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  • Los Jarritos Dining Area
    Los Jarritos Dining Area
    by TooTallFinn24
  • Los Jarritos Street View
    Los Jarritos Street View
    by TooTallFinn24
  • Los Jarritos Seating Area
    Los Jarritos Seating Area
    by TooTallFinn24

Most Viewed Restaurants in Sacramento

  • WulfstanTraveller's Profile Photo

    Nationwide Freezer Meats: Great Hamburger Joint

    by WulfstanTraveller Updated Feb 2, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This place is, despite the name, actually a burger joint instead of a meat distributor (which I think it originally was). It is one of the best simple burger places anywhere in the area. The burgers aren't "gourmet" or "fancy" and they are just simple, straightforward burgers, but they are great. The place inside is fairly basic, too, but if you want a good, traditional hamburger this place is a great choice.

    Favorite Dish: All I've ever eaten here is hambugers and fries, but they have other things on the menu. I get the so-called "French Ground Steak" burger, but I don't know why it's called "French."

    Nationwide Freezer Meats, Sacramento Nationwide Freezer Meats, Sacramento
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    Marie's Donuts: Wonderful Old Doughnut Place

    by WulfstanTraveller Written Nov 21, 2013

    Marie's is a great old doughnut place that has been around for decades. I love doughnuts and try them whenever I find a good place, yet at the same time I am very picky about them and I don't think I have had better doughnuts anywhere. I've had the equal, but rarely.

    It's also a neat old wood walk-up stand where one orders at the window. no longer very common to find amongst doughnut places.

    Favorite Dish: Raised glazed, raise chocolate, custard-filled doughnuts. The latter are a bit different from others and they have a rich, creamy custard.

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    Fox and Goose Pub and Restaurant: Best Breakfast in Sacramento

    by Beausoleil Written Jul 27, 2013

    They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner here and have live music many evenings. However, it is our absolute favorite breakfast spot in the area. You sign in when you arrive and wait until your name is called for seating. Things have improved vastly since they added another room and a lovely terrace outside.

    The waiters and waitresses are all wonderful; the breakfast selection is amazing and the food is delicious. The atmosphere would keep the place full, but the food is the main attraction. It is a British Public House and you feel almost like you're in England . . . except for the accents.

    Be sure to rub the beak of the goose statue outside so you'll be sure to return.

    Favorite Dish: Impossible to choose a favorite. I used to always get a Bacon Pub Grill but they introduced the Full Monty a couple years ago and I'm now addicted to it. Both have choices within the choice. Check the menu on the web site because there really are lots of choices. Basically, the Pub Grill comes with 2 eggs (any style), potatoes cooked with onion and peppers or fresh fruit in season and several bread choices. The Full Monty is your choice of pancakes, waffle or French toast with two eggs (any style and either bacon or sausage. They have a full range of excellent coffees and teas and the bar is open all day. They have build-your-own omelettes. All are excellent.

    It is very busy and you will have to wait although it's better during the week than on weekends.

    They do serve lunch and dinner although I've not been there except for breakfast, our daughter assures me lunch is equally good.

    Fox and Goose Pub
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  • TooTallFinn24's Profile Photo

    Los Jarritos: Good Inexpensive Mexican Food

    by TooTallFinn24 Written Apr 12, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Los Jarritos has been in my neighborhood, Curtis Park, as far back as I can remember. The restaurant has been serving good Mexican food for well over twenty years at extremely reasonable prices for lunch and dinner. Two people can have dinner there for as little as $11 with tax without beverages! Much better and even cheaper than going to a fast food place.

    Seating in the restaurant is simple; old 50's style tables and not the most comfortable chairs. You order up front and then wait for your order to arrive. There are free chips in little cardboard boxes with a limit of one per person. There is also a salsa bar with a selection of maybe five or six types.

    Favorite Dish: Favorite dishes include the # 5 with a choice of taco and tamale with refried or whole beans. The pork tamale is excellent and made right on the premises. The refried beans are about as good as they get in Sacramento.

    A second favorite request is # 18 the chicken fajitas. The dish comes with two large chicken fajitas in corn tortilla shell. The tortillas are filled with dark chicken with large amounts of avocado and sour cream. Very tasty!

    Los Jarritos also offers vegetarian tacos for the price of $ 1.50 or 3 for $ 3.49. Very tasty!

    Aside from dining in, the restaurant also has food to go.

    Los Jarritos Dining Area Los Jarritos Street View Los Jarritos Seating Area

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  • kenHuocj's Profile Photo

    a Nationwide Chain, however

    by kenHuocj Written Oct 27, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Welcoming signage and decor that convinced us to step in and enjoy a light late night dinner at 8:50PM. whilst it was no longer full on a Saturday evening and many of the guests were leaving, we were neither rushed nor reminded of the time, rather graciously served a fine meal, which we shared.

    This is one of 80 plus outlets for the now listed under Landry's, obviously catering for the above middle (professional corporate) clientelle , with an excellent informative website
    my favourite is their What's in season seafood list

    On my next visit down to the states, i'll also be trying their steaks

    Favorite Dish: Washington Hama Hama* 15.95 for 6

    Seafood Cioppino An Assortment of Fresh Fish and Shellfish Steamed in a Tomato Wine
    Broth 28.95

    Creme Brulee

    last but not least, the Crust of the SourBread Rolls, were on my almost top of my bread list

    Elk Building on J St Cioppini Sauce waiting to be mopped up with Bread
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  • TooTallFinn24's Profile Photo

    Panagea Two Brews Cafe: Nice Little Bar With Great Selection of Brews

    by TooTallFinn24 Updated Aug 21, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Panagea has only been open for a couple of years now but has proven to be a fair place for food and an outstanding place for beers. It is located across the street from Gunthers Ice Cream, a Sacramento institution in Curtis Park on Franklin Boulevard.

    What is great about Panagea is the amazing selection of beers they offer. They literally have hundreds of bottles of different beers available. My favorite are the Chimays. A Chimay White will set you back about $8, not too bad when you consider it is almost $ 4 to buy in a market.

    The place also has great atmosphere. It is a very popular with a wide age group. Not long ago we celebrated my sons graduation from college at Panagea. The beers were great and the food was also very good.

    The cafe is open Tuesday to Sunday 11am to 10 pm.

    Favorite Dish: I love the Chimay White Belgian Beer. As far as the menu is concerned the BBQ chicken sandwich with cheddar cheese and chips is tops. They also have some great breakfasts even though they do not open daily until 11 am.

    Pangea Exterior Panagea Interior

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  • TooTallFinn24's Profile Photo

    Gunthers Ice Cream : Not To Be Missed: Best Ice Cream Anywhere!

    by TooTallFinn24 Written Aug 21, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Gunthers is without a doubt one of the best ice cream shops anywhere on the planet! While that may seem like an overstatement I have taken many doubters from out of town to this little shop that has been in Sacramento for over 70 years. There reaction almost unanimously is this is amazing ice cream!

    Gunther's Ice Cream was established in 1940 in Sacramento by Herman and Iva Gunther. They had a very small store just two blocks from the current location. In 1949, Gunthers moved to its current location at the corner of 3rd Street and Franklin Boulevard in Curtis Park. Incidentally that's just under a mile from where I live! The place became an instant success first in the neighborhood and then throughout all of Sacramento.

    However, be aware! This place tends to have long lines on weekends and hot summer nights. Even during the winter months there is a brisk business going on here. The place with its old wooden tables and green interior looks just like an ice cream parlor from the 1940's or 1950's. A treat in itself!

    The current owners Rick and Marlena Klopp have owned the store since 1974. They have kept the store almost exactly like it was in the 1940's. They have also kept the same recipes that the Gunthers passed down to them.

    Today Gunthers sells their ice cream to over 60 locations in the Sacramento area and many more would love to have it I am sure.

    Favorite Dish: There are so many good ice cream flavors at this place. However my favorite is the Swiss Orange Chip. Little pieces of orange chocolate chips surrounded by thick milk chocolate ice cream. Fantastic! A close second is their maple nut. It must be made with maple syrup and the nuts are super fresh. Just about any ice cream, milk shake, or ice cream cake you get there is great. You basically can't go wrong.

    Gunthers is open daily from 10am to 10 pm. Credit cards are accepted.

    Gunthers 2801 Franklin Boulevard Gunthers Interior Gunthers Interior

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  • TooTallFinn24's Profile Photo

    Jim Denny's: A City Icon for Hamburgers

    by TooTallFinn24 Written Aug 8, 2012

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    How does a small diner joint last for 78 years? is it the food? The atmosphere? Well according to the Jim Denny web site is the corner grill that has been slapping out breakfast and lunches in downtown Sacramento. The restaurant is definitely a Sacramento a Sacramento icon and the inside of this diner style place is not much bigger than a bedroom. However the food is something else. Super cheese burgers with up to half a pound of meat and pancakes that are actually the size of hubcaps.

    If you plan on sitting down to eat in this tiny place you better arrive very early in the morning or mid afternoon before closing. The place only sits about ten people and you will often find folks standing up inside and eating their food or if it is not too hot taking their food outside on one of the picnic like tables.

    Yes and Jim Denny's has been in Sacramento for 78 years. It was first located a few blocks away on 16th Street near the old bus station. However when owner Jim Van Nort got back from World War 2 he moved it to its current location on 12th Street.

    Favorite Dish: The three egg omelet with green peppers, onions, sausage and mushrooms for $9.25. A giant omelet that comes with home style potatoes or hash browns.

    For lunch, go for the super cheese burger. A half pound of the best ground beef, slowly cooked on the famous grill with cheese, mayo and mustard. This monster burger which barely fits a place will set you back $ 9.75 and it is worth it!

    Jim Denny's- Whole in the Wall on 12th Street Not a Lot of Room in Jim Denny's

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  • TooTallFinn24's Profile Photo

    Zocalo: Great Place for Mexican Food and Drinks

    by TooTallFinn24 Written Aug 3, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Zocalo has been serving great Mexican food in mid town Sacramento now for eight years. The place has in my opinion earned its reputation because of the good food, great wait staff, and nice bar. It is located in the mid town area of Sacramento, an area rich with restaurants.

    I have eaten there at least four times with my last visit being on August 1st. On that day I asked for two orders of chicken enchiladas. One to eat there now and one to take them home. The waitress waited until I was done with my meal to pack in a nice large bag the extra chicken enchiladas, along with a large supply of chips, a free bottle of water (wow), two great sauces, and utensils.

    However the Zocalo is also a place to come for drinks and to relax. The place is always crowded in the evenings particularly on weekends. It has definitely become a place for many of the local political leaders to come and have drinks. Two of my favorite drink specials are the Oaxaqueña which consists of Blue Agave blanco tequila, san juan del rio mezcal, Agave and Lime. They also have a great Cadillac which consists of Herencia Mexicana Blanco, Agave, Lime and a grand marnier float.

    For dinner, Zocalo serves an excellent Salmón con Mango which is grilled salmon with a fine mango glaze, mango pico de gallo, black beans & spinach salad. Not what you would expect in a Mexican restaurant but oh so good.

    Favorite Dish: The chicken enchiladas are excellent. Great sauce and excellent quality white chicken makes these a superb dish (see picture below also taken with taco lunch) Especially the chicken enchilada lunch special. The chile rellenos are also very good and are cooked just well enough that the flavors of the poblano chiles come through nicely. In addition, there salsa sauces are excellent especially the thick dark mole like sauce that is served with chips.

    Zocalo is open as follows;

    Thursday: 11am – 10pm
    Friday: 11am – Midnight
    Saturday: 11am – Midnight
    Sunday: 9am – 10pm
    Mon, Tues, Wed: 11am – 10pm

    Bar at the Zocalo During a August afternoon Zocalo Crowd cour. Z. Enchilada and Taco Plate From A July 2012 Visit

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  • blueskyjohn's Profile Photo

    Gatsby's Diner: Great food and interesting grill setup

    by blueskyjohn Written Aug 1, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When you first walk into Gatsby's you could get that feeling that it is a traditional diner but when you turn to the left and see the hibachi stations, you know you're in for something different. Meals are cooked in front of everyone. But instead of Japanese food it is awesome burgers and sliders. Open Mon-Sat, 11am - 9pm and Sun, 12 noon - 8pm.

    Favorite Dish: I had the Fire Burger that I really liked. A burger with beacon, cheese, jalapeno, avocado and chipolte mayo. Very good! The Gatsby burger is also good. Special home made mayo and dijon mustard, cheese.

    All come with fries.

    Fire Burger Gatsby burger
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  • johnaalex's Profile Photo

    Rudy's Hideaway Lobster House: Great service and value for money

    by johnaalex Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Although a 25 minute drive out of Sacramento, this place is worth the trip. Genuine good friendly service. The Alaskan King crabs where perfect and there was a good portion for a reasonable price - what more can you ask for.

    Note - if you are staying at the Marriott at Rancho Cordova this is just a 3 minute drive from the hotel.

    Favorite Dish: Alaskan King Crab

    The sign at Rudy's car park Rudy's

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  • soulanjuli's Profile Photo

    Thai Basil Restaurant: Food bursting with spicy flavor, mmm yes.

    by soulanjuli Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Firery noodles, peanut plum sauces, stewed tomatoes, fried onions, ginger, basil, sweet baby corn, crisp snap peas. Are you drooling yet? As a vegetarian who is BIG on taste, I have found Thai cuisine to be one of the most satisfying options when dining out with my non-veg friends. I slipped an entire Thai meal by them without their being a single animal product and they did not even notice because the food was so tasty. If you are ever in Sacramento, skip the chain restaurants in Old Sacramento and head just five minutes away (driving) to Thai Basil.

    Favorite Dish: Mixed vegetable red curry with steamed tofu, extra sweet basil and red bell pepper, medium hot. The taste is so bursting with flavor and colors you won't believe you eyes or mouth. Just be sure not to get it too hot!

    exterior covered patio

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  • WulfstanTraveller's Profile Photo

    River City Brewing: Good Brewpub - River City Brewing

    by WulfstanTraveller Updated Oct 3, 2010

    This is a very good brewpub with good food and good beer in the downtown shopping mall/plaza on K St, at the very end near the K St pedestrian walk under the freeway to Old Sacramento. It also has a rotating cask beer, which is nice. It is right in the open plaza near the western end of the mall, so it has outdoor seating, too. They also have a good kids' menu and house-brewed soda pop.

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  • WulfstanTraveller's Profile Photo

    Rick's Dessert Diner: Dessert Diner

    by WulfstanTraveller Written Jul 28, 2009

    This is a fun and pretty good dessert place. They serve some ice cream things but their real business is cakes, pies, and tarts. The place conveniently stays open late and it is fun and 50s retro inside, with a little outdoor seating on the street. Their cake pieces tend to be very large.

    Peoples' opinions are quite mixed. Some people complain about it for a variety of reasons, others love it, others like it. We have only been here a few times, but we have always enjoyed it. The cakes have been good and flavourful. Although some people complain that the cakes are dry, we have not found them to be dry and I really don't like dry cakes. They can be rather rich, and perhaps one may be able to find better cakes, etc., at a few bakeries, but this is a great place to go to eat a nice dessert like this.

    Favorite Dish: We like the red velvet cake. The White chocolate fudge cake (I think thatt's the name) is also really good and not nearly as overpoweringly rich and sweet as it sounds.

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  • WulfstanTraveller's Profile Photo

    Rubicon Brewing Co.: Great Brewpub-Microbrewery

    by WulfstanTraveller Written Jul 28, 2009

    This is a really good brewpub that sells one of its beer (IPA) in bottles elsewhere but otherwise sells a range of beers only on premises. The beer overall is quite good and the food and service are great. The location is nice, near sevweral other eateries and in a generally very lively area, with nice outdoor seating under large, old siberian elm trees that provide a lot of shade. There is a good kids' menu, too. It is one of seral brewpubs in Sacramento but overall we really like this place.

    The beer range is pretty good, they usually have at least one guest micro-brew from elsewhere, and they sometimes have cask ales.

    Favorite Dish: The tri-tip sandwich and the make-your-own grilled cheese are excellent. The latter starts with a couple types of real cheese (not "American") and one can add various extras. The stout is a particularly good beer.

    Rubicon Brewing, Capitol Ave, Sacramento Rubicon Brewing, Capitol Ave, Sacramento Rubicon Brewing, Capitol Ave, Sacramento
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