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  • Delicious Mussels
    Delicious Mussels
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  • Bread for the table
    Bread for the table
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  • Chicken Pot Pie
    Chicken Pot Pie
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Best Rated Restaurants in West Haven

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    Jimmies of Savin Rock: Great Outdoor Dining & Seafood

    by cjg1 Updated Aug 31, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Jimmie's is a local favorite on the beach because of its water views and incredible food. Jimmie's is quite large with several dining areas both inside and out on the patio. The menu has a nice selection of meat, poultry, sandwiches, salads, appetizers and of course seafood. This popular place often gets crowded rather early so be prepared to wait for them to cakll your name on the speaker (they have a nice waiting area or you can go to the bar for a drink). We never waited more than thirty minutes and time usually flies as we sit at the patio bar having drinks. The patio is our prefered seating option since we love to enjoy a nice meal in the sunshine while gazing out at the water. The service here is very good and the seafood is very fresh. It is one of my favorite places for seafood in Connecticut.

    Favorite Dish: Liz and I are both big fans of Alaskan King Crab Legs so we always get them when we come here. The portions come in 1lb or 2lb portions. We always get the 1lb portion which is more than enough. The Crab legs are perfectly cooked and tender. The meat is so sweet that you don't need to butter that comes with it. The meal comes with soup, salad or cole slaw. We always chose the cole slaw since it is that good. I usually get my Crab with fries on the side; they are crinkle cut fries that remind me of Nathan's but not as good. Liz like the rice pilaf as her side dish and I must say it is rather good. Nothing is better than enjoying tasty Kig Crab Legs by the water with your girl on a beautiful summer's day.

    You already know what you want Baby..... Dinner rolls King Crab Legs and Rice Pilaf Delicious King Crab Legs Getting ready to break open the claw

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    The Texas Roadhouse: The Texas Roadhouse

    by cjg1 Updated Jul 24, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Texas Roadhouse is our favorite place to eat in Milford. The restaurant itself is rather large with multiple seating areas and well as a bar. The theme of course is Texas and you can see the Texas signs and accents all over the place. As soon as you enter there is a meat counter on the left hand side. You are able to choose your particular piece of meat or just order off the menu. The waitress escorts you to your table and leaves a bucket of salted peanuts in their shells and some delicious warm buns with honey butter on the table while you look over the menu.

    The menu is full of great meat, BBQ and chicken dishes. It can take forever to decide what to eat from all the menu choices. The service here has always been good and the meals are incredibly delicious and large portioned. We've been here for lunch as well as dinner and always have a wonderful experience.

    **On the weekend(nights) it can be a wait for a table but they keep you supplied with drinks and as much peanuts as you want to eat. Even on a busy night we didn't wait more than 20 minutes. We try to come here for lunch when there are no crowds especially if we areheaded North on a roadtrip.**

    Favorite Dish: The burgers here are incredible. The seasoned steak fries are unbelievable. The steak is outrageous and so are the ribs. Liz's favorite is the Dallas Filet which is tender and juicy. My favorite is the Texas Ribs; which are a huge portion and incredibly good. The side dishes are so good and it's hard to choose what side dishes you want with your meal. The drinks here are also very good and Liz loved their strawberry Dacquiris and jumbo Margaritas.

    **Our favorite is definitely the warm buns with the honey butter. They are so soft and delicious...we go through at least two baskets before our meal is served.**

    Our most recent trip to the Roadhouse; we were coeming back from some outlet shopping with some aussie friends that were visiting and needed something to eat. We have taken Laura to the Roadhpouse before but this was Becks first time. Laura loves the ribs here as do I; so she was eager to go. Laura and Becks had a great meal; Laura of course loved her ribs and Becks was in love with the chili cheese fries. It was a fun time and a good meal with our Aussie friends.

    Strawberry Dacquiri Steak and fries Steak and mashed

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    Dive Bar: Local Joint by the Water

    by cjg1 Updated Apr 2, 2015

    This is our local bar and it's usually jam packed. We first ventured here when we first moved in August 2014 and at first it was a bit offputting. It is full of locals and everyone knows everybody so if you are an outsider you stick out. After coming a few times and sitting at the bar talking to the bartender we became the locals.

    It's a simple joint with good dinks and they make some really good food here especially burgers.

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    Oyster River Grill: Local Bar & Grill

    by cjg1 Updated Apr 3, 2015

    This place is a nice bar/restaurant in the Westshore area of West Haven. It's a nice local place across from the beach that serves some realy excellent food. It's a small, no frills type of place which I like. There is a simple bar area and some tables scattered throughout the place. They also have a small patio for outdoor dining.

    The menu is a mix of pub grub as well as seafood specialties. We've been here several times since we moved to West Haven and always enjoy their good food and friendly service. Some of our favorite items to eat here are their Steak Sandwich, Shrimp Cocktail, Mussels and Fish & Chips. Their Steak Sandwich is the largest I have seen anywhere with a huge whole steak on top of a garlic roll with mushrooms and onions. You simply cannot finish the portion by yourself.

    This is one of our favorite spots in the area for good food and casual atmosphere.

    Shrimp Cocktail...Yum! Massive Steak Sandwich Fish & Chips Enjoying a nice summer lunch I love this place

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    Duffy's: Good Local Place

    by cjg1 Updated Jul 22, 2014

    Duffy's is the place to come in West Haven for a good Irish Pub meal. My wife, myself and my Mother in Law love the food here. It's a cozy, local place with good food and a relaxed atmosphere.

    My wife and I first came here after some friends reccomended the place and we have been happy patrons ever since. The Restaurant is in a residential area and is hard to miss with the Irish flag flying outside. The place consists of an outdoor patio, large dining room and bar area. This is a popular joint and the wait for a table on the weekends can be a little long.

    They have the usual pub grub food on the menu as well as desserts. My favorite dish here is their Steak with Horseradish sauce; unbelievably delicious. Their Rice Pudding is out of this world and my Mother in Law and I love it here! Their Shepards Pie, Fish & Chips and Steak with Peppercorns are also very good. Prices here are very reasonable and the portions are made for those with a hearty appetite.

    Rice Pudding Steak with Horseradish Sauce Peppercorn Steak

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    Puerto Vallarta: Good Mexican

    by cjg1 Updated Dec 2, 2014

    Puerto Vallarta offers some good Mexican food for this area. Having lived in the Bronx and Port Chester I became spoiled with amazing and authentic Mexican food. This restuarant does not dissapoint. It is authentic Mexican and is very good.

    The restaurant is located right on the Post Road and is a large space. there is a huge bar area, many seating areas and an outdoor patio for the warm weather months. We first discovered this place when we moved to Connecticut and were in search of good Mexican. The former owners of our house suggested this place to us and we have enjoyed theri food for the past few months.

    They have the usual Mexican dishes on the menu so you will probably find your favorites such as burritos, flautas and tacos. My wife loves their carne asada and fried ice cream. I'm a big fan of their taquitos and burrito. The housemade salsa and tortila chips they put on the table are so addicting..you can't just eat a few. The portions here are large so we always have a doggie bag to bring home.

    They have both early and late night Happy Hours which is perfecet for any work schedule. We love coming here with friends and enjoying their tasty food and some Margaritas; which are very good.

    Fried Ice Cream; Yum!

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    Zuppardi's Apizza: Best Local Pie

    by cjg1 Updated Jun 11, 2015

    Zuppardi’s Apizza is a local West Haven pizzeria that has been in business since 1934. Our friend Billy grew up in West Haven and suggested we try this place out as he feels it is the best pizza in the neighborhood. My wife and I decided to check this place out after work on day; we were both in the mood for pizza.

    The pizzeria is located in a residential area and is hard to miss; you see the sign before you see the place. They have a parking area on the side of the restaurant for easy parking. The restaurant is small but has a nice area with some table for dining in. We decided to dine in and were told to have a seat anywhere we liked. We chose a booth in the back. Our waitress came and handed us menus shortly after we were seated.

    The menu is full of specialty pizzas, traditional pies, salads, appetizers and desserts. After perusing the menu we decided to order a large cheese pie; half with garlic(we love getting large pies to have plenty of leftovers at home). We were both happy to see they carry Foxton Park sodas and ordered a Root Beer for me and a Birch Beer for my wife.This place is a no frills, neighborhood joint; cozy and comfortable. Judging by the customer interaction with staff; everyone knows everyone here….which is nice.

    Our pizza arrived about ten minutes after ordering and was piping hot; the cheese still bubbling. It smelled awesome; especially the garlic side of the pizza. The pizza was cut into smaller slices that we are accustomed to so three slices was equivalent to one traditional slice. My wife and I dug into our first slice and it was so very good; not NY good but CT good. The cheese was very creamy and tasty. The sauce was perfectly flavored. The crust was crisp and not doughy. We really enjoyed our pizza. Two slices later and I called it quits.

    Our waitress brought a box for us to take the rest of the pizza to go. I was quite happy coming here; both the pizza and the service was excellent. The cost wasn’t bad either; two sodas and a large pie for $23. We’ll definitely be back to try some more of the pizzas.

    **They also have take away prepared dinners such as lasagna, eggplant and chicken parm. You just have to heat it up yourself when you get it home.**

    Our half cheese half Garlic Pizza My wife waiting for our pizza to arrive White Birch Beer and Root Beer The Menu

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    Daiko: Great Sushi

    by cjg1 Updated Aug 12, 2015

    A friend of ours who grew up in West Haven suggested this place to my wife and I. He said it's the best sushi in the area. We decided to try this place out for lunch one weekend. The restuarant is rather non-descript and located next to a car dealership. This area is the other side of town from where we live and it just looked a bit sketchy. My wife said we'd either get the best sushi meal ever or get shot; maybe both (just joking she was).

    The interior was typically decorated for most sushi restuarants that we have frequented. There were two sections of the dining room as well as the bar area with seating. We were seated at a table for two by the window. Our waitress came over, handed us menus and took our drink order. Another server came over shortly after with warm hand towels in which to clean our hands. After perusing the long list of sushi, sashimi, appetizers, entrees and combination dishes; we were ready to order.

    As for an appetizer; my wife and I chose to share the Shrimp and vegetable tempura; which is a favorite of ours. We decided on three different types of rolls: Dragon Rolls(eel and cucumber surrounded with avocado), Spicy King Crab Roll(Alaskan king crab, avocado, cucumber & spicy sauce; rice sprinkled with sesame seeds) and the Alaskan Salmon Roll(salmon with avocado).

    Our appetizers arrived shortly after we placed our order. The portion was the perfect size for sharing; with two pieces of shrimp; one broccoli piece, one potato and one onion. The dipping sauce was very tasty and we loved the freshness of the shrimp. I would definitely order this appetizer again. Shortly afer our plates were cleaned; our rolls arrived. They all looked so good and fresh. I dug into the Dragon Roll first and it was very good indeed. The Alaskan Salmon Roll was our least favorite roll; a bit bland and not a great texture. The Spicey King Crab Roll was very good and had an amazing spicy sauce. Both my wife and I loved the King Crab Roll the best out of the three rolls we ordered. We were so stuffed from the rolls we had to turn down the offer of a dessert menu.

    We will definitely return here again for a meal. The food quality and service is excellent.

    Spicy King Crab, Eel And Alaskan Salmon Rolls Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura Unsweetened Iced Teas Enjoying a nice lunch with my wife

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    Eli's: Great Food in a Pub Atmosphere

    by cjg1 Updated Sep 2, 2015

    Eli's is a local chain with several locations in CT. This location just recently opened and we were eager to try it out. This place is a bar/restaurant that serves American far and pub grub items.

    We decided to come here on a Saturday after a day of watching some tennis at the CT open. The place was busy in the restaurant section but rather quiet at the bar area. We decided to have a seat at one of their many large booths in the bar area. When I say "large" booth it was huge; we could have easily fit seven people. It took some time for our waitress to finally appear for our drink order but afterwards the service was excellent.

    The menu has the typical american fare and pub grub food along with many daily specials. After perusing the menu my wife chose their Mussels special and I wanted their Chicken Pot Pie. We both chose unsweetened iced teas for our beverages. After we placed out order; a basket of bread and butter was brought to the table. It didn't take too long for our food to arrived but watching all the delicious plates of food pass by our table made us even hungrier.

    Our food arrived and looked amazingly good. My pot pie was delicious but was too much to eat by myself, The crust was flaky and the chickern was very moist. Yum, I'll get this again for sure. My wife loved her mussels; especially the flavorful tomato sauce. She is a huge fan of mussels and has to get them whenever they are on any menu. This was a great meal that hit the spot and we will definitely return.

    **I found it a nice touch that the Manager/Owner came by and asked us how our meal was and chatted us up.**

    Delicious Mussels Bread for the table Chicken Pot Pie Enjoying a great meal with my wife Plenty of sports on TV

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