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    by lmkluque
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    Padres Home
    by lmkluque
  • Pro Sports
    by lmkluque
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    Qualcomm Stadium!

    by lmkluque Updated Nov 11, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Until just recently, Qualcomm Stadium was home to San Diego Chargers, The Padres, San Diego State University Aztecs, and the Holiday Bowl.

    San Diego's professional Baseball team, The San Diego Padres, no doubt was named after the priests who established the Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala, no longer play at Qualcomm. As of April 2004 the Padres have moved their venue to Petco Park.

    However if it is American football you want to see, go to Qualcomm! The SD Trolley has a station at the parking lot of Qualcomm making it very convenient to use public transportation to get there and back.

    There is a strong possibility that either a New Statium will be built in the near future here or the Chargers will leave San Diego for another city. So, take the opportunity while you can.

    Equipment: There is no equipment required to watch a game here, but bring your plastic shovel--Credit Card--if you want to have a drink or something to eat. It's not cheap either.

    Also, if you really want the whole experience then fill up your car with a portable BBQ, an ice chest full of food to cook and drinks to enjoy, arrive early and have a Tailgate Party with the local fans!!

    Tailgating, as it's known, is allowed in the huge parking lot at Qualcomm and if you've never been to one, this could be a fantastic experience while in San Diego during Football Season!

    Home to the Padres no more!
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    Padre Support

    by lmkluque Updated Aug 31, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Broadway is the main street in the downtown area.

    Though our San Diego Padres Baseball team lost the bid for the World Series, the fans welcomed them home with a huge parade down Broadway! Imagine what would happen if we had won! The same thing happened when the SD Chargers didn't win the Super Bowl! It seems that as a city, winning isn't important, it's having the sport to enjoy that we treasure.

    Although, I'll have to say when a bunch of little 11 & 12 year old "Little League" boys from Chula Vista Park View, won the World Series of Little League, the whole County of San Diego cheered and talked about it for months!


    This year 2013 The East Lake Little League went to the LL World Series and lost in the play-offs. Still, they had a huge homecoming. So big was it that they had to hold it at the Sleep Train Amphitheater again this year.

    If you happen to be here during football or baseball season and can't afford the price of a Pro-Game, there are hundreds of games being played at high schools and colleges that will offer much of the same thrill at a reduced price.

    Check it out.

    Padres Home Padre Parade
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    Petco Park!

    by lmkluque Updated Feb 16, 2013

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Just in time for the 2004 Baseball Season, Petco Park opened it's gates April 2004. Creating this downtown ballpark was rather controversial and there were many delays, but all that's over now and San Diego has a beautiful, state-of-the-art home for the San Diego Padres and their fans.

    The outside structure, at the moment, looks a bit industrial to me, but soon, the steel and concrete will be covered with lovely plants hanging from each tier. This photo does not do the park justice as it is an obscure view from the west gate. However, I saw another view from another street and hope to put a better photo here instead.

    Equipment: This is a spectator sport so the only equipment you'll need is the trusty plastic (credit card) or cold, hard cash. The price of a seat varies depending upon the location. At the back of the field, there is a park area, that can be accessed for free when a game is not in progress and the entrance fee to watch during a game is very reasonable.

    I'd suggest that even if you have the use of a car, it would be simpler to take the S.D. Trolley to the ball park, There is a station quite near.

    A view from the West Gate. A view from Harbor Drive.
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    Petco Park ~ Home of the Padres

    by Yaqui Updated Nov 22, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I can remember when my family drove me around this wonderful ball park and I was so amazed how they have melded it into the landscape of the other historic buildings. This is home of the Padres Baseball team. One of the historical buildings is the 98 year old Western Metal Supply Company Building has been renovated with the left-field foul pole actually attached to its southeastern corner, 336 feet from home plate. It has the seating capacity of 42,445 fixed seats.

    Dimensions are:
    Left-Field Line: 336 feet
    Left Field: 357 feet
    Left-Field Alley: 401 feet
    Center Field: 396 feet
    Right-Field Alley: 400 feet
    Right Field: 382 feet
    Right-Field Line: 322 feet

    They even have tours, which include highlights such as:
    An Exclusive Premium Lounge
    A Private Luxury Suite
    The Press Box
    A Major League Dugout
    The Warning Track
    A Bullpen
    Panoramic Views of Downtown San Diego, Mexico and the Coronado Bridge
    The Historic Western Metal Supply Co. Building
    The Park at the Park
    Palm Court Plaza
    The Beach
    The Padres Team Store
    Tour Hotline at (619) 795-5011 or email a request to

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    Baseball Stadiums

    by DueSer Updated Jan 31, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I say it in the plural because they have had 3 over the years. I was never able to go their original ballpark, Jack Murphy Stadium, altho I rode by it more than once. It doubled as a football stadium in the winter. Of the other two, I will only review the current stadium, PetCo Park, but let me say of Qualcomm Stadium that it was a perfectly fine stadium and I thought it was kinda silly to have it for the Padres for so short a time but at least they're still using it (for football and college sports).

    So here is one more in my series of MLB stadium reviews: PetCo Park, which I visited in August of 2006.

    1) Arrival & Departure
    I give this a 4 (on a scale of 1-5 where 5 is spectacular, spectacular). It's not too bad despite the fact that it is yet another of those stadiums built right downtown where there isn't much space to begin with but, PetCo does make the best of it. They have a trolley that stops nearby so you can park quite a ways away - and how many stadiums are accessible by trolley?

    2) Food
    It's okay. Nothing to write home about. I give it a 3.

    3) Comfort
    Yeah, not so much. I give them a 3 on this. They do have people walking around handing out sunscreen and that's great because it does seem like there are a LOT of seats in the sun. Also - the park is rather confusing. There are many "you can't get there from here" problems. Once inside, if you came in on the 3rd base side and have seats on the 1st base side, you can't walk around the outfield. You have to go the long way. Also, they have this old building that makes up part of the stadium's structure and the floors don't exactly match - it's rather odd and definitely not comfortable.

    4) Enjoyment
    I give this a 4. They make it a pleasant experience for the most part. They have a very cute ad campaign that involves posters around the stadium showing hamsters sitting in the dugout eating sunflower seeds with the players (because it's PetCo Park, get it?) but other than that there isn't a lot of cutesy stuff and I like that.

    Overall, I give it a 3 1/2. It could be better (actually, it was and it was called Qualcomm) but it could be worse.

    Definitely Unique-Looking PetCo Park
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  • Peggy-Puggy's Profile Photo

    Go Padres go

    by Peggy-Puggy Written Aug 18, 2007

    If you have the opportunity to go to a baseball game, don't miss the San Diego Padres when they play at PETCO Park. Even if you're not at all familiar with baseball there's always a seat neighbour willing to explain the complicated rules to you.

    8th inning stretch not to miss.

    If you're lucky and the Padres are leading by one or 2 points after the 8th inning, superstar Trevor Hoffmann will come in and pitch the Padres to the win!

    Trevot Time PETCO Park before the game Trevor Hoffman
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  • cjg1's Profile Photo

    Yanks Padres at Jack Murphy

    by cjg1 Updated Oct 23, 2006

    I came to San Diego again for the sole purpose of going to the Yankees game. It was the first regular season visit by the Yankees to San Diego and the first visit of any kind since game 4 of the 1998 World Series.

    This turned out to be one of Ted Lilly's best starts for the Yankees with a 3 hit shut out. Also included a great catch by Shane-O.

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  • thecatsmeow's Profile Photo

    Padres when Qualcomm was home!

    by thecatsmeow Written Feb 19, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We both love baseball so on our trip to San Diego in 2003 we decided to go to a Padres game. At the time we did not know that Qualcomm was not to be thier stadium the following year. The stadium was actually very nice and we had great seats behind home. It was a Padres-Giants game and the Giants wiped them up. Qualcomm stadium is still used for the San Diego Chargers, San Diego State University Aztecs, and Holiday Bowl. I could imagine flying down for a foorball game here. There were lots of facilities and snack shacks. Although easy to get to we opted for a taxi so we would not have to hassle with parking. A very smart move on our part. I had a cousin in San Diego give us that advice. If you check out the stadiums homepage you can find a list of driving directions, upcoming events, handicap accessibility guide and services for guests with disabilities, seating charts and photos. If you enjoy sports and there is a game on while in town you should go for it!

    Equipment: We were here in April and it did tend to get a bit chilly in the evening so I would suggest a light jacket or sweater. Or just throw on a good ole team sweatshirt that you can purchase for way to much at the stadium. I bought a hat! I am a sucker!

    Qualcomm Sign Padres ticket The field of dreams! Batter Up! Padres VS Giants
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  • acemj's Profile Photo

    Professional Sports

    by acemj Updated Jan 17, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    While you might run into the occasional rabid Chargers or Padres fan, professional sports are not such a big deal in San Diego. After all, people have so many great distractions, they don't have time to root for their teams!

    Profession teams include:
    NFL (Pro football): Chargers
    MLB (Baseball): Padres

    I just saw PetCo Park, home of the Padres for the first time in January of 2006. It's a nice baseball park located right in the heart of downtown a couple blocks from the Gaslamp District.

    PetCo Park, home of the Padres

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  • spartan's Profile Photo

    Give the Padres a try

    by spartan Written Jun 1, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The San Diego Padres are part of the Western Division (National League) of Major League Baseball. They have been a part of San Diego for a number of years and provide entertainment to friends and families.

    Equipment: They play in a brand new, state-of-the-art stadium called Petco Park. It's fan friendly as well as kid friendly with many food times from local vendors

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  • oldmonk_92129's Profile Photo

    The once san diego clippers

    by oldmonk_92129 Written Apr 23, 2005

    OK I am cheating here.
    The Clippers play in LA in the Staples center.
    But they used to play in San diego once.
    Plus their tickets are much much more affordable than that of the other NBA team that plays there.
    The clippers are a young talented bunch.

    The once san Diego clippers now at Staples Center

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  • mydreamquest's Profile Photo

    Catch the Padres at Petsmart Park

    by mydreamquest Written Oct 20, 2004

    This is San Diego's Petsmart Park in Downtown San Diego. I am doing a "USA tour of Baseball Parks" as a hobby and this was my first stop.

    If you're into a baseball trip theme, keep your eye open for Southwest Airlines $29.99 one way fare specials. Then you can plane to San Diego from any location in the USA for around $30, and then see a San Diego Pardres game, then drive to Anaheim to see the Angels, and then Dodger's Stadium.

    San Diego is great because if you book a hotel near the airport, you'll be almost walking distance to this park which is located in San Diego's exciting night life District: The Gaslamp District where there are many restaurants, bars, irish pubs and fun and exciting things to do at night.

    Sorry for the picture. I left my digital camera at home and took this shot using my cell phone.

    Even if you're a foreigner, watching a baseball game is sort of a cultural experience unique to the US. You can buy a program and read about the players and about the game and of course there are many web sites about baseball.

    In the stadium, there are many souvenoir shops and plenty of beer and food to buy.

    Warning: the beer and food are overpriced in Baseball parks.

    Petco Park, San Diego
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  • oldmonk_92129's Profile Photo

    Petco Park

    by oldmonk_92129 Written Sep 21, 2004

    Petco Park is the brand new stadium in which the San diego padres...our baseball team plays in...Despite being the sixth largest city in the US...San diego has only two professional teams...the Padres and the Chargers...Unfortunately both teams have been cellar dwellers for a long time.
    the Padres and the Chargers used to play in Qualcomm stadium..the old Jack Murphy stadium.
    I came to san diego in 1997-1998. the Padres that year went to the world series. But they disposed off all the high priced players and have consistently ranked at the bottom of the very tough NL west division...the only division where all the parks are very pitcher friendly.
    I have not been to the new Petco park as yet, but hope to do that soon.
    Here Phil Nevin...the big bruiser of a third baseman as well as perennial fan favourite trevor hoffman (one of the best closers in the history of baseball) have been featured.

    Petco Park - Home of the Padres

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  • Petco Park

    by ShempDeeLa Written Jun 1, 2004

    My boyfriend is a huge baseball fan, so naturally he wanted to visit Petco Park. Unfortunately, the Padres weren't in town the whole week we were visiting, but he contacted Petco Park and found out that they give tours of the stadium. You get to explore just about every area of the stadium, including a walk out onto the field. He got a picture of himself sitting in the visiting team's dugout, which he thought was rather cool. A tour guide takes you around and also talks about the history of baseball in San Diego. While I did not go on this tour, my boyfriend enjoyed it very much and it would be of interest to any baseball fan.

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  • mesoblonda's Profile Photo

    8 Ounce Curls & FOOTBALL!!

    by mesoblonda Written May 5, 2004

    For those of you who enjoy football...well, WATCHING football rather than playing it, MOONDOGGIES in Pacific Beach is the place for you!

    Grab your favorite adult beverage and pull up a barstool.

    A large population of RAIDER fans hang out at Moondoggies...

    Equipment: Bring your trusted US dollars or credit card!

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