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  • The center stairway on doll show day.
    The center stairway on doll show day.
    by 850prc
  • The MG I almost bought today
    The MG I almost bought today
    by 850prc
  • The sign says here.  :)
    The sign says here. :)
    by 850prc

Miccosukee Things to Do

  • miccosukee village

    there are a couple of historic homes and the miccosukee methodist church in downtown miccosukee. the miccosukee methodist church dates back to 1876 and is the oldest building in miccosukee. the area around miccosukee is nice to drive around and see beautiful hunting plantations.

  • reeves landing

    reeves landing is a leon county boat ramp that accesses beautiful lake miccosukee. lake miccosukee offers excellent bass and bluegill fishing.

  • Get yourself invited to Sunday dinner

    When you're in the deep south, you owe it to yourselves to check out the local home cookin' cuisine. Southern food is a delightful mix of cultures and history, all rolled onto one lip-smacking tasty plate. It's generally simple fare, roasted and seasoned meats, fresh vegetables and wonderful soups and stews. Sometimes it may feature items...


Miccosukee Restaurants

  • A good deli near Miccosukee? Believe...

    There are really NO restaurants or cafes in Miccosukee. We do have a small grocery store, and they sell smoked sausages and such. But... the closest real eating place is about six miles away on US highway 90.The Hilltop Country Store and Deli is a great place. They have wonderful deli sandwiches, as well as terrific barbecue and hamburgers. Fried...

  • The closest actual restaurant to...

    It's still about an 8 mile drive, but THE closest sit-down restaurant to Miccosukee is the Creekside Grill. The Creekside is one of those "sometimes OK but sometimes really good" places. It really depends on the people working the kitchen and your server.They have a wide variety of menu items, including fresh seafood, steaks, chicken and such....


    This is another simple recipe that will produce a tasty little southern meal. AND.... you can do it all in one electric skillet....very little kitchen mess.4 boneless butterfly pork chops pounded to tenderize6-7 average sized yellow squash cut into 1/4 inch "coins"1 medium onion, sliced thin and separated into rings4 TBsp cooking oil,...

  • SKILLET CORN, recipe/cooking information

    This is one of the recipes I remember loving from my grandmother's kitchen....Southern Skillet Corn8 ears of shucked and cleaned fresh corn (still on the cob)1 cup of butter (two sticks)1/2 cup of whipping cream or buttermilk1 large sweet onion, dicedsalt, pepper and Louisiana hot sauce (to taste)OK, this isn't really a recipe, folks. I'm just...

  • MICCOSUKEE ICED TEA, recipe/preparation...

    I love iced tea. It's my drink. And unlike many in the south, I choose to drink mine unsweetened. Many southerners have been raised on "sweet tea" and it's fine. But to me, it just doesn't quench my thirst.I'd spent years searching for the perfect glass of iced tea, much in the same way that I still search for THE perfect fried chicken breading....

  • FLORIDA CRAB CAKES, recipe/cooking...

    Florida Crab cakes are seriously good, folks. Good eatin' in the deep Gulf south, and a perfect meal to have if you're visiting someone in Miccosukee.Florida Crab Cakes1 lb lump crabmeat (trap caught! : )2 cups fresh breadcrumbs1/4 cup finely chopped scallions or onion1 tsp "Old Bay" seasoning2 or 3 eggs, well-beaten ( I use 3)1/2 cup mayonnaise1...

  • FRIED OKRA, this is how it's supposed to...

    OK, this isn't much of a tip. But for any of you who've read my previous tip on frying up okra, I thought you might like a look at the finished product.And, after we took this photo (admittedly, THE first time I'd ever considered taking a picture of a plate of okra), we finished it off...And, it was GOOOOOOOOOD.And, I loved the look on my sweet...

  • FRIED OKRA, recipe/cooking information

    How many of you non-southerners have ever eaten fried okra? Well, if not, you've missed the feedbag, folks. Okra is a pod-like vegetable grown throughout the southern US and parts of Latin America. It was imported into the south and put into use from Africa, during the sad days of slavery.OK, here's how you make it..Get yourself a "mess" of okra. A...

  • HOMINY GRITS, recipe and cooking...

    Grits are a mainstay of southern cooking, especially for breakfast. Made from coarsely ground hominy, they cook up into a filling and very satisfying little cereal-like dish. Some folks will tell you that they are similar to Cream of Wheat, but I vehemently disagree. I hate COW and love grits.Cooking grits is very easy, and you should just follow...


Miccosukee Nightlife

  • Nightlife in Miccosukee.... it ain't Las...

    Miccosukee, Florida is not Las Vegas. Hell, it's not even Los Alamos. Partying in Miccosukee at night is pretty much a "Los Cause". (lost cause...being funny)About the only two places inside the village of Miccosukee with anything going on most nights are Cal-Mart (see tip in shopping, open until about 10 pm) and the Miccosukee Community Center....

  • off the beaten path

    reeves fish camp is a small beer bar and bait shop on lake miccosukee. the bar has four stools and a t.v. there also is a covered deck with a view of lake miccosukee. the food offering is packaged snacks. a really "off the beaten path" type of place. none

  • Another look at the Miccosukee Community...

    Same as previous tip, basically. I just wanted to give you a better look at the Community Center building.BTW, we used to have our town voting precinct at this center, which was fine. It's been moved to Indian Springs Baptist Church, which I love..... since it's next door to my house. To vote in any election, I just take a nice 100 yard walk.There...


Miccosukee Shopping

  • Terrific country sausage for almost 80...

    About 6 miles outside of Miccosukee is Bradley's Country Store, home of Bradley's Country sausage. The fine folks at Bradley's (ie the Bradley family) have made great sausage for almost 80 years. I've eaten my weight in their specialty over the years. Bradley's also offers a first rate butcher-shop service for country-style meats. Fine country ham,...

  • Everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink

    Our neighborhood store is Cal-Mart, also know of as "the little supermarket". The folks who run Cal-Mart are a friendly lot, and they've always got a smile for you when you come through the door.It's nice to know that we have such a place only a couple of miles from my house. Otherwise, I'd be making a lot of longer trips into Tallahassee or nearby...

  • Miccosukee Hotels

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Miccosukee Warnings and Dangers

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    by 850prc Updated Jan 6, 2008

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    When I travel, especially abroad, folks think that living in Florida means that I spend my life sipping cool drinks under palm trees on forever warm and sunny days. And while we do have pretty decent weather most of the time, we do live in NORTH Florida. It has actually snowed in Miccosukee before, we usually get a 'blizzard" (maybe half an inch of snow) every 20 years or so. The last measurable snow we had was in 1989, so we may be due.

    We greeted 2008 with some seriously cold weather, at least for Florida. Take a look at the accompanying (other) photo. The number on the left (24) was the temperature in Fahrenheit at the time. (this is my outside temperature monitor) For those of you unfamiliar with the Fahrenheit scale, that is 8 degrees below freezing.

    So, if you visit in winter, don't leave your jacket or sweater at home, you may need it.... but you won't need it for long, I promise. but until it warms up, find someone to snuggle up to after the sun goes down. ;)

    TIF = 24 degrees F outside... find the brandy!

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Miccosukee Off The Beaten Path

  • Reeves Landing/Reeves Fish Camp, Lake...

    Reeves Fish Camp is at Reeves Landing, at the edge of Lake Miccosukee. To get there, travel east on Cromartie Road until it deadends at a plantation gate. Go left on what becomes Reeves Landing Road. Keep following the PAVED road, about 3 miles, to Lake Miccosukee and Reeves Fish Camp.Reeves rents boats, sells bait, and has all other needed fishing...

  • Cromartie Road, true rural beauty

    The road east of Miccosukee, heading towards Reeves Landing and Lake Miccosukee features some of the most serene and beautiful rural farmland in Leon County.I'd suggest that any Sunday walk, bicycle trip or drive in the area of Miccosukee include a trip down Cromartie Road.

  • Gone Fishing part II, Lake Miccosukee

    If you can't get invited to fish privately, or if you're hot to actually go out in a boat, you can mosey on down to Lake Miccosukee. LM is a huge (maybe a hundred square miles) swampy lake just east of Miccosukee. There are boats for rent at the shore's edge (see my Reeves Landing/Fish Camp tip). To my knowledge, you can buy your state fishing...


Miccosukee Favorites

  • Old Cemetaries

    All around the Miccosukee area are numerous old and almost forgotten cemetaries. Many of these are "black" cemetaries, created in the days when white and black people lived and died in separate circles. For what it's worth, cemetaries remain substantially segregated. But, nobody seems too upset about it.... it may be that nobody is interested in...

  • The annual Classic Cars & Doll show

    For the last few years, Miccosukee has hosted a tidy little event called "The Classic Car and Doll Show". It's a simple, gentrified little get-together held annually on the grounds of the local Van Brunt-Morris (1911) house (see separate tip).The classic cars are generally of British origin, seeing as how the event is hosted by the North Florida...

  • The Van Brunt - Morris House

    The village of Miccosukee has several old houses on state's historic register.The Van Brunt - Morris house is located just north of the town center, on Veterans Memorial Drive. It was completed in 1911.Like all of the town's historic homes, all are in current use as residence for a local family. These are historic HOMES, lovingly cared for by their...


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