Casa Bonita, Denver

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  • The Emperor and the Princess
    The Emperor and the Princess
    by rexvaughan
  • Casa Bonita
    by ScottyK

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  • chapita1950's Profile Photo

    Casa Bonita: Impressive

    by chapita1950 Written May 31, 2011

    My son and I went there in 1996, after just having moved to Denver. I am surprised at all the BAD REVIEWS, Back then it was GREAT. It was not a Buffet, not even close. The entertainemnt was fantastic. I'm sorry to hear it has gone down in food quality, Service, etc. I have bragged about it for years. It was STRICTLY MEXICAN food then, and it was GREAT FOOD. To the person who said they couldn't understand the staff, it is/was Authentic Mexican. When I go to the Italian places here, I can't understand them either. My job transferred me to Silverthorne, the due to my mothers failing health, ended up back in the midwest. I will be going to Denver to see my niece and nephew, before I move to Arizona, and I will PERSONALLY check out Casa
    Bonita myself, then give my interpretations of the restaurant.

    Favorite Dish: In 1996, it was Chimichanga's. it still is when I go to Mexican places here in the mid-west.

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  • JJBlondie's Profile Photo

    Casa Bonita: Only go for the diving and sopapillas

    by JJBlondie Written Apr 12, 2010

    Casa Bonita has been in Denver as long as I can remember (I've been here since 1972 when I was 3). Its one of thos place that children love and adults love to hate. It has games, it has caves, it has old fashioned photos, it has a diver; what it doesn't have is good food or good margaritas. In fact, this cafeteria style eatery has the worst food around (yes, worse than taco bell). But the sopapillas are always hot and fresh and the kids have a good time. Otherwise I suggest you skip this one, its not worth the wait in line,

    Favorite Dish: Hot, fresh, doey, cinnamon sopapillas with fresh honey

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  • Casa Bonita: Casa Boniiiiiiita!

    by DesertTortoise Written Mar 22, 2010

    This was my favorite part of a week-long trip from CA to WI and back. My friend and I had stopped in Denver for a few days on the way out, and local friends took us to Casa Bonita.

    Now, warning, Casa Bonita is only so amazing if you're a kid or a South Park fan. Myself, I love me some South Park, and walking into Casa Bonita is like walking into Cartman's house or South Park Elementary. It's just like on the show. The food is terrible, the customers are blase, and overall it's like a Mexican-themed Chuck E. Cheese. And yet, it is awesome! Super sweet! The cliff divers are crazy good, and Black Bart's Cave is cheesy goodness.

    If you're a South Park fan, come on down to Casa Bonita and meet some friends of mine!

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  • Casa Bonita: If you want good food stay away

    by funtimes742005 Updated Aug 23, 2009

    We had family in town and we decided to try Casa Bonita. Every review we read about the restaurant said the food was good and the entertainment was great. Well what a disappointmenting time we had. Right from the get go it was a bad experience. When you walk in it is cafateria style, which was not in any review. Next you had to have the meal the way they make it, to get a substitute was almost impossible. Very hard to understand the people working there, the food is terrible, I've had better food in high school cafateria, cold, bland, very cheaply made. The entertaiment is alright, nothing to write home about. Save yourself the money and bad time and go somewhere other than Casa Bonita. The only positive thing was the waitress trying to make things better and the 25% discount and two free meals they gave us off the bill when we told them how disappointed we were.

    Favorite Dish: Nothing I tried my daughter's chicken and it was dry and cold, my wife's food was extremely bland, and mine Taco Bell could have done better.

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  • texas sucks

    by zen_silence Written Aug 13, 2008

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    this is a note to the gentleman from texas with a party of 8 and no reservation, you are an idiot, the reason you got 2 booths and other parties were being sat at tables made for large groups is because they used their heads and called to reserve a table. next time you are in denver,(which hopefully isnt too soon seeing as you are about as bright as our coke head president, go figure he is from your crappy state too, why doesnt texas secede, at least that way it would be a little more difficult for you morons to come to our beautiful city) use your head, we are a civilized state and believe if we have a party greater than 4 we need to call, hell we sometimes call if there is only 2. lemme guess you were also there on a weekend, just a tip weekends are the busiest days for a restaurant if you dont have a reservation you are on the back burner to the parties that do.

    Favorite Dish: margarita

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  • Casa Bonita: Best Entertainment for 25 years!!

    by briark Written Jun 10, 2008

    This place has the best entertainment for the money in Denver!!! My family and I have been coming to this establishment for many years for that "special occasion"! My family always enjoys the cliff divers, the music, the Gorrilla gun fight, Black Barts Cave, and the amazing magicians that perform there are top notch professionals! My daughter was selected by Magician, Brian Arkell who was very kind and signed an autographed photo after she was floating in the air by him! It was Incredible and I have never seen anyone do that except David Copperfield on television! To this very day she still and always will remember this memorable time for the rest of her life and has a picture of the amazing magician on her wall!

    Favorite Dish: I had the chicken fried steak many times and is way better than the Mexican food!

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  • Casa Bonita: Horrible treatment!

    by jdelon Written Jul 9, 2007

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    On Sunday, July 1, 2007 my family visited the Casa Bonita restaurant in Denver, Colorado. Eight of us had gathered from Indiana and Texas to enjoy time together. Our son had read about the restaurant and wanted to visit it. He showed us the advertisement and we were all eager for an evening of fun.

    I can not tell you how disappointed we all were. First of all, we were ushered into a large room and forced to sit at 2 booths instead of a long table accommodating eight people. Our booths were arranged where it was NOT convenient to visit back and forth. Long tables were available and people were not seated at them until more than 20 minutes after we were seated. We requested to be moved so that we could all sit together and were denied this request. A magician was supposed to perform at 7pm and my grandchildren could not see the stage at all due to a tall column. When another table on the floor opened up, we moved to the long table so that they could watch the show. The magician did not begin his performance until after 7:25 pm. After about 10 minutes a waitress asked us to leave that table so that she could place another party there. My grandchildren were still not able to view the performance – partly because it began 25 minutes late and also because we were asked to move. This treatment of my family was inexcusable. We did walk around and noticed other people enjoying the shows at their tables but we never experienced any show, entertainment, or performance anyplace near ours. We will likely never return to this restaurant if we visit Denver again.

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  • Casa Bonita: The Sopapia Headquarters of Denver

    by Dan4878 Updated May 28, 2007

    Super cool place. The Gorilla stole my sopapia, but that was OK because they had more. Best Mexican TV Dinner food I ever had. The Mariachis even knew how to play El Mariachi Loco. If you have kids, or you are a kid at heart, you must drop in. Very casual and no reservations need.

    Favorite Dish: The sopapias. Anything fried with honey on it is goood.

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  • Jeneverhart's Profile Photo

    Casa Bonita: Great place to eat!!

    by Jeneverhart Written Dec 12, 2005

    A warm and friendly place to go. Dim lighting and a 50 ft waterfall with divers that juggle fire and jump into a pool. Food is excellent and abundant!! You put up a flag and they bring more food so you dont have to leave your table. The sopapillas and honey are to die for!! My kids loved this place!!

    Favorite Dish: The enchiladas are the best I have ever had!

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  • rexvaughan's Profile Photo

    Casa Bonita: North America's largest restaurant

    by rexvaughan Written Apr 6, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This place bills itself as North America's largest restaurant and I do not doubt their claim. It occupies 52,000 square feet and has seating for 1,100! The building itself has an 85 ft tower topped by a 22 karat gold dome. Inside is a plaza, wishing well caves and a faux cliff with a 30 foot drop into a small lagoon. Every 5 or 10 minutes a diver goes off the cliffs Acapulco style. There are skits staged atop the cliff and a band plays between acts. There is an "escaped gorilla" who provides some slapstick comedy as well as strolling mariachi bands, magicians and jugglers. My two grandchildren (in the photo) loved it. We were seated in a balcony overlooking the main level and when Nicholas sat down and looked out, he said, "I feel like an emperor!"

    Favorite Dish: The food is only average Mexican fare but reasonably priced and each meal comes with sopapillas. They are pretty good when doused with a generous bit of honey.

    The Emperor and the Princess

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  • raevnzno's Profile Photo

    Casa Bonita: No really, where's the Mexican Food??

    by raevnzno Written Feb 2, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Definately a 10 on the weirdness scale.
    Not much of a hot spot during the day, there were only a handful of patrons when we were there. I've been told that its much busier during the evening. I'm sure that the kids love this place, but we found that it was over the top kitsch. If the quality of food were raised to match the setting it might be a decent place. Food choices were very limited, and very poor excuse for even anglicasised mexican food.

    Favorite Dish: The sopapillas.........its hard to screw up sopapillas

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  • Casa Bonita: go for the atmosphere NOT the food!

    by Lynnda Written Nov 13, 2004

    I have been to Casa Bonita 3 times(I do live in Denver) It is fun for the ambience, but the food is a huge disappointment. If you go consider it money spent for an evening of entertainment with the food as an afterthought.

    Favorite Dish: none

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  • ScottyK's Profile Photo

    A goofy but fun resturant is...

    by ScottyK Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A goofy but fun resturant is the Casa Bonita, out on West Colfax in Lakewood. It's a mexican resturant, built sometime during the late 60's, early 70's. It has a waterfall with actors diving off, and the inside is set up as a mexican village. The food is something to be desired, but we always went there as a kid.

    Senor Rics in Aurora (I-225 and Mississippi Ave) is a favorite Mexican resturant of mine.

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  • If you have children Casa...

    by dhayes Written Aug 24, 2002

    0.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you have children Casa Bonita is a good place to take them. adults like it too.
    Your paying for the atmosphere, its almost like your dining at the foot of a cliff, they put on skits, they have cliff divers. And of course theres also a gift shop.

    Favorite Dish: no favorite

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