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San Pedro Things to Do

  • Battleship IOWA

    Visit Los Angeles' Battleship USS Iowa museum for a fun family experience at the LA Waterfront. Battleship USS Iowa is a popular Los Angeles museum that provides families a glimpse into the past through a unique (and fun) experience aboard the only battleship museum on the West Coast. Your adventure highlights life at sea for thousands of sailors...

  • San Pedro Tide Pools

    Love this place, so prettyYou go down by the beach, pay for parking, I think $10 and you can enjoy the afternoon by the pools. It's all on rocks no sand, so wear some shoes

  • Trees of San Pedro

    San Pedro has so many beautiful variety of trees and the Moreton Bay are ancient especially in Point Fermin Park.Dragon Tree~Dracaena cinnabari: Commonly grows in Soqotra, Yemen. Yet, you will see these trees growing in Southern California area.Moreton Bay Fig Trees:Fig trees date back to 5,000 B.C., where they were found in western Asia before...

  • Korean Friendship Bell

    Located in Angels Gate Park is the Korean Friendship Bell. It sits in a park like setting overlooking a fantastic view of the ocean. A fitting place for it.The inscription on the bell (not easy to read, but I think I got it):The people of the Republic of Korea present this bell to the People of the United States of America in celebration of the...

  • Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo Statue

    This is a neat statue. Something about the 1930's Art Deco period, it just one of my favorite styles.The plaque reads: Erected by the Federal ARt Project Incorperation with the inter service ClubCouncel of San Pedro and the Playground and Recreation Department of the City of Los Angeles 1936

  • Cabrillo Pier

    Cabrillo Pier was built in 1969 and renovated in 1988. This San Pedro pier extends out 1,200 feet into San Pedro Harbor. It is just inside the north end of the Los Angeles Harbor breakwater. A boat pier built during the depression as a government work project existed in the harbor for approx. 40 years. City of Los Angeles in 1987 took control of...

  • Whalers Walk

    Called Whalers Walk because of the fantastic views it has of the ocean, marina, and beach. Lots of wonderful benches to sit on to enjoy the outdoors. Lots of young adults were hanging out and just having a good time with going into the ocean. A couple were riding their bikes and some were taking a power walk.

  • Cabrillo Marina~

    When we arrived and checked into our room, we immediately for a walk along the marina. What a excellent place to take a walk, ride a bike or roller blade along this pristine marina and the views are fantastic. It is home to hundreds of beautiful boats.

  • Cabrillo Plaza

    Cabrillo Plaza is a facility and area where weddings and local outdoor activities happen. They have a huge lawn and areas to sit where you can enjoy the beautiful views of the marina, beach, or ocean.

  • Los Angeles Maritime Museum

    Built in 1941, this Public Works Administration (WPA) "Streamlined Moderne" building was the base for an auto ferry which crossed the channel at regular intervals from San Pedro to a sister building on Terminal Island. It served navy personnel, fishing industry employees, and people who wished to avoid the long circuitous route through Wilmington...

  • Battleship USS Iowa~

    June 27, 1940 the keel was laid at New York Naval Shipyard, in Brookl New York. It was launched on August 27 1942 by Sponsor Mrs. Mary A. Wallace, wife of the Vice President. USS Iowa has served this country proudly from 1942, till it was decommissioned 26 October 1990. It has a very fast and amazing history. Now USS Iowa serves as a maritime...

  • Fishing at the Pier~

    This San Pedro pier extends out 1,200 feet into San Pedro Harbor. It is just inside the north end of the Los Angeles Harbor breakwater. The pier was built in 1969 and anglers can almost always expect to catch some mackerel, a few tom cod (white croaker) or maybe even a halibut or two. If you fish the far end of the pier, along the inside waters...

  • Unconditional Surrender

    This 6 foot statue is a smaller version of the original 25 foot statue in San Diego sculpted by J. Seward Johnson. This was sculpted after the famous Times Square kiss, on V-J Day by photograph Alfred Eisenstaedt, which was published in Life Magazine in 1945. It is on display possibly for only a limited time next to the USS Iowa.

  • Harry Bridges Memorial ILWU

    Panel 1:Harry Bridges1901 – 1990Founder of the ILWUPanel 2: Harry Bridges was an Australian seaman who came ashore and started longshoring in San Francisco in 1922. Unsafe working conditions, corrupt hiring practices and low wages convinced Harry to join with other waterfront workers along the Pacific Coast to form a Union to fight for and protect...

  • American Merchant Marine Veterans...

    American Merchant Marine Veterans Veterans MemorialWall of HonorNational Maritime Day, May 22, 2003List of state and local government officialsGene Frank Construction, BuilderRandall B. Montgomery, EngraverJerry Sturm, JSA, Design ArchitectAmerican Merchant Marine Veterans Memorial Committee, Inc.Lists of Officers, Directors, Committee Members and...

  • USS Los Angeles Naval Memorial

    The plaque reads: Seal of the U.S.S. Los Angeles: 1945 - 1977U.S.S. Los AngelesNaval MonumentHeavy Cruiser CA-135To the personnel and ships of the United States NavyAnchors - loan United States NavyMainmast & mooring bitts - donated by Joseph S. SchapiroCapstan cover - donated by San Pedro Bicentennial CommitteeRigging – donated by Coordinated...

  • Fishing Industry Memorial

    In 1892 Southern California Fish Corp. was the first cannery in Los Angeles Harbor. In 1903 a technique of preparing and canning was developed to can sardines, mackerel, bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna and albacore. In 1912 the first fresh fish market was introduced in San Pedro and along with other markets that followed, they eventually supplied...

  • Point Fermin Park

    Point Fermin Park consists of 37 landscaped acres of tree-shaded lawns, sheltered pergolas, colorful gardens and a promenade along the edge of the palisade. The vantage point atop the rugged bluffs affords a breathtaking view of the coast toward Santa Catalina Island. You may even be able to spot playful dolphin and harbor seals from the cliffs....


San Pedro Hotels

San Pedro Restaurants

  • Cooking great since 1968~

    The food, service, and prices were great. Will come back here again. Here is some history of the restaurant.Everything about the original Grinder was a change from the early 1960's coffee shop, right down to the name. The founders wanted to focus on specialty hamburgers in their new coffee shop, with an emphasis on freshness. The elements of ground...

  • Great Food, Service and Views~

    The food, service, and prices were great. Will come back here again. Here is some history of the restaurant.Frank Hall was a World War 11 hero who served as a bomber pilot flying B-17’s over Germany. He was shot down three times and miraculously escaped from the Germans each time. After the war he ran a fishing boat called "Sharpshooter" and in...

  • The Whale and Ale

    An English pub and restaurant in the middle of San Pedro. Having been to England, I can say this is the closest I have to come to feeling like I was back in England, the only thing missing was the English accent. I went out of my way to dine on their beef wellington and I was not disappointed. I would have preferred that they not have covered it in...


San Pedro Transportation

  • Big Red Cars

    The Port of Los Angeles Waterfront Red Car Line Marina StationFor sixty years, the Los Angeles area was served by a vast network of electric railway lines operated by the Pacific Electric Railway. Affectionately known as “Red Cars”, the Pacific Electric’s trolleys and interurban cars blanketed the Los Angeles area on more than 1000 miles of rail...

  • Do Long Beach, then ride the bridge west...

    Comparing San Pedro to Long Beach, the latter city is more entertaining overall. Still, San Pedro is worth a visit at least with its Ports O Call area and harbor cruise connections. If you happen to be without a car (yes, people actually get around without a car in the greater Los Angeles area!), a convenient and cheap alternative is available-a...

  • San Pedro Hotels

    7 Hotels in San Pedro

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San Pedro Local Customs

  • Say San PEE-Dro or San PEH-Dro?

    So, here is an example why people who are not familar with the local area can have some trouble, in this case a minor issue...The way "San Pedro" is pronounced causes a bit of a controversy. The way in which it is commonly said is San PEE-dro. Many locals prefer to say it this way, though some like me would opt for the Spanish way to say it: San...

  • Noticing San Pedro's Tolerance: Beacon...

    Beacon Street runs parallel to San Pedro's waterfront. By 6th and Beacon, there is the Beacon House, a place that most people will and should not enter, with good reason. Yet, it is a place to get to know if you want to discover the heart of San Pedro. Beacon House is a halfway house, especially for men who are recovering from alcoholism and other...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

San Pedro Warnings and Dangers

  • Danergous Areas,Homeless, & Contaminated...

    As with many pier areas, it was obvious there are many areas you should stay clear off. They built the pier so everyone would have a safe place to walk, stroll and fish. You need to stay off the break water ridges and this is because in the past, people who were fishing were washed off the break water ridges when the waves are high. No swimming...

  • Oh, do not swim in San Pedro seawater!

    I'll say this until "blue in the face" (or in this case, until blue enters the port of LA-San Pedro)--- DO NOT SWIM IN SAN PEDRO!The official water sports activity area here is Cabrillo Beach. Go ahead and fish here, take a stroll, tan, have a picnic, and please do not--well, you know!! Cabrillo Beach is frequently jusged as a dirty beach area....

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San Pedro Off The Beaten Path

  • marinarena's Profile Photo

    Judging the "Old Town"

    by marinarena Written Aug 14, 2005

    Just steps away from the popular waterfront is old town San San Pedro. Here, one sees that not so touristy parts- blocks of very shabby buildings, mom and pop stores and restaurants/bars. If you would like to experience the real SP, come have a look around.

    It is commonly said that the old downtown part of a city has "charm". Well, there is a bit of it here. The charm comes from the heart of the locals and what they add to downtown institutions. Old San Pedro is not as picturesque as other old towns, like that of the city of Orange's old town area which is the heart of the entire Orange county.

    SP's old town is just simple and modest, period. The city (like many others in greater L.A.) is under urban renewal. Attractive "old style" new lofts are being developed here out of an old bank building. (hopefully, they won't cost a fortune like the ones in downtown Los Angeles). Streets are slowly being cleaned up (in all senses). San Pedro still has a long way to go in its beautification plans. Overall, old town is on the drab side, with just a few eye-pleasing buildings literally here and there.

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San Pedro Favorites

  • Discover the history of the place

    History!San Pedro takes much pride of its history, especially in regards to anything nautical and related to politics, police and firefighters. If you are wanting to discover Los Angeles for historical reasons (rather than the typical Hollywood stuff), San Pedro is a great place to start exploring and learning.Zoom in picture to read on both...

  • See San Pedro, a nice film backdrop

    Port / Waterfront Scenery!Did you know? San Pedro is a popular film location for major pictures. How could it not be so with its classic port city look. Both the epic, Pearl Harbor , and the 90s cult film, The Usual Suspects shot scenes in this L.A. neighborhood.

  • See lesser known Euro culture in San...

    Ethnic DiversityNot only does San Pedro reflect racial diversity but that of nationality. Specifically, It is said that San Pedro is home to about 15,000 persons of Croatian/Yugoslavian decent (Croatian and Yugoslavian are not so interchangeable anymore. I'm not particularly sure if those of Serbian decent is thrown into the mix here but on the...


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