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  • Southern Hospitality (Hi Ya'll)
    by Arubasun.
  • Where is the famed 'Southern Hospitality'?

    by lorenauk Written Feb 19, 2008

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I moved to the Greater Atlanta area seven months ago from Texas. I am a very proud Texan so it was hard for me to leave my state and live in a new one. However, I was pleased that Atlanta was where I was headed because I heard nothing but positive remarks from people about the famed "southern hospitality".

    Due to my work (independent field sales), I have been to all different parts of Atlanta and met with all walks of life. I have determined that there are different levels of "rude" in this city. My experience has led me to assess that there is very little "heart" to Atlanta which has severely disappointed me. I will either grow to accept that Atlanta is just another big city or continue to search for kindness, acceptance, and "southern hospitality".

    I have lived in big cities such as Houston, Texas, London and Manchester, England and very small towns--Buda, Texas but I have always felt that in each place there was something outstanding and unique about them. Atlanta has left me cold, I am afraid.

    I will continue to search this site for tips to restore my faith. However, it is unlikely that I will continue to live in Atlanta when my contract is up. Atlanta is a big city with many attractions. It may be right for others but it just wasn't right for me.

    BTW, the Varsity has serious hype and doesn't fulfill it. I am very sorry about it too.

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  • Brillemeister's Profile Photo

    Southern WHAT now?

    by Brillemeister Written Dec 27, 2005

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    There are plenty of Atlantans who are polite enough to put the rest of our great nation to shame. I try to fit myself in with them in that respect. But if employees of anything, of any sort, act rude to you at all, don't be surprised. We're not that much more "hospitable" anymore than anywhere else.

    By the way--Jimmy Carter was the best thing to come out of this state since Waffle House and you know it.

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  • Be nice and say hello..

    by Arubasun. Written Sep 7, 2002

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    Atlantans are very hospitable people. Don't be surprize if they greet you at the mall or attractions you may visit through out the metro area. The best is to greet them back. It's called Southern hospitality. Though Atlanta is growing big city of 4.2 million people, the hospitality of the inhabitants still scores high.

    Atlantans are extremely proud of their city, and know the city problems as well. They love to here compliments of their great city, but pointing out the negative is like hearing the same old story over and over again. So be nice...

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  • teddyp's Profile Photo

    Bring your accents and compare...

    by teddyp Written Aug 26, 2002

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    Bring your accents and compare them with the accents of the few Southerners we have left in Atlanta. Our city does have a number of northern transplants; however, we're still the home to Jeff Foxworthy (from 'you might be a redneck if ...' fame) and Jimmy Carter (although, don't care for Jimmy all that much).

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  • JrSkymonkey's Profile Photo

    Just because people in the...

    by JrSkymonkey Written Aug 26, 2002

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    Just because people in the south speak a little slower doesnt mean we are a little slower. Remember that Clinton played 'I'm a dumb red-neck' all the way to the white house. Sometimes it amazes me how stupid Americans can be.

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  • AusChris26's Profile Photo

    In some of my columns I have...

    by AusChris26 Written Aug 25, 2002

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    In some of my columns I have not been favourable to certain things.. This is not to be taken as a form of insult. As being a person from a different country and background, not everything will meet everyones tastes. I just like to keep it real, and the people whom know me, understand that! I am not an expert, nor claim to be... Considering all the things I didn't like, as compared with the things that I did. I still regard Atlanta as my most cherrished and loved places.. A reason why I have stated that I would give up my own home town to live there again...

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  • DrewV's Profile Photo

    Two kinds of service

    by DrewV Written Aug 24, 2002

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    You will probably receive one of two kinds of service in Atlanta. One: 'Would you lahk some pah, hon?' (delivered in a soft, sultry Southern drawl) Two: 'Whatchoo want?' (delivered in a brutish, nasty snarl filled with decades' worth of hate). Hopefully, you'll get more of the first.

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  • It seems as if Atlanta is...

    by traveltom Written Aug 24, 2002

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    It seems as if Atlanta is mostly made up of young business people. I went there expecting a large southern crowd and a lot of accents, I found a lot of people from New York and Ohio. Anywhere outside the city is very southern, though. One last tip, road rage in Atlanta is some of the worst in the U.S.

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