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St. George Street

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  • Where Will does what he does. (What does he do?)
    Where Will does what he does. (What does...
    by benjamin711
  • St. George Street Tavern
    by Shihar
  • St. George Street Tavern: Beware of Dickheads

    by quikpro23 Written Oct 5, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I used to live in St. Augustine and was back in town for a wedding. I gathered a group of friends from the wedding and told them about a place I used to go when I was younger called the "Tavern". Now I was trying to figure out a good time to bring a group of 30-40 people to an already crowded bar so I figured I would stop by the night before to talk to the owner or manager. After getting hasseled by a balding crackhead bouncer about the validity of my ID (I'm 30 with grey hair and haven't even been carded in 5 years, but big deal) I made my way to the bartender to ask when a good time to talk to the owner or manager. He probably looked at me 15 times and walked right past me. Eventually I just asked the bartender if he could help me out and he reluctantly agreed to hear me speak. I asked if there was a manager or owner I could talk to about bringing a big group in there the next night. He pointed out a man at the front of the bar sitting on a stool looking half cocked already. I walked up and introduced myself and extended my hand at which point he laughed while his drinking buddies joined in to mock me for appearently being too nice? I let it go and proceeded to ask tell him about the group I was thinking about bringing up there the following night and I was met with what can only be described as a mixture between baby talk and gibberish. I chuckled at first thinking that this is just how he must be, kind of a silly fun loving dude that might have had a couple too many that night, but when I pressed him for details about bringing him business it became clear that he had no intention of having a conversation. I thanked him for his time and went to *** on the already disgusting bathroom floor. You're pretty lucky I've left behind the days where I break a bottle over your head and pound your face into hamburger meat. I'll just take solice in the fact that your employees and yourself missed out on a couple thousand dollars worth of sales and know that by acting like a complete peice of *** will catch up to you.

    Dress Code: Wear whatever dirtbags wear because that seemed to be the dress code.

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  • St. George Street Tavern: Will, at Saint George Tavern has serious issues.

    by benjamin711 Updated Mar 22, 2011
    Where Will does what he does. (What does he do?)

    Saint George Tavern in Saint Augustine is a little dive where locals hang out and drink. It is a sort of tradition in town. It is a fun atmosphere for anyone who likes the feel of a true dive bar. Unfortunately "The Tavern," as locals simply call it has a serious flaw in Will, the bouncer, who has repeatedly driven out visitors and would be patrons of the old establishment, seemingly for no reason other than to assert himself as relevant though his duties seem to involve little more than his taking out the trash. If the owners of The Tavern saw on paper the amount of money they've lost due to this individual, it is doubtful that his employment there would continue. Will, apparently is a sort of joke among regulars to the place, who have learned to keep their heads down while he passes by, lest he take their drinks and tell them to leave once he finds some imagined threat there. Unfortunately, Will seems to find most everyone somehow threatening. Most bullies do. It would all be laughable if it weren't so sad. Will is obviously a desperately broken and lonely person. Should you visit the Tavern while he is there, and he in any way communicates with you, beware of his going to the house phone. Locals tell me that this is a game he plays. Once he decides he is threatened by whoever it may be, he tells the person to get out while walking to the telephone. He then calls the police, and has, at that point, legal license (?) to begin a physical confrontation with the person involved whether they understand what the reason for expulsion may be. Usually there isn't one. Stories abound in Saint Augustine regarding Will's abusive nature. Will is a large balding man with serious issues who is more than likely intimidated by other men whose members still function or can be seen over the gut. It is rumored that Will was abused by someone in the past and does not realize that his fits of unprovoked rage are due to some confusion about feelings he may have toward those of the same sex. The point is that it isn't Will's fault. Whoever did that to him did it to everyone he, in turn, chooses to abuse. People like this should be pitied and certainly not bad mouthed despite the fact that the world would probably be a better place without them, or at least, Saint George Tavern would be without Will, the unfortunate bouncer.

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  • St. George Street Tavern: An *** named Will

    by TonyMoebius Written Oct 27, 2008

    A bit smokey but local hangout - Don't order any drinks after midnite - they'll sell them to you, but then a couple minutes later order you out (very biligerently) regardless of the fact that they just sold you a drink. Apparently it's legal to sell it at 1am but not to drink it.

    Dress Code: very casual

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  • Shihar's Profile Photo

    St. George Street Tavern: St. George Street Tavern

    by Shihar Written Jan 14, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Many a night has been spent in this little tavern on St. George Street...........

    There is no real explanation why we go here often. The bar is really small and it gets really croweded very quickly. But we like the atmosphere at night... it's cozy and we hog the jukebox all night!

    It may not be for everyone...

    Dress Code: Very Casual...You will meet some interesting locals

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