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  • Finally he stood up there
    Finally he stood up there
    by KaiM
  • Ghiradelli Square
    Ghiradelli Square
    by CultusLake
  • Film / Photo Equipment
    by sasa2977
  • Packing List

    by zChris Updated Jun 17, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Bring a sweater or a jacket, as even in August, San Francisco can be quite chilly. Tourists oiften find themselves shivering from the cold when they wear shorts on ferry trips and are forced to buy tacky windbreakers which stand out like easy targets for pickpocketers. Don't leave your shorts at home though- it can get into the 70s (F) in the city and 80s and 90s in Oakland or San Jose.

    Photo Equipment: Bring lots of film- San Francisco is an extremely photogenic city, with gorgeous Victorian houses and splendid views emerging unexpectedly around every corner.

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  • Easty's Profile Photo

    Warm Clothing

    by Easty Written Jun 11, 2003

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Most visitors get caught off guard by San Francisco's cool marine climate. It is not uncommon to have high temperatures in the 50s or 60s from June to August. Plan to bring warm clothing with you. Have at least a jacket handy. Also, San Francisco can have a warm day occasionally

    Photo Equipment: Photography equipment is a must in San Francisco

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  • KaiM's Profile Photo

    How to take a picture

    by KaiM Updated Dec 5, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Photo Equipment: Take lots of film rolls. E.g. to take a picture of Lombard Street. When I was there on my first S.F. trip in 1993, I observed a funny incident at the bottom of the 'curviest' street of the world. A guy tried to make a picture of Lombard Street. To get a better perspective and nicer overview he tried to step on a metal suitcase. Unfortunately he wasn't very handy and couldn't keep his balance. He fell down from his suitcase a couple of times. His whole family was standing around him talking to him, giving him smart advises on how to climb the suitcase. That poor guy was despered. But he didn't give up. And finally after 15 minutes he reached his goal, kept the balance while standing on the suitcase and he made his photo.

    Finally he stood up there
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  • CultusLake's Profile Photo

    Packing List

    by CultusLake Updated Nov 4, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: I had a suitcase that I sent to the plane, and a matching hand bag to carry on with me..always take a change of clothes and any necessities on board with you, incase your suitcase gets lost. **NOTE** Now we have to carry cell phones and anything electronic on board so it can be checked, and hair dryers and curling irons and anything sharp in the stowed baggage.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Take good walking shoes or runners, lots of steep hills and steps...lots of wonderful vantage points to climb to. Bring a light jacket, rain jacket, and comfortable clothes...dressy casual for nightlife. Inland from the bay it can be 10 or 20 degrees warmer in the dress in layers.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: All available in San sure your pills are in their original bottles for customs, take an extra prescription with you, a copy of your eyeglasses prescription,and your medical history if you have medical problems. Be sure to have Health insurance, to cover any accidents. Pack your curling iron and hair dryer in stowed luggage.

    Photo Equipment: Take a good camera and lots of film...there are lots of places to take pictures. I found the tourist areas around Ghiradelli Square charged alot for film and batteries, so bring your own.

    Miscellaneous: Don't forget extra glasses, if you wear them. Pack everything then take out one or two outfits, you don't need them. Have a fanny pack or money belt, to have your hand free for jumping on and off the cable cars.

    Ghiradelli Square

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  • volarevolare's Profile Photo

    Packing List

    by volarevolare Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: The weather in San Francisco is pretty chilly due to the Pacific Ocean's winds that blow through the channels of the buildings.

    So a good windbreaker is necessary.

    Though you'd probably acclimatize soon enough, it still depends on how soon ;p

    Overall, when we were there, it got pretty hot and sunny on some days, and overall, the temperature was bearable.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Again, there is Walgreens which seems to stock up withl quite a bit of stuff. So, don't worry.

    Photo Equipment: We brought a video cam and a digital camera this time. Great for taking beautiful and scenic shots of San Francisco and for all the rest of our travel.

    Miscellaneous: Buy water from Walgreens. You can get a gallon for about 99 cents! It makes much better sense than buying the smaller bottles.

    Also, as the air is very dry, it helps to drink lots of fluids and to keep a lip balm handy.

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  • voxel999's Profile Photo

    Packing List

    by voxel999 Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: Travel light as there are many laundromats in the city and most folk don't want to deal with the hassle of having a car in the city.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Bring an umbrella during the winter months as it rains periodically then and never in summer it seems!

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Some people get bad allergies in SF. Bring your allergy medication.

    Photo Equipment: There are plenty of photo-ops in SF, so bring a camera with lots of film or get a digital camera. Unfortunately, there aren't many internet cafes around, so you may have to bring a laptop or get more memory cards for that digital camera

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Frigging cold SF is. However the outlying areas are much warmer than SF, so be prepared for the climate changes.

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  • Packing List

    by thegapeach Written Aug 26, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: Duffels are great as a carry on item -

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Good walking shoes and a light dress jacket or nice sweater for evenings out (or light wrap for women for night life outings). The nights can get cool in a hurry.

    Photo Equipment: Set up your dig camera for bursts when taking photos of the surrounding areas that way you can get several quick in a row photos that mesh together. Bring black and white film for some exceptional photos of the natural beauty.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Warm gear for the nights -

    Miscellaneous: Make sure you have good flash equipment for night shots - esp on the bay.

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  • sasa2977's Profile Photo

    Packing List

    by sasa2977 Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: no particular one

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: The weather is cooler in San Francisco especially when you go near the bay, it's windy. You may want to wear jeans and some extra clothes or jacket to put on during the morning and night time coz it can get really cold especially when you go to see the mountains.

    Photo Equipment: When doing a video in a hilly roads, don't let your videocam focus on light object or face sunny object coz it will create a bad shot. You can't even see the object!

    Miscellaneous: should bring camera, lots of films, videocam etc...

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  • acemj's Profile Photo

    Packing List

    by acemj Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Photo Equipment: Bring your best camera equipment and maybe even a pair of binoculars. Whale watching excursions are very popular in San Francisco and you'll want to be prepared.
    And don't forget to be prepared for the fog, which is a frequent occurrence in SF.

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