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  • crowded!!!!!
    by machomikemd
  • busy
    by machomikemd
  • so many people here!!!!!
    so many people here!!!!!
    by machomikemd

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    many...: cheap eats

    by rkearns Written May 4, 2012

    Hi! You have come to the right place :) Check out my travel pages on San Francisco. I lived there for years. The best cheap eats, imo are in the Mission district. Talk about authentic Mexican street food! Tacos, burritos, etc. Cheap nightlife can be found at all the bars in the Mission and also on Market Street (Lucky 13 has a band a lot of times). The Upper and Lower Haight are great spots for travelers like yourselves who want to have fun and meet like-minded people.

    You can go to Molotov for a punk vibe, there's Mad Dog for a sports bar, the Noc Noc for local flair, and Toronado for the largest selection of beer (in the world, it seems) and they're all on the same block. Rosamunde is right next door to Toronado and they will bring you delicious brats with all the fixings.

    For sushi, I know it sounds cheap, but it's a sushi boat place called Warakabune (on Church street, close to Market). Also, for daytime eats, Chow is a GREAT California cuisine place with a lot of variety, the best iceberg salad you have ever had, and a great outdoor space where you can enjoy a beer or 5.

    There's so much more on my SF page, so check it out and feel free to email me directly with specific questions.

    Happy travels!!!

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    Fisherman's Wharf Seafood Stalls: Eat Touristy Seafood at the Fisherman's Wharf

    by machomikemd Written Sep 30, 2011

    From Shrimp Louis to Dungeness Crab, San Francisco's Touristy Fisherman's Wharf is known for its fresh seafood. But the big sign overlooking the tourist parking lot gives a clue to which is most important sea food here. Both signs feature the distinctive shape of Dungeness crab, one of the treasures of the West Coast fish market, and the symbol of the Golden Gate fishing industry. But for a cheaper version of the Dungeness crabs for locals like me, buy it at Costco where the price is 50 to 75% cheaper than here in touristy Fisherman's Wharf! The Sea Food Stalls here lined Beach Street and beyond and most are branches of the renowned seafood restaurants of the area lioke Alioto's, The Franciscan Restaurant, Fisherman's Grotto, Crab house at Pier 39 and more. The seafood stalls outside although expensive for locals is still cheaper than dining inside the Fisherman's Wharf Restaurants!

    Favorite Dish: Dungeness Crabs usually runs from $9.00 per pound to almost $15 per pound, here at the Fisherman's Wharf while in Costco it is just $ 5.99 a pound). Eating Dungeness Crabs here at the Wharf is a Certified Tourist Trap but however, sometimes it is wort the effort to go here as the ambiance is perfect while gorging on sea foods like the crabs or the clam chowder or the oysters or steamers and more. A small cup of Clam Chowder here costs $ 5.99 and a pint at $ 9.99. Shucked Oysters at $ 15.99 for half a dozen and the steamed or Broiled Lobster will cost you $ 21.99 a pound. I know these are restaurant prices for mere food stalls but again this is the most touristy area of San Francisco Remember!

    so many people here!!!!! busy packed order more crowded!!!!!
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    good eats, all types: gems in SF

    by rkearns Updated Dec 11, 2010

    well, i have to say the stinking rose is kind of a tourist trap. you'll pay a lot for nothing.
    (IMO) sorry odinthor no harm ...

    for s.f., here are some gems:

    cafe flore
    las ramblas
    warakabune sushi
    swan oyster depot
    house of nanking
    pancho villa

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    El Norteno and El Toyanese: Taco Trucks

    by Rassors Written Aug 14, 2009

    Unless placing your order at a taco truck and eating it while standing is ambience there is none other than it is fun. These taco trucks, one is located on by Criminal Court House on Bryant Street at 6th Street the other has several locations, the one I know is in Folsom and 14th street next to Best Buy...if you want tacos to die for, platos filled with wonderful chicken and some of the bes guacamole ever these are the places...and proudly display their 100 point ratings by the health department...if you want something on the go, a snack to carry you over or a big filling meal for a reasonable price the food is excellant and you are eating like a local.

    Favorite Dish: Gucamole and Grilled chicken plato, enough for two good eaters .

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    Belden Street: Sidewalk Dining

    by SteveOSF Written Sep 24, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Belden Street in the Financial District is a narrow alleyway that is closed to traffic and features sidewalk dining. Several restaurants line the old alleyway. A variety of culinary offerings are available at the different establishments. As you stroll down Belden, be prepared to be approached by the maitre d’s who try to entice you into dining at their restaurant. Most of the restaurants have their menus available for inspection. It can be fun to check out the various places before selecting one.

    The restaurants primarily utilize their rare outdoor dining option at this pedestrian friendly alley. It is a great place for lunch on a sunny afternoon or a warm evening. As this is San Francisco, it is advisable to be prepared for a change in the weather to the cold side when dining on Belden.

    Belden Street Belden Street
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    25th Annual SF Beer Festival: BeerFest

    by sunshine9689 Updated Feb 2, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Sample over 300 incredible beers from some of the best craft brewers in the world. Taste a delicious variety of offerings from some of San Francisco best restaurants. Admission includes unlimited beer tastings and noshing.

    TICKETS: will go onsale around St. Patrick's Day. Check the website in Spring 2008.
    HOURS: 7pm to 10pm. Last call at 9.45pm.
    WHEN: Saturday, April 26, 2008.

    TO GET THERE: From downtown (for example, board at Stockton/Clay), take bus #30. Get off at Chestnut/Buchanan.

    Mapquest map.
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    Grocery stores on Stockton Str: Cheap Chinese Food

    by sunshine9689 Updated Jan 31, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I like lunch shopping on Stockton street [mostly between Washington and Jackson Streets].
    There are many places that sell pork, ducks and chickens for a very reasonable price (for example, $8.76+tax for a whole duck). They are located next door to each other - 1041 Stockton Street, 1045 Stockton Street.., etc.

    After buying meat, I usually go for some cheap instant noodles (for example, Nissin, Six Flavours). They are sold anywhere from 39 to 69 cents per package and come in different flavors (seafood, beef, pork, mushrooms, etc). All you need is to boil some water and let them soak in it for 3 minutes. Noodles can be bought in grocery stores across the street from meat sellers.

    Lunch like that costs about $10 for two people! ;-) And it tastes good.

    Just make sure to go during the day, cause it sells out by 6pm ish.

    Stockton Street groceries. 2008
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    The Cannery market plaza in general: Away from the bustle

    by alza Updated Aug 31, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    this plaza is not exactly a haven of peace but it's a far cry from the kind of crowds found at Fisherman's Wharf. Nice specialty stores too, not just T-shirts.

    I can recommend Jack's Oysters and another place called Las Margaritas. Nice to sit down and check your map. Not the sort of place where you camp for hours reading your new book, people MOVE fast here.

    Favorite Dish: oyster and margaritas

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  • VeronicaG's Profile Photo

    Waffle Cone--Fisherman's Wharf (pier 39): For In Between Times....

    by VeronicaG Updated Aug 2, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Some days you just don't want to take time from your sightseeing to have a sit-down lunch. We often just grab an ice cream cone to fill our stomachs until dinner.

    Fisherman's Wharf had at least two ice cream shops, we stopped at WAFFLE CONE. Their prices weren't inexpensive ($5.75 for a two scoop cone) but it certainly was creamy-delicious!

    Benches were located nearby, so we took a few minutes to enjoy our treats and we were off see the Sea Lions at the end of the pier.

    There are numerous eateries and sweet shops at Fisherman's Wharf:

    Aunt Fanny's Hot Pretzels
    Boudine Bakery & Cafe
    Candy Baron
    Chocolate Heaven
    Crabcakes and Sweets
    Crepe Cafe
    Deyer's Grand Ice Cream Shop
    The Fudge House
    Hook & Cook
    La Salsa
    Mrs. Fields' Cookies
    San Francisco Coffee Roasting Co.
    San Francisco Tea & Coffee Co.
    Trish's Mini Donuts
    Vlahos' Fruit Orchard (picture #2) fresh fruit May-Sept.
    Wetzel's Pretzels

    Yum--ice cream! Vlahos' Fruit Orchard
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  • IslandGirl10's Profile Photo

    Where else?? Little Italy in North Beach: Italian food

    by IslandGirl10 Written Aug 21, 2006

    Everything about this area just smelled good! All the cafes were lovely and very romantic...we ate at one and regretfully I didn't get the name....a little too much warm chianti for me :p We also bought pastries at another establishment that were amazing! Every restaurant looked to have wonderful food....I don't think you could go wrong dining here

    Favorite Dish: Spaghetti Bolognese!

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  • 100ACRE's Profile Photo

    E'Angelo Italian & Buena Vista Cafe: OLD STYLE IN A TINY RESTAURANT

    by 100ACRE Updated Feb 21, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    E'Angelo's (pictured here) - great neighborhood restaurant with only a dozen tables, old school Italian, traditional, and remarkably low prices. The staff is stellar, no reservations are taken, no credit cards are accepted, and everything is delicious and dirt cheap. The whole experience is great. You will feel like a local. The Tiramisu is a wonder. Watch out: your dinner wait might be a little long, especially on the weekends. Its always full of people, and there is at least a 15 min wait.

    All the house specialties and homemade pastas cost are dirt cheap.

    We skipped the appetizers & salads, and went straight for the veal served with wonderful italian veggies. (To create some space between dinner & dessert, we drove to Buena Vista Cafe, near Ghiradelli Square and had their famous Irish coffee -- late at night, we asked for the "decaf" version.)

    Yes, there are crowds waiting to get in, here and at every popular restaurant in San Francisco. But here's a tip that always works -- lunch late & dine late.

    For example, at E'Angelo, we walked in, and put our name on the waiting list at 8 p.m. on a Saturday night and only had to wait 10 - 15 minutes for a table. Earlier that day, we had a late 2 p.m. lunch at China First, a Chinese restaurant favorite.

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  • 100ACRE's Profile Photo


    by 100ACRE Updated Jan 10, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    On Lombard Street: La Barca* (Mexican, worth coming just for award-winning margaritas, good food & atmosphere)

    On Chestnut Street: Cozmo's Corner Grill; Yukol Place Thai Cuisine

    On Chestnut Street (5 Stars): Andale Mexican Restaurant, reasonanbly priced, popular local hangout, excellent food, nice people watching, and loads of atmosphere (eat-in or take-out)

    On Fillmore Street: Balboa Cafe*; Pane E Vino

    Also in this District: Greens (best vegetarian); Isa; Merenda; PlumpJack.

    Favorite Dish: Lucca Deli (pictured here)

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    by 100ACRE Updated Dec 27, 2005

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Since you will be touring the City by District, you will need to know the top restaurant choices in each neighborhood.

    Downtown you will find 2 San Franciscans favoritea:

    Tadich Grill, 240 California Street (415) 391-1849
    Sam's Grill, 374 Bush (415) 421-0594

    Check out "Bargain Bites" below:

    For more research, do a search on:
    "restaurant name" +"san francisco"

    For example, here's how to search on: "north beach pizza" + "san francisco"

    CLICK HERE: "north beach pizza" +"san francisco"

    This will take you to the restaurant's web site (if available). Use this search strategy to find anything in the world!

    Favorite Dish: For a few discount dining coupons:

    Just click on 'California' and follow the links to 'San Francisco'.

    A couple of good coupons are for:
    Lori's Diner and North Beach Pizza.

    They also have coupons for hotels & bike rentals.

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    Cheap San Francisco Eats - Part Eight

    by 100ACRE Written Oct 17, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorites: deep-fried boneless duck, abalone and crab (live from the tanks), pho (giant bowls of noodles and beef or

    whatever you choose.
    Cuisine: Vietnamese
    At: 701 Larkin St. (at Ellis)

    Favorites: two-item specials, try the large assortment of baked items at the bakery next door.
    Cuisine: Chinese
    At: 501 Clement St.

    Favorites: dim sum!!, buns, dumplings, rice, and noodles, pushed around the room on rolling carts.
    Cuisine: Chinese
    At: 835 Pacific Ave. (near Stockton)

    Favorites: sushi, sashimi, and fancy rolls. The dragon roll or sushi combo with another roll is plenty for two
    Cuisine: Japanese
    At: 2181 Irving St. (at 23rd Avenue)

    Favorites: spinach-feta pie, and chicken, beef or lamb kabobs. falafael, Greek salad, hummus, baba ghanoush, and tabouli.
    Cuisine: Mediterranean
    At: 721 Irving St. (at 8th Avenue)

    Favorites: (Go to the back for a seat at one of the outdoor picnic tables) but first grab a pitcher of one of the many

    microbrews on tap. Then go inside to order one of the barbecue choices like brisket in a sweet-spicy sauce, crusty veggie

    burgers and barbecued chicken.
    Cuisine: Barbecue
    At: 199 Valencia St. (at Duboce Avenue)

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  • 100ACRE's Profile Photo

    Cheap San Francisco Eats - Part Seven

    by 100ACRE Written Oct 17, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorites: barbecued pork or chicken sandwiches on a hot crisp roll, with special sauce.
    Cuisine: Vietnamese
    At: 560 Larkin St. (at Eddy)

    Favorites: burger, grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, chili, fries, milkshakes.
    Cuisine: American
    At: 1204 Sutter St. (at Polk)

    Favorites: noodle dishes, rice plates, noodles with stir-fried strips of pork, potstickers, stir-fried green beans.
    Cuisine: Chinese
    At: 2240 Irving St. (near 23rd Avenue)

    Favorites: "street food" - like Chinese doughnuts, green onion cake, Taiwanese pork ball soup, lamb hot pot.
    Cuisine: Chinese
    At: 1920 Irving St. (near 20th Avenue)

    Favorites: "street food" - kao soy (curry noodle dish), sai oou (spicy sausage appetizer), kao ka moo (pork leg over rice),

    kao mun gai (poached chicken with soy-ginger sauce over rice).
    Cuisine: Thai
    At: 901 Larkin St. (at Geary)

    Favorites: noodle soups, spring rolls, vegan dishes.
    Cuisine: Pan-Asian
    At: 1790 Haight St.

    Favorites: buckwheat (savory) or wheat (sweet) crepes, gelatos, sorbets, mousses, fruit compotes, cold seafood, charcuterie

    and cheese plate.
    Cuisine: French
    At: 3108 16th St. (near Valencia)

    Favorites: falafel (ask for hot sauce, extra eggplant, or fried potatoes).
    Cuisine: Middle Eastern
    At: 3109 16th St. (near Valencia)

    Favorites: sweet and sour pork, kung bao chicken, shrimp with black bean sauce, and bean curd with hot garlic sauce.
    Cuisine: Chinese
    At: 65 Waverly Place (at Clay)

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