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  • Pensacola Beach
    Pensacola Beach
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  • Fort Pickens, Pensacola Beach
    Fort Pickens, Pensacola Beach
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    pensacola beach
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Pensacola Beach Things to Do

  • Fort Pickens: Well Preserved and...

    Gulf Islands National Seashore in Pensacola Beach has a lot to see. From spectacular beaches, interesting nature trails to a great Fort Pickens. The fort is located just few miles from the southern boundary of the park.Named after Major Andrew Pickens from South Carolina the fort is the largest of four that was built in the 19th century to protect...

  • Sugar-white sand

    While passing through the Pensacola area on a business trip many years ago, I recall staying at a Pensacola Beach motel because it was the off-season and prices were cheap. Something caused me to awaken during the night, and I went to the window to look outside. Forgetting where I was, I thought it had snowed during the night.The sand on the beach...

  • Fort Pickens - Gulf Islands NS

    This is a great place for kids. Keep an eye on them, but give them a little running space through the tunnels, and the open moat (no water). The ramparts are relatively staff, as there are parapets that the kids will stand behind the watch 'the enemy' - probably someone walking outside the walls! Interesting ruins.The forts of Gulf Islands National...

  • Go to the Beach

    In 1959, when we lived in Pensacola I remember going to Pensacola Beach a couple of times. This beach is apparently renowned for its white sand. I was not apparently into beaches at that time (or now except for taking pictures of them), or, more likely, I hadn't seen many other beaches, because I don't remember being particularly impressed. The...

  • The Fishing Pier

    Do spend the $1.00 to walk to the fishing pier that is just up the road from the Hampton Inn. Take in the beautiful view of the beach and in the water. The last time I was there, there were a ton of jelly fish all around the pier. The only un-nerving thing is that there are a lot of barracuda there as well. However, they usually don't bother...

  • Pensacola Beach Pavilion

    To get a visual idea of perfection of Pensacola head for the Pensacola Beach Pavilion to enjoy the beach-line of Seaside. Indeed a totally different skyline from Hollywood Movie-world, and yet, Seaside is so perfect that it could be a movie set. Maybe the feeling of an elf comes up because of the delicacy of the view of such a beauty. But it is too...


Pensacola Beach Hotels

Pensacola Beach Restaurants

  • memorable hot dogs and more

    cute little local place that will fix any of FOUR basic hot dogs (I had the Kosher dog) with any of a large variety of toppings! They also have other items. Kosher dog with sauerkraut, chili, and cheese -- my style. Nevermind what I like they will do a footlong, a regular dog, a Kosher dog or 1/4 pounder with any of MANY toppings. Banana...

  • Only for Dinner

    We wanted to have lunch out on Pensacola Beach to boost the economy after all the hurricane damage that they suffered, so we stopped here. But it turned out that they weren't open for lunch

  • Seafood, Fun, and nearly a museum

    Great atmosphere with a LOT to look at from the real fishing boat to the actual raft that brought refugees from Cuba. Service was friendly but a bit slow by my standard for 'casual dining' and food was good. This seems to be the "other" local restaurant group as they own an Irish Pub (looks quaint and family friendly) in Pensacola and Crabs across...

  • Sprorts Bar, Seafood, Kids welcome

    A sports bar with seafood in a convenient locations. This is owned by the folks that own Peg Leg Pete's so they also have their own seafood market to get the fresh seafood. You can likley count about 40 flat screen TVs and any sports event you want to see! (TEN, yes, TEN satellite signal receivers!!_) Lunch Fried Shrimp $8.95, AZ great meal at a...

  • Really Fresh Seafood + FUN

    The folks who own this place own a seafood market. Kids are welcomed with pirate patches (just ask) a pirate statue, a huge playground, and meals in a bucket. Adults find a great selection of cold beer and great seafood. A really fun atmosphere for all! Awarded by the Pensacola News Journal:Best Place to Take the Kids Best Cajun Food Best Oyster...

  • Home-made Culinary Dish!

    Well, as we slowed down our speed, we often made our own supper. The Modica Market, just around the corner, can stock your cottage with groceries, meats, fresh vegetables, desserts, beer, wine, water and cold drinks, you just may use its Modica Market shopping list to order.Looking for something special? Order to your heart's delight with a Modica...


Pensacola Beach Nightlife

  • In The Heat of The Night

    Some beaches are made of broken shells and red coral. Mostly of a reddish or pinky color. When you walk on a beach like this you can feel the coarseness of the sand under your feet, and hear the creaking of the coral skeleton sand, like walking on snow. These corals have been thrown along the coast by waves and tide and produced a kind of sand that...

  • Bamboo Willie's

    This is a cool bar right on the beach. You can drive there, walk there, or arrive by boat. When my then-fiance and I were there, it was eerily quiet (there was a recent hurricane). But I could tell that it would be a fun place to hang out at night-time when the weather's nice. There are photos of girls and guys in various levels of undress...

  • Local Flavor

    If you'd dig a taste of local flavor, this is IT. Just as comfortable as the local corner pub; beer and a shot, yes; more, oh yeah! This is where I met my first Jager Bomb - Look out!! Casual; come as you are...


Pensacola Beach Transportation

  • RoyJava's Profile Photo

    Fly Away & Go For Seaside

    by RoyJava Updated Jul 17, 2005

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We flew from Miami to Pensacola, and went on by car ... yep, quite a drive for Europeans. Whether by car, RV, plane, bus or train, it's easy to get to Seaside and hard to leave, we got told. Recommended using one of the following airports to get into the area, and then obtaining ground transportation to Seaside:

    Panama City (Bay County) Airport
    Fort Walton Beach (Okaloosa Regional) Airport
    Get Driving Directions

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Pensacola Beach Shopping

  • YES -- typical beach store merchandise

    these are the names of three stores that you could actually walk between. Typical beachware, shells, flags, and Island Style is smaller but with more unique items (I actually spent money in THIS one).

  • Sending A Seaside Postcard

    The Pensacola Beach Pavilion, the streets lined with picket fences and wood villa-houses with porches and tin roofs, the Historical Museum, the Ruskin Place, the Holy Ghost Shell, the Red Coral Beach all create supremely satisfying photographs. So you can hardly take a bad photo in Seaside.And an easy walk all over Pensacola is peace of cake to see...

  • The First to Re-Open

    There weren't many places of business open out on Pensacola Beach. This was one of them. You can see the construction in the background. Booze


Pensacola Beach Local Customs

  • S L O W - D O W N

    The essence of Seaside is "slowing down" ... sharing time and creating memories with the people you love. Creating new ideas for fashion photography too! The relaxed atmosphere here took us in the mood of tranquility, peace and quiet ... and forced us to slow down (you should know about the hectic world of fashion) !In a ceremonial way we succeeded...

  • Keep Your Voice Down

    Remember the villa is not yours! Yep,... villa (it's really too luxurious to be called a cottage) I wrote. People worked very hard planning, designing, and building their dream-houses at Seaside, see the results. Details played a big role and people wished for a joy to live. The houses are very close, so you'll get the feeling of one big family....

  • Pensacola Beach Hotels

    33 Hotels in Pensacola Beach

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Pensacola Beach Warnings and Dangers

  • The Old Bridge

    The first bridge across Pensacola Bay was built in 1931 - a concrete drawbridge that connected Gulf Breeze to Pensacola. They replaced it in 1960. The first picture was taken in 1960 from the 1931 bridge of the 1960 bridge which is under construction next to it. The second picture is the two bridges together. This original bridge has now been...

  • Hurricane Damage

    In December 2005, we drove out to Pensacola Beach to see how much hurricane damage there was. We had already been to Destin, Fort Walton Beach and Navarre Beach.There was quite a bit of stuctural damage to the buildings at the beach (in addition to the first picture, the fourth and fifth pictures also show damaged buildings). There were a couple of...

  • Surf Danger Flags

    All along this section of beach there is a flag system to warn beachgoers of how much undertow danger and surf there is. When we were at Pensacola Beach the flags were Green Green is Low Hazard, Calm Conditions. Orange is Medium Hazard, Moderate Surf or Currents. Red is High Hazard, High Surf or Strong Currents (fifth picture), and Two Red ...


Pensacola Beach Tourist Traps

  • Mindy_J's Profile Photo

    Don't do the $25.00 beach rental

    by Mindy_J Written Jul 9, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Paying $25.00 for 8 hours for 2 chairs and an umbrella

    Unique Suggestions: Do it only if your there for one day & you don't have a place to store it when you get back home.

    Fun Alternatives: IT IS NOT WORTH IT!!! You are better off going across the road to the couple large tourist shops & picking up an umbrella for $15-20.00 & getting a couple beach chairs for $10 each.. You may spend $35-40.00, but you will have them for the whole time your there.. compare it to $125.00 for five days.

    pensacola beach chair rentals pensacola beach chair rental back
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Pensacola Beach Off The Beaten Path

  • Ghouls, Ghosts, Trolls Experience

    A "troll", called "trulli" in Burton's "Anatomy of Melancholy", is a sort of earth-demon. The word "trull", a loose woman, grew from the same root; thus the "troll" was probably at first one of the pagan Hags or earth-priestesses.Norwegian folklore said "trolls" commonly sat under bridges, waiting to seize and eat those who crosses the bridge...

  • Legend Of The Sand Dollar - Holy Ghost...

    The "Sand Dollar" is really an unusual kind of marine life, and symbolize the Birth, Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ."The outline is an Easter Lily with a 5 pointed star. It's the form of Bethlehem Star and ... ... ..."Read more and find these legendary words at the post-card you can buy in Pensacola, and >>>read the sweet poem...

  • Ruskin Place

    See the streets lined with picket fences and wood villa-houses with porches and tin roofs ... All the villas are so different and yet all are family. All brick streets lead to beach pavilions, ceremonial gateways for the procession to the sea.Our Peaches & Cream Villa faces the East Ruskin Street, one minute from the Ruskin Place. Where you would...


Pensacola Beach Favorites

  • The Beach Ball of the Beach

    When we visited Pensacola Beach in 1959, the welcome center was in a dome structure which said "Pensacola Beach" on the side (4th photo). Now it is in a small aqua building (last photo). Instead of a dome there are blue water tanks wth dolphins painted on the side (third photo). The sign for Pensacola Beach is the water tower with the bulb painted...

  • Sleeping Beauty

    The refreshments in the refrigerator are compliments of Seaside. Please, leave the basket for the next guest ...What a great "welcome", included the Seaside Company who had provided an initial supply of soap and paper products for our convenience. The Green Bedroom housed Idyll-By-The-Sea. Sounds amazing huh?Sleeping in the Green Bedroom all alone...

  • Snowy White Beach - Spotlessly Clean...

    H.R.H. The Prince of Wales recited: "... I believe that the lessons they're working out at Seaside have very serious applications, both in rural areas and in our cities."I submit to this recital, even the result has worked out at over-perfection. Next to my study and making researches into Javanese sea-myths I must agree perfection still can be...


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