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  • Take a Swim - Become my Lunch
    Take a Swim - Become my Lunch
    by riorich55
  • Taking Flight
    Taking Flight
    by riorich55
  • Animals
    by cobrioc

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    Yes Virginia, Florida Does Have Alligator's

    by riorich55 Updated May 4, 2009

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    Now, the chances you will actually see an alligator in a natural setting on your first trip to Orlando may not occur, but if you happen across one in the wild it is best to steer clear. The pictures I have listed here were actually taken at the Marriott resort we stayed at. I have seen a couple of alligator's floating in some lakes on a number of trips to the area, but they have been at a distance.

    Look at picture number 2 to see a live alligator in a live setting. This is as close I have ever gotten to one in the wild and it was down a steep embankment to the water below so I figured it couldn't very easily climb up to see me.

    Taking Flight Take a Swim - Become my Lunch
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    by BlueCollar Updated Nov 2, 2003

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    Shark bites are common. And, yes, I said bites . The last few summers have brought world-wide media coverage of shark attacks along the Daytona/New Smyrna Beach areas. These were bites...not attacks! (If you get bitten by a very small dog, do you say you were attacked or bitten?) Most of these 'attacks' were perpetrated by small sharks where the injuries mostly just needed stitches. In some extreme cases, patients needed surgery.

    However, shark attacks do happen. There was one a couple years ago in the Tampa/St. Pete area. A man jumped off his dock into the canal that connected to Tampa Bay and was promptly dispatched by an 8 foot (2.6m) bullshark. Talk about bad luck. And then there was the big story that received world-wide coverage in the media of the boy in the panhandle of the State that had his arm torn off by a shark. His uncle wrestled the shark and the boy to shore. He survived but I believe is not fully recovered due to brain damage caused by nearly bleeding to death.

    So heed these warnings: Be cautious around any body of water, especially at night; Swim only in designated areas; Always swim or hike with a partner; Stay out of the ocean at dawn and dusk and where the water is murky; When walking through forrested areas, stay on the trails; If bitten by any of the snakes shown above, you must seek medical attention immediately (just make sure you have a good description of the snake so the correct anti-venom may be administered).

    (continued in next tip)

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    WARNING. Sea Gulls are great...

    by Randall_Burt Written Sep 7, 2002

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    WARNING. Sea Gulls are great to Photograph but watch out for Bombing Missions. Nothing worse than to spend the day with SeaGull *?&* all over you. Ha. Ha. This Picture is at the Magic Kingdown aty Disney World. They love to be near the food stands, especially near the Boat Ride.

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    The only warnings I would have...

    by MiniRtist2 Written Aug 26, 2002

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    The only warnings I would have for Orlando are these: If you are allergic to fire ants stings, make sure you have Benadryl with you, and don't go barefoot in the grass. Also, they seem to like colognes and hairspray a lot, and bite more readily if you're wearing those.

    As far as traveling times, I know a lot of people are stuck traveling when their kids are out of school, but if you can do it, the best times to travel to Orlando are in October, early November, January and February. These are the best times (usually) weather-wise, and the least busy times of the year. Summer here is the hottest and rainiest time of the year, and is also really busy because school is out.

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    Dangers? Come on! This is...

    by BlueCollar Updated Oct 19, 2002

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    Dangers? Come on! This is paradise....there are no dangers here! However, there are a few animals that may cause one to have a bad day when venturing into any body of water OR forrested area. The most notable critters are the coral snake, water moccasin (aka: cottonmouth), eastern diamondback rattler, pigmy rattler, alligator, and sharks.

    All kidding aside, these are dangerous animals and are just about everywhere. Any pond, lake or river will have the moccasins and gators. Any forested area can have the moccasins and other snakes. Both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico will have sharks.

    Believe it or not, gator attacks are more common than you might think. Just do a search for 'gator+attacks+florida' on your favorite search engine. You'll see.

    One of the most famous gator fatalities in recent times here in the central Florida region was only a couple years ago. A mother with her small child were at the water's edge of Lake Ashby near Daytona Beach. She let her boy play with his dog (which is probably what attracted the gator) in the shallow water while she watched from a distance. She heard a large splash and turned to see that her son was gone.

    The professional trappers were called in by the State. They saw the gator that night with the boy's body in his mouth. They managed to track the gator down the next day and dutifully dispatched it. After opening the gator's stomach, they found some of the boy's remains.
    (continued in next tip)

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    Bewhere buying Alligator...

    by MartinR Written Aug 25, 2002

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    Bewhere buying Alligator products from gatorland (or anywhere else). They may be farmed, but according to British customs they are still an endangered animal, and they will confiscate anything they find on you.

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    Orlando isn't dangerous in...

    by flintofts Written Aug 25, 2002

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    Orlando isn't dangerous in very many ways. Obviously there are sigificantly more creepy crawlies than we have here in Great Britain but nothing too dangerous. Watch out for Mosquitto's and fireants (they can be dangerous if you have an unknown reaction). Repelent is enough to deal with these little buggers.

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  • Assume there are alligators in...

    by lkrikori Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Assume there are alligators in every body of water
    in Orlando, residents do. Accept water parks. They
    won't bother you, but you may catch a glimpse of
    one, if you look for their noses.

    Don't walk around without shoes. We have fire ants
    and other nasty critters which will bite. We also
    have no-see-ums (which you can't see, but they bite).
    If you get bit, get some benadryl at the drug store and
    slap it on. Also, mosquitos are bad when it rains, which
    is every night around 5pm during the summer.

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    Gatorland, Orlando,...

    by cobrioc Updated Oct 21, 2002

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    Just north of Kissimme, a monster alligator jaw marks the entrance to 55 acres of pens and pools teeming with alligators and breeding marsh area that can be observed safety from a raised boardwalk. there are daily alligator shows in the Wrestlin Stadium.

    Open daily 9AM to 6PM, admission fee at a gate: $19 for Child:$8,99 and here is my tip:Go Online at if you placing your order online, you can get discounted tickets and you get free 45 minutes phone card with each order.
    Placing your order Online you pay for only $14 Child only 6,99

    Get a free Express Pass, you don't have to wait 50-60 minutes before attraction.
    Gatorland offers four different shows:Up Close Encounters, Wrestlin Gator Show,Jungle Cross, and the Jumparoo Show. Each show is unique and exciting.
    At Pearl's Smokehouse, visitors can try smoked gator ribs or deep fried gator nuggets.For more information check out their website at or call 800-393-JAWS.
    14501 S. Orange Blossom Trail U.S.441
    Admission expensive, open daily 8-dusk.

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  • gv_Orlando's Profile Photo


    by gv_Orlando Written Sep 24, 2007

    If you see an alligator in the wild, don't get too close. Rule of thumb that residents tell amongst ourselves is to stay at least 25 yards away from them. Even on land, Alligators can move up to 40 mph in short distances. Don't approach them to touch them or feed them or take a picture with them.

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    The crocodile

    by Valentina777 Updated Nov 8, 2002

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    The biggest crocodile in the park is Alf, an American crocodile who was last measured at a little over 14 feet long ( 4.30m). Warning. Trespassers will be eaten!!!

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    Though they look harmless do...

    by stopatnothin Updated Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Though they look harmless do not throw food at them because I have seen these Pink beauties attack . They do not mean to of course but hey , the things we will do for a meal !

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