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  • cassadaga hotel
    cassadaga hotel
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    that spooky haze over my photo wasn't on...
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    A favorite bench
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Cassadaga Things to Do

  • historic homes

    pictured is one of many historic homes and buildings in cassadaga. whether you believe in spiritualism or not cassadaga offers fine examples of old florida architecture.

  • spiritualist reading

    pictured is a sign advertising spiritual mediums. they offer readings for around $50. spiritualists believe that we can comunicate with the dead through a medium. personally i am skepitcal about the concept but many people take this very seriously. might be a fun thing to do when in cassadaga. visit cassadaga's website for a list of mediums.

  • colby memorial temple

    the colby memorial temple is the center of religious life in cassadaga. the temple is named after cassadaga's founder george colby. spiritualists believe in god but think that prophets such as jesus and mohammed were mere mortals. check out the cassadaga website for more information.

  • cassadaga bookstore

    the cassadaga spiritualist bookstore is located in the andrew jackson davis building on stevens street. the bookstore sells books about spiritualism and metahysics. they also sell native american crafts, candles, semi-precious stones, and other gift items. an interesting place to check out when in cassadaga.

  • take a class

    there are postings at the bookstore bulletin board for all manner of psychic classes and get togethers. These people take this seriously as I get the impression these classes are meant for locals only.

  • buy a book

    a psychic book, that is. You won't find On The Road here, but you will find every type of psychic literature you could possible imagine.The bookstore is right next to the hotel.

  • Get a reading

    Mine cost $50 and was done in a tiny upstairs room in the Cassadaga hotel. Birdy, the psychic records the entire thing and gives you the tape. She said some extremely accurate stuff to me right off the bat. Not the general stuff such as, "is there a male figure with an 'm' in his name" I'm talking full names, personalities, etc. Very cool stuff.

  • Attend a healing session

    There are regular healing sessions scheduled throughout the week. There are services and classes held in this building and tours given all around it. Inquire at the book store or check the notices out front. Usually weekends are the most active times ... as in any community.

  • Visit the Meditation Garden

    There is a little garden next to the book store where you can rest or meditate. It's been dedicated to a lady who passed very recently. She lived in Cassadaga for many, many years and lived to be 96 years old. They had a memorial service for her while I was there. She seemed to be a well loved member of the community.

  • Note the local gardens

    I'm told this is a Jasmine bush. I have a Jasmine house plant and a large Jasmine bush that has been on our property for 40 or 50 years. Nothing like this one. Does anyone know about these things? Give me a tip, please.

  • Dip your toe in or just sit there in a...

    I tend to do the latter. As I said before, I find Cassadaga almost mesmerizing, it's so quiet and peacefull there. These pics are from the park at the little lake in Cassadaga. There is a play area for children, but I usually see adults sitting in their car or on a bench....pretty much just staring into space. I love the Spanish moss that hangs in...

  • Take a walk....

    If you walk the streets of'll enjoy some of the gardens or the unusual houses and decorations around them. Signs in windows or on posts will give you an indication of whether or not the person is available for visitors. I've always just enjoyed the quiet of the walk. One lady was working in her garden and we had quite a nice visit...


Cassadaga Hotels

Cassadaga Restaurants

  • Pawtuxet's Profile Photo

    Lake Helen Cafe: take a ride out of Cassadaga

    by Pawtuxet Updated Apr 30, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Lake Helen is a little community just next door to Cassadaga. Both are located in quite rural areas. Very few choices for reestaurants or any other commercial establishments. The Cassadaga Hotel's restaurant (where I stayed) was so bad, that I couldn't even have my first cup of coffee in the morning...which was included w/ dismal as any could be.
    I dressed and drove to Lake Helen's Coffee Cafe for coffee and a breakfast sandwich. It wasn't the best in the world, but certainly better than what was offered at the hotel.
    There are several items to choose from even tho the menu is quite limited.
    Other opportunities for food include a small health food store and a pizza shop. That is ALL of it. There is absolutely nothing else around. Be prepared to go into Deland or stay at one of the B&B's in the area. See my B&B tip...I stayed my first night there.

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Cassadaga Nightlife

  • Pawtuxet's Profile Photo

    Sherlock Pub: Nightlife on 3 nights only....

    by Pawtuxet Updated Apr 30, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Sherlock Pub is located in a building at the Ann Stevens B&B in Lake Helen. (approx. 1 mile from Cassadaga camp grounds). The pub is quite small, but makes for a very intimate meeting place for locals to gather and mix with guests from the inn. As there is absolutely no other entertainment of any sort in the villages of Lake Helen or Cassadaga, the pub is pretty popular. Open Thurs., Fri., and Sat. only....the pub offers a full bar and a brief appetizer menu. The innkeeper might wander thru with a basket of nibbles for everyone ...or you can order something like a basket of fries and wings with a variety of sauces. Appetizers are limited but sufficed as a light supper for me one night. Definately stop in to find out what the community is all about...have a drink...kick back a while....and the innkeeper will insure you are well taken care of.

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Cassadaga Warnings and Dangers

  • Pack your own lunch!

    There aren't enough places to get really good food in this town from what you were saying. So a good suggestion to someone is that they plan to scope out the restaurant or lunch scene ahead of time in case they're sorely in need of sustenance and have waited too long!

  • Explore before scheduling

    Do yourself a favor and wander around a little ... talk to several people... ask about experience and credentials....before you schedule a time with a reader. They expect it from you and don't mind you asking. Some readers charge $50 for a half hour...others $60 for a full hour. The time and money varies. Someone will make sense to you...for...

  • Cassadaga Hotels

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Cassadaga Favorites

  • old Florida ranches and farms

    The thing I love about central Florida is that you can still see some of the old farms and ranches where there are crops, cattle or horses being raised just as they have been for many, many years. Of course you now begin to see some condos being built where they've bought out the farms...and there are 'for sale signs' on other places. But I smile...

  • Lake Helen Historic District

    Leave it to me, whereever I go I'll find a historic district. Same rule applies when I'm in central Florida. Cassadaga...altho fascinating in many ways....leaves much to be desired in its built environment. The homes are simple and often unkempt. Not so in Lake Helen which is right next door. Lake Helen has a house tour around the holidays and the...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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