to go. Also the weekend stops are different than the weekday stops, so check the schedule or ask the driver to make sure you get to the right place.
    The bus also has some weird rules. You have to have a shirt on to ride it, even when it's 100 degrees outside, no unneccessary conversation with the driver, no swearing (though people do all the time), you have to give up a front seat to an old person, even if there are other seats open, no music, no weapons (like anyone will know). These rules are rarely enforced though, except for the no shirt one.
    I'm not gonna lie, the bus is mainly used by lower class citizens who can't afford cars, or handy cap people, or senior citizens who can no longer drive. Even the drivers are weird. Don't let this deter you from riding it though. I've seen all sorts of people riding it, and people are usually well behaved, (except for a few impatient passangers), and it's completely safe. If you're looking to save money on transportation, take the bus. It's way cheaper than taking a cab, or renting a car. However, it's not good if you want to visit some of the off the beaten path places, like Table Mountain, or Chereokee.
    They also have special buses designed specifically for disabled people, but an application is neccessary.

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Oroville Local Customs

  • How Residents Honor The Dead

    South Table Mountain is the city's most famous landmark. It's kind of hard for it not to be since it stands out. The plateau has a large "O" painted on it for "Oroville", and it greets people entering the city.Sometimes you will notice, that the "O" is not an "O". It is common for some of the paint to wash off during rain, but sometimes you may see...

  • 4th of July Fireworks

    One of the town's most famous attractions, is its 4th of July fireworks display. Every 4th of July thousands of locals and tourists flock to Oroville Dam, and Kelly Ridge, to witness the fireworks display. The locals used to boast about having one of the most spectacular fireworks displays, in the state, but in recent years, it hasn't been anything...

  • Salmon Festival

    The salmon is sort of an icon of Oroville, so every year, during the last weekend of September, the city of Oroville hosts an annual 3 day Salmon festival, to honor these important fish. The town is usually quiet, but for 3 days in September, tourists from all over California, and neighboring states flock to Oroville for the festival.The festival...


Oroville Warnings and Dangers

  • Hooligans

    Oroville is a relatively safe city, but it does have its share of hooligans. The very first day we moved here, we were unpacking our car, and my mom almost got her purse snatched. Than the same guy was going around the swimming pool stealing peoples' stuff, and when my mom told him to stop, he threatened to beat her up. In this town, it is best to...

  • Mexican Gangsters, Punks, and Drunks

    Oroville is full of Mexican gangers, some local, and some who just come here to grow marijuana and are gone in a few weeks. Be careful though when walking around town, especially in South Side, and Downtown, and stay away from the bars and taverns. I almost got robbed by a drunk Mexican on Montgomary Street in downtown. He was hanging out, outside...

  • Oroville Hotels

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Oroville Off The Beaten Path

  • Oregon City

    Located about 6 miles outside of town is the historic unincorporated area in Oregon City. Located just east of North Table Mountain. It was established in 1848, by a group of Oregonians who came looking for gold.They built a small bridge, school, and post office, Today, only the bridge and the school house remain.The bridge is an icon of the city,...

  • Cherokee

    These are the ruins of Cherokee Bank located on Table Mountain in Butte County! The town was named after a group of Cherokee Indians who were brought there by Welsh miners during the California Gold Rush, and established their own small community! Today, it is a ghost town and all that remains are ruins, but the surrounding area is home to about 20...

  • Kirshner's Wildlife Sanctuary

    Tucked away on Durham-Pentz Rd.between the region's famous buttes, is the Berry. R. Kirshner Wildlife Sanctuary. The original location was in Durham, but it was moved to Oroville, a few years ago. It is currently located on Durham-Pentz Rd., about 3 miles past Butte College. The sanctuary is like a zoo, which holds special needs animals, rescued...


Oroville Favorites

  • by lisajanell Updated Mar 21, 2007

    Favorite thing: The closest hotel to the Lake is Gold Country Casino's Hotel. They have a good buffet and ask for a room with the large tubs!! They are great. The Steakhouse has the best food of all! For historical info try the downtown area and the Chinese museum or the area that Ishi was found-He was the last wild Indian.

    Fondest memory: Table Mountain is beautiful!

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