Colorado Springs Travel Guide

  • Climber on Cathedral Spires
    Climber on Cathedral Spires
    by fred98115
  • Manitou Cliff Dwellings
    Manitou Cliff Dwellings
    by Suet
  • Pikes Peak seen from Garden of the Gods
    Pikes Peak seen from Garden of the Gods
    by Ekahau

Colorado Springs Things to Do

  • Garden of the Gods

    5 out of 5 stars

    This is a truly amazing place to visit if you happen to be in the area. The sandstone formations are incredible, colorful and towering all over you. The park is admission free and there are several walking trails, suitable also for wheelchairs. It is also possible to follow a driveway to move from the different viewpoints. There are many rock...

  • Pike's Peak

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Fun trip for the whole family. Ride the cog train up Pike's peak--if your lucky, the weather is good and you get up above 14 000 feet. The views are spectacular. Remember to dress for the weather as it can get cold as you go up. The train does make a stop part way for a look around, bathroom break and to stretch your legs. A knowledgeable guide is...

  • Manitou Cliff Dwellings

    Less well-known than the famed cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde, the Manitou Cliff Dwellings are still fascinating. Built over 700 years ago, they are about the same age as many European castles and cathedrals. They illustrate life among the Anasazi Indians (the ancient ones). See how they lived. There is also a small cafe and gift shop.


Colorado Springs Hotels

Colorado Springs Restaurants

  • Fine Dining

    Fine dining. Briarhurst Manor was William A. Bell's home, built in 1886 in Tudor Revival style. It's a grained pink Victorian sandstone manor house turned restaurant in Manitou Springs, Colorado (west of Colorado Springs). Fountain Creek passes through the estate and is in the shadow of Pikes Peak. Food was excellent; I had the pan-seared sea...

  • Agia Sophia

    A great little coffee shop and reading library right off of Colorado Avenue in historical Old Colorado City of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Old world charm with a great cup of Joe and spiritual benedictine monks chanting in the background. It is truly a place to the heart of what coffee shops began .. a place to discuss business, religion, politics,...

  • Three Margarita's

    Apparently Three Margarita's is a chain, though you wouldn't really guess that visiting the establishment. They made accomodations for our team of 13 who came and dined with them on the evening of the 9th. Friendly service, great food, and good atmosphere. Definitely could feel and smell the delicious Mexican food they make in the establishment...


Colorado Springs Nightlife

  • Hip Ambience and Great Jazz

    Beautiful atmosphere. Great art. A Dale Chihuly piece adorns the the back of the bar. But, don't feel like you have to dress up! The locals hang out here. You will see everything from suits to jeans (mostly jeans). Drinks are great, and the food is good, too. casual

  • Sons of the Cloth

    Sons of the Cloth (Colorado Springs, Colorado)Band Members: Shick - bass, vocals, lyrics; Gallagher - drums; Kehren - Guitar; Robinson - Keys or Myspace: progressive art rock. Based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado; This self proclaimed "post toolian...

  • Cowboy's Country & Western

    Cowboys is the best country music spot in the city. They have a large hard wood dance floor and a stage for their frequent live music. Most weekend nights they have a DJ from one of the local country radio stations. They also have steak dinners, which are OK, pool, and under 21 nights.Word is that Cowboys moved from Palmer Park/Academy to Tejon...


Colorado Springs Transportation

  • Shuttle Service to Colorado Springs

    There are limited flights to Colorado Springs Airport and initially I had difficulty getting to direct flights from LAX to colorado springs. There was another issue as most of the shuttle services to colorado springs from denver international airport were closed by the time i arrived at about 10pm or very few actually have shuttle services to...

  • Denver International Airport

    Though Colorado Springs airport is a large and growing air terminal, Denver can sometimes be less expensive as it is a major hub for United Airlines. From Colorado Springs, it is located about an hour to 1.5 hours away, up I-25 then 410 loop on the west of the city.BTW ... DIA's best restaurant is a small Mexican place called Que Buena. They have...

  • Colorado Springs is spread out!

    If you are visiting Colorado Springs, I would highly recommend renting a car, or having one that you can use. The Springs is a very spread out city and I lot of driving is required. With so much to do and so much to see, public transportation would not do the trick.


Colorado Springs Shopping

  • Outdoor Grocery Shopping!

    In the summer months there are a wide array of farmer's markets around the town of Colorado Springs. They have a couple up North to accomodate all of the growth up there, they have one dowtown, one in Old Colorado City and one in Manitou Springs. They all fall on different days of the week, usually. The one I prefer to go to is the Old Colorado...

  • Colorado Springs Flea Market

    * * Sat-Sun: 7 am - 4 pm * * A great place marketed to sell your household and craft goods - Colorado Springs Flea Market advertises themselves as the premiere place to host your garage sale. Every city has them, each one is unique in its own way. Its a place to buy, sell, bargain, and enjoy a family outing - food, entertainment, and vendors...

  • Bargain Mart

    Bargain Mart - one of my favorite discounted groceries hosts proudly adverts claiming they are the 'lowest priced groceries in town' - which they are unquestionably in this town, the most affordable bargains you can find. Its because they deal in the discounted grocery, closeouts, overstocks, and damaged freight goods. Here you can get most high...


Colorado Springs Local Customs

  • A brief outline of Colorado Skiing

    A brief outline of Colorado Skiing from plaque of Colorado Springs sculpture “About the End of an Era – Circa 1960”:“The first documented use of skies in Colorado occurred in a snowbound mining camp during the winter of 1859 – 1860 near presentday Breckenridge. Ten men left in camp made skis and traveled downvalley where they built a cabin and...

  • About skiing equipment used years ago

    From information near sculpture “About the End of an Era – Circa 1960” located near Pioneers Museum in Colorado Springs about skiing equipment century ago:“Pioneering skiers used a single wooden pole. By the early 1900s, tow poles were in fashion. The shafts were often made from bamboo until superior poles of a light metal alloy were developed....

  • Smoking BAN!

    Good of July 1, 2006 the entire state of Colorado went smoke free. That means there is no smoking in restaurants and bars. Nor can you smoke within 15 feet of a building. So that means, when you go out to the bars at night, you can't step right outside the door (well, you are not supposed to, it's up to bar employees and/or management to...


Colorado Springs Warnings and Dangers

  • Traffic tickets for not stopping at stop...

    Colorado Springs police officers have and may still be issuing tickets to drivers who fail to come to a stop at the exit ramp (that is under construction, right shoulder is closed and coned off) and Garden of the Gods heading east. Last Wednesday, 14 Aug 2013, the stop signs were improperly posted. For some reason, the signs were not visable to...

  • Fillmore Street Correction

    Visitors and newcomers to Colorado Springs should know that the posting regarding Fillmore Street is wildly inaccurate. I live within a few miles of this thoroughfare and travel it on a near daily basis. It's no more dangerous than other city streets and I've never felt uncomfortable being there, whether day or night. In fact, when I was a teenaged...

  • Garden of the Gods, Don't stop in the...

    When traveling through the one way roads in the Garden of the Gods, There is a bike lane that is on the right hand sign, and signs are posted telling you not to park in the bike lane. If you stop in the bike lane, Park Patrol or Springs Police may give you a ticket, even if your just taking a picture. Also be aware that tickets aren't always given...


Colorado Springs Tourist Traps

  • Manitou Cliff Dwellings-it's all gift...

    Manitou Cliff Dwellings looks exciting from the brocheres and other information, but it's really just a few very non-authentic looking buildings, and a tiny museum in amongst a giant three story gift shop full of plastic junk from China. If you have been to Mesa Verde and seen real ruins, it is a real (and very expensive!) let down. Save your...

  • Don't buy gifts at Pikes Peak!

    Buy your gifts at the Colo. Springs airport. They had the same gifts as the shops on at half the price. I looked all over for gifts and didn't find any and then while waiting for the plane I looked in the gift shop at the airport and everything was there! T-Shirts for $5.00 and magnets and postcards too. I brought back a real nice stuffed animal...

  • Seven Falls

    With all of the natural beauty in the mountains, one may wonder if it's worth paying to see a set of waterfalls. We decided to give it a try, but will always look back on this as one of our greatest vacation mistakes. We pulled into the park around 6:00 in the evening one fall Saturday. We sat in our car in line for an hour until we reached the...


Colorado Springs What to Pack

  • All Types of Weather

    I suggest packing clothing to suit all types of weather. In the summer you may need a sweater in the morning and at night. If you go into the mountains, you may need a coat. I would follow the common suggestion of packing so that you can wear layers. Frequently, in the summer we may have rain showers every afternoon for about 20 minutes. Don't...

  • Pack for different kinds of weather

    The weather in Co Springs is quite changable. One minute it's sunny and warm and the next a cloud has moved over the town and temp's dropped 10 degrees. I always have a light jacket and umbrella in my car.

  • Layers, layers - Yes, Layers!

    One bag with wheels will travel, but a backpack is nice to have for everything, from walking along shops to hiking in the woods. hiking boots or shoes with a good treadDress in layers, T-shirts, under long sleeve shirt, with a sweatshirt/sweater - Always take a coatlight weight for summer, but a good one for winter especially if you're going to...


Colorado Springs Off The Beaten Path

  • Bear Creek Nature Center

    Looking for a place to take a walk, perhaps view some nature, and get away from the beaten path, Nancy and I chose Bear Creek Nature Center, an El Paso County-owned park on the outskirts of Colorado Springs. It is a very nice park and includes an exceptional visitor's center with a lot of very interesting nature exhibits geared for kids, but...

  • Seven Falls. I couldnt go up...

    224 Total steps that are located right next to the Seven Falls. At night they have a light show on the falls. We were not used to the high altitude so we had only made it to the first landing. Of course I was also leary of the open stairs. I always imagine my foot going right through it, and down I will go. :)

  • Drive Gold Camp Road to Cripple Creek

    One of my favorite afternoons in Colorado was spent with my family driving "the back way" to Cripple Creek. The back way is called Gold Camp Road, and it has some great scenery. From the start, you will see wonderful views of Colorado Springs. As you go up in elevation and get away from the town, you will see deer and possibly elk...we also saw...


Colorado Springs Sports & Outdoors

  • Kayaking

    I'm partner in RIOT Kayak' s & on World Master Tour'...Extreme kayak tour has visited; Colorado Springs, Florida(man made run)Idaho, Snake River, Black River, & 18 upcoming events; USA from Potomoc River, to Upstate NY to Washington State, to Costa Rica...we continue to PO Valley Milan, Italy, & several other EU countries. For any info about our...

  • Air Force Academy Sports

    The Air Force Academy's men's teams play at the Division 1A level against such opponents as Notre Dame and Nebraska. Their conference is the Mountain West, and they have a fierce rivalry against the other real academies -- Army and Navy -- against whom they play each year for the Commander-in-Chief's Trophy.They also have a great Field House for...

  • Colorado Springs Sky Sox

    The Colorado Springs Sky Sox are the Colorado Rockies highest level (AAA) minor league farm team, and they play in the Pacific Coast League. Sky Sox Stadium seats 8,500 and was completed in 1988 at a cost of $3.7 million. The stadium is off of Powers and Barnes on the east edge of town, it holds 8,500 people, and tickets cost $5 to $9. The season...


Colorado Springs Favorites

  • New Belgium Brewery's Shift Pale Lager

    Shift is a pale lager brewed by New Belgium, with a can featuring a set of gears. While nothing special in itself, it rates very high on against other pale lagers, which are usually watered down and lacking flavor. This is at least tasty and drinkable.3.5 out of 5 stars.New Belgium Brewery opened in 1991. Its flagship beer, Fat Tire,...

  • New Belgium Brewery's Fat Tire Amber Ale

    New Belgium Brewery opened in 1991. Its flagship beer, Fat Tire, is named after the type of bike the brewery's owner rode on a tour of breweries in Belgium. The brewery, located in Fort Collins, Colorado, is the third largest craft brewery in America. I enjoy Fat Tire, but I also love their 1554 Black Lager.Fat Tire is a nice, smooth amber ale. The...

  • New Belgium Brewery's Ranger IPA

    New Belgium Brewery opened in 1991. Its flagship beer, Fat Tire, is named after the type of bike the brewery's owner rode on a tour of breweries in Belgium. The brewery, located in Fort Collins, Colorado, is the third largest craft brewery in America. I enjoy Fat Tire, but I also love their 1554 Black Lager.Ranger is a great IPA that scores a...


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