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  • charles deering estate
    charles deering estate
    by doug48
  • the coral castle
    the coral castle
    by doug48
  • richmond cottage
    richmond cottage
    by doug48

Homestead Things to Do

  • feast of love table

    this heart shaped table weighs approximately 5,000 pounds. in the center of the table is a ixora plant. it is ed's original plant and has been in this location for over 60 years. ed built this table for "sweetsixteen".

  • tower

    the tower contains approximately 243 tons of coral stone. the blocks that make up the wall weigh from 4 to 9 tons each. the roof is is composed of 30 blocks of coral, each weighing approximately one ton. ed lived in top floor of the tower and his tool room was on the first floor. there are sixteen steps from the first to second floor in honor of...

  • bedroom

    ed built twin beds for himself and "sweetsixteen". on a level above their beds he built beds for two children. close to "sweetsixteen's" bed ed built a rocking cradle weighing 155 pounds.

  • tool room

    ed's tool room is located on the first floor of the tower. it is amazing to think that ed could build such massive sculptures and walls with these simple tools.

  • bar-b-que

    pictured is ed's bar-b-que house. the cooking utensils were built from old car parts. ed was very fond of children and when they visited the castle on school trips he would cook hotdogs for them.

  • repentance corner

    ed called this group of stones the repentance corner. it was his idea of punishment for children who misbehaved. he said that if they needed punishment he would make them put their heads through the opening, wedge them in place with a block of wood, and he would sit on a bench and talk to them. he thought that an hour of this treatment would last...

  • obelisk

    this piece of coral stone weighs approximately 57,000 pounds. it stands 40 feet above the ground and has a wind vane on it's top. the obelisk was moved to it's present location from florida city in 1936. the carvings on the obelisk denote the year that ed carved it, the year that he moved it, and the year and country of his birth. the hole near the...

  • bathroom

    this carved bathtub is where ed would take his afternoon bath. each morning ed would get water from the well and fill the tub. by mid-afternoon the water was warm enough from the sunlight for ed to take his bath.

  • well

    pictured is the coral castle well. this well provided ed with his only source of water. also the castle did not have electricity. ed would read during the day by sun light and work on his castle at night under moon light.

  • nine ton gate

    the nine ton gate is considered ed's most outstanding achievement. this gate is 80 inches wide, 92 inches tall, and 21 inches thick. this coral stone slab weighs approxmately 18,000 pounds. what makes this gate so remarkable is that ed found the exact center of balance. the gate can be moved using one finger to push it. the gate pivots on a rod...

  • florida table

    ed carved this table in the exact shape and direct proportion to the size of the state of florida. a depression in the table is a representation of lake okeechobee, florida's largest lake. ed said that the depression could be used as a finger bowl, a bird bath, or a punch bowl. all of the chairs around the table are rocking chairs and they weigh...

  • north wall

    this section of the north wall is made from three blocks of coral rock. the center block is the heaviest piece in the castle. it weighs approximately 60,000 pounds. ed was so proud of having cut and moved such a great weight that he placed a monument on top of it which he called "the crown".

  • the throne room

    located between saturn and the crescent of the east sculptures is the throne room. ed believed that every man's house was his castle and every castle must have a throne. ed's throne weighs 5,000 pounds and it rocks. other thrones in the "room" are for "sweet sixteen" (ed's latvian fiancee) a small chair for a child. directly behind ed's throne is a...

  • the crescent of the east

    the moon crescent next to saturn is "the crescent of the east". it weighs approxmately 46,000 pounds. this scupture was moved from florida city to it's present location in 1936.

  • saturn

    next to mars is a sculpture of saturn. both mars and saturn are part of the east wall of the castle. saturn weighs approximately 36,000 pounds.

  • the planets

    next to the north wall are the planets ed carved. pictured is mars. ed believed that there was life on mars. this sculpture weighs approximately 36,000 pounds.

  • rocking chair

    this is ed's first carved rocking chair. he placed it on this massive coral rock so visitors could see it.

  • moon fountain

    the moon fountain is carved from three pieces of coral rock. the quarter moon on the left represents the first quarter of the moon. the quarter moon on the right represents the last quarter of the moon. these two carvings weigh 18 tons each. the full moon carving in the center weighs 23 tons.

  • polaris telescope

    this massive carving is 25 feet tall and weighs approximately 40,000 pounds. the circle at the top of the carving is a sight for ed's telescope. ed studied and recorded how the earth travels and used this information to build his sundial.

  • reading chairs

    located to the left of the entrance gate is a collection of reading chairs. ed spent much of his day reading and writing pamphlets. over the years ed wrote "a book in every home", "mineral, vegetable, and animal life", "magnetic current" and "magnetic base". ed did all of his reading and writing during the day because the castle had no electricity.

  • grotto of the three bears

    directly across from the entrance gate is the grotto of the three bears. this collection of stones were inspired by the fairy-tale of goldilocks and the three bears. ed built this section of the castle as a children's play area.

  • entrance gate

    this stone gate weighs three tons. it is perfectly balanced on recycled automoble bearings. a small child can easly move this massive stone.

  • castle admission

    ed's only source of income was a 10 cent admission charge to see the interior of the castle. ed spent his days reading, writing, and giving tours of the castle. at night he would work on the castle walls. when ed died in 1951 he had a little over 3,000 dollars in his bank account. today the admission to the castle is $ 11.98.

  • coral castle

    pictured is ed's 1936-1940 coral rock quarry. in 1936 ed moved his castle and sculptures from florida city and began construction of the castle wall. each section of the wall is eight feet tall, four feet wide, and three feet thick. the wall sections weigh approximately 13,000 pounds. these sections were constructed using simple hand tools and ed...


Homestead Hotels

  • Hampton Inn & Suites...

    2855 N.E. 9th Street, Homestead, Florida, 33033, United States

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Floridian Hotel

    990 N Homestead Blvd, Homestead, FL 33030

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Business

  • Value Place Homestead - Miami

    2750 NE 8th St, Homestead, Florida, 33030, United States

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

Homestead Restaurants

Homestead Transportation

  • mafootje's Profile Photo

    Go by airboat

    by mafootje Written Jul 30, 2004

    You could try to go on the everglades on a speed boat but chances are that you are going the get stuck with a motor full of swampgrass..

    So you could better take an airboat, these are made for this terrain..

    Airboat in a no wake zone...
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Homestead Warnings and Dangers

  • Get some gas here ???

    Well if you are one your way to the Keys and thinking of filling up your tank just have some patience...Just like the signs along the road to Key Largo says "Patience Pays" and in this case it really does..Just 25 miles ahead in Key Largo prices of gas are lower then over here so just wait when you pass this sign..... Picture taken december 5, 2004...

  • take care of your ears

    The sound generated by the airboats can be very loud and taken the fact that your sitting right in front of the engine it is a smart thing to use earplugs !

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Homestead Off The Beaten Path

  • stone house

    charles deering built the stone house next to richmond cottage in 1921. this mansion was inspired by the tamrit castle in sitages spain. the mansion has 18 inch reinforced concrete walls which withstood hurricane andrew in 1992. charles deering lived here until his death in 1927. the deering estate is listed on the national register of historic...

  • royal palm grove

    located in the deering estate on biscayne bay is a beautiful grove of royal palm trees. along with the mansion there are acres of gardens on the estate.the deering estate is located at 16701 s. w. 72 ave. cutler florida.

  • richmond cottage

    richmond cottage is located on the grounds of the charles deering estate in cutler florida. this wooden building was built by s. h. richmond in 1900. richmond's wife edith opened it as an inn. at the time the richmond inn was the southern most hotel in the united states. in 1916 charles deering bought richmond cottage and 444 acres of land for his...


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