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Destin Things to Do

  • Beach Activities

    destin has a beautiful white sand gulf beach. there are several public beach accesses as well as several gulf beach state parks nearby. the destin-fort walton area is famous for it's "sugar" sand beaches.

  • Dolphins

    I went to this little place called xtremeh2o. The guys there told us right where to go (outside the Destin pass slightly to the west) to see the dolphins and sure enough within 10 minutes of leaving the beach we were right in the middle of a whole pod of dolphins, mothers and babies playing jumping and swimming right under our ski. I could not...

  • Crab Island

    crab island is located in destin harbor near the destin-fort walton bridge. this tiny island is a very popular beach. years ago crab island was alot larger but it's size was reduced by hurricane ivan. you can take a shuttle from destin harbor walk to the island.


Destin Hotels

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Destin Restaurants

  • Fair Food, Great Waitresses

    $10 as of January 2014. Most people do not come to Hooters for the food you come here to watch sports, drink beer and watch the ladies in the short orange shorts and tight t-shirts. This one was fairly typical with cute girls and mediocre food (I do like the chili though). Hours are 11 AM to 12 AM Monday through Saturday and 12 PM to 11 PM on...

  • Little "Rock" on the Beach - Hard Rock...

    I have a special fondness for the Hard Rock, and I always seek them out when I travel. This cafe is located in a large strip mall, but is very nice and has ample free parking (always a plus!). I love the eclectic wait staff, from the blue-haired boy who opened the door for us, to the girl with the nose-ring attached to her earlobe who sold me WAYYY...

  • Best Burgers at the Beach

    My wife and I have been coming to the Destin area for years. This year we fell upon what I think might be the best hamburger we have eaten since growing up and cooking out in the back yard. Tops Hamburgers is sooo unbelievable good and inexpensive we ate there 5 times in the 10 days we were in Destin. ( Sadly we didn't find them till 6 days into...


Destin Nightlife

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  • The Red Door Saloon

    The Red Door Saloon is a great local bar which has a huge outside deck for seating just above the harbor. Locals and visitors fill this bar. It is open year round and has an inside and outside bar area. It's convenient to the Harbor, which also has neighboring nightlife to keep things exciting! Shirt, pants, shoes

  • Late night burritos!

    Burrito del sol is located on the bluff next to The Boathouse, Dockside, KJ's, and The Red Door Saloon. The food is baja style Mexican food served out of a 1968 Airstream Trailer. They serve several items such as blackened fish tacos, shrimp quesadillas, and chicken burritos. Their hours are usually from 6-9 p.m. and 11:30-3:30 a.m. The line can...

  • Destin Dance Destination

    The Swamp has live bands as well as a DJ spinning techno and general dance tunes. They mix in both by letting the band play a short set and then go to the DJ. Back and forth they go! Kind of weird, but it allows people with different tastes in music to enjoy themselves every 20-30 minutes. The bands that I have seen there have been MUCH better than...


Destin Transportation

  • Cheapest way to fly into Destin

    If you are looking for cheap flights into Penscola you will want to check out the flights into three airports all of which are a short drive to Destin. I have been flying into the area for over 20 years and have never flown into VPS although I choose flights/airlines based on who has the best price.I find the cheapest flights are to PMS and ECP....

  • Enter the city near your end destination

    Regardless of what MapQuest or your GPS of choice says, make sure you enter the area on whatever side your staying. The traffic coming into the city on Saturdays is absolutely horrible (2 hours = 15 miles). You'll save yourself a huge headache if you come in as close as possible to where you're staying.

  • Bypass highway 98!

    If you are traveling from the Destin Commons shopping center towards the center of Destin, you will run into traffic clogs no matter what time of year it is. However, there is a back way that puts you right back into the center of town and gets you through most of the traffic. Take the West traffic light exit out of the Destin Commons shopping...


Destin Shopping

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  • Our get everything store

    Anything you need is here. I always try to find a walmart when I am out on vacation. It seems a bit more expensive at this particular one though, I guess because it's a tourist town. Anyway, we made several trips. Groceries, beach toys, anything you need. And it's located right off the highway by Fudpuckers. Anything

  • Great clothes at Red Velvet

    This boutique located in the City Market has great lines for women looking for contemporary items. The store features lines by Milly, Rebecca Taylor, Poleci, Rachel Pally, Nanette Lepore, Velvet, 3 dot and awesome jeans. They only go up to size 12 but there is much more to buy other than just clothes. They have handbags, jewelry, hanky panky and a...

  • Dozens of trinket and beach shops

    You can buy your entire supply of swimsuits, coverups, beach chairs, towels and cheesey beach trinkets at one of the dozens of shops on the main strip in Destin. They always seem to be promoting something like 5 T-shirts for 10 dollars.


Destin Local Customs

  • Climate

    Florida is known as the "Sunshine State" but that can change suddenly. In the heat of the summer, late afternoon thunderstorms can roll in. These kinds of storms are usually very short in duration and can carry a blow.Summer : High 88F / 31C, Low 62F / 13CFall : High 84F / 29C, Low 54F / 12CWinter : High 70F / 21C, Low 48F / 9C

  • Destin Seafood Festival

    The Destin Seafood Festival is a yearly event held in Octobor at the Morgan Sports Center. There are 100+ art/craft booths to browse through, giving you the opportunity to support and meet many local artists. And of course there is plenty of good local seafood to eat! Last time I went I had shark on a stick, and it was quite good. They also have a...

  • Adventures in Paradise

    The pace is a bit slower here, so enjoy a bike ride along a paved path, a long walk on a beach or visit Grayton Beach State Park and hike the trails amongst the sand dunes.The sun, sand and se give the location its personality and its people provide the friendly atmosphere.Enjoy these wonderful gift and keep them forever in you memories.Delicious...


Destin Warnings and Dangers

  • Rip tide!!!

    This strong current of water, also called an UNDERTOW, is deadlier than any storm. It can pull the strongest swimmer out to sea. Before going to the beach, listen to the radio or watch for the surfing warning flags. If there are, do not go swimming. If caught in a rip tide: Do not panic and do not fight it. You cannot out-swim the fast-moving...

  • Vacation home owners/renters beware...

    I recently rented a home from Sandcastle escapes/ Beach seekers. The home was a bit of disappointment with less than comfortable seating and missing standard amenities such as minimal amounts of dishes. I posted a review of the home on Sandcastles site and it was removed. I contacted their owner to find out why my review had been deleted. He sent...

  • Hurricance Season

    I’ve lived off the Atlantic Ocean for 20 years now and during that time have lived through quite a few hurricanes. Unfortunately The emerald coast (Destin Area) is a prime location for hurricanes.This area is put on alert and we all do our hurricane checklist several times a year. Hurricanes are also not something to play around with. Be aware and...


Destin Tourist Traps

  • Big Dolphin Cruises

    The big dolphin cruises are great...the first time. the problem is that especially during the tourist season you are going to be elbow-to-elbow with otherpassengers, fighting for air conditioning. By the time you get to the dolphins you don't even care any more.Big touristy dolphin cruises also don't operate much during the off-season. Costs too...

  • Not Walmart

    The first thing that we noticed when we hit the beach in Destin, was that a boogie board is a must to enjoy the waves to fullest. Since we didn't bring any we decided to go to the most logical place to by one. Walmart. We thought this would be alot cheaper than going to one of the local stores. WRONG.We went to Walmart and bought our boards and...

  • Henna Tattoos

    At several souvenir shops you can get a henna tattoo. These are NOT real henna tattoos. The henna is severely watered-down, and you'll be lucky if the tattoo lasts a week. They are relatively expensive to get (for how long they last!) and quickly wash off. A real henna tattoo should last at least a month. Henna tattoos can be fun to get while on...


Destin What to Pack

  • A Must to Pack

    Flip Flops or swim shoes are a life saver for walking on hot dune walkovers and hot sand.Sunglasses are a must. Especially on the beach, the white sand reflects the sun up into your eyes and you spend the whole time squinting and eventually develop a headache. After the first headache I wore sunglasses everywhere. No more headache.Swimsuits of...

  • Everything is casual in Destin!

    Everything is casual in Destin. Although there are a few upscale restaurants, for the most part casual wear is the norm. Make sure to bring bathing suits, flip-flops, and plenty of tank tops and shorts. Bring tons of sunscreen. Even on a cloudy day, slather it on. You'd be surprised at the painful sunburn you will get from even an overcast day!...

  • Sun protectants!

    Flip flops are the footwear of choice. Bring your sun screen! And bring a hat. You don't want to look like you're 80 years old when you're only 30 years. If you bring your camera to the beach, bring a ziplock back in which to store it. Or just buy a waterproof disposable camera. They work great! Be sure to bring a beach chair or a beach mat....


Destin Off The Beaten Path

  • Take a Sandcastle Lesson...

    Sandcastle Lesson with is an experience that locals and visitors should check out. Rick TheSandman Mungeam is a gifted sand sculptor and talented teacher. Not only are his sandcastle lessons great but he also offers unique sculptures for any and every event in your life. Wedding Sand Sculptures, Marriage proposals,...

  • Seeing the wind blow..

    Whatch the storm or watch a sunset. Seeing the wind blow the tops of waves into spray and watching the wind and the rain can be most relaxing!(picture made by me)

  • A hidden treasure

    Eden Gardens State Park, located near Point Washington FL about 24 miles east of Destin.The focal point of this park is a beautifully renovated, two-story house with elegant white columns and wrap-around porch. Surrounded by moss-draped live oaks and ornamental gardens, the Wesley house inspires visions of hoop skirts and landed gentry. The park is...


Destin Sports & Outdoors

  • Great Fishing

    I'm not much of a fisherman, but the fishing in Destin is fantastic. There are many places which offer chartered fishing tips, so there's lots to choose from. Every year they have the Destin Fishing Rodeo -- sponsored by A.J.'s. There is also a Bass Pro Shop located in the Destin Commons -- which is the ultimate toystore for any outdoorsman!While I...

  • Regatta Bay Golf Course

    I don't play golf myself, but my Dad & brother go about 2 or 3 times every year when we're in Destin. Destin is a great place for golfers. I understand the golf courses are just beautiful. This is the place my Dad played at this year. He said there was water on every hole & it was a challenging course.

  • Wave runners

    I've never actually tried it, but you can rent these wave runners while you're out on the beach. This year there was a place right next to our hotel where you could rent the wave runners & take them out for what I believe they said was $50 for a half hour & $80 for a full hour. According to their sign they also do dolphin excursions. One of the...


Destin Favorites

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  • getting lucky at the bar

    As the sun went down we decided to take the road we'd come on a bit further to see if it could get any better....and it did. It turned out to be a National Seashore with very little development and snow white sand on both sides of the road which seemed to run into infinity. The sun was now just about setting and our timing was perfect to enjoy...

  • what the fuss was about

    Swimming with manatees that very morning was great but pulling out of Crystal River, FL we knew we were starting a long drive a bit later than we had hoped. But that was okay, it was only the third day of a six month trip and we were far from tired. We also had a very loose plan as to where we wanted to be each day. There were no reservations so...

  • Destin Public Library

    The Destin Library is a very new, beautiful building that is a wonderful place to read, study, or browse through books. In addition, every Tuesday night they show a free screening of a award-winning independent or foreign movie.


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