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  • from the top looking down the mountain to the bay
    from the top looking down the mountain...
    by triplehelix
  • one of many kayak rentals
    one of many kayak rentals
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  • boat at sea
    boat at sea
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  • Old School Hawaii

    This is the type of restaurant I love. A local institution with lot of character, with tasty, reasonably priced food. The place looks like it hasn't been updated in years, has a bit of a dingy feel to it, but in my opinion, that just adds to the charm. This is a family run, local joint that's been operating since the 20's. In fact, the matriarch of...

  • Although there are countless...

    Although there are countless restaurants in Kailua/Kona, the opportunity for fine dining with ambience simply does not exist in this little town nor does there seem to be anything in the nearby towns. That is not to say that you cannot get a decent meal, that's one thing about all of Hawaii, there really are no BAD restaurants if we judge them...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Kealakekua Nightlife

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    Please review any pages which...

    by pjallittle Written Oct 4, 2002

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    Please review any pages which cover the Kailua/Kona area, they will be appropriate. Kealakekua will have no evening entertainment, you are only minutes away from many spots in Kailua/Kona which will be suitable.

    Dress Code: This is a common sense issue, it all depends on where you are going and you may always inquire beforehand.

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Kealakekua Off The Beaten Path

  • This is sized just perfectly,...

    This is sized just perfectly, got lucky. See how there is a barely perceptible line running vertically down the green husk. This will eventually be the 'weak point as the nut inside forces the husk to split open as the growth of the nut literally gets too big for its britches. Eventually, the join point will dry out and the nut will fall to the...

  • Barely in the earliest stages...

    Barely in the earliest stages of development, the immature buds are seen forming along the branch. This photo shows a few flowers that have not yet formed into buds.Because of this gradual development, these nuts are not harvested all at once, there are periodic pickings throughout the year. The first harvest is usually the largest.

  • I left these pictures as...

    I left these pictures as oversized so that you could really see how they grow in clusters on the tree. As with all fruit and nut bearing trees, they flower first, I am not presenting this slide show in a frame by frame manner because of the random way in which I have them stored. Not to worry, you'll get the picture.


Kealakekua Favorites

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    Favorite thing: CAPTAIN COOK MONUMENT

    Aloha and welcome to Kealakekua Bay ('the pathway of the god'). On the port side of the vessel is the Capt. Cook Monument . The monument was established by the British in memory of the site near which Capt. Cook was killed.

    Capt. Cook picked a very sacred place and time to make his second landing in Hawaii. At the time he returned, the Hawaiian's were celebrating the makahiki festival, an annual joyful tribute to a god, Lono-i-ka-makahiki. One of Lono-i-ka-makahiki's symbols was white kapa banners that were flown on crossbars that resembled the sails and mast of Capt. Cook's ships. Capt. Cook's officers estimated 2500 to 3500 canoes and over 10,000 people were there to meet the god Lono-i-ka-makahiki ...Capt. Cook

    Cook was treated like a god. The Hawaiian's lavished him with gifts and had opulent and sacred ceremonies in his honor. In return, Cook gave tours of his ships and presented their Hawaiian host with a flute and violin concert, and a display of fireworks that both fascinated and terrified the natives.

    After two weeks of festivities Cook left Kealakekua Bay, and encountered a fierce winter storm on his search for a Northwest passage. He returned to Kealakekua Bay to repair the vessels. Upon his return Cook found the makahiki festival was finished, and a kapu was put on the bay and the bay was nearly deserted.

    The natives who remained did not understand how such a great god could have sustained such damage in his own domain. Their respect for Cook diminished, and wanting coveted metals in exchange for all of the supplies the Hawaiians had given the English sailors, the Hawaiians helped themselves to metals and the Discovery's cutter. Cook took a party of nine marines and went ashore to take Chief Kalaniopuu hostage until the cutter was returned. However, for various reasons the plan failed and Capt. Cook and four marines died in a skirmish near the monument's location on Feb. 14, 1779. The Captain was 50 years old.


    The cliff walls in front of the vessel's mooring are sacred burial sites for the 'alii' or chiefs. It was believed that the power of the royal person was in the bones, so they went to great lengths to insure the secrecy of the burial preserve their power or 'mana.'

    The process was to lower the remains of the royalty and a chosen person would bury the late chief and then the person would be cut loose to fall to his death taking the location of the site with him. This was considered an honor to bury your chief.

    The raft in the foreground is part of the enjoyment which Captain Cook did not live to enjoy. You can see his monument in the background.

    Fondest memory:

    During World War II, my mother would take me over to the Big Island. I will never forget how seasick I got. A merchant marine sailor had me suck on a lemon and gave me soda crackers.

    Like magic, the symptoms abated and I have never experienced seasickness since.


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