Colorado Transportation

  • Transportation
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  • This is the ONLY luggage carousel
    This is the ONLY luggage carousel
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  • Transportation
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Colorado Transportation

  • Denver International Airport

    Recently opened in 1995, Denver International Airport (DEN) is the largest airport in the world. At 53 square miles (137 square kilometers), the airport is twice the size of Manhattan, and is larger than the cities of Boston, Miami, and San Francisco. The city planners decided to place the new airport about 23 miles (37 kilometers) to the northeast...

  • You Gotta Have Wheels

    I know that public transport bites in the U.S. It is a painful fact that at this point the best way to see most of my country is with a personal vehicle. So it is best to have this factored into your plans. With the exception of New York City, Chicago, San Francisco and Portland you will need wheels.I will give you a few ideas that have worked for...

  • We drove in from Nebraska.

    Colorado like much of the American west is car country. You can get from city to city by mass transit but getting to the state's national parks is another matter. To truly see the state extensively, you will need your own vehicle. The roads are generally great and once away from the greater Denver area, relatively traffic free. Well, at least in...

  • Colorado Springs to Breckenridge and...

    A great scenic ride if you are heading west through Colorado is to take State Route 24 from Colorado Springs to Buena Vista. If you are going to Breckenridge area turn north off 24 onto Route 9 in Hartzel, CO. If you need to go further west than Buena Vista take Route 50 west. All these routes are very scenic and not heavily traveled.Warning:...

  • Colorado Springs Airport (COS)

    Colorado Springs Airport has 5 major airlines within it's gates: American, United, Delta, US Airways, and Frontier. Southwest Airlines is rumored to have a few gates here in the future, but nothing concrete as of yet.

  • Colorado Road Trips

    Keep an eye on your gas gauge, the distances between towns can be vast in Colorado, especially if you're driving on roads other than the Interstate Highways (which I hope you are, that's the best way to see places). Public transit between towns is nigh non-existent for the most part, though Amtrak still makes a trip across the state (and the Winter...

  • Driving in Colorado

    Colorado has some very good roads and even driving in the Rocky Mountains is not difficult. Most of the roads are large, and there are not as many curves as I expected. Distances are generally what they look like on a map. We drove from Colorado Springs to Buena Vista in a shorter time than expected. Once you get up in the mountains, the road is...

  • The Best Way To See Colorado

    In my opinion, if you want to experience Colorado-The REAL Colorado-Then my suggestion is to buy or rent an SUV. There are many areas where you can drive off road and see things very few have seen (I would suggest a 4-Wheel Drive for this by the way). In addition, you can stop whenever you want, go whenever you want, and sleep whenever (or...

  • But not always!

    OK the above tip has exceptions, this the dam road from Dillon towards Breckenridge. however this is the exception that proves the rule - the main road (whose number temporarily escapes me) was still open at the time this pic was taken.

  • Don't Worry About The Snow

    Once you are up in The Rockies don't worry too much about getting around on the roads when it snows - it has to snow pretty heavily for the main roads to be closed off. They are pretty organised regarding clearing, OK I admit it, this tip is only here because I love this pic and had to create a place to put it!

  • Colorado is a big place!

    Colorado is beautiful and the best way to appreciate is to rent a car and just drive around to your heart's fancy. Be mindful that it may take hours to get from 1 location to another, so make sure you plan your roadtrip properly and realistically before starting your journey.Also, a tank full of petrol will help tremendously!Of course, having a dog...

  • Durango - Silverton train

    Durango - SilvertonThis is a great day out - travel on the old steam train from Durango to Silverton. It takes about 3 hours but the scenery will keep you interested all the way. Silverton is an old mining town and this was the mai mode of transport to the mine well into the last centuary. One tip though is to come pack by coach rather than by...

  • Go Around By Car

    The landscape is amazing so getting around by car is far the best way. Take a map too.You then have your own choice where to go, how long to stay and what to do.

  • Rent a Car

    If you're coming from the East Coast, it's a very long drive to get to Colorado. I would suggest that you fly into Denver and rent a car there. It’s not too expensive and it gives you the opportunity to spend more of your vacation seeing the things that you want to see, and less of it driving across the Great Plains.Don’t get me wrong; I think...

  • Only by Car

    This is for all of you not from the US: Unless you are strong lunged and legged to go by bike (which some of you are I'm sure), you will need a car to get around Colorado. The distances are relatively large, i.e. from Denver to Colorado Springs, 1 hr or 60 miles, Colorado Springs to Glenwood Springs, 5 hours or 280 miles. Distance tends to be...

  • Mountain Driving rules for Colorado...

    I know that many visitors to Colorado are what we lovingly refer to as 'flat-landers.' Meaning, that you are unaccustomed to driving in the moutains.IMHO, Colorado is the most beautiful state in the US. Breathtaking vistas and views abound in and around the Rocky Mountain region. That being said, should you choose to drive in the mountains, there...

  • E-470

    A good way of getting from one side of the Denver Metro Area to the other is to use E-470 instead of the major interstates. It's a toll road, but it's definitely quicker during rush hour.Denver Airport. It sure looks neat. It's out in the middle of no where. It sure cost a lot of money. And, it sure is difficult to navigate inside. Okay, it's not...

  • FREX

    This is a new bus line running between Colorado Springs and Denver. It is called "FREX" (Front Range Express). Since this is something new, I haven't had the chance to ride it yet. The cost for a one-way fare from Colorado Springs to Denver is $6.

  • Mountain Passes

    Several Colorado highways, Hwy 550 in particular, cross over the numerous mountain ranges in the area. Driving on these mountain passes is tricky as the roads are narrow and steep, but the scenery is incredible.If you're driving in the winter, check weather conditions and road closures, as the mountain passes are shut down after heavy snowfall....

  • Parking Laws

    Warning - only park on the street in the same direction as the traffic is passing. Otherwise you may get a parking fine of $30, like my brother and me got. Money I'd rather spend hiring MTBs to explore the Rockies!

  • Driving through the mountains...

    Don't drive through the mountains in the winter unless you have four-wheel drive. It is very dangerous around the high passes like Monarch's Pass. Be careful of truckers in the snow... they have difficulty getting up the steep slopes. Also, I noticed that although the roads are very high and curvy, people still like to drive pretty fast. But I...

  • Driving in ice and snow

    It can snow at high elevations almost any time of year. Unless its mid summer, its a good idea to have the right equipment for winter driving. Ice and snow are common as early as late October or early November, especially in the high country.

  • Highway through the mountains

    Hwy 550 is referred to as the "Million Dollar Highway" and it passes directly though the mountains. This photo was taken north of that highway, along US 50, while looking back at the mountains.

  • Scenic Highways

    I-70 is the major east-west route. It is unbelievably scenic for an interstate. It passes directly through mountains via the Eisenhower tunnel, winds through the narrow Glenwood Canyon and passes some incredible scenery. This photo was taken just west of Vail along the highway

  • Airplane, airport

    Aspen Airport besides Buttermilk Mountain is not a very big airport, but big enough for midium size planes. It's one of the difficult airports to land at, since the mountains are so close. But once you get there, life begins....I'm happy to be one of those who had a chance to try flying a small plane. It was awesome. My cousin had his own plane at...

  • Transportation For Skiing

    We rented a car as soon as we got out of the airport. It worked perfect to get from resort to resort. Most of the resorts aren't that far from each other in the rockies so renting a car is the perfect solution.

  • We rented a RV.

    We rented a RV. It was a good one and it brought us everywhere without even a flat tyre.The roads are good and this is a marvellous way to see this big country.In my travelogue I have some pictures of this motorhome.

  • One of the largest airports

    Denver International Airport is located 15 miles northeast of downtown Denver. There are also commerical airports in Aspen, Gunnison, Colorado Springs, Cortez, Durango, Fort Collins, Grand Junction, Lamar, Montrose, Pueblo, Telluride, Vail and Yampa Valley.

  • We hitchhiked into and out of...

    We hitchhiked into and out of the national park. We came through Estes Park and stayed at Glacier Basin camground. Follow this link for a pdf map of the park.

  • There are busses from Denver...

    There are busses from Denver and Boulder to the mountains but not every day to every mountain.Its more fun to drive and explore.I snowboarded at Copper Mtn this day so I went West past Frisco and Breckinridge and there she was.Copper Mountain is awesome!

  • The Durango - Silverton...

    The Durango - Silverton Railroad will take you back in time. The steamengine takes you through the mountains passing old mines and stuff.More info:

  • All major airlines fly into...

    All major airlines fly into Denver and Colorado springs with excellent connections to the ski resorts either by Small Commuter flights or Shuttles.DIA isa Huge airport with delays plenty but Colorado springs airport to the south has been a very goodalternative to get into the state by air.With so many wide open spaces and mountains,It would be best...

  • Miracles do happen: public...

    Miracles do happen: public transportation exists to Grand Junction. There's an Amtrak train a few times a week and there's daily Greyhound connections too. I arrived by Greyhound from Las Vegas: I remember it took a long time - and it was a night-bus. The silhouette of canyons and rock formations I could sort of see (or sometimes imagine) outside...

  • by plane from Europe to Denver...

    by plane from Europe to Denver operate BA, LH.there is a hub United train from others statesby car or car

  • auto, or Denver Int'l Airport...

    auto, or Denver Int'l Airport in AuroraOn the mountian roads 4WD is very helpful, and essential if you plan to do any trails (high clearance helps too).

  • Fly into Denver and it is...

    Fly into Denver and it is roughly an hours drive from the airport to the nearby ski lodges. We drove from Tulsa, Oklahoma and it took roughly 10 hours, but we were poor college students at the time, and the drive wasn't too bad with the group of us.Definitely look into renting a car. Unless you are planning to stay in an all inclusive resort, a car...

  • Having a car is essential in...

    Having a car is essential in Colorado. Even getting around Denver is difficult without a car as the public transportation is sparse.Getting to the mountains is difficult without a car, although you can take a train or fly to some mountain towns.From Denver's Union Station, take the Ski Train up to Winter Park. A great way to go to the mountains for...

  • On Holiday, you can fly into...

    On Holiday, you can fly into the new Denver International Airport or DIA as it's known here, then rent a car or take a shuttle or a bus into the cities. In the states, the car is King. You can travel to any state any time as long as you can afford the gas. This also allows you to stop any time or place you'd like. A great tradition here is to go on...

  • Horse Back Riding We enjoyed...

    Horse Back Riding We enjoyed a several hour ride , located near the stables at the Rocky Mountain National Park Campgrounds.

  • Denver International...

    Denver International Airport(or DIA) is a BeautifulAirport but it is almost as close to Kansas as it isto Denver.There are hardly any Hotels out there asit was built out on the Flat Open Plains east of Denver.It's a Huge airport as well with lots of delays,especiallyin the summer with Denver getting Hail producing Stormsalmost every day!.Therefore...

  • If you’re coming to Colorado...

    If you’re coming to Colorado from a long distance away flying into Denver or Colorado Springs is the best way to get here. You can then rent a car or take a shuttle bus to the Aspen area..If you take a shuttle to the Aspen area from the airport you can get around by bus. There are buses that run everywhere and they are very reasonably priced. You...

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Colorado Transportation

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