Colorado Warnings and Dangers

  • Frozen Goodfish, Mesa Verde
    Frozen Goodfish, Mesa Verde
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  • Warnings and Dangers
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    highway damage
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Colorado Warnings and Dangers

  • OOOOOPS! #2

    Arrive at hotel, check-in, get major result: upgraded from standard room to suite!!!!Lookin' good so far?I do what I always do on arriving in a new hotel - first light a cigarette, then put coffee on, then have a look around room (in this case a suite! A first for me!). Hmmmm...........very impressed, but one thing mystified me: Why was there a...

  • Drink lots of WATER!!!

    Sometimes I feel as if I will go crazy getting visitors to understand the importance of drinking a lot of water while here....Denver is much higher in altitude than most people are use to. Because of this many people find themselves with altitude sickness when visiting the area (which behaves like a migraine and the flu put together). To help...

  • Altitude sickness

    Have you considered altitude sickness. You are going to be above 5000ft from the moment you land and since your Id says you are from sea level=New Jersey I doubt if you will complete your itinerary without suffering from lack of oxygen. Normally, you would need a couple of weeks to acclimate to altitudes above 5000ft. Even soldiers in top condition...

  • The Geography of Nowhere

    There is a trap in all the states of America that it is best to try to avoid. It will require that you make an effort to look for places that have character. In large cities and increasingly in small towns along the interstate you will find the faceless and boring. You could wake up in the parking lot of these fake places and be unable to determine...

  • speed traps

    During a recent visit (fall 2010), I was caught in a speed trap a mile north of the Manitou Springs exit on US 24 East. There was an inconspicuous portable (had it been in the trooper's trunk?) speed limit sign sitting on the shoulder briefly visible around one blind corner and a state trooper around the next blind corner on a fairly steep and...


    Vail's motto is "Vail - there's no comparison!" On a powder day in the Back Bowls, this comes close to the truth. Where it also rings true is on the cost of a day ticket - $98 - locals say that the resort is afraid to push prices beyond the $100 boundary. The Summit County resorts are $92 (except for Arapahoe Basin and Ski Cooper) and even...

  • Giant Killer Marmots! Not...

    Giant Killer Marmots! Ok, so not really a giant, more like a waterless beaver. They are very inquisitive and they emit a high pitched whistle to warn of intruders (you!). A more serious thing to worry about is altitude sickness. You must let yourself get acclimatized to the altitude and not rush your physical exertion at first. This is a land of...

  • Blizzards

    I've seen snow fall in the valleys every month from September to June. On the higher elevations it can snow any time of year. Dress appropriately! If you're hiking above treeline prepare for anything - even if it's warm below. Colorado blizzards are nothing to take lightly.

  • Wildlife

    Elk, moose, bears, and other wild animals may appear docile, but remember that they are wild animals. Very protective of their young, sometimes territorial, they don't like us intruding on their space. Keep your distance, and whatever you do NEVER feed them.

  • The Altitude

    Many athletes train here in Colorado. Once they get used to the thin mountain air, then their performance is enhanced at lower elevations.That's fine for the locals. But visitors should pace themselves carefully at altitudes above 7,000-8,000 feet. Don't try to do too much, especially in the first few days. One last point: The thinner the air, the...

  • Driving yourself to the Denver airport.

    It took my dad and I about 3 hours to figure out how to get to the parking at the airport. So, if you're planning on driving yourself and you have never been there before, try beforehand if possible so that you aren't lost and frustrated when the time comes to get to the airport.

  • altitude sickness

    Going into the Rocky Mountains, Jan suffered from altitude sickness: short of breath, headache, stiff neck. To prevent this; make many short stops while driving up, get out of the car for a short while. Drink plenty of water. The only way to get rid if it; get down the mountain as soon as possible.

  • Rattlesnakes

    I never knew that rattlesnakes were a big problem within the city of Colorado Springs. There are signs posted by one of the hiking/biking trails warning folks about the dangers of rattlesnakes on the trails that wind through the city.

  • Cattle have the right of way on "The...

    I love the movie "Open Range" with Robert Duvall. When you drive through the southwestern part of Colorado near Gunnison you will see lots of roadsigns warning that cattle have the right of way - it's open range. It's also incredibly beautiful. The entire state of Colorado is very diverse with its scenery. From the Rockies in the east to the mesas...

  • Watch out for the Elk on the Roads!

    We have seen herds of 200 elk crossing fields and roads in residential areas in Colorado.It is very, very easy to "hit an elk" on the road. It's always a hazard there for the residents and the visitors.

  • Steep Graded Roads

    If you are driving in the mountains of Colorado, and you see one of these signs, PLEASE slow down!! Although 7% may not seem like a very steep road, it is very much so for the inexperienced driver. The higher the percentage grade, the steeper the road. One thing to keep in mind: When driving downhill on a graded road, DO NOT I repeat, DO NOT RIDE...

  • Rockslides

    Due to Colorado's dry climate, there is much drought, even in the mountains from time to time. This is especially true in both winter and summer. During the summer, dryness combined with heat causes dirt holding rocks together to become brittle. When winter comes, the weight of the snow may cause some of these rocks to become unstable. As the...

  • Smokey the Bear Fire Danger Signs

    Smokey the Bear is the official spokesperson of fire safety for the US Forest Service. You will see him on signs like this one pictured here.These signs are designed to warn you of fire danger. As stated in the wildfires tip, fire danger is a very real and big threat to land and property. These signs are usually found in National Forests, but I...

  • Wildfires

    Colorado is very prone to wildfire outbreaks. Wildfires cause much damage to lives and property every year, and are caused by factors such as carelessness and lightning from thunderstorms. Acres upon acres of land is burned, and firefighters have a tendency to have strained resources fighting them. The picture you see here was a wildfire that broke...

  • Driving up Pikes Peak

    The road is not for anyone that is afraid of heights, or driving on steep roads, no guard rails and a thousand foot drop-off at the edge of the dirt road. Beware of overheating brakes on the way down. They actually check the temperature at the Ranger station and make you pull over if they are. We drove in first gear the entire way.

  • 16th Street Mall

    Right in the heart of downtown the 16th Street Mall is a popular shopping area. It's basically a street that's closed to traffic. Be warned...a lot of homeless teenagers hang out here. Hold on to your purse. Purse snatching is not a major problem but it happens enough. Okay, it happened to me. There is a free shuttle that run from one end to the...

  • Severe Thunderstorms

    If you are visiting Colorado and either see or hear of a severe thunderstorm warning, please take it seriously. Due to Colorado's high altitude, it is very easy to get struck by lightning, no matter where you are. In addition, these storms that move out of the mountains have a tendency to spawn tornados as they move onto the prairie.This picture...

  • Lightning, Water, Sunscreen, Bug Spray

    When hiking be mindful of the clouds rolling in. It can be sunny during the day and a storm can come up fast. Every year people die from lightning strikes while hiking. Never hide next to a tree or tall object while waiting out a storm.Always bring water. You can get dehydrated easily and not know because it's so dry here.Sunscreen!Colorado has had...

  • Rocky Mountain Oysters

    Okay, you're visiting friends in Colorado. They take you out to a restaurant and suggest the Rocky Mountain Oysters. Don't fall for it. They are NOT oysters. They are bull testicles. And no one I know actually eats them.


    I suppose this is very much a John tip, but it could happen to us all - please agree with me, please.......... pretty please............So here I am on my travels. My lady friend and myself are heading from Keystone to Montana, to visit the state that is Steinbeck's favourite. We are doing the "Road Trip" thing, taking our time, stopping off here...

  • Ski boots are a pain!

    Yup, I really mean it!!! For a first time skiier like me, the ski boots were a torture to walk in and it's such a long way to go from the rental center to the skiing school. And they are so difficult to put on and take offTo avoid awful blisters, wear thick socks. Make sure you have gone to all your toilet breaks before putting these heavy babies...

  • Metal Moths and Rust Rodents

    In Winter, the Department of Transportation puts down lots of sand and salt on the roads. Salt raises the freezing temperature and it prevents the formation of ice on the roads. But the salt does nasty things to the undercarriage and fenders of cars. It's not unusual to see cars with a great deal of rust on the fenders and lower sides.When I was a...

  • Wildlife Crossing the Highway

    The Rockies are home to some of the world's most wonderful wildlife. And at times that wildlife will want to get across the road. I've taken the lives of countless chipmunks. I call them suicide chipmunks. Who knows why they simply MUST get across that highway? But the bigger animals can be deadly (to both the animal and the driver). A section of...

  • Camping in Bear Country

    When camping in Colorado, there are many areas designated as being in "Bear Country." These are areas where bears have been seen frequently, or where they have known habitats. When camping, take advantage of food lockers (the green box pictured here). These are bear-proof lockers that are provided free of charge at most state parks. Unfortunately,...

  • Altitude Sickness

    The altitude at Breck is about 10000 feet in town. About 30% of visitors get some sort of Altitude sickness. Symptoms are sleeplessness (I woke up about every 20 minutes the second night there), nausea, loss of appetite. The best cure is lots of liquids and not alcohol. It usually lasts anywhere from 1-3 days before the body adjusts. For me, it...

  • Altitude Sickness

    Many people who come to Colorado Springs (or Colorado in general), experience altitude sickness. Colorado Springs is in a climate area known as "high plains desert." This is a combination of very low humidity and high altitude. In order to combat the ill-effects, you must drink A LOT of water. Before you come to experience high altitudes, be sure...

  • packing for the weather

    if you're going in winter, be sure to pack enuf warm clothing... this is esp. true if you're going to do some skiing/snowboarding... i was fortunate enough to pack plenty of long-underwear, and winter gear, but my toes and fingers were always freezing cold, along with my face... temp. in colorado during winter can dip to below freezing conditions,...

  • Bears

    Bears are very territorial animals and have a very keen sense of smell. What many people don't realize is the fact that whenever a bear tastes something, it always goes looking for more, and will stop at nothing to get it. If you should happen to walk upon a bear (heaven forbid), do the following:1. Remain calm. You will be able to think more...

  • Winter Driving

    You absolutely must have either FWD, AWD, or 4WD to get around this place during the winter. You definitely need to make sure you have good tires and chains in your trunk in case it gets really bad.Also, on the way back from the mountains after a day's skiing, be sure not to drive like an A-hole as you come down the east side of the Loveland Pass....

  • Emergency Supplies

    The winter weather in Colorado can be treacherous. If you plan to drive through the montains when it snows, try not to. If you have to, keep a few things in your vehicle:1. A Gallon of Water2. Warm Clothes3. Blankets4. Non-perishable food items5. Flashlight6. First Aid KitYou never know what might happen, so do yourself a favor and keep these...

  • Never attempt high-elevation...

    Never attempt high-elevation trips without adequate knowledge, experience, and equipment. You want to always try to avoid afternoon lightning storms. Get your hiking done in high elvations early! As the pic shows this is what lightning can do! BE CAREFUL IN THE MOUNTAINS NATURE TENDS TO BE UNFORGIVING!!!!!

  • For Berthett Pass Motorists.

    Berthett (maybe Burkett?) Pass is on the road coming from Wyoming into central Colorado. It looks on a map to be the shortest way to Denver and Boulder, but please use caution when planning to use this mountain road. It is incredibly steep and filled with switchback turns. It can ice up easily. If you do plan on using this pass, ensure that 1) you...

  • Altitude sickness

    Altitude sickness is a potentially dangerous conditions that can effect anyone at a higher elevation. Symptoms include dizziness, nausea, headaches, loss of appetite and disorientation. If you begin experiencing these symptoms while hiking, climbing or driving at altitude, descend to a lower elevation.I got hit with altitude sickness when driving...

  • Winter driving

    Colorado does a good job of plowing the major roads. But snow can occur unexpectedly on the mountain passes. In some locations, snow chains are required. Be sure to check the forecast before you go. Also, the Department of Transportation website and telephone hotline provide a list of road closures.

  • Snow and Ice

    Colorado can be dangerous at time expecally durning the winter months, i recomend that you know were you are going or at least have a good map so show you were you are at. Remember that just because you have a 4 wheel drive vechile doesn't mean that you have 4 wheel braking. Injoy it is so much fun.

  • Be careful on the outback hills

    Be very careful if u like skiing off the paths when you go to resorts. Some hills if we had have skied off the path we would have went over a huge clif onto rocks. Also be careful of avalanches if there is a heavy snow the night before.

  • Storms in the mountains

    Summer thunderstorms can come from out of nowhere. If hiking in the mountains, get an early start so you're not in the tundra (above treeline) in the afternoon. If you are and a storm hits, get as low as possible and take cover. A good rule of thumb: every five seconds you can count between hearing thunder and seeing lightning means that lightning...

  • Safety in the mountains

    BEWARE OF!#In winter:1. Blizzards - keep on top of the weather reports and even then be prepared for the absolute worst. In the high mountains it's impossible to predict how the weather will be from hour to hour or even minute to minute. 2. Avalanches - know the area you're going to and know what the avalanche dangers are supposed to be at the...

  • Living, working and playing in...

    Living, working and playing in Colorado can often mean spending time in the state's world-renowned playground - the Rocky Mountains. But participating in activities at high altitudes can bring some dangers of which everybody should be aware.The problem is that many people who use the mountains for recreation aren't aware of those dangers....

  • Altitude Sickness

    In much of Colorado, but especially in the Rocky Mountains, the high altitude can be a problem. It is not uncommon for those unaccustomed to the altitude to feel a shortness of breath with the slightest exertion, even in Denver. In severe cases, altitude sickness can cause death. It is a good idea to take it easy for the first few days until the...


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Colorado Warnings and Dangers

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