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  • Being a Yankee in The south

    by moonfly9 Written Apr 30, 2011

    I don't think people care anymore if your a Yankee or not. I moved to Fl, from MI, last year and plan to move to GA in Aug. I am considered a Yankee BUT my family comes from the south and I've lived in the south many years. I find nothing but Hospitality and good people in the south. Not FL but the real south LOL. My warning..Do not go wandering around in unfamiliar places alone. To many times tourist take hiking trips and day walks in places there unfamiliar with this to me is stupid. Get a local to guide you, there are plenty of people that would be happy to help guide you through there local areas proudly.

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  • No One Cares If You Are A Yankee Or Not

    by Sunshine2011 Written Jan 4, 2011

    There are a zillion transplants here. Most people don't care one way or another. The guy who said he was flipped off on the road probably was, but not because of his plates.

    He was likely fllipped off by natives & transplanted Yankees alike as he drove the actual speed limit in the 4th lane, my best guess. No one drives the speed limit, and if you are in the 4th lane on the expressway driving the speed limit, you've just made a thousand people mad for holding up traffic. A safe rule is to stay to the far right if you actually want to go the posted speed & leave the left lanes for people passing. Crazy traffic.

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  • greatconde's Profile Photo

    Is this for real?

    by greatconde Written Feb 20, 2006

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    Atlanta is such a city of transplants and expatriots that the idea of someone receiving rude treatment because they are a "yankee" is ridiculous. You might get something like this outside the perimeter, but in the city itself, you won't find too many "rednecks" unless you are just looking for them.

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  • Brillemeister's Profile Photo


    by Brillemeister Written Jan 25, 2006

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    One thing that anybody from outside the South should know about Atlanta is, simply, that there are so many "Yankees" living here now that nobody cares who is one. Indeed, you're usually more likely to hear a New Jersey or Californian accent in the city. Just don't travel to Atlanta convinced that it's total backwater Lester Maddox country, and we won't grow irritated with you.

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  • Yankees are treated depending on their attitude

    by allymarie Written Dec 29, 2005

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    Atlantans and Southerners alike are very proud of where they live. When these people hear someone become critical of where they live, they become defensive. There is a difference between a damn yankee and a yankee. Damn yankees are usually northern transplants or visitors who call us southerners "slow," and talk about how great it is up north compared to the south. Then these people wonder why they are treated rudely. I have come across many of these types of people and I just simply say, "If you don't like how it is here, then just go back, we won't miss you." I have also met really great tourists and new residents who love everything about the south from the hospitality to the weather. Anybody who gets cut off or flipped off in traffic is just experiencing a normal Atlanta occurancy. Trust me, we are too anxious and willing to get out of traffic and get home to be paying attention to people's tags and where they are from.

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  • yankee_doodle's Profile Photo

    They REALLY remember Sherman

    by yankee_doodle Written Apr 9, 2003

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    If you've any outward indication that you're a Yankee, you will get into trouble.While I was in the military, I had the misfortune of driving to Atlanta when my Grandmother was dying. Misfortune in her death, but equally in the attitude of the local Atlanta folk who would render all sorts of less that kind actions in my direction.

    Example: I was on a 6 lane Hwy driving around in the number 4 lane, just about, if not over the speed limit. There were few cars on the road and room to pass on most lanes. I was shouted at, flipped off, cut off and more as a drove this southern HWY. Reason - I had New York Plates.

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