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  • I Love Us!
    I Love Us!
    by tim_japan
  • Downtown Sunnyvale'S Murphy Street
    Downtown Sunnyvale'S Murphy Street
    by jumpingwithnorman
  • huge dhosa at Saravanaa Bhavan
    huge dhosa at Saravanaa Bhavan
    by supune

Sunnyvale Hotels

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Sunnyvale Restaurants

  • Legendary & Reliable Chinese

    Tao Tao is one of those dining institutions that have been around for centuries.... They did remodel several years back so their dining room looks pretty good. We usually eat here almost every week or so as it's one of those favorites that the whole family enjoys. Service is very good, attentive and prompt. The food is outstanding. There's lots of...

  • Crisp vadai

    I am no connoisseur of South Indian food but I have eaten the cuisine at some of the most authentic restaurants, homes, back in South India, in rural villages, hamlets, and that taste and flavor is going to stay with me all my life.No wonder I try and search for that same zing in any place that claims to specialize in South Indian cuisine and that...

  • The Best South Indian Food in the South...

    This place is legendary. It seems everyone knows about this place as THE place to go for South Asian Food in the bay area. Even my neighbors in Los Angeles recommend it. If you like South Indian food, this will probably be your favorite spot. The food is very authentic. You'll notice that a lot of South Indians eat here and that they come from all...

  • Hardy's denied me service!

    Hardy's was my favorite restaurant ever since I can remember (at least 10 years). I've been going there for all my birthdays, celebrations, ect; spending at least $80 for two people at dinner, and $25 takeout for myself during my visits. The staff know my parents by name due to their continual patronage also.To my suprise, I WAS DENIED SERVICE...

  • Convenient Japanese Food

    The restaurant offers regular seating as well as screened rooms where you sit on the floor. It also has a sushi bar. The screened rooms are good for group dinners.I have eaten here for lunch and dinner and the service and food have always been fine.The restaurant has parking both across the street and behind the restaurant. For lunch, I usually...

  • Make Your Own Burrito

    If you like Mexican food, you gotta try this! It's almost buffet style, but they make it for you.1) Tell them what size burrito you want. Chico, Regular or Super2) What kind of meat (if any)? LOTS of selection.3) What kind of rice? Spanish, white, brown?4) What kind of beans? Pinto, refried, black5) Then, what fixin's? What kind of cheese? What...

  • Great American Food!

    Down home feel. Comfy. They have great food. Many choices. Flavored teas - salad bar - great breakfast choices - vegetarian choices - fruit smoothies - quesadillas - hash browns - vegetarian chili - lots of good stuff. The staff is really friendly. Great service. The manager once gave me a free piece of coffee cake to take home too (we frequent...

  • A little pice of Bavaria in the heart of...

    Hardy's Bavaria is the place to sample German cuisine in the South Bay. Run by Hardy himself (who is usually found behind the bar) this place has a great authentic German feel. With dishes like Weiner schnitzel and jger schnitzel how could you go wrong? They also have a fine selection of German beers and spirits. Each dinner comes with soup and...

  • Tarragon! This is centered in...

    Tarragon! This is centered in the heart of Old Town Sunnyvale, and is an OUTSTANDING four star restaurant.Awesome food; awesome service; awesome atmosphere. You just can't go wrong here. There are NO bad dishes on Tarragon's menu; EVERYTHING rocks!


Sunnyvale Transportation

  • Marratu's Profile Photo

    From SFO (San Francisco...

    by Marratu Written Aug 26, 2002

    From SFO (San Francisco International): Get on 101 South, and drive for approximately 40 minutes until you see the exit sign for Highway 85 South. Take 85 South, then take the ElCamino exit. Right after you pass the first stoplight, you'll be on the eastern border of Sunnyvale.
    From SJO (San Jose): Get on 101 North, and drive for approximately 20 minutes until you see the exit sign for Highway 85 South. Take 85 South, then take the ElCamino exit. Right after you pass the first stoplight, you'll be on the eastern border of Sunnyvale.
    Driving in Sunnyvale is very easy; so is parking. We're much more parking friendly than San Francisco. There aren't a lot of metered parking spaces or pay-to-park lots; most of our parking is free, either on the street or in a parking lot. El Camino is pretty much the central city street; it goes all the way down into San Jose, so you can find nearly all major stores either on or in close proximity to El Camino.

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Sunnyvale Local Customs

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    People drive WAY FAST HERE. ...

    by Marratu Written Aug 26, 2002

    People drive WAY FAST HERE. Figure approximately 75 mph on the freeways, and up to 45 mph on the large city streets. And, people WILL try to tailgate if they think you're driving too slow. Most folks are somewhat preoccupied with their lives, but if you offer up a sunny smile, odds are you'll get one in return.

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Sunnyvale Warnings and Dangers

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    Always Lock Your Car. Even in...

    by Marratu Updated Aug 26, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Always Lock Your Car. Even in the driveway of a friend's house. We don't keep ANYTHING unlocked around here; it walks off.
    There are a lot of nutty drivers around here, particularly when it comes to red lights. After a light turns green for you, wait an extra second or two to allow the kamikaze drivers to whiz through the intersection.
    Traffic can be heinous. Avoid travelling the freeways or highways between 8 and 10 am, and 4 to 7 pm.

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Sunnyvale Tourist Traps

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    Great America. If you're into...

    by Marratu Written Aug 26, 2002

    Great America. If you're into rollercoasters, this can be fun....but the park is looking a tad run down, and the lines for the rides are insane. I once stood in line for an HOUR for a thirty second ride. Your best bet is to find a cold, overcast and slightly drizzly day...this tends to drive away the kids and reduces the crowd. I never bother to go here myself.
    Moffett Airshow. When the Navy owned Moffet Naval Station, they put on one of the best airshows in California. Sadly, the base has been decommisioned, and in recent years the Airshow Network has attempted to hold an airshow in the July/August timeframe. The show in 2001 was a big disappointment; it was primarily military displays and demos, and there were NO civilian aircraft on static display at all, which was a major disappointment. Better bets are to be found in Salias, Watsonville, and Half Moon Bay.

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Sunnyvale What to Pack

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    Packing List

    by Marratu Written Aug 26, 2002

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: While this is California, Sunnyvale can be unseasonably cold even in summer. Anytime you travel to the San Francisco Bay, make sure you bring at least a sweatshirt or windbreaker with're likely to need it at some point. Other than that, we're very temperate compared to other climes, and you're not likely to need special shoes or heavy clothing.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: We have the following pharmacies around:
    * Rite-Aid
    * Longs Drugs
    * Walgreens

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Sunnyvale Off The Beaten Path

  • Browse Handmade Items (mostly country)

    If you like to browse or shop for handmade items - especially country items, visit The Cranberry Hill Mercantile on El Camino in Sunnyvale. Cross street is Mary Ave.1014 W. El Camino RealTeddybears, jewelry, wood items, more!

  • Even some of the long-time...

    Even some of the long-time locals don't know about this one: CJ Olson's Cherry Stand. Before Silicon Valley earned its moniker, the ENTIRE San Jose corridor was once nothing but cherry trees as far as the eye can see, and most of them belonged to CJ Olson. Most of these cherry orchards have been sold off now, but the original cherry stand and water...

  • Sunnyvale Hotels

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Sunnyvale Favorites

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    There is an AWESOME bike path...

    by Marratu Written Aug 26, 2002

    Favorite thing: There is an AWESOME bike path that runs from Alma and 85 all the way out to Shoreline. From Shoreline you should be able to bike all the way into Palo Alto! The easiest way to get to this path:
    * From El Camino and Americana way, go LEFT onto Rainbow.
    * When Rainbow dead-ends, go LEFT.
    * Take the first RIGHT. I think this is Dana St.
    * Right before the overpass over 85, take a RIGHT onto Patriot Street.
    * Patriot dead-ends onto Alma. Do NOT cross Alma; bike up the left side.
    * Right past the overpass you should see the Alma St. Trailhead, which is the entry to the pedestrian bridge. Ride on up and over the bridge, and enjoy!

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