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  • Weston Town center
    Weston Town center
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  • Weston
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  • Aligator on post lunch slumber
    Aligator on post lunch slumber
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Weston Things to Do

  • Catch a free movie @Weston Regional Park

    Bring your family and friends to see free monthly movies at Weston Regional Park. Get your blankets and relax as films are projected onto a giant screen. For exact schedule, check out official website below(select "Movies in the Park" pdf).

  • City of Weston

    Here on those bench , usually on Sunday morning, I see few people with their newspaper, reading and appreciating the clima, peace and wonderful weather. From the bench you have the lake view.

  • City Of Weston

    Here you can bring your entire family - even the dog - have a picnic and enjoy the green lawn and the lakes around you. Weston is a pretty safe area. As I probably had said before, very residential, family neighbourhood. On Saturdays and Sundays is so enjoyable to get up, get your bike (and the kids) and go for a ride. There is no trafic... I mean,...

  • Lakes for all

    For once I can say: This is mine you can't take it. As long as I've got love I know I can make it.

  • Lakes, Lakes and Lakes

    Weston population is around 61,000 people. the land area is about 25.5 mills. Lakesand canals 1,877 acres. The average house in Weston seel for US$344,000.Almost every house has a lake view from their backyard.

  • Sunrise - Even when you drive

    Weston is located 20 min of downtow Fort Lauderdale and 40 min of Miami. Yeap! We are between the best party places in Florida. Weston has a large chain of hotels with very accessible prices. We got the best movie teather ever. The best freeways and highways. All to convice you to come and visit us!!


Weston Hotels

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Weston Restaurants

  • P.F. Chang's casual chain

    Reasonable and casual chain restaurant in Florida. Most entrees were under $10. prepared quickly with beer & wine available. We enjoyed the Crab Wondons, Lo Mein, Lettuce wraps Carmel Chicken and Mongolian chicken.

  • Fresh & Extensive Buffet

    Huge & delicious Asian Buffet. We enjoyed crab claws, shrimp, mussels & raw oysters with sauces. The tremendous selection of sushi & sashimi were fresh & wonderful. There were many traditional chinese dishes, soups & hibachi. I didn't have room for the ice creams & desserts. Serve was prompt & attentive Unlimited sushi, sashimi & seafood!

  • A great place for families

    Lucille's All American Diner is a upscale version of the all-American diner. Since its Westin, it can't look like the greasy spoon place of road trip nostalgia. Lucille's serves all the food that diners are known to do- macaroni and cheese, burgers, meatloaf, plus salads and other simple dishes. Lucille's is very child-friendly and has children's...

  • Great Cuban food

    Mambo Jambo is the place to go if you're craving Cuban food in Weston. The place is as authentic as you can get this side of 8th Street. The ceviche is fantastic, but make sure to share it with a few people as it is a huge portion. Paella is my favorite dish here, but there's a mixed grill of beef, chicken and pork which is excellent as well.

  • Il Toscano

    This is Weston's best Italian restaurant. The food is as good as you'd find in a 5 star fancy dining establishment but the atmosphere is casual. The service is friendly without being too overdone. This is a great place to get an excellent no-fuss meal. Each night there are a number of specials which generally include fresh seafood, meat and pasta....

  • Don't miss the Risoto

    This restaurant has been in Weston for at least 15 years. The owners are still actively involved everynight. They will come and aske for your honest comments. This restaurant in its new location at the town center is a jewel. The food great, very courteous service and it has been consistent though out the years. it has a gorgeous Italian decoration...


Weston Nightlife

  • SwigsMartini Bar

    This is the only nightclub in Weston. It brings the yuppi single crowd on Wednesday night for Ladies' night plus Friday/Saturday night it is full. it is well priced. Swigs brings all kinds of music lovers with high energy music with a mix of latin salsa and merengue. Dress casual

  • How about a dance after dinner?

    A very nice spot with beautiful people. There is the happy hour... restaurant, bar and dancing floor. What else could you ask for? Very mixed crowed. Young and not so young...Americans and foreigns.Live Band almost every night and nice DJ after and between the band plays. A very nice environment.Food is very good and not that expensive....

  • Weston Hotels

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Weston Transportation

  • Forget your cars at home

    Keep your Cars at home and take out those long forgotten bikes. We have publix, walgreen or cvs at every corner. Paved bycycle paths around Weston are very well maintained.

  • Useful... Very useful

    click on the pictureRoute 23 - Serve Weston.The great thing about the bus - You are able to take you bike with you, air conditioner, and is always empty, once most of the Weston B population have car.Fares *Regular $1*Senior/*Youth/**Disabled/***Medicare: $0.50*Children under 40 inches (shorter than fare box): Free

  • Cool Bus

    Yes, now we have bus to get around. At least one line that can take to SawGrass Mill Mall, Pemproke Lake's Mall. Then you have to make connections if you want to go further.It is a long away. You spend long time to get to your desired place.


Weston Shopping

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  • Wine spectators

    This is a well stock Wine store with a wide selection for those with a peculiar taste.The staff is very knowledgeble and will be of great help. They also have great novelties for the wine aficionado. YOu will find great California finds, frnech, Italian you name it. They also have a good selection of tequilas. from $10 bottles to well you know.....

  • Weston Town Center Shopping

    At Weston Town Center there are several store, just next door to each other. A place for everyone taste and pocket. From furniture to Lingerie. From average to expensive

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Weston Local Customs

  • Teenagers in Weston

    Weston is a family place. Probably one of the safest and noble place to live. Crime rates, and violence haven't been part of our lives. Most of the time you will see teenagers, young kids, seniors. But rarely you will find a single people over 20 years old living here. So, once in while those teenagers like to have fun. One of these nights, I was...

  • Where we go for our groceries shopping.

    Life in Weston is simple. We have supermakets almost in every corner. Well, it's a chain called Publix. Great variety and fresh fruits and vegetables. A lot of frozen food, too. Which for me was suprising, once I am Brazilian. When I left Brazil 5 years ago, there was nothing about freezing food, and canned food like there are over here. But I got...

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Weston Warnings and Dangers

  • Watch out! Aligators on post lunch...

    Advice from my first alligator sighting in weston - Keep your eyes open while walking near the lakes, you may not be the only one trying to get post lunch slumber or a tan.

  • Just because you thought it was cute...

    The only advice to tourist and visitors : Don't feed the alligators, the ducks or any other cute, pretty , beautiful animals. They may like you and then there you go - with a duck following you or a gator running after you !! That is the reason we have the Everglades Park

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Weston Off The Beaten Path

  • MrAviator2u's Profile Photo


    by MrAviator2u Written Jan 26, 2005

    Weston is a young town compromising of about 65,000 people. It now includes all of Bonnaventure.

    Weston is an afluent community in Broward county about 10 miles west of downtown Ft. Lauderdale. You will see lots of BMW and Mercedes. But it is still down to earth.

    There are lots of children riding bicycles and people joggin in the streets. The population is higly educated so don't be afraid to ask for directions.

    Weston is not a grid street plan so make time to get lost.

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Weston Favorites

  • YES!!! I love Coffee!

    Weston has a Starbucks coffee in almost every plaza. I just love to be able to stop over on Saturdays or Sundays in the morning with my newspaper, a cup of coffee... and just sit down there... Relaxing. Capuccino seems special when you drink like that. But on Sunday late afternoon when everybody is out in the plaza, walking with their kids, dogs,...

  • Sunsets

    By now you already must have noticed that I am a freaky about sunrises and sunsets... Definitely the sunset. It's beautiful and it's a new different view to see everyday.

  • The best of two World - Golf Course and...

    Here we have beautiful sunsets, and we are literally surrounded by lakes, ducks and alligators. Weston is or used to be an extension of the Alligator Alley, which means that Weston used to be a swamp. Then the white man came, tried to take all the alligators away, so this way we could have beautiful houses. Biking before the sunset.


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