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  • Lighthouse Museum at Boca Grande
    Lighthouse Museum at Boca Grande
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  • Beach on Gasparilla Island
    Beach on Gasparilla Island
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Boca Grande Highlights

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     eat at the south beach resturant and u must try the frog legs or aligator 

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     a little pricey here 

  • In a nutshell
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     Nice quiet and enjoyable place 

Boca Grande Things to Do

  • Gasparilla Island Lighthouse Museum

    History buffs can miss this gem. See the link for more details, but basically this was a turn of the century lighthouse occupied by a family willing to live on this barrier island remote from Punta Gorda, where the railroad depot was located. Gasparilla Island, now a state park, was named after the pirate Jose Gaspar, and so folklore for pirates is...

  • Boca Grande Beaches

    The white sandy beaches, some areas heavy with broken shells, are busy with boaters and beach lovers. Landfall meant contending figuring out where to anchor the boat, but also how to walk past the spiny vegetation part of the ecosystem there. The Boca Grande has rip currents and can be difficult for boaters and swimmers, but we found mostly a...

  • Fishing Boat ride across Charlotte Bay

    Charlotte Harbor, the second largest in Florida, empties the Peace River and other tributary springs that flow from the harbors at Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, and numerous island wetland areas north and south of these places. My host's boat was launched at the Port Charlotte Beach Park, and so we were quickly sailing into the center of the main...

  • Port Boca Grande Lighthouse

    This lighthouse is located at the bottom of Gasparilla Island and was activated on December 31, 1890 due to the phosphate that was discovered several miles up the Peace River around the early 1880's. Phosphate was being ship at such a fast rate congress decided to contruct a lighthouse at the opening between Gasparilla and Lacosta Islands. The...

  • Boca Grande lighthouse

    We visited the lighthouse on our way from Fort Myers to St. Petersburg. It is down on the end of a peninsula and we had a little trouble finding it, although you can't really get lost. This is one lighthouse that I am able to climb because it is only a one-story dwelling with a square tower in the center of the hipped roof. I didn't go up in the...

  • Native Plant - Sea Grape

    Sea Grape is one of the best native plants in South Florida. It is very easy to grow, requires little water as it grows naturally in the wild, provides food and shelter for wildlife, and is very attractive with lush foilage. It is native and grows naturally along the beaches on coastal dunes .

  • Take a Picnic

    Near the old light house is a park picnic area. It is only steps away from the beach and there are even grills if you want to have a cook out. Its truly old fashioned Florida enjoyment.

  • The Fat Lighthouse

    Built in 1888 this is the islands best landmark . The lighthouse, dwelling, and surrounding acreage were transferred to the State of Florida in 1988 and became Gasparilla Island State Park. Today it houses a museum and tells the stoty of the island and the people who have lived here.

  • Rent a Golf Cart

    Boca Grande being such a small island with basically one road that circles the island. Traffic can get pretty congested but one solution is to rent a golf cart to get around!!

  • Rear Range Lighthouse

    The original construction date of the Boca Grande Rear Range Light was 1881. It was rebuilt and offically lit in 1932. The tower stands 105 feet tall, and originally housed a fourth-roder Fresnel lens.

  • Sand Spur Beach

    Sand Spur beaches has been rated on of the top ten beaches in Florida by the Travel Channel and it lives up to it! The beaches is very clean, wide, white sand, no real waves so it's great if you take the kids here, no worry about them getting knocked over by a wave here! We also found some nice shells here too.

  • Go shelling

    If you go to the bottom of the island where the Old Boca Grande Lighthouse is you might have some pretty good luck finding some shells. This is a fun thing to do with little ones if you have any! Make sure to bring a bad to put them in otherwise your pockets will get full of sand.

  • Bird Watching

    I was were exploring we did come across several types on Florida water birds, here are a just a few photos.

  • Pink Pony Icecream shop

    The Pink Pony Icecream shop has been here for 60 years and still serves some great icecream. Terry & i were exploring the little town and found this shop, got some icecream and continued our stroll. It was a hot day and the icecream hit the spot, yummy! You much go if you make it to the island.

  • Boca Grande Rear Range Lighthouse

    This Rear Range Lighthouse was built in 1881 and used as the Delaware Breakwater Rear Range Light guiding ships past the tip of Cape Henlopen, due to the shifting shorelines the light was ineffective and was discontinued in 1918. It was dismantled in 1921 and shipped to Miami and later sent to Gasparlla Island in 1927, put back together and finally...

  • Sunset

    There are many beautiful sunsets in Boca Grande but this one on South Beach is fabulous . We saw it while enjoying dinner but you could just as easy just park and take a walk and enjoy it.

  • Boca Grande Pass Tarpon Fishing

    Boca Grande Florida is the Tarpon Capital of the World. Fishing Boca Grande Pass for Tarpon is the Superbowl of fishing and is unlike any other experience. During peak season there are usually several dozen boats all working the same area of the Pass just a stones throw from the famous Boca Grande lighthouse and the spectator-lined beach.Why all...

  • gasparilla island state park

    the gasparilla island state park is located on the southern tip of gasparilla inland about two miles from central boca grande. the state park offers a beautiful beach, swimming, picnicking, and fishing. boca grande is famous for it's excellent tarpon, snook, and shark fishing. the gasparilla island state park is also home to the 1890 boca grande...


Boca Grande Hotels

Boca Grande Restaurants

  • Poor service

    A party of 5 looking for a casual eatery we found this place cute, we waited for an outside table not very long 10 minutes.We all ordered big meals and salads. All put one came so we thought the waitress was going to come back with it in a minute or so but we Waited but could never get her attention again she never came back for drink refills or...

  • Very bad experience with owner

    What a disappointement. We came with our entire family as a last night out on Boca Grande. The night ended with an EMBARASSING confrontation with the owner. As my 74 year old father tried to raise the blinds next to our table so that we could view the sunset, the owner started yelling at him from across the restaurant. He continued to yell and...

  • Bad service, unfriendly staff, mediocre...

    Sisters seems to be an appealing spot from the outside, but after having two meals there in the past week, I can honestly say that I will never return to nor recommend Sisters Restaurant. The food was mediocre at best, and was incredibly overpriced for its value. The waitresses and the front desk were unhelpful and generally unfriendly. However, I...

  • Good eats on the beach!

    We both liked it here, the food was good, fresh, cooked good, it's kind of a burger type joint with all types of food to order right on the beach. What more can you want in a restaurant then good food on the beach. Anyway the service was good and quick, the view was perfect and the beer was cold just like i like it! I would say this is a good place...

  • Eat on the Beach and Watch the Sunset

    We ate here last night for a last night get together with our friends. The sunset was spectacular and we were happy we had reserved a table outside . The seafood dishes were creative and wonderful . It's a special place and one of the best in the area. If you go make a reservation as its popular. Some of us were bothered by mosquitos so , bug spray...

  • seafood

    p.j.'s seagrill is a nice moderately priced restaurant in central boca grande. they specialize in local seafood and american fare. a good place for a moderately priced meal in boca grande.


Boca Grande Transportation

  • Golf carts are the way to go

    Around this little town gulf carts seem to be the best way to get around. I do like this one, it would be my first pick! Although I did see a few other really cool ones.

  • Driving

    CR775 South, also known as Placida Road takes you to the Boca Grande Causeway, where the toll bridge fee is $6.00 for autos.

  • rent a golf cart to get around

    if u want to get around boca like off the island i totally recommend boat but if ur on the island choose golf cart cuz they r fun and there are bunches of trails designed to replace roads just for golf carts


Boca Grande Shopping

  • Better Souvenirs than at Fisherman's...

    While I found the souvenir shops at the Fisherman's Village Mall in Punta Gorda to be most kitsch, the Boca Grande Lighthouse museum is full of all sorts of great things. I bought several T-shirts, high quality but bargain priced shell jewelry, and outstanding higher priced silver jewelry for my wife. There were things for kids and a excellent...

  • If your stayin' shop here

    It has any thing you will need while on the island, from gourmet foods, to the basic. The staff are very friendly, prices are pretty good, they are not open on Sunday, only Monday through Friday 8am to 5:30pm so get there early!

  • Good store pretty good prices

    very nice, well made sweatshirts, pants, t-shirts, some name brands and some with Boca Grande logos and prints, worth the money. The staff are very friendly and willing to help or leave you alone which every you prefer. The prices aren't too out of line, maybe a little high but the clothes are made well and do last. If you are looking for a...


Boca Grande Warnings and Dangers

  • Red Tide Warning

    People with Asthma or respiratory problems should take care. If you show any symptoms during a red tide please call toll free 888-232-8635 for a health professional and seek medical attention.

  • Dangerous Currents!

    There is no swimming permitted by the lighthouse at Boca Grande Pass. The currents are extream and there is no life guard. If you want to go swimming it's no problem at the other 4 parking areas like Sand Spur Beach with is one of the best beaches in Florida rated by the Travel Channel! just be careful down at the pass.

  • Boca Grande Hotels

    6 Hotels in Boca Grande

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Boca Grande Favorites

  • A map of Gasparilla State Park

    This is a basic map of the lower part of Gasparilla Island which shows your all of the parking lots available. One price of $2 pays for access to all and there are some great beaches here, Sand Spur Beach is a top rated beach with beautiful white sand with some good shelling too.

  • Parking on the island

    You must pay a small fee of $2 per car and it's good all day at any of the parking areas. Just display the stub on your dash. This all done via the honor system but rangers do check.

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