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  • Chapel at Mission Inn, Riverside
    Chapel at Mission Inn, Riverside
    by atufft
  • Room Full of Old World Paintings
    Room Full of Old World Paintings
    by atufft
  • White Model of Mission Inn at Museum Gift Shop
    White Model of Mission Inn at Museum...
    by atufft

Riverside Things to Do

  • Medal of Honor Memorial~

    Located at the Riverside National Cemetery is a beautiful memorial dedicated to the men and women who have received the Medal of Honor by the United States of America. Inside you will see gorgeous granite panels etched with all the names who have recieved this honor from the Civil War to the present day conflicts. There is a waterfall sculpture...

  • Downtown Pedestrian Mall

    Old Town Riverside has closed part of Main Street and converted it into a pedestrian mall. For one block between the new convention center and Mission Inn, the street is used for a Farmer's Market. Then, the full length of the Mission Inn has been paved with brick, and there are planter boxes, benches, and various statues and memorials. I noticed...

  • Tour the Mission Inn Labyrith

    Even if you don't stay the night, it's totally worth the time to visit this place, It's easy to walk into on many sides, and the place is open to tourists. In fact, there is a tourist gift shop where a docent tour can be arranged. This place is full of history in part because the eccentric owners Christopher Miller, who started the concrete...

  • Fairmount Park

    What a wonderful surprise it was to find Fairmount Park! It was big, green and peaceful. We walked around one of the two lakes, smelled the roses, the kids played in the playground and we had a picnic under a hugh shady tree. There were other activities, such as pedal boating in the lakes, lawn bowling, a golf course and a stage for concerts, but...

  • Original Orange Tree!

    "Believe it or not," I said to my aunt visiting from Washington D.C., "This is one of the landmarks in Riverside. It is the original Orange Tree brought to Riverside from Brazil. It is now protected by this iron fence." The birth place of California's commercial citrus industry, Riverside dates back to 1870. Thinking of all the historical sights...

  • Main Street Riverside

    Probably by now Main Street Mall has renovated it's look--since the Mission Inn finished it's renovation and re-opened--however, there was too much concrete there for my taste and though a few of the eateries looked inviting there wasn't much to the "tree lined street." However, as I remember, one coffee shop looked interesting and there were a few...


Riverside Hotels

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Riverside Restaurants

  • The Best Restaurant In Riverside

    My favorite restaurant in Riverside, maybe even my favorite in all of California. The food was delicious and when the chef created a new dish to add to the menu, he knew exactly what he was doing! The menu was ever changing so don't become attached to any particular item. However, several times finding the menu changed again, I lamented the loss of...

  • Good, Authentic Korean Food

    I was a little disappointed they did not have Pork Bulgogi; but the Beef Bulgogi was very good. Décor was similar to most Asian restaurants. I was the only non-Korean there. They also serve beer, wine and Korean/Japanese alcoholic drinks like Soju (a liquor); Makkoli (a Korean Rice Wine), and Sake. $10 as of October 2012.

  • It was great until they became a...

    This is a mediterranean/middle eastern type restaurant, complete with a hookah patio and weekend belly dancers. My husband and I used to go there so often we were prone to calling it "the kitchen," but in the past year or so we both agree that it's gone downhill. The food was not as good, the environment was more tentative (because they needed to...


Riverside Nightlife

  • College Theater and Other Events

    University of California Riverside (UCR) and Riverside Community College (RCC)offer interesting sports, theater and concert venues. The following websites will let you know if something interesting will be going on during your visit: UCR900 University Avenue - Riverside, CA, 92521 - (909) 787-1012UCR Performing Arts CalendarRCC4800 Magnolia...

  • "Unhappy Hour"

    Chen Ling has a "happy hour" between 4PM and 7 PM. It was slightly more fun than my last dentist appointment; but not by much. The only person there besides me was a surly unsmiling older Chinese guy. The only thing he said to me was "No have rum". Try something more exciting like watching paint dry.

  • DIVE on in!

    On the outside, The Sire looks like a crappy stucco box. However, I'm convinced that their sign is a City Landmark. Rising to over 15 ft high in its 1960s, pre-sign ordinance goodness, this neon horseshoe is a focal point for an area in Riverside called the "Magnolia Center." Go on a Wednesday, and feast upon mountains of 75c tacos, generously...


Riverside Transportation

  • Traffic on the 91: Don't pull your hair...

    and know in advance about the slooooooooooooooooooooow traffic on the 91 freeway heading west from Riverside during the weekday morning and heading east back to Riverside in the afternoon. The commuter traffic at peak times (5 AM-9AM; 2PM-6 PM) is a bit of a crisis!! Just know not to do any unnecessary travel on the stretch of the 91 between...

  • What a trip to get to Riverside!

    Exploring the heart of Riverside is possible by train- just not as convenient as it should be. Just know that there are some time limitations. The Metrolink (not the Amtrak) travels in Riverside co. Its lines are catered to local workers who commute but oustide tourists can take advantage of the trains. Just follow some tips :1. Staying in downtown...

  • That's me posing on top of my...

    That's me posing on top of my 1983 Ford LTD which is parked in front of the house that I lived in during my second year at UC Riverside. I lived here with three fraternity guys and as a result had just as much trouble getting any studying done here as I did in the dorms!


Riverside Shopping

  • marinarena's Profile Photo

    Lake Elsinore Outlets: Love a LEO sign always! (Lake Elsinore)

    by marinarena Updated Oct 26, 2006

    Lake Elsinore Outlets (LEO) , the premiere set of very , very good discount retail stores in Riverside county. Locals of LA, Orange and San Diego county make the often long trip of 1-2 hours for fabulous bargains on brand names. Some usual suspects of American stores are here, like, Nike, Levi, Old Navy and GAP. There are several other stores mentioned on the website.

    It is special to come during holidays, especially after Thanksgiving and Christmas when usually the bargains are ridiculously plentiful! There is a giant tree for Christmas.

    What to buy: jeans at the Levi's Factory Store
    electronics at the Sony Factory Store
    all kinds of apparel, fashion and home accessories,

    What to pay: a few dollars to many dollars but often with deep discounts

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Riverside Local Customs

  • Hidden Diversity

    It took three months to find cultural diversity in Riverside and when I did, I realized how I needed it to feel at home. I went to Riverside to manage a restaurant and that took on average, seventy hours a week. In the beginning months I actually worked many more hours a week just to get everything as it should be. My role was to "fix" things at...

  • Ahh, the ambience that my...

    Ahh, the ambience that my roommate's posters gave our little room. My side was covered with basketball players and his side was filled with pictures of surfers and Bob Marley smoking joints!

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Riverside Warnings and Dangers

  • Dire Warnings

    I had been warned. to stay away from a certain area of Riverside, the crime was so high and the criminals so heinous that even the police avoided going into the area. I had never lived in a place like that so I did feel concerned and took precautions. Alas, I was lucky, or so I thought, not to be confronted with this terrible element. The warning...

  • Not The Place If You Fear Heights

    Mount Rubidoux is a prominent hill in the city of Riverside. It is a great place to be at sunrise or sunset or anytime the skies are clear to see the expanded view. However, getting to the top of Mount Rubidoux can be a dreaded experience for one who is acrophobic! The first part of the way up the hill is quite charming, tree lined streets with old...

  • Please Do Not Touch

    Just for every ones safety, these are real aircraft and there are many components that can have sharp edges. So watch your little ones, especially those aircraft that are roped off. Plus, they ask not to touch the aircraft if possible. Although, they aircraft are made of medals components, it still can erode just from the touch of our hands. So...


Riverside Tourist Traps

  • Clogged Streets!

    The traffic was daunting at times and though Riverside was not near Los Angeles, the crowded streets were reminiscent of driving through that congested city. One day while stopped at a street light I noticed a big sign, "DON'T BLOCK THE BLOCK!" I wondered what it meant and looked all round for some sort of block that shouldn't be blocked. In...

  • Well, this is more of a...

    Well, this is more of a student trap, but make sure that if you go to college you don't wake up and start playing video games! Here's one of my friends that lived on my hall getting hooked on a game of Nintendo and skipping yet another class.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Riverside What to Pack

  • Bring a well-rimmed hat and sunglasses!

    Bring a hat for the shade. Temperatures can reach well past 100 degrees for several days and weeks!! Bring glasses, especially if driving here becuase the glare can mess with you on the road. Wear light clothing, especially during the summer.

  • Packing List

    Just a picture of my girlfriend at the time who doesn't look too happy that I was taking this picture. She was another reason I didn't get much studying done.

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Riverside Off The Beaten Path

  • Summer Snow

    This View, from my neighborhood, always surprised me. The summer temperature could soar past 95 degrees in Riverside and I could still see snow in the mountains.Big Bear, elevation 6754 feet and Lake Arrowhead altitude 5100 feet are the two more popular skiing areas near Riverside--actually in San Bernardino.Both are located in the San Bernardino...

  • Mount Rubidoux

    I'd lived in Riverside seven months before driving the scenic, winding road up to Mount Rubidoux. I had heard people talking about it but had been too busy working to take any time off. Mount Rubidoux rises 1339 feet above the Santa Ana River and the Father Serra Cross and the World Peace Tower are located on the summit.The panoramic views on the...

  • See a Horsetown USA: Norco

    In the beginning few years of this century, I lived just about a mile from Norco (in Corona). these two cities are joined at the hip but Norco does distinguish herself as a proud "cowgirl". Norco, with its white picketed horse trails and ranches is a Horsetown U.S.A. I am always amused when I think about Norco, she being ever the city slicker....


Riverside Favorites

  • Military Influence

    March Air Force Base is located just outside of Riverside and it is not unusual to see a strong show of support for the troops such as in the photo for the troops in Desert Sheild and Desert Storm.It was not unusual to meet fighter pilots around town or to see a fascinating display of jets flying overhead as they honed their skills. At the time I...

  • As for site seeing, you may...

    As for site seeing, you may want to check out the Mission Inn complex. Originally a ranch home, the owner turned it into an inn, in the Spanish Mission style architecture, in the late 1800's. Very pretty setting, they do a lot of weddings here. Rooms were available in the 70's, I'm sure they still are. They also had a wonderful champagne brunch on...

  • The University of California,...

    The University of California, Riverside. Sorry about the poor quality of the picture, but this shot was taken from Mount Rubidoux in the hills overlooking the campus. I always thought of Riverside as kind of a smoggy, ugly city, but the campus is nice. As you can seen, UCR's campus is packed with trees and offers some quiet spots to get away and...


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