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  • nealnearnorth's Profile Photo

    Michy's: Michy's: Creative, Delicious, a Must-Go Restaurant

    by nealnearnorth Updated Aug 29, 2009

    Critics of the arts (be they visual, performing or culinary) get a bit miffed when something they are sent to review is so flawless, they have nothing to sling clever barbs at. Can you even remember a meal anywhere during which everything was absolutely spot on? If not, let me answer your first question first: YES, you should (and indeed MUST) dine at Michy’s on Biscayne Blvd, Miami.

    I will take you through this amazing foodie adventure. Michy’s was participating in Miami Spice, a prix fixe $35 3-course menu. But, we choose to order a tasting menu for our party of 4, with continuous advice from our spectacular server, Jason.

    Indeed, not only did we sample 11 plates, but where we skipped something Jason felt the adventure wasn’t complete without, it showed up anyhow. We never told him which to bring half orders for, and which to serve full orders. We told him what we were most enthused about, and he ran the show from there.

    The house sent out two apps before we could order. A ham and cheese croquette and a ceviche were already on the way. The croquettes (served with a fig jam) went over well, but with the ceviche, I was already in foodie nirvana. The punchy, citrus-filled tilapia was served in a bowl (thank God it wasn’t yet another dull ceviche in a martini glass!), with corn “three ways”, i.e, popcorn, niblets on the cob, and corn nuts. The fish was fantastic.

    Next came 3 more plates, 2 of which we didn’t order, but “the journey wouldn’t be complete without”. We ordered a Greek salad with watermelon. The feta was unlike any I had ever had, soft, fresh, not salty. This was exceptional. Duck confit (baked 5 hours than quick fried before serving) over a bed of mandolin-sliced brussel sprouts, and Sweetbreads over fava bean pesto plated over a sauce accented by fennel seeds, orange peel and a few mandarin orange segments were presented “for the adventurous”. We tried the sweetbreads, & mostly found it to be tasty, and not dissimilar from particularly well prepared, lightly-fried chicken. The duck lovers among us went wild for that dish, as did the “Duckless Diner”, who marveled at the brussel sprouts “slaw”.

    Favorite Dish: Then the fettucini carbonara with crispy prosciutto arrived, along with short ribs (with oven roasted tomatoes) , Malaysian curried yellowtail snapper, and truffled creamy polenta with a truffled poached egg, which we were encourage to mix in to the polenta. Huge kudos on all. The meat from the short ribs may have been some of the most tender bites of meat I have ever known. The complex Thai flavor in the yellowtail snapper sauce (served over a hearts of palm salad and rice) had me scraping at the plate to savor.

    We were far too stuffed for dessert & declined, so naturally, 2 desserts for sampling arrived anyhow. One was their signature baked Alaska (referred to as the “Sarah Palin” dessert) & a bread pudding with vanilla ice cream, raisins and chocolate chunks. The baked Alaska was visually fantastic, but not terribly exciting on the palette. The bread pudding could have used stronger notes of rum & raisin, and came across as not dramatic enough to cap off so fantastic a meal. But, as these were comped, we could hardly complain. (We had noted that had we ordered dessert, the chocolate brownie with salty caramel & seasonal fruits or the nightly Granita with basil & mint would have been the way we went.)

    We had no clue how Jason would go about pricing all this, but was beyond reasonable for such an outstanding feast, coming in at about $58/person (with a nice gratuity), with two of us having a glass of wine, & two of us having an espresso.

    When I think of how two of us had atrocious food on Lincoln Road (one split appetizer, two dull-to-unacceptable entrees, one of which made me sick from bad fish, and cocktails that were supposed to be comped and weren’t at Aura), this amazing culinary event was an absolute bargain.

    The simple synopsis is that you should absolutely go and dine at Michy’s… ASAP, and then undoubtedly often thereafter.

    Short ribs (top) & Malaysian Yellowtail Snapper Tilapia Ceviche Watermelon Greek salad Sweetbreads Baked Alaska
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  • doug48's Profile Photo

    palme d' or: french

    by doug48 Updated Apr 17, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    the palme d' or is located in the biltmore hotel in coral gables. this wonderful french restaurant is situated in a 1920's era dining room over looking the biltmore pool. the palme d' or is one of the best french restaurants in the state of florida. the fare is classic and contemporary french cuisine offered in a six course prix fixe menu. if you are interested in fine dinning in south florida the palme d' or should not be missed. reservations recommended. expensive.

    palme d' or at the biltmore
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  • call_me_rhia's Profile Photo

    The Knife: Argentinian all-you-can-eat

    by call_me_rhia Written Mar 10, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When we found this Argentinean steakhouse we did not realize it was an all-you-can-eat type of place - and I'm glad we didn't, or we would not have stayed. The restaurant is pretty big and in the main hall there's a large salad buffet, while in a side room you can find "the meat": a yummy selection of beef, chicken, and pork charcoal grilled in the traditional way.

    Favorite Dish: Excellent chorizos and churrascos - of course. But even the salad bar has many highlights, including some truly delicious sundried tomatoes. Try the pancake filled with dulche de leche as a dessert: it's a bomb!

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  • MarianneRules's Profile Photo

    Sonia's Gourmet Patties: Jamaican Patties

    by MarianneRules Written Dec 23, 2008

    I’m on vacation with my boyfriend in Florida visiting his Jamaican mother. I’m being inundated with Jamaican people and Jamaican food for 10 days. Oh mi, I’m loving it!! If you want genuine Jamaican patties then Sonia’s is the place. When people found out we were stopping at Sonias for patties the cell phone was ringing off the hook. All of his moms friends wanted us to pick up patties for them. We ended up spending $100 and will be going back for more before our trip is over. You call in your order, a dozen at a time and pick them up in an hour. Its tiny little place in a random strip mall.

    Favorite Dish: I’d say a Jamaican patty is a cross between an oversized Pierogi, beef burrito and spicy sloppy joe. The kind I had were spicy ground beef sandwiched in a pastry. They have curry too. No doubt they are bad for you which makes them that much tastier!

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  • donpaul77's Profile Photo

    Puerto Sagua: Classic Cuban diner on South Beach

    by donpaul77 Written Nov 20, 2008

    I loved this Cuban diner not only because the food was good,but because it flies in the face of what South Beach is. The place looks like any other diner, except it's all Cuban. Your waitress may not speak much English, but you'll get what you want. I bellied up to the counter and ordered "Cuban beef stew" which came with bread and some delicious grilled plantains (it seems that every Cuban meal comes with plantains). They serve beer as well. It's really casual and cheap, and a classic old-school kind of place. A must-visit if you are in South Beach.

    puerto sagua
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  • cochinjew's Profile Photo

    Mondongos branch of Medellin Colombia Restaurant: Sweetness of Antioquia in Miami

    by cochinjew Written Jul 19, 2008

    we had to drive a long way from 107 ave in kendall to this restaurant which is in NW 25th ave area, a fairly new area, more commercial than residential but the colombian presence could be felt.
    walked in all the workers looked paysanos and a distinct colombian feel to the place but i cant tell you exactly what , certainly the brashness of cuban cafes were absent, most of the clientele were also non cuban miami latins, it was evident from the quietness of the restaurant. family groups eating without much gesturing and polite.
    our waitress was sandras, from medellin and i was reminded of the few trips i had made there.
    my sister insisted that we have pescade a la plancha which was so delicious i cannot begin to describe it. i can see why she and her husband goes there often to eat the fish grilled to perfection which comes with platanos, like a very large patacones, with rice and avacado and tomato and with sauce

    Favorite Dish: Pescado a la plancha, just delicious
    a nice touch ( colombian? south american sophistication rather than the caribbean brashness?), wines were individual bottles which had more than one glass, and from chile. what a nice touch and priced just at 2.8 euros, cheaper than a small perrier in paris..
    the meal was really inexpensive compared to the ambience and the quality of the food. on my next visit i will insist that my friends once again take me there.. to remind me of alvaro mutis and fernando botero and those nights of love and jasmines in medellin with restrepos and jaramilos and sweet sweet kisses..

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  • cochinjew's Profile Photo

    Maroosh in Coral Gables: Good Lebanese Food

    by cochinjew Written Jun 7, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    this restaurant is situated in a nicer part of town. the owner is a congenial man from Lebanon. i have eaten here on many occasions, usually with arab people from Jamaica. the inside ofthe restaurant is welcoming. the last two occasions i have had the same waiter, a porteno, with whom i could share my nostalgia bout Buenos Aires. He brought me a nice glass of red wine, a malbec from argentina

    Favorite Dish: the usual array of the lebanese dishes
    jerusalem salad
    whole wheat pita
    maze or koldomar
    chicken and lamb kebab
    there were five of us and we all ate very well. good servive and good food

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  • BigBlueOne's Profile Photo

    Manolo: Spanish Sandwiches on Miami Beach

    by BigBlueOne Written Apr 22, 2008

    This is a little diner that specializes in Spanish sandwiches and other like fare. Its cool because you can sit right on Collins Avenue and watch all the Miami Beachers going by.

    Favorite Dish: I had a steak sandwich that was on fresh baked bread and had a fried egg on it (which sounded weird at first but turned out to be awesome!).

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  • Astrobuck's Profile Photo

    Latin American Grill: Local Latin American Food

    by Astrobuck Updated Apr 21, 2008

    This is a nice grill located in Northwest Miami. They serve tons of food from all over the carribbean and Latin America.

    Favorite Dish: The Cuban. Its a sandwich that has 3 types of meats and lettuce. The bread was kind of hard, but good.

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  • Danusia30's Profile Photo

    The Melting Pot: delicious selection of fondue!!!

    by Danusia30 Updated Apr 5, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There's a great selection of dishes to choose from....Delicious cheese fondues, salads, seafood/meat fondues, and dessert fondues!!!!!...and delicous martinis!!!
    It's a different experience than other's my personal absolute favorite!!!

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  • cochinjew's Profile Photo

    La Fogata: Argentine Parillada in Kendall

    by cochinjew Written Apr 1, 2008

    this restaurant has that feeling of a neighbourhood restaurant in a middle class neighbourhood in Buenos Aires. Unpretentious, staffed by people with varying spanish accents. always comfortably full and with good service. they have specials during the lunch time, in which a baby churrasco is a popular dish

    Favorite Dish: I had grilled Mahi Mahi which truly melted in the mouth. My sister had baby churrasco which is a small steak done to your liking.
    with two accompaniments: blackbeans and rice ; sweet plantains. a good meal
    it is not that expensive at all. the bill was only 24 usd including tax and tips. slightly cheaper during lunch time. didnt try any wine.

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  • cochinjew's Profile Photo

    Siam Gourmet: Tasty Siamese Food

    by cochinjew Written Apr 1, 2008

    Everytime I am in Miami, i try to eat here at least once. Wife cooks and the gentleman husband, elderly serves. non pretentious. good tasty tucker.

    Favorite Dish: I recommend Mussuman Curry. Panang Curry. with Tofu or Shrimp
    i have had most of their dishes including Pad Thai and Pad Keow me, which is much like Keow Teow ( spelling?) sold in Malaysia.
    the accompanying thai salad is very similar to the mango salad in viet restaurants but with local ingredients and peanut sauce.

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  • Aquarama's Profile Photo

    Delano: Madona knows how to treat her guests

    by Aquarama Updated Jan 5, 2008

    Delano is my favorite spot in Miami... it's a hotel that has a fantastic restaurant, great bar on the pool side... and what a pool... 50yrds long bordered with palm trees and bungalows hosting big beds allowing the patrons to relax and sip their drinks Roman's style.
    The restaurant is wonderful. Madona's hired a great french chef, which delivers fantastic dishes, very subtle and seasonned, marrying eclectic combinations of produce. The result is amazing... in a somptuous decor built up by french architect Stark. This restaurant is top notch, the service is impecable and the prices are reasonable given the quality of the place... $50 per head without wine... If you like full body wines, I recommend their Russian River. Will be perfect with their filet mignon.

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  • Maia's: Cajun / Creole food in Homestead

    by chavodon Written Jan 4, 2008

    There is a wonderful intimate restaurant in historic downtown Homestead Florida.
    The menu is limited, but everything on it is top notch.
    A family from New Orleans made Homestead their new home.
    Tucked away in Homestead"s Antique Mall is this warm, curious restaurant.

    Favorite Dish: The menu is small. Oyster and Shrimp PoBoys, seafood gumbo, jambalaya with generous amounts of sausage and seafood, the rice is infused with flavors you not describe.

    For a lighter choice, the chicken pesto salad is delicious.

    Excellent coffee's and beers add to the pleasure of this cafe.

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  • cochinjew's Profile Photo

    My Sister Jacki's Kitchen in Kendall: Some of the Best Food in Miami

    by cochinjew Written Oct 22, 2007

    My sister Jackie was born in England but was brought up in Jamaica and educated in England ( Isle of Wight). Learned to cook Middle Eastern Food because of her marriage into a Lebanese family from Jamaica.
    Before I arrive in Miami: from Cuba or Paris or los Indios, I give her enough notice and sure enough, a nice dinner, with unexpected flavours would be waiting. What is more important is the love she puts into it and the care with which she makes sure that i eat it, and share her precious time with me.
    Every one should have a sister like Jackie!

    Favorite Dish: Lebanese specialities, she would make all the condiments from the scratch: hummus, tahina, baba ganoush, labna
    Jamaican specialities too numerous to mention
    and as the picture shows, fresh fish pan seared..
    thank you sister

    sisters cooking

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