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  • Cannon atop Big Kennesaw Mountain
    Cannon atop Big Kennesaw Mountain
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  • Tablet describes Atlanta Campaign to date
    Tablet describes Atlanta Campaign to...
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  • Kennesaw proved to be a chimera for the South
    Kennesaw proved to be a chimera for the...
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Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park Things to Do


    Little Kennesaw Mountain is a subpeak of Kennesaw Mountain. Rising slightly above 1600 feet, Little Kennesaw Mountain was a stout point in the Confederate line. Artillery pieces were manhandled up the steep slopes from the Marietta side to provide support. Just south of here is the last substantial subpeak of the Kennesaw massif, Pigeon Hill. It...

  • PEAK

    Big Kennesaw Mountain’s official peak is a short ways to the west of the crest parking lot. Next to the parking lot is an observation deck which gives good views and adds historical notes. The USGS marker notes the official peak top of the 1808 feet/551 meter high mountain which rises some 800 feet/250 meters from its base here. Communications huts...


    On the way up Big Kennesaw Mountain, you pass some rifle pits that were dug by men of the 1st Alabama regiment. The Federal attack here on 27 June 1864 was a diversion to the main attacks further south at Pigeon and Cheatham Hills. With the objective being not to carry the Confederate line here, but simply keep them guessing as to where the main...


    The days of battle are long in the past. This park, like most of the other Civil War parks, serves not only as a site of historical relevance, but as an oasis of nature – here amongst the ever-growing reaches of Atlantan suburbia. Walk quietly along the trails in the forest here and you will see plenty of wildlife. Life goes on.


    There are three dedicated State monuments to the efforts of their citizen-troops here at Kennesaw Mountain. Most visitors – including me – see only the Georgia monument. The 1963 monument made of granite from Stone Mountain towers at the base of Big Kennesaw Mountain, a short distance from the Visitor Center. Georgians comprised one brigade of...


    The Visitor Center is always a good starting point in understanding the significant features of the Park. Here, you can see what there is to discover and begin to put the terrain together with the history. Sitting below the northern aspect of Big Kennesaw Mountain, you can get a good idea of how strong a position the Confederates enjoyed. There is...

  • VIEW

    For most visitors to Kennesaw Mountain, the glorious view towards Atlanta lying some six miles to the southeast is the motivation for their visit. There is a road that winds its way to the top or a trail also switchbacks up the northeast slopes, ascending to the top in about one mile. The parking lot on top is not very big. The road is closed on...

  • kolb's farm

    the battle of kolb's farm was one of three major engagements of the battle of kennesaw mountain. on june 20 th 1864 the confederate forces of general carter l. stevenson attacked the union forces of john schofield at kolb's farm on the western base of kennesaw mountain. stevenson's troops attacked the union line three times but where repulsed on...

  • cheatham hill

    there were three major battles at kennesaw mountain, one near the visitor center at the base of kennesaw mountain, one at kolb's farm, and one at cheatham hill. to really get a feel of the battle you should visit all three spots at the park. pictured are cannons on cheatham hill. the battle of cheatham hill was a decisive confederate victory during...

  • kennesaw mountain

    pictured is a view of downtown atlanta from the summit of kennesaw mountain. this was the site of the battle of kennesaw mountain in 1864. today this national military park is a popular hiking and bicycling spot for residents and visitors to the atlanta area.

  • visitor center

    pictured is the visitor center at kennesaw mountain national battlefield park. i highly recommend this as your first stop when visiting the park. there are several roads that run through the park and they are not well signed. you can get a map at the visitor center that will make your visit easier and more enjoyable. also at the visitor center...

  • kolb cemetery

    pictured is the kolb family cemetery at kolb's farm. kolb's farm was established in 1836 and was the site of the battle of kolb's farm in 1864.

  • kolb's farm

    kolb's farm was established by peter valentine kolb in 1836. kolb's farm house was one of the largest farm houses in the area at the time. on june 20 th 1864 kolb's farm was a battle site in the battle of kennesaw mountain.

  • Rover will like it hear

    The Park allows dogs on most if not all the trails. The trails are heavily forested and I suspect ticks and other critters are about. We had our dog get a lyme disease shot before we did this trip and made sure he had his flea/tick meds current.

  • Visit the Illinois Monument

    Since Kennesaw does not have alot of monuments, if you like to see one and also see a unique view of how battles in 1864 were fought.... Go to this location. At this monument it shows very clearly how close battle lines were drawn and the extremes armies went through. The pictures tell the story better. The line at the bottom of the one sign(7 hour...

  • Hiking trails

    Kennesaw mountain is a popular hiking destination. Surprisingly, many people choose to jog along these trails as well, despite the fact that there are plenty of other public parks within the city that would make for more scenic workout locations than a civil war battlefield. But there are several options to either view the area in more depth, or...

  • Kennesaw Mountain

    Kennesaw mountain was the Confederate stronghold during this battle as the troops were determined to prevent Sherman and the Union army from taking the mountain. At the top ofthe mountain there are several canons which the Confederates used to fire on Sherman's attempted advances. There are also several plaques that provide more information about...

  • Cheatham Hill

    Cheatham Hill was the site of a Confederate stronghold and a fierce battle as the Union tried to advance. Sherman's troops eventually did, but the Confederates dug in deep and held them off for several days. The three day Cheatham Hill battle resulted in the deaths of 3,000 Union soldiers and 800 Confederate. A steep trail leads to the top of the...


Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park Warnings and Dangers

  • beware of hikers and bicyclists

    when driving on kennesaw mountian road watch for hikers and bicylists. hikers and bicylists have the right of way on park roads and it is your responsibility to avoid them. some of them can be quite rude and walk or ride in the middle of the road. other sites in the park are located on busy highways that are congested during rush hour. be very...

  • Traffic

    The turn in to some of the visitor areas are off busy roads so be patient especially when making left hand turns. Leaving the Illinois monument to go left can be especially difficult due to traffic and the additional issue of walkers on the trail that runs by.

  • Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park Hotels

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Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park Off The Beaten Path

  • Brother against brother

    "Brother against brother" is a common expression used in reference to the civil war. The South was trying to defend a way of life which, while repugnant, was the only way it had known. The Union was trying to keep the Great Experiment known as the United States of America intact. Right or wrong, both sides were fighting for what they believed in,...

  • Trenches and battleground

    The Confederate strategy of building earthworks and trenches had limited success against the resources and firepower of the Union. The trenches and earthworks delayed and pushed back the initial assualts, but the victory was only temporary. But digging in and fighting in trenches took its toll and, eventually, the determination and maneuvering of...

  • Earthworks

    Earthworks are mounds of soil soldiers would dig and then hide behind to surprise or hide from enemy troops. The original earthworks dug during the Civil War have been left as is, although shrubs have grown across them. There is a short trail which begins across the street from the Pigeon Hill battlefield and leads to several of the earthworks.Its...


Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park Favorites

  • Kennesaw Battlefield

    On June 27, General Sherman ordered a multi pronged attack on Confederate forces at Kennesaw. Sherman's strategy was to spread out the Confederate forces and then cut them off. Sherman underestimated several things, the most important of which was how strongly the Confederates resolved to hold the mountain. Or, perhaps, he didn't. Prior to the...

  • Pigeon Hill

    Pigeon Hill was one area chosen by the Union as part of the army's attempt to take Kennesaw Mountain. Despite the fact that the Union had the larger number of troops and substantial firepower, the Confederates knew the terrain very well and were entrenched behind earthworks and well prepared for the assault. The Confederate forces pushed the Union...

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