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  • Palm Springs
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Palm Springs Highlights

  • Pro
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    bruingirl says…

     The weather during the winter, spring, and fall. Mountains, desert, and cool rocks! 

  • Con
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    Yaqui says…

     Locals run red lights a lot and be careful in cross walks! 

  • In a nutshell
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    Martinewezel says…

     Desert oasis and Alpine mountains within short distance 

Palm Springs Things to Do

  • Aerial Tramway

    The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway in Palm Springs, California, is the largest rotating aerial tramway in the world. Rising 8500 feet above the desert floor, the Palm Springs Tramway offers access to hiking and camping trips in this famous San Jacinto state park wilderness. I hate heights but this was worth it. The ride is incredible. Its only 10...

  • Air Museum

    This was another wonderful fun thing to do when we visited here. The Palm Springs Air Museum is a non-profit educational institution and home to one of the world’s largest collections of flyable WWII Airplanes. This museum has some of the finest examples of WWII flying aircraft, related artifacts, artwork and library sources. All the aircraft are...

  • San Jacinto State Park

    No permit is required since your already a guest of the Aerial Tramway. They are several trails here you can enjoy. We did the first trail and I did that in flip flops, don’t recommend it, but I survived:) The first is Long Valley Discovery Trail, just follow the nature trail post around a ¾ mile (1.2 km) loop. This easy level trail provides an...


Palm Springs Hotels

Palm Springs Restaurants

  • La Casuelas Terraza

    Las Casuelas Terraza is one of the most popular and interesting restaurants in Palm Springs and one place that you must eat while you're visiting the area. The restaurant is packed at dinnertime, particularly on the weekends. You really must make a reservation (unless you want to wait an hour and 20 minutes, as we did). One good tip to know: this...

  • Fisherman's Market

    The atmosphere is laid back. To order, you must stand in line. They have a nice outdoor seating area. We went back twice the food was so good! Everything on the menu was great and the prices were reasonable. Alaska Air flies into Palm Springs every day and delivers fresh Alaskan fish. Eating fresh fish is truly an experience. Fish back home just...

  • LG's Prime Steakhouse

    LG's is where the local well heeled crowd goes for high cholesterol, high fat content, expensive meals. The jet set prefers Morton's and I like Morton's too but I much prefer LG's. Everything is ala carte and is wonderful. Even the basic house red wine was good! Open 365 days per year. It is very pricey but worth every penny. Expect to drop a 'C'...


Palm Springs Nightlife

  • Bars/ Nightclubs

    My friends and I were in Palm Springs and of course we had to stop in at Toucans! Having been here before, I knew what to expect: Hot dancers, friendly patrons, and strong cheap drinks! This is one place you definitely want to cab it to. The dance floor is small but clean and very high energy, the bars (both inside and outside) move the lines...

  • Casinos

    Though there are many casinos to choose from in the desert area, you don't have to go far if you are staying in downtown Palm Springs. Just a couple of blocks past Palm Canyon Drive, you can walk to Spa Resort Casino for a little gambling fun. There are slot machines galore, but very few tables. I'm not sure what the table minimums are during the...

  • Score A Great Time!

    Now I've never been to Score on any other night except Friday, so I can only speak to that.Well, first thing first: I hate to pay cover... Some may think that's cheap, but what's the point? You're charging me to go in and then still pay for drinks? Not even the nice bars/clubs in West Hollywood charge. Ugh annoying. And honestly, why does this...


Palm Springs Transportation

  • Airplane

    LAX is far from Palm Springs but it would be less expensive to fly to LAX. Then you would have to rent a car or get on a busor tour to Palm Springs. There is also the Palm Springs Airport but it would be pricey to fly into here. The Ontario Airport is another airport you could fly into.

  • Driving

    We flew to Palm Springs, but then needed to get to San Diego or Los Angelos to board a cruise. How do we get from PS to SD or LA? We enquired around. No train. There is a bus. Greyhound. But to get to San Diego (a two and a half hour drive), the bus took eight hours. (I think the bus went via Timbuctoo). Solution - for a price less than two...

  • Aerial Tramway

    If you want to get a great view of the valley you'll have to take the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. Besides the view, you'll be amazed at the differences in climate between your vantage point at the top of the Tramway, and the desert below.


Palm Springs Shopping

  • Not as Trashy as the Other One

    Stop by these outlets on your way to Palm Springs. Make sure you don't confuse this place with Cabazon next door which is a nightmare pit of snotty kids and tourists who will step on you and push you out of the way to get that $5 off deal at Guess!I got here on a Saturday morning and found parking easily. By the time I left in the afternoon, tour...

  • Hot Vintage Clothing in Palm Springs

    I went looking for the Frippery, and found that their inventory is now located at Deja Vu Vintage Finery, a store-within-a-store at Resale therapy, right across from where we were staying, at The Parker Hotel. This is a real gem of a vintage clothing shop, with a focus on quality- much like I remember the Frippery being. It's a very curated store,...

  • The River at Rancho Mirage

    This place has it all, shopping, restaurants and a movie theater. It's called The River because it's along a small river with lots of fountains and cascading waterfalls. It's a fun place to check out. Do some shopping, have dinner and watch a movie. What more can one ask for ?!


Palm Springs Local Customs

  • Village fest

    On Thursday, Palm Canyon drive is closed to the traffic and transformed into a giant street fair.Most stalls are alike: cheap-looking jewels, candles, stones, scarfs, cds from local singers, chocolate and other candy...Most things are handcrafted. There are also a few Indian stalls and some local farmers sell nuts and fresh fruit. Local custom, but...

  • Almost all of the employees in...

    Almost all of the employees in places you visit or dine get by on tips. They have a lot of well heeled customers who are tightwads when it comes to tipping. If you ask them a few personal questions and let them know you are an average person they don't expect a big tip but when you do give them one they will treat you like royalty on your return....

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Palm Springs Warnings and Dangers

  • Wildlife

    Here is a caution and one to take seriously. I live in the mountains so I know. I have seen one of these big cats almost upfront and person, but fortunately he was either not hungry or didn’t feel threaten by me and believe me I gave them space. First tip: Where there is deer or elk, there is mountain lions plain and simple!!!! Mountains lions...

  • Mountain Lions

    Here is a caution and one to take seriously. I live in the mountains so I know. I have seen one of these big cats almost upfront and person, but fortunately he was either not hungry or didn’t feel threaten by me and believe me I gave them space. First tip:Where there is deer or elk, there is mountain lions plain and simple!!!!Mountains lions are...

  • Do Not Feed Park Wildlife

    Visitors who offer food to animals and birds may have good intentions, but their treats are more likely to cause harm than to help.Why: Visitors risk injury if they do not keep a respectful distance. Animals startle easily, and they sometimes react by biting or scratching when people get too close. Also, wildlife carry many diseases that can be...


Palm Springs Tourist Traps

  • Palm Springs Rentals

    Palm Springs Rentals specializes in Condo rentals. They were very unprofessional, told me untruthsand were very rude when caught lying. There are many other fine rental Companies inP.S., I would try one of them instead.

  • Pomme Fritte- Frightful

    Went to this place because it looked cute...nothing cute here. Food bad, owner rude and terrible service. When we asked the locals how he stays in business? Tourist! Go to Zin for dinner and Phillippes for lunch! Great food at Zin and nice outside dining at Phillippes

  • Palm Desert is NOT Palm Springs

    If the hotel you are booking does not have a Palm Springs address, it is not IN Palm Springs. Many of the large resorts (ie Marriott) advertise for Palm Springs but are actually in other towns. To navigate the other desert cities in the Coachella Valley you must have a car to get place to place. Palm Springs is more of a walking town. Places are...


Palm Springs What to Pack

  • Don't bring your closet

    A weekend in February was a tough time to pack for. It was supposed to be 80 during the day and about 45 at night. Just summer clothes wasn't enough, I had to think of cold nights. I came to find out that I could've just packed according to the day weather and just bring a coat for night time.During summer time, all you'll need is a bathing...

  • Hard to Say......

    We usually comein the summertime and it get very very hot. Around 112 degrees to 120. I always travel light when I come. A few bathing suits a sarong, some shorts,t-shirts and slippers. At night people tend to dress up alittle to go out to dinnerso a nce evening outfit is good. I just discovered the Aerial Tramway. I always avoided it because I...

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Palm Springs Off The Beaten Path

  • The Cork’n Bottle Building Historical...

    The Cork’n Bottle BuildingBuilt 1935-36A rare example of a Depression Era Art Modern style building in Palm Springs. The double and triple bands of horizontal streamline moldings, flat unembellished blocky wall surfaces, and symmetrical façade are characteristics of the Art Modern Style.Originally Simpson’s Radio & Frigidaire Company, the Cork’n...

  • Lykken’s Department Store Historical...

    Desert Pioneer, Carl Lykken, built the first general store in the village in 1914. For many years it contained the only telephone and the post office. The store was remodeled with the existing overhang and arches when sidewalks were installed in the early 1930s.Carl Lykken helped to establish the first Police Protection District and served on it...

  • Living Museum of California Indian...

    I am often asked if there was anything to see on the road from Phoenix to Los Angeles. There is the Joshua Tree Nat'l Park, and in addition, there is always Palm Springs. They have the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum, on Canyon road. But a better one is "The Living Mueum of California Indian Culture" in Cabazon, between Banning and Palm Springs. This...


Palm Springs Sports & Outdoors

  • Hiking

    When I was researching where to go hiking in palm springs, almost everyone suggested hiking trails that are driving distance away. While there, I realized that you don't have to go far, just walk out of your hotel and head toward the nearest mountain you see. We stayed at the Viceroy and all we did was walk about 5 minutes to the base of the...

  • Bump & Grind

    The bump and grind hike is great. It's about 1.5 hours round trip and offers some great views of Rancho Mirage and the surronding area. The path is crushed rock, but beaten down enough for dogs, bikes, etc. Some parts get a little steep, but it's definitely not hardcore hiking. good hiking shoes, some water. maybe binoculars for views at the top....

  • Lots of golf courses

    There are a lot of golf courses in and around Palm Springs. Many of them are right in the middle of town. They come in all flavours -- from 9 hole all par 3's to championship courses; and many of them are open to public. It is all the more amazing in that Palm Springs is in the middle of a desert. The only way to get grass to grow is to water every...


Palm Springs Favorites

  • Mountains/ hiking

    Make a trip to Lake Mead, the largest man-made lake in the world in terms or volume thanks to the engineering wonder Hoover Dam. Avoid carrying suspicious looking bags in case you incur unnecessary delay to your fellow travellers when the security checks on you. We can't afford a burst dam after 9/11 can we?

  • Windmills

    As you enter Coachella Valley, you'll find tons of the wind turbine power generators. Surprised at how big they are and overwhelmed by the numbers of them. I ended up taking a lot of photos but they don't show the impact I got there...

  • Aerial Tramway

    You can leave the sunny warmth of Palm Springs and witness the spectacular landscape of San Jacinto Mountain and then arrive at the top to a Winter wonderland with magnificent views of the surrounding landscape and the beautiful Coachella Valley below. Sitting on the balcony of the Matchbox Bistro looking down on Palm Canyon Drive during the...


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