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  • Nightclubs and Bars
    by SanLogan
  • Nightclubs and Bars
    by SanLogan
  • wall & orange
    wall & orange
    by doug48
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    Cairo Nightclub: No not in...

    by MrGQ Written Sep 8, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Cairo Nightclub: No not in Egypt but right here in sunny warm Orlando!! Its a college club with live reggae on the roof, and old-school rap and top DJs spinning dance retro and top 40 sounds give Cairo a multiclub effect. Good looking women are invited to dance on table around the bar as 'eager' guys shower them with attention! Ice anyone :)

    Nico I have grown out of college club days! Anything more classy? Well .. umm .. yeah!

    Try Tabu! Tabu has a fairly upscale clients with matching attire code! So dress to impress! This where beautiful people hang out! ( I think I am gonna go puke now!) :)

    Nico .. I'm a party animal! Anything worthy?

    Club H202! Thats water for you who never paid attention in chemistry class :)Its open late! Great for dancing! Also have a reputation for being a pick up place! Not that I have ever tried!

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  • the Club at Firestone

    by miromi Updated Sep 7, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    the Club at Firestone
    the design of the place is very nice, very classy, and it's the most prominent club in Orlando. It's in what used to be a Firestone building. I like the cages with dancing people and the Barbarella-esque bar upstairs. Thankfully I never ran into any of the gross Zuma Beach sexually harassing guy crowd here, but I don't go that often, maybe they just visit on off days

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  • miromi's Nightlife Tip

    by miromi Written Sep 7, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    a few years ago there was a sensationalistic gigantic expose about the Orlando rave scene in Rolling Stone magazine, generally describing it as a tucked away underground exstacy-fueled paradise. not all journalism comes close to the truth, but this sure did! yes, sasha and digweed did start residency at firestone on orange avenue! yes, dj keoki really used to spin weekly here! yes, everyone used to do so many drugs they dropped dead from exhaustion and overheated nightclubs! there is some really great house music here and people seem to root for DJs the way people in other parts of the country root for football or hockey teams. of course the city government cracked down, banning after hours nightclubs (except in Downtown Disney heh heh) and busting everything left and right so the kids 'don't got no fun no more'. but whoa! the parties here always struck me as completely out of your mind decadent, maybe not in a healthy way, but there's nothing else to do and the republicans control everything, so self annhilation doesn't seem so bad, does it?

    Dress Code: flowy. people here dance better than any other place i've been to.

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    Downtown Disney and Universal...

    by GeraldK Written Aug 26, 2002

    Downtown Disney and Universal Studios Boardwalk
    West Side
    AMC® 24 Theatres Complex
    DisneyQuest® Indoor Interactive Theme Park™
    Bongos Cuban Cafe™
    Cirque du Soleil®
    House of Blues®
    Planet Hollywood®
    Virgin™ Megastore

    Pleasure Island

    The Adventurers Club
    BET SoundStage Club™
    The Comedy Warehouse
    Mannequins Dance Palace
    The Pleasure Island Jazz Company
    The Rock N Roll Beach Club

    The Adventurers Club

    Step into the 1930s at The Adventurers Club, where you will enjoy live stage shows in an eccentric explorers club. Laugh at our daring adventures in four outrageous rooms filled with continuous entertainment.

    BET SoundStage™ Club

    This club delivers urban contemporary entertainment consistent with the programming of the BET Cable Network. Groove to the sounds of R&B and hip-hop on an expanded dance floor, or chill at an outdoor terrace. The club also serves a Caribbean-style finger-food menu.

    The Comedy Warehouse

    Laugh along when the Who, What and Warehouse Players create and deliver the funniest improv comedy. It's never the same show twice.

    Mannequins Dance Palace

    Move to the hot dance mix at Mannequins, Pleasure Island's ultimate dance club, on a revolving floor that spins you through the state-of-the-art light and sound systems. Voted No. 1 dance club in the Southeast.

    The Pleasure Island Jazz Company

    At the Pleasure Island Jazz Company, savor the smooth jazz sounds from the most current innovators and legendary vocalists.

    The Rock N Roll Beach Club

    Hey dudes and dudettes, the Rock N Roll Beach Club is the place to be! Party all night long with the finest live bands and craziest DJs, as the classic hits of yesterday meet the newest hits of today.


    Disco! Disco! Disco! Dance and boogie into the past with the decidedly familiar beat of disco at 8Trax. Surrounded by the crazy sights of the leisure-suit '70s, you'll recognize the rhythms of the best music from this era


    Feel the rush of the most exciting new club on Pleasure Island. It's the club that won't hold still, featuring everything from Top 40 to Alternative.

    Celebrity Eyeworks Studio
    Looking good! It's designer sunglasses and prescription eyewear, including replicas of glasses worn in recent films.

    DisneyQuest® Emporium
    Logo merchandise and gifts inspired by DisneyQuest® Indoor Interactive Theme Park.

    Mickey's Groove
    This trendy merchandise location features eclectic posters, innovative slamp lamps, handmade greeting cards, and souvenirs.

    Guitar Gallery™ by George's Music
    Take note! Here, you'll find one-of-a-kind and signature-model guitars from the world's best music artisans. Also, vintage guitars, accessories, books, guitar-themed clothing, and learner packages.

    Check out all the hubbub at this glorious gallery of art glass, ceramics, and sculptures in metal, wood, and stone, plus other decorative items.

    We're positive you'll find something you're attracted to in this magnetically charged marketplace of collector-quality magnets.

    Planet Hollywood® On Location
    Logo gifts and apparel, themed around the Planet Hollywood entertainment brand. The store is decorated with props, costumes and memorabilia from Motion Pictures and television.

    Sosa Family Cigars
    The humble humidor takes on grand style in this unique cigar shop. The Sosa family now brings us fresh, hand-rolled cigars for a primo smoking experience. You'll also find a wide variety of smoking accessories.

    It's camp. It's cool. It's everything ... and more, in a nostalgia-laden showroom full of everything collectible, from key chains and posters to Coca-Cola machines and Hollywood celebrity photos.

    Virgin™ Megastore
    The hottest tunes of all time, the best movies, the top books, and more. Take a look at great flicks in one of the 20 video/laser preview stations. Preview your favorite artists or discover new bands in a gallery of more than 300 CD listening stations. Or, check out a live performance on the elevated outdoor stage.
    During the day, it's the perfect place for shopping. But when the sun goes down, the streets fill up -- and so do eight outrageous clubs, including the one-and-only BET Soundstage™ club. Start hopping for a nightly explosion of fun for adults after 7 p.m.

    It's wild comedy, smooth jazz, hot rock, the No. 1 dance club in the Southeast, and everything else the party animal in you ever dreamed of. And at midnight every night, it's Times Square on New Year's Eve. There's live entertainment around the Island every night. And on some nights, you could even catch a live performance in every club.

    Dress Code: None

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  • Edgeon's Profile Photo

    There are three main locations...

    by Edgeon Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are three main locations to go at night in Orlando: Pointe Orlando, City Walk and Downtown. Pointe Orlando is on International Drive and very near to most hotels on the strip. City Walk is in Universal and near to the hotels there. Downtown takes some effort: it requires a cab if you don't have a rental car, but it's where you'll find the Floridians and not the tourists.
    Pointe Orlando has only two clubs, both are new and I've been to neither. The whole area is only a few years old. It is a great place for a cheap date, though: There's a huge movie theatre there, which can be followed by a good hour of playing with toys in the FAO Shwartz and then walking around and people watching.
    Citywalk has one kind of every club: a techno club, a jazz club, a Latin club, a reggea club. Only the jazz club is for those under 21. You can buy one pass for all clubs and parking is free at night. Sometimes the techno club will host legal raves (good, but not as good as the illegal kind) and those require a seperate ticket. Because it is Universal, the clubs have a prefabricated feel to them, but the music and vibe is not bad. The only problem is selection: if you only like one kind of music, you only get one kind of club. When tired of dancing, take a ride on the free water taxi. You'll round a bend into the water entrance to Portafino Bay Hotel. At night it's breathtaking and the hotel is purposely built to hide the Orlando hotels behind it. In other words, you feel like you stepped into Italy.
    Downtown: This is where Orlando nightlife resides. I-4 East will get you there from most Orlando hotels (roll your window down when pasing the Marina Bread Factory--they bake at night and the smell is divine.) Get off on any of the downtown exits. My recommendation is not to pay for parking at the pay parking lots. You can park at any of the banks for free or at the metered parking lot near the police station just off Orange Ave. It's 25 cents per half-hour and will save you a $5-$10 parking fee. Almost all the clubs along Orange Ave have no cover for 21 and over and often host well known artists if they do charge a cover (including mainstream techno acts and the occasional Backstreet Boy appearance). If you work in the foodservice or hotel industry (even if you are from out of town), you can get in free on Thursdays at some of the clubs. Several of the better, more upscale clubs are just a few blocks south, away from the crowds, including Cairo (a three story club, with different music on each story, including the roof) and Icon (a very upscale house club--dress to impress or they won't let you in). All the bars are over on Church street, but tend to have their share of drunken tourists. If you're tired, walk even farther south to the park. It's Orlando's biggest, with a huge lake with a fountain in the middle, running paths, benches and, most importantly after the thumping clubs, some quiet.

    Dress Code: Pointe Orlando and City walk will take you in jeans and tee-shirts. Many downtown clubs will not let you in unless you have a nicer shirt (also, no hats, bandannas, etc.)

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  • There are a lot of clubs in...

    by Shellabella Written Aug 26, 2002

    There are a lot of clubs in Orlando. I do think the whole Pleasure Island thing is rather neat and is fun. But I think it gets overcrowded and unless they are having a cool concert, I avoid it. Go into downtown Orlando for clubbing and cool nightlife.
    Barbarella and Cairo are nice places. Barbarella plays a lot of 80's music and it is a nice place. Cairo has 3 floors and each floor plays different music. 1st, 2nd...70's, 3rd...reggae. It's really cool. And Orlando has a big gay scene!! The number one club here is Southern Nights and it too is worth visiting.

    Dress Code: All places are pretty laid back. Whatever you wear is accepted. I am a jeans kind of person, so I never go places with a dress code. Clubs get too crowded and sweaty to worry about your wardrobe!!

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  • JuliWarfel's Profile Photo

    There is a night of the week...

    by JuliWarfel Updated Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There is a night of the week for everything here! Monday nights are hot at any ALE HOUSE location in Orlando. Tuesday is a big night at Disney's Pleasure Island (Clubs & Bars). Wednesday is definitely the night for Bennigans in Lake Buena Vista... The crowd is young, lively and international. Thursday night is another good time at P.I. Friday and Saturday are good EVERYWHERE. I recomend checking out Universal Studio's City Walk or Downtown Orlando on one of these nights and Sunday everyone flocks to Downtown Disney's House of Blues.
    The Lake Buena Vista area is wonderful for going out because the crowds are so internationaly friendly. Disney houses it's international exchange near by and the influx of tourists make everyone at home.

    Dress Code: We're pretty casual in these parts (Lake Buena Vista area). People definitely get dressed up sexy in tight pants and skirts and tiny tops but are accepting of blue jeans and sneakers most places... Bar Orlando, one of the hot places downtown DOES require collared shirts on guys so if you go to Downtown Orlando, you should be dressed to impress.

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  • JulesRules's Profile Photo

    In random order:City Walk...

    by JulesRules Written Aug 24, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In random order:
    City Walk (Universal)
    Pleisure Island (Disney)
    This is where the grown ups go, after it gets dark.
    Pleisure Island is somewhat cosier than City Walk, which is, I think, bigger.
    Lots of clubs, dancings and pubs.

    Dress Code: I'm afraid that in both parks there are quite a few people who entered straight after they saw the closing fire works in either Disney or Universal: shorts, t-shirts and slippers.
    A dress code doesn't really exists.

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  • Margaritaville at Universal CityWalk: Wings & Wheels

    by Foriano Updated Mar 17, 2006

    House bands Blue Stone Circle and Leonard Brothers peform here, along with Coral Reefers Fitzroy, Paul Vernon, John Stevens and T. Scott.

    Dress Code: Beach Culture and Boardwalk Boogy-Baggie fit this scene.

    Lone Traveler at Lone Palm Airport Bridge Doree at Lone Palm Airport and Tiki Hut
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    Local Bands and DJ's: Night Life In O-Town

    by Marinel Updated Jan 21, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A couple of hot spots to watch local bands are The Peacock room and The Social. More info can be found at

    Dress Code: Casual dressing.

    The Devil at The Peacock
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