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Lovers Key Things to Do

  • The beach at Lovers Key

    Hurricane Charley 8-9-2004 had a big effect on this coastline, all the driftwood and tree are now gone and when they rebuilt back up they made the beach much wider, it's very clean smooth white sand, great place for a day trip with the kids! It was not crowded whe nwe went, only a few people. Bring a cooler and hang out all day!

  • Driftwood on the beach

    Update! Sorry to report but most if not all driftwood has been wiped out from Hurricane Charley. The face of this wonderful beach has changed forever and only memories and photos like this will kepp that alive. You must take the walkway and go out on the beach, the driftwood is every where. Very cool for photos! Make sure you bring ots of batteries...

  • Nature

    There are so many different types of birds here you must bring your camera and catch a few on film. It fun to sit and watch them hunt for lunch! Just take a stroll around the park and you will run into all types of critters, happy hunting.

  • Bring your camera!

    Make sure to bring your camera here, there is lots of wildlife to be seen. Not sure how or when it happened but for some reason I think I'm turning into a bird watcher. Every where I go any more I find myself taking photos of birds, WHY?? Florida has some of the most beautiful birds we have seen, so there I go taking picture and sharing them with...

  • Jumping fish!

    While walking over the bridge to cross the inner channel, couldn't help but notice these fish jumping out of the water and getting sound hangtime too! These were small silver fish about 6 to 8 inches long, this was a strange sight to see. A couple walked up to see what I was trying to capture and could not believe what they were doing. Very hard to...

  • Sunsets on the beach

    The sunsets on the gulf coast are some of the best I've ever seen. Loves Key offers some good subject matter to add to your photos. Bring plenty of batteries and film or Memory cards.


Lovers Key Warnings and Dangers

  • Be careful where you swim!

    Danger NO SWIMMING ALLIGATORS!! Before you go swimming, please look around to see if it's safe! Coming from Delaware, we don't see signs like this, so we're not really looking for them. Will be NOW!! There is swimming in certain ares in this park just make sure it's safe.

  • Stingray Hop!

    Warning, shuffle your feet or you'll be doin' the Stingray Hop! May throught October you may find your self stepping on a stingray so be careful and shuffle them feet while walking in the water.

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Lovers Key Sports & Outdoors

  • Kayaking or canoeing

    Take your canoe or kayak, or rent one and go have fun on the Calusa Blueway Paddling trail and explore the small channels around the island. So much wonderful nature here to see and photo! You can put you kayak or canoe in near the 1st parking lot.

  • Go fish

    Lovers Key has plenty of places for you to take the kids and go fishing. You may want to check for signs about no fishing, because some areas have alligators and you wouldn't want to hook one of those, if you do, quick cut the line!!

  • Bring your bikes!

    Lovers Key has a really nice bike trail, so bring your bikes and take a ride. Make sure you bring water too, it gets hot! Plenty of wild life for photos and great views. Lovers Key is rather flat, so it will not wear you out, and there are plenty of trees to duck under if you need some shade.


Lovers Key Favorites

  • Bird Watchers

    This island has many types of birds and wild life, so bird watchers you must visit and bring your cameras and be prepared to change your batteries a few times, extra memory wouldn't hurt either.

  • Entrance

    You need to stop at the guards shack at the entrance and pay a small fee of $2.00 or $3.00 for the day. A small fee for a day of fun and sun on a cool little island.

  • Rent a bike

    You can rent a bike at the first parking lot for a small fee and take a ride around. There is plenty of wonderful wildlife here from birds to alligators. So bring your camera for this ride.


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