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  • Venice Canal
    Venice Canal
    by tinygamehunter
  • Danny's deli on Venice boardwalk
    Danny's deli on Venice boardwalk
    by LINDstu
  • Venice
    by malianrob

Venice Things to Do

  • Beach / Boardwalk

    Nothing better than watching meat heads lifting ridiculous amounts of LB's. One guy squatted 18 - 45 pound plates + the bar. It is a cool place to check out. If you are interested going in the gym then it cost 5 dollars a day. There is some kinda season pass or something. Have fun IF YOU LIKE MY POST PLEASE GIVE POSITIVE FEEDBACK, THANKS.

  • Venice Canals

    Exploring Venice Beach is awesome yet crazy! The boardwalk is so alive, but sometimes could get overwhelming. If you just hop, skip and jump over a few blocks away from the boardwalk, you'll find yourself in the enchantment of the Venice Canals. This area is completely different from the boardwalk, it's hard to believe they are right next to each...

  • Gold's Gym

    On Hampton, just east of Main Street and south of Rose, you'll find Gold's Gym, aka The Mecca of Body Building. Inside, you'll find thousands of pounds of testosterone bulging muscle, and those are just the women! Outside, in the parking lot you can have your Benzes, BMWs and Ferraris receive the attention of the detailing crew that will pamper...


Venice Hotels

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  • Inn at Venice Beach

    Beautiful rooms with marble type surrounds to the sink and dressing table. Large choice of breakfast...

  • Hotel Erwin Venice

    We only used to hotel as sleeping place. most of the time we spend in LA. We could park the car...

  • Venice on the Beach Hotel

    2819 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, Los Angeles, California, 90291, United States

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

Venice Restaurants

  • Chaya Venice

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    They have great martinis! Everything is REALLY good!! There's this one appetizer that is my favorite though! It's a lobster enchilada with a cilantro cream sauce dish that was absolutely fantastic!! They also have great sushi happy hour on the weekdays. Their yellow tail tuna carpaccio is the best I've EVER had!!

  • Kifune

    This little-known Venice gem is often over-looked but is far superior to the more popular, trendy sushi joints in the area. The sushi bar is the biggest draw and regulars will wait for a coveted seat during peak times. The head chef, Hide (aka Tiger) is the highlight of the sushi bar but his, sometimes, off-color sense of humor isn't for everyone....

  • La Cabana

    La Cabana (with "~" over the "n") has been open for over 40 years and when you taste the food it is easy to understand why. My favorite is the Asada Burrito, but I usually fill up on chips and the excellent salsa before I even order the main course. Check out the "hall-of-fame"-plaque to your left as you enter, one of the waiters has worked there...


Venice Nightlife

  • Happy Hour!

    The otheroom is always packed. The people are awesome and it's a great way to start off the evening. They don't care what you are wearing....After all, its Venice Beach. You can even bring your dog inside and have him hang out with you. The only downer is there is no food. They only serve different types of beer and wine. Don't worry though,...

  • Wine or Beer?

    In the mood to drink? Head to the Otheroom in Venice (just opened recently). You're sure to have a tough time deciding your poison for the night. This place has a bewildering list of imported beers, wines, sherries and more. Large, spacious, cozy and it never gets too crowded. Exposed brick walls and candles define this place's interiors. They...

  • Party on the beach...

    Love the sunset party... crazy dancing on the beach. You'll have fun here-))! Just before sunset follow the sound of beating drums onto the sand and you'll find an eclectic bunch of people dancing to the beat of dozens of drummers. This seems to happen on the weekends.....and if you don't feel like joining the circle of dancers then you can always...


Venice Transportation

  • bicycle your way

    You can rent a bicycle. There were two rental shops at the beach in Santa Monica (not far from Venice). They have different bicycles (2 or 3 wheels type). You need to have a credit card or not :). I didn't had credit card and I still managed to rent. Don't get discouraged by it. One of those rental places won't even talk to you if you don't have a...

  • Rollerblades

    When in Venice... rollerblades is a great way to get around Venice, on the boardwalk and off. Just be careful and stay away from the cars. On the boardwalk, especially on weekends, you may find people doing tricks on their blades or doing some sort of rollerblade line-dancing to music coming out of giant boom boxes wheeled in by the hard-core...

  • We took the Bus from where we...

    We took the Bus from where we stayed in North Hollywood all the way to venice beachand back. We had to make 2 or 3 transfers, but the total cost was under $2.00. A taxi ride would have cost in excess of $60.00, so you can see the savings.Man, when you get there, walk or rollerblade or rollerskate or skateboard or bicycle. I saw all of these modes...


Venice Shopping

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  • A cool Destination Downtown Venice

    You can say it is an antique store, but it is a clothing store too, with very hip clothes, I bought a straw hat for the sunny day. It is also a jewelry store with new home goods, love the candles and she has lots of things to do with the beach and yet it has fine exotic textiles with unusual beautiful objects. The owner, Gabrielle has traveled...

  • Places to buy whatever you are in the...

    I dont know exactly how long Venice Beach goes but all along the strand you will find shops and people selling anything you can think off along the sidewalk. There's tons of souvenier shops, smoke shops, tatto shops, fortune tellers, and more.

  • Hot Brazilian Clothing

    Think hot Ipanema summer wear all year around here at Rui Motta. There are some very cute items here for ladies with great bodies! The sizes vary somewhat but tend to be great for those who are slender or have curves in control. The hottest articles of clothing here are the tank tops, many with lace trimmed and with vibrant colors. tops go from...


Venice Local Customs

  • Check out peoples crazy inventions

    Venice Beach is well known for wild , crazy, and wierd.I took a few pictures of some outragous stuff that I have seen. One guy attached a sound system to his bike and it was louder than something at a club. Another guy put some large tires on his bike, i think he wanted to be able to ride his bike on the sand, he could probably do it. These werent...

  • Bold Beggars!

    Like the city of L.A., Venice has its share of beggars who approach people who can potentially spare a dime. Some beggars can be aggressive or just downright bold. On my last trip, one young man , perhaps in the late teens or early 20, ask a group of women, "Do you have money for marijuana? Well, you can't blame him for being honest in his real...

  • Beach volleyball

    If you visit any of the beach cities, you'll be sure to see plenty of people laying out to get a nice tan and playing beach volleyball.


Venice Warnings and Dangers

  • Venice Beach: Avoid?

    Plagued by the homeless and human 'freaks', Venice is certainly a spectacle.I have found myself in the area numerous times, and each time I leave, I find myself hating the place more and more.With regards to the homeless, sure, L.A. has a problem, but Venice is a joke. The broadwalk is full of 'lazy' homeless who approach you asking for 'spare...

  • The police

    You gotta be careful especially if you are doing things you should:)The police around here run deep. They are on foot, in their cars, on bikes and on horses. Today was the first time I saw them on horses, ther arrested a lady for something? I dont know what she did but she got caught. The officer on the bike got her then called his back up in the...

  • Criminality Personality

    At night and in general, Venice is less safe than other parts of greater L.A. In the past, gang activity was pretty high around here and on the off streets. Things have cool down a bit but still there can be heightened potential for crime here. Pick pockets are always out in big tourist areas. Also, car robberies occur, as Los Angeles (including...


Venice Tourist Traps

  • Venice Beach: The Ultimate Trap in...

    Pictured is the Sidewalk Cafe and Bar, an extremely popular tourist hotspot. Locals do mix with the Out-of-towners. Personally, I have not been here for dining and most likely will not since it is always crowded. I'm not one for long waits just to get a table! Also, I enjoy to find the unsung and unspoiled dining spots more so. Definitely go here...

  • Muscle Beach

    If I was really into working out, i dont know how comfortable I would be doing this infront of all these gawking tourist. Plus I dont think theres much to see here.

  • Venice Beach Boardwalk is a Dump!

    This is probably the nicest and most scenic picture you'll see of the Venice Boardwalk. For some reason, it is a major tourist attraction but I avoid it like the plague. I guess people like it cause it's seedy and freaky. Personally I think it's boring, just smelly, bum ridden, freak show which I guess if you don't see that anywhere where you might...


Venice What to Pack

  • Bring your sunscreen!

    Sunscreen is important. On this day, the temperature was about 70-75 degrees F. It was overcast - cloudy with a nice breeze. What you don't realize is that you can still get sunburn because of the ultraviolet rays getting through. The sun did peek through the cloud cover and did catch a slight tan.

  • Packing List

    A backpack. Usually, I'd say shorts and a t-shirt. Southern California, you know. There are all kinds of shops along the boardwalk, so if you forget something, chances are you will be able to pick up something no problem. Take sunscreen and sunglasses.

  • Packing List

    Anything. Whatever you feel is necessary in temperatures that range from about a high of 70-90 degrees Farenheit in the springs/summers and highs of about 45-68 degrees in the falls/winters. Being a beach city, the weather is fairly temperate. No camping.


Venice Off The Beaten Path

  • To See and Be Seen

    There is an eclectic feel about the Venice beach and the Venice Ocean Front Walk. There is not really a "boardwalk" but the front street is a pedestrian traffic only walking street called Ocean Front Walk.It is used by vendors and street performers. They range from tarot card readings to henna tattoos to sand art to any funky stuff they happen to...

  • Go to the end of the bike...

    Go to the end of the bike pathe and see Marina Del Rey.Maybe even go out on a fishing trip on the New Del Mar orthe Happy Man or the Betty O. The Thunderbird has evening fishing trips and sometimes goes out to Catalina Island forhot fishing action.Or just watch the boats go out the channel. This photo is from the boat in the harbor looking at...

  • The Novel! It is the cutest...

    The Novel! It is the cutest little coffee shop on Pier, right off of Main. It actually has personality (unbelievable)!!! It is a cozy, two-story shop filled with books (hence the name, Novel)! All the local artists and musicians come here everyday to play their music or display their art. You can buy any of the artwork that is on display. Very...


Venice Sports & Outdoors

  • Fun to watch people play Sports in...

    This is more watching Sports rather then participating in it .Many Sports activities were available here at the Parks and Recreation center of Venice or Venice Beach. For example Basketball Bicycling Bodybuilding Roller Skating Running Sailing SCUBA Diving Skateboarding Surfing Volleyball In this Venice Beach Recreation area most equipment is...

  • Here is another Sport you can do in...

    This looks like Handball ,I think it is .What I could see was a person htting a small ball against the wall over and over It looked like a lot of fun ,I should try that some day. I guess a small ball and good gloves for your hands will do it.

  • Skate Park

    Venice beach also has a small skate park kinda thing. It has rails and tabletops and awhole bunch of other things that you can skate. These are located next to the basketball courts in front of the graffitied sea wall. Make sure you bring your skills cuz lots of people are watching...


Venice Favorites

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  • Beach / Boardwalk

    My favorite thing about the Venice Beach Boardwalk is the people who come to see it and the people who earn their living here. It's so diverse and a friendly environment. The artwork is not impressive, the wares are cheap but for the mere price of parking, you can spend 2-4 hours easily being amused and entertained. No fond memories I can think of....

  • People

    Lotsa things to see, the infamous guy playing guitar on blades, the aluminium guy, and tons of artists that display their paintings artistically, and some display them on sand... There are people who give massages, hana tatoos, and hair braiding :) Love the hotdog there.

  • Always out of the Ordinary!

    My favorite thing about the Venice Beach Boardwalk is the people who come to see it and the people who earn their living here. It's so diverse and a friendly environment. The artwork is not impressive, the wares are cheap but for the mere price of parking, you can spend 2-4 hours easily being amused and entertained. No fond memories I can think...


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