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  • Old fashioned town
    Old fashioned town
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  • Elk in the Rocky Mountains
    Elk in the Rocky Mountains
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Estes Park Things to Do

  • Come for the Elk Fest!

    As of 2015, Estes Park is approaching the 20th anniversary of its Elk Fest, held in Bond Park from 9 AM to 5 PM on a late-September weekend, which manages to combine the rutting period for the local elk and big horn sheep population (the animals come down from their summer places in the Rockies, and literally wander all over town) with wildlife...

  • Experience a Rocky Moutain Rush

    Leave the driving to a professional and hop on board a "hummer!" Driving up the Fall River Road, a one lane dirt road and one of the highest mountain roads in the US, it was great sitting in the Hummer with the wide open views of the Rocky Mountains. The views are spectacular and even better in this open vehicle with a blue sky above us. Fall River...

  • Hiking Guide

    Been to Estes park and done short hikes, but really want to do something off the beaten path? Or you want to summit a mountain over 14,000 feet? Want a guide for Longs Peak? Check out this site it wont disappoint! Great guides that are extremely knowledgable. Took my family on a hike with them to mt. Ida and we had a picnic along the way. Amazing...


Estes Park Hotels

Estes Park Restaurants

  • Great Food! Great History! Unique Inn!

    The Baldpate Inn is unique and brings so much history with a visit. We went for dinner which is an all you can eat salad bar, home made soups and homemade muffins and breads. The salad options are all very good and you can even check out the recipes in the Recipe Book. We especially liked the Apple Salad, Pistachio Salad and the homemade pumpkin...

  • Good Food!

    For our first visit to Estes Park we were delighted to locate Poppy's. We especially enjoyed the outdoor seating area with scenic views of the Riverwalk. The summer temperatures here are perfect for dining outside. The restaurant has a varied menu so it is not just pizz. Our service and food was good.

  • Good Food! Rustic Setting!

    Our dinner at the Twin Owls Steakhouse was all very good. My husband had the Panko Crusted Tilapia which was beautifully done, tasty and a large portion. I went with the Filet and Shrimp Kabob which were also excellent. The steakhouse is in an old lodge creating a rustic setting. We had views of the mountains from our window table and a lawn area,...


Estes Park Nightlife

  • The only 3 bars in town

    There are three bars that are open till 2am. Kelly's is a bar that is geared for the younger crowd. As you walk up the stairs you will see painted photos of Diddy, and other celebrities. It is usually featuring hip hop and dancing. Lonagans is branded as an Irish pub. It is not. It is just another bar. I does have karaoke on Friday night and...

  • Lured By The Complimentary Drinks!

    Included in our very reasonable room rate was a couple of complimentary drinks in the hotel bar and so it just had be done! As hotel bars go this was quite a pleasant evening out with a decent bar snack, the complimentary drinks serving as appetizers and a few pints of Fat Tire also enjoyed.A little bonus were the easy-listening duo with a fairly...

  • I don´t have idea, i was under...

    I don´t have idea, i was under 21 so you know what i mean.There are not disco, only restaurants with festern-bad, like families...This town receives lots of hikers and trekkers, young people, but people who has to keep the energy for the sport, not waste in the night life. This is not the Himalaya, but dress code looks like the same.Summers are...


Estes Park Transportation

  • Shuttle Boulder to Estes Park

    Scheduled Shuttle from Boulder to Estse Park and Estes Park to Boulder during the summer. Travelers from Denver can connect the RTD bus to Boulder and then connect to Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides Shuttle from Boulder to Estes Park.Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides is the only company authorized by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission...

  • Old car that actually you can ride (to...

    Stanley, who built the famous Stanley Hotel built also the road from Lyons, over which he brought visitors. This marks the first time in history that an automobile, instead of train, was used to transport people to a resort area.I am not sure whether this car, I saw, was one of those that brought on its wheels some tourist from somewhere who knows...

  • Driving to Estes Park

    You can't miss a national park the size of Estes Park. You can get lost on the way there. There are plenty of signs pointing the way. The town of Estes on the east side of the park has a visitor center that I suggest you see before entering the park, if you are on the east side.


Estes Park Shopping

  • Jams and preserves to die for

    Since I grew up in Michigan (tart cherries a specialty) and often visit Washington (Bings and Raniers being particular favorites), I didn't think I'd find much to get excited about at the Colorado Cherry Company, a fourth-generation family owned and operated business in the Colorado high country. How wrong could I get? They have a fabulous...

  • Estes Park Pie Shop - YUM!

    We discovered this pie shop, which is relatively new, on a recent visit to Estes Park. It sits on the East end of town down by Ed's Cantina and it's really a find! The owners make everything from scratch and it's a lot more than just pie. The sticky buns are out of this world, and are served hot at 10, and 2 every day - delicious - I've never had...

  • Get yourself into stylin', Estes Park...

    The Twisted Pine is full of local items of interest....suede and leather clothing, fur coats and rugs, jewelry, etc. They've got a good selection, and the prices are pretty decent, especially over on the sale table. The help is very, very friendly and accomodating. Basically, you'd enjoy stopping in. Suede and leather,Taxidermy items,Fur coats and...


Estes Park Local Customs

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    Great flood

    by goingsolo Updated May 14, 2005

    On July 31, 1976, a massive rainstorm caused a flood in the Big Thompson Canyon, killing 145 people and destroying U.S. 34. The area was subsequently reconstructed..

    Estes Park
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Estes Park Warnings and Dangers

  • Flood danger

    It is unlikely, but it has happened. In the event of heavy rains, the Big Thompson Canyon has flooded, and in September of 2013, Estes Park itself flooded.All photos in this section were taken by a friend of mine who is an Estes Park resident. I was not in Estes at the time this flooding took place.

  • What About Altitude Sickness?

    Often people coming from the "flatlands" are concerned about the possibility of altitude sickness when they visit the Rockies. Estes Park is only at 7,500 feet and therefore is not as risky as other areas above 8,000 feet for people whose systems are not used to living at this altitude. Nevetheless, anyone, even those who live at higher altitudes,...

  • watch out for the wild life when...

    The elk may cross whenever they feel like it so be on your guard. These animals are huge, as big as a horse, and they can really do some damage on your car.


Estes Park Tourist Traps

  • The road to Rocky Mountain National Park

    If you want to go from Estes Park to Rocky Mountain National Park you have to pay $20 to get there by 34 or 36. So have cash on hand

  • Tourism and Tourist Traps

    Look, the whole town of Estes Park is based on tourism. Without tourism, there would be about twelve people living there. So if you want to be cynical, the whole town is a tourist trap, but its a really nice tourist trap!. No one forces you to buy a thing. The air is clean and pure, the scenery spectacular, and the shops are fun to browse through....

  • Estes Park Hotels

    71 Hotels in Estes Park

    7 Reviews

Estes Park What to Pack

  • Take a Good Jacket

    Even though Colorado had just gone through a heat wave, and the sky was clear as a bell that morning, it snowed on us the third day of our trip. I thanked my friend who warned me to pack a good jacket because you just never know what the weather is going to do. He was so correct. It may take up a lot of space in your suitcase, but pack a jacket...

  • Don't forget that Park is in Mountains

    If you are going for hiking take good comfortable shoose. By the way you may take even high-heels, because the road around the lake and downtown have good pavements Take warm clothes, some sweater, or anything that will protect you from wind. The weather can seem very sunny and nice, but cool wind can blow. Hmmmmm.... I cary it everywhere

  • Pack only what you need!!!

    Hiking Packs Good Hiking Boots2 pair of nylon hiking pantsseveral pairs of socksseveral changes of t-shirtswind breaker/ rain coatstocking cap & gloveslong sleeve t-shirt first aid kitDEODORANTtoothpaste & brushsoap good camera to take a lot pf beautiful picutures Good, strong tent and extra tarpsDining fly (optional)Cooking propane stove (no...


Estes Park Off The Beaten Path

  • McGregors Ranch

    Seated under the 'Two Owls' is McGregors Ranch. It's open to the public and once was the source of supplies for the town of Estes Park. It's a great opportunity to get out and see a western ranch. Seated in a bowl, the views south are fabulous. For more pictures and information about the museum/ranch, see my McGregor ranch travelogueGENERAL PUBLIC...

  • Glen Haven entrance

    If you're driving up the Big Thompson Canyon to Estes Park, turn off Hwy 34 at Drake. Take the right fork in the road that goes to Glen Haven. This is just another way to get to Estes if you get bored of the highway. It is also the most beautiful way to enter Estes. When you crest the hill and Estes and Rocky Mountain come into view it's...

  • A Beautiful Stroll

    Although it is part of the Rocky Mountain National Park, Lake Lily is reached by HWY 7 and is several miles south of Estes Park. However, it is well worth the drive. It is a small lake and you can easily stroll all the way around it. But is has glorious views of the mountains and Long's Peak. There are restrooms and picnic tables there. It is...


Estes Park Sports & Outdoors


    The Husker Nation is everywhere, even in the middle of Colorado. This store, known as "Big Red of the Rockies", has been featured in many newspapers stories and on tv as well. Inside you can find everything Husker: autographed helmets, posters, t-shirts, etc. Of course Colorado fans despise the store and it has been vandalized many times, but it...

  • Hiking with Henrik

    Hiking in Estes.The improved trails are challenging and still fun. Lovely park with wheelchair accessable trails! I saw several people with different levels of disabilities enjoying the great views. Make sure to bring broken in hiking shoes or boots. I had new ones that I had only worn twice and I had blisters!!!

  • Biking

    The trail around Lake Estes is very nice for biking. It is not the hardest one, but you'll meet some hills. Also you may go West towards dowtown where shops are and have a cup of coffee or tea. Almost every shop has a place where you can leave your bike to have a rest. Pay your attention that riding bikes is not allowed in shopping areas. I saw...


Estes Park Favorites

  • National Park Village

    On the southwest side, where the road splits to lead south towards another eastside entrance and the other road continues directly into the National Park and the Beaver Meadow Visitor Center is National Park Village. Full supplies, a very nice restaurant and some interesting store surrounding it.



  • Wildlife

    I really like the fact that you see nature and can breathe the air God intended us to breathe in, not that nasty city stuff. One is able to get out of their car and walk around on paths and see waterfalls and wildlife. It is great! While we were driving back, there was a herd of big deer (antelopes?), and we could drive right next to them. It was...


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