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Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Miami

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    by Homanded Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    Jelly Fish are also common to our shores. They are often overlooked due to their transparent nature (except for the bright blue Man o War = see pictures) and the first hint you've been stung by one may be the painful burning sensation you will feel on your body, legs and arms.

    Jelly Fish float in the water, often times just below surface and sting by wrapping their tentacles around an exposed area of your skin. Sharp, burning sensation and muscle spasms soon ensue ruining your perfect beach outing.
    Heed life guard warnings and signs along the beaches if Jelly Fish are out.

    What to do if you're stung by a Jelly Fish:

    Remain Calm (unless you're allergic, the only side effect will be a painful discomfort).

    Exit the Water and remove any tentacles still attached to your body as these continue to deliver poison. DO NOT SCRAPE THEM OFF WITH HANDS OR A STICK! This only causes more stings as a form of reflex by the jelly's tentacles.

    Rinse area well with SALT WATER - not fresh and contact the life guard (most carry something for the pain - Meat Tenderizer is a common relief) or vinegar which de-activates the poison.
    If no vinegar is available, human urine will work as well! Only male urine should be used (go figure - I'm not making this up).

    Pain and redness can be treated with over the counter pain relievers for sunburn. If pain persists, you have muscle spasms, difficulty breathing or swallowing, go to nearest emergency room or dial 911. A doctor will need to administer IV anti histemines.
    Also, if swelling, blisters that won't go away or secondary infections develop, you may need antibiotics.

    Further: Sea Lice are microscopic baby jelly fish which get into your swim suit and once trapped inside cannot escape and adhere to your skin. Much smaller than full grown adults but it can be hundreds of them stinging you at once! You will need to remove swim suit ASAP and rinse well.

    Man O War Common sight in So. Florida - DO NOT STEP ON IT!

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    No Indoor Photography Allowed

    by grandmaR Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    I was incensed to find that there was no photography allowed at Vizcaya. This is what their website says.

    "Personal Photography (Bridal and Quince) permits for OUTSIDE PHOTOGRAPHY ONLY are available for purchase at the ticket booth and DO NOT REQUIRE RESERVATIONS. Permits are issued from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily. Cost is $75.00 plus tax. Each permit admits a total of 6 people, including the photographer. PERMIT FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.


    1. Photography is allowed ONLY with a permit and receipt showing payment.
    2. All vehicles must park in Vizcaya's regular parking lot.
    3. Photography is permitted in the Gardens only, except the Secret Garden.
    4. All telephone calls must be made at the pay phones in the Service Area or in the regular parking lot.
    5. Photographers and their subjects must not block doors, driveways, stairs or ramps from public use.
    6. Photography is not permitted inside the Museum.
    7. The only restrooms available to photo permit holders are those in the Service Area. As the caf? and gift shop area is a concession area not operated by Vizcaya Museum, photo permit holders may not use their restrooms.
    8. Photographers and their subjects must comply with any direction given to them by Vizcaya staff. Any photographer disregarding the above rules may lose his/her privilege of photographing at Vizcaya "

    In actual practice, there seems to be no restrictions on tourist photography. For commercial photography (which I think is pictured) there are additional requirements and fees.

    "Certificate of Insurance for Public Liability Insurance in an amount not less than $1,000,000. combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage is required. Miami-Dade County, c/o Vizcaya Museum and Gardens..must be named as additionally insured.

    8:00 A.M. TO 5:30 P.M $1,650.00 $750.00
    Each hour before 8:00 A.M. and after 5:30 P.M. $100.00 $50.00

    Fashion shoot Past of the pergola they were using Pergola area from inside the house What is that up his butt? Not a fashion shoot
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    by Homanded Written Aug 6, 2006

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    Rip currents are one of the leading causes of drowning here in South Florida. Every year our news cover the accidental drowning of tourists who are not familiar with these dangerous beach hazards not uncommon to our shores.
    They can be found on many beaches throughout the US everyday! and form near sand bars, jetties and piers.

    If you are not a strong swimmer, avoid swimming alone, heed rip current warnings and stay in shore.
    Rip currents pull you away from shore and fighting it will wear you out. Drowning soon follows.
    For more information on Rip currents and how to survive them, check the following link:

    Water motion during a rip current How to survive a rip current

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    Best reason not to go to Cocowalk on Thursdays

    by balisunshine Written May 15, 2005

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    As quoted from the Miami New Times:

    'Every Thursday night
    college punks swarm the streets
    of Coconut Grove
    in the quest to get F--ked up.

    Perhaps because of the
    eldless amout of chemicals
    flowing through their bodies,
    they find reason to converge at
    the doorsteps of this log cabin watering hole.

    They are greeted by a rude,
    mullet sporting door monster whose
    only concern is his own status
    as the man.

    As he creates in his mind the exclusivity
    of a chic South Beach nightspot,
    he arbitrarily allows members
    of the herd to get in.

    Inside its just as bad.

    This places caters to jockish frat boys
    in all their macho state of minds.

    This, in turn, causes nothing but
    headaches (not the hang over kind)
    as patrons are forced to shift through
    testosterone cesspool with
    only a prayer of actually
    making it to the bar to order a drink.'

    Lets get wasted!
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  • Weather Warnings are Not Jokes

    by CanuckMark Written Apr 27, 2004

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    When bad weather hits Miami, it hits!

    During my stay I managed to wake-up to the sound of a waterfunnel making it’s way across the bay towards my hotel. Unbelievable sight!!

    All this to say that when the nice lady on Channel 7 says bad weather is coming – she is not lying!!!

    Taken from hotel balcony

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  • Water Woes

    by CanuckMark Updated Apr 27, 2004

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    During the wet season, there are times when the rain comes down in buckets. Not all that bad, expect that some of the streets of Miami can become flooded as a result, making it difficult for drivers who come from "drier" climates.

    In this picture taken from my hotel balcony, you can see that the rain has stopped, but the flooding has reached the door panels of most cars. Hitting a puddle like this at high speeds is both fun and terribly dangerous.

    For all the other Canadians out there -- bring a canoe.

    Why You Should Rustproof in Miami...

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    Short, clear and indispensable......

    by schurlif Updated Feb 19, 2011

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    Not much to describe here but just immerse ( or dive....) into the beauty of this original and highly intelligent warning sign.

    No diving in 1 m deep pool water !! You'll break your skull, even though your arm is braking your suicidal jump..... Blood will squirt...... And what are you diving anyway with just one leg ??

    Go figure....

    I couldn't omit this, I had to document this, it's just too funny......

    careful, people.......
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    Pedestrian Crossings

    by cochinjew Written Jun 26, 2008

    Today arriving at MIAMI airport, just crossing over to the Garage turned out to be an experience. None of the drivers would stop at the zebra crossing for pedestrians and you have to sneak past speeding cars! Ah.. the latin side of Miami.. Miami drivers do not have the penchancy for rigorous rules. so watch out while crossing the roads, pedestrians do not have any privileges

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    Miami is HOT.

    by ClariceStarling Updated Apr 6, 2006

    Now, I know that Miami is hot and I realize this isn't a major "news flash" for anyone. I live in North Carolina, which is also known for its oppressive heat and humidity; however, nothing could have prepared me for the weather in Miami. We visited in mid-May and the temperatures averaged in the mid to upper 90's with extreme humidity and frequent thunderstorms. I was often drenched in sweat just from walking from the hotel to the car. I took several showers and I went through several different outfits each day. For example, on the first full day I was there, I had to change into outfit #2 just after breakfast. If I visit Miami again in the future, I would plan to return during a cooler month. Due to the heat, I don't feel that I was able to enjoy the trip as much I could have otherwise. There were so many fun things to do, but I found myself more motivated to seek air conditioning or dive into the pool.

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    Downtown Nightclubs

    by YearAroundTheWorld Updated Mar 1, 2010

    Miami's downtown 24 hour nightlife district is home to many fun nightclubs. These are the clubs the locals go to. All night warehouse type parties with famous international DJs and smaller art student & hipster dives that can be a blast. South Beach clubs can be over priced and touristy, head downtown on the weekends for more local flavor.

    But it is also not always a safe area. It can be innocent like bums and crackheads coming out after dark to harass people for money, or it can be a bit more dangerous.

    One scam I've seen and have been lucky enough to avoid is the guy that hangs outside of a club asking for assistance with his car at 5am, when people start leaving these clubs.

    Something along the lines of "My car has broken down on the freeway, and my pregnant girlfriend is still up there. Can you help us out?"

    Put up your guard, especially if they ask how long you've been in Miami. They pick people that look like tourists, and they're more likely to ask if you come out of the club alone.

    Tell them to call the police or a tow truck if it's such a big issue, and walk away.

    South Florida has a Road Ranger service too, so a request like this is a complete lie. If a car breaks down on the freeway, they'll see it on the traffic cameras and send someone out.

    I'm not sure what the outcome of this scam is, but getting led away into the dark in downtown Miami at 5am will never turn out well...

    Harmless Crazy Man
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    by parsix Written Nov 11, 2003

    Sonia is famous for her ability to make disasters. The same aplies to myself. Every mornign she will be late for school, she will take a cafe con leche for the drive. Well, most of the coffee will end in her shirt..... no matter how hard she tried. She was Queen of disasters..

    Sonia desastrosa

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