World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta

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55 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Atlanta (770) 578-4325 x. 1465
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  • World of Coca-Cola
    by makiro
  • Picture of feastured bottles at Olympics
    Picture of feastured bottles at Olympics
    by BruceDunning
  • Large 46 foot tall Coke bottle
    Large 46 foot tall Coke bottle
    by BruceDunning

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  • lashr1999's Profile Photo

    World of Coca-Cola

    by lashr1999 Written Nov 29, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Tells the history of coke which I breezed through. I wonder if someone has an old unopened cocaine flavored soda still around. If that happened today the vioxx lawyers would have a field day:)

    The best part is the tasting area. In the first area you can sample all of their products that are sold in the U.S. Then, the next area is the international area where you sample their drinks sold in other countries all over the world. Some of the flavor are very what were they thinking bad for example the chinese lychee soda. There is one soda that I wish they sold in the US. That would be the green apple soda, which tastes like the jolly rancher sour apple candy I love.

    World of Coca-Cola
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  • PierreZA's Profile Photo

    Fun for the whole family

    by PierreZA Written Sep 14, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Birthplace of Coca-Cola. This museum/world is a nice experience for the whole family. It gives a detailed history of where this great soft drink is all about.
    Also a great shop at the end of the tour through the museum.

    World of Coca-Cola
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  • World of Coca Cola

    by moor0378 Written Aug 25, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    See how Coca Cola first got started (yes they originally had cocaine in it!) Then taste all the american brands produced by Coca Cola along with thier products from many other countries (Watch out for the one from italy. YUCK!!)

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  • acemj's Profile Photo

    World of Coca-Cola

    by acemj Updated Apr 26, 2004

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The World of Coca-Cola museum is a worthwhile visit. Find out how this soft drink company became the most well-known in the world. You'll learn of the history of the global corporation and be able to see how the company has grown and evolved over the years. There is also a tasting room where you can try every Coca-Cola product sold worldwide!

    Monday - Saturday, 9 am - 5 pm. Sundays, 11 am - 5 pm


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  • The World of Coca-Cola

    by lorigirl Updated Aug 24, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You cannot leave Atlanta without going to Coke Museum, 'cause that's where Coke was invented more than 100 years ago. Find out the history of world's #1 drink, and try the international samples of soft drinks distributed by Coca-Cola Company in the 'Tastes of the World' section.

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  • Great Time. Terrible Service.

    by LaurenHorne Written Jul 31, 2014

    I went to the World of Coca Cola and looked around the museum and had a blast! I wanted to take pictures with the polar bear, but I decided not to purchase them that day and that I would email them to get the proofs and order online. Before I left the museum, they told me that it would take 24 to 48 hours for them to receive the email and reply back. It's been 5 days and I have not heard a response from them. I called the World of Coca Cola in Atlanta, Georgia and they have told me that they would be promptly emailing me back and being fast about it and I haven't heard anything.

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  • The New World of Coca-Cola-- Better than before!

    by Morgan_E Written Jul 14, 2009

    I've seen a lot of reviews on here about the old World of Coca-Cola but not many about the new. The New World of Coca-Cola should not be missed. I've been three times since it opened (about three years ago) and each time is a delight. It's educational, international, fun and there's a great build-up for the tasting room. Also, there are lots of interactive stations for kids and adults. Some of you may be skeptical--- I was too... But it's far more than just an unapologetic commercial for a mutinational brand. It is a story about how a hugely successful international business came to be....And Good or bad, Coca-Cola is an American icon. It is fascinating to see how it was built and what it means today. Also, if you want to do things that are little off the beaten path, this facebook page that I recently discovered is is updated pretty regularly and great for ideas.

    Have fun and Enjoy Atlanta!

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  • ThisPartBlank's Profile Photo

    Southen Pride

    by ThisPartBlank Written Jun 24, 2008

    The World of Coca-Cola is exactly what you could expect of a SODA MUSEUM! Some of you people are obviously NOT FROM THE SOUTH. Coca-Cola has some deep history. My great grandfather worked for Coke back in the day & I have a VERY fond memory I have of him is all the Coke memorabilia in his house.

    We HATE Pepsi down here! With a passion!

    Listen, if you don't go into a restaurant, ask for Coke & they don't have it then you get really disappointed & order a WATER as opposed to a pepsi then don't even bother. In fact I steer clear of local places I know don't serve Coke products, no matter how good the food is. (which tends to only be mexican restaurants...?...)
    Or if you're just close minded & don't care to learn about a regions history.. DON'T GO!
    Alternative: Go back up north & drink your pepsi!

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  • World of Coke a bit Flat

    by cokeguy Written Sep 25, 2007

    When the original WOC opened in 1990 it was never intended to be a profit center for The Coca-Cola Company. There was a nominal admission cost at $2.50 for adults with lower price tickets for seniors, kids and students. Schools with a reservation were admitted free and received a guided tour from trained and professional staff members. The prices in the “Trademart” store were under traditional retail pricing and most of the merchandise in the early 1990s was exclusive to the WOCC. Senior Executives at the Company wanted the WOCC to be a place where guests could visit, learn about the history of the product, see how Coca-Cola was enjoyed around the world and leave with a “fizzy good feeling” about the overall experience. It was fully expected that the operation would be a cost center to the company at around $4+ million per year.
    The overall objective was to make people happy, deliver more than what was expected and to offer an experience that was unique for the time.

    The NEW WOCC is nice…it’s actually very “nice”. Now there is the Disney team running the show including the store. The parking deck of the new WOC actually cost more to build than the entire original WOC project.

    I question why the Coca-Cola Company is charging $15.00? While I don’t advocate the facility being “free” the Company should bear the expense of the operation.

    So, what’s the real difference between the “original” WOCC and the new? The uniforms are new, many of the staff are new, the prices are new, the exhibits are new and the location is new. Other than that it is still an attraction about a “brand”, albeit a great one. It’s still a drink and the Company is a still a company in business to be profitable. It’s a marketing tool that in reality is a fabulous tool to immerse and capture the hearts and minds of consumers - new and existing. It’s not a “franchise” - it’s a carbonated soft drink…..cheers!

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  • Headquarters of a household name

    by rianp Updated Aug 13, 2007

    The new coke museum is definitely worth the trip. If you are having a hard time finding a spot in line for the aquarium, it's a great way to spend an hour or so.

    Lots of Coca-Cola history, memorabilia, and free samples from around the world.

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  • abhyuday_c's Profile Photo

    Coco Cola World

    by abhyuday_c Updated Dec 22, 2006

    I had been to the Coco Cola Headquarters at Atlanta and had a great experience there. Coke was born in Atlanta almost a century ago. The Coke Museum is a great place to go to and it has great videos which tell you how Coke started in Atlanta, its manufacturing, distribution. The cool part is that you get to taste lot of Coke products. The gift shop is a must go where you can find Coke memoriabilia you would love. My advice would be go thirsty and taste all the different Coke products. I think its called the 'Taste of the World'. If you are in Atlanta, try it ! Entrance prices were very reasonable too. For Adults its $9 and kids $5. Pepsi lovers stay away... just kidding..

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  • Graxie's Profile Photo

    World of Coca-Cola & tour

    by Graxie Updated Jan 8, 2006

    The Coca-Cola Company exists to benefit and refresh everyone it touches. Founded in 1886, our Company is the world's leading manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups, used to produce nearly 400 beverage brands. Our corporate headquarters are in Atlanta, with local operations in over 200 countries around the world
    People have been enjoying Coca-Cola all over the world for more than 115 years. And today, Coca-Cola, as well as a broad array of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, including waters, teas, juices and sports drinks continues to be a fun and enjoyable part of people's lives.

    Naturally, people want to have confidence in their favorite beverages. We understand that you may have concerns and that you place a priority on being healthy and fit. We have provided "The Facts on Beverages and Health" to help to help answer your questions. We also take a look at how The Coca-Cola Company promotes active living though programs around the world that support physical activity.

    Creating A Classic is the first gallery on your self-guided tour.
    More than a century of Coca-Cola history begins here, with memorabilia and interactive video stations throughout your visit. This gallery features the Bottling Fantasy, an unusual kinetic sculpture depicting a fanciful look at the Coca-Cola bottling process. Gallery artifacts span the period 1886 to 1926.
    the final gallery, highlights classic television commercials for Coca-Cola spanning over fifty years. Also featured are the story of Coca-Cola and Santa Claus and an amazing display on the evolution in product packaging and vending machines, including the first soft drink dispenser in space.

    Sing Building-Coke Sing Old Sing Architecture
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  • goingsolo's Profile Photo

    All things Coca Cola

    by goingsolo Written Mar 23, 2005

    The World of Coca Cola is, for most people, a tourist trap. But some seem to like visiting factories of famous products and taking their tours. So, if that's your thing, then you'll want to visit the World of Coca Cola.

    This attraction is located in downtown near Underground Atlanta. For a charge of about $10, you can take a tour of the factory and learn about how Coca Cola is made. Unfortunately, they do not reveal the trade secret formula, as that would be worth the price of admission and then some.

    The World of Coca Cola also has a store which sells, in addition to Coca Cola memorabilia, any type of clothing you can imagine, all forms of kitchenware and household decoration and other souveniers which all bear the Coca Cola logo.

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  • PinkFloydActuary's Profile Photo

    Hooray, Coke!

    by PinkFloydActuary Written Aug 29, 2015

    OK - so it's like going to Mecca for me. I was here about 10 years ago, and while it's changed a little bit, it's still a cool little way to spend a couple of hours.

    After purchasing your tickets, you start off outside a theater getting a few fun facts about Coke, then there's a 8 minute feel good show about sharing happiness.

    From there, you get to wander around the rest of the museum on your own time. On the first floor, there's a mini bottling plant (which produces 8 ounce bottles you get to take on your way out), and advertising exhibit, and the vault of the secret formula, which focuses on the mystique of Coke.

    On the upper levels, there's a 4-D theater focusing on what makes Coke a Coke, as well as a gallery related to Coke in pop (!) culture. The place people undoubtedly remember most is the tasting room - several soda stations from each part of the world so you can taste products from across the globe. There are freestyle machines here for those less adventurous. Finally, you pick up your 8 ounce bottle and head through the enormous gift shop.

    If you like Coke (as I do), this will be well worth your time.

    Tasting Room The Vault Grabbing your 8 oz. bottle

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  • Jackiekg's Profile Photo

    A great Visit!

    by Jackiekg Updated Dec 4, 2003

    Hours: Sptember-May
    Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm
    Sundays 12 noon-6pm
    Summer Hours:
    Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm
    Sundays 11am-6pm

    Adults $7.00
    Seniors (over 60 yrs.) $5
    Children (6-11 yrs) $4
    Children (5 & under) Free

    I really enjoyed this visit - from the Bottling Fantasy (see photo), a kinetic sculpture depicting a fanciful look at the Coca Cola bottling process, to the walk through of more than a century of Coca Cola history, from its beginning in 1886 to the present and then having a taste of my favourite soft drinks.
    In my travel dialogue I shall be adding more pictures of my visit here. I think that the advertising for Coca Cola was just brilliant - come to the museum and see for yourself.

    World of Coca Cola

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