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    warning sign
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    roosters conquered Kaua'i!
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Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Kauai

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    Don't drive on the beach in Polihale

    by Travel2write Updated Oct 19, 2008

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    Your car rental agency will list Polihale beach as a offlimits area. The reason they mention this is that they don't want you to get stuck there. The 8 mile unpaved and rugged road will lead you to a pristine sandy beach. However, even though it say's beach access for vehicles, many tourist get stuck in the soft sand. If you don't listen to this warning, you may be as upset as this pair of honeymooners where in there 4 wheel drive jeep.

    Stuck on the beach in Polihale
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    Hide your valuables in your car!

    by ballerina11 Written Feb 27, 2008

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    Luckily it didnt happen to us, but quite a few places on the island, there's evidence of car break ins, in the form of shattered window glass in parking lots. So, take your valuables with you and lock your doors.

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  • HarmoniousBotch's Profile Photo


    by HarmoniousBotch Written Mar 9, 2008

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    When in the water, keep an eye out for the portuguese man-o-war jellyfish. ( Actually, it's not a true jellyfish but it looks like one and stings worse than most. )
    You can recognize it by the sail sticking out of the water - from which it gets its name. It uses the sail to travel with the wind, so keep a watch upwind.
    You may hear surfers calling out "Pochos! Pochos!" as a warning when they see them.

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    Pay attention to ocean conditions!!!

    by GlobalMatt Written Sep 29, 2006

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    If you ever travel to Kaua'i, please - please - please pay attention to warnings posted for some beaches. The riptide currents in Hawaii can be VERY strong. Many people have drowned or been swept out to sea due to ignorance. If you are a decent swimmer, this usually isn't a problem in most places on Kaua'i. However, from mid-October through mid-April, most of the beaches are non-swimmable...especially anywhere near or on the North shores. It's even a good idea to stay away from the edge of the water on the North shores in the winter. There have been cases of rogue waves coming in fast and furious with no warning and taking people out to sea. The calmest place to swim, snorkel, & scuba is on the South shores...especially Poip'u Beach State Park. They also have all the basic facilities and lifeguards year-round. Explore Kaua'i to the fullest, but be informed.

    Watch for strong currents on parts of the island

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    by spitball Updated Jan 6, 2008

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    According to The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook, who are hesitant to give this sport its own section because so many people still don't know what it is, well I'll tell you, it's exciting and a lot of fun to watch, and I imagine, a helluva blast to try and perform. I saw many of these guys during my two weeks on Kaua'i, but it looks like it takes quite a lot of time and skill to even get close to being any good. What you've got is a modified surfboard, shorter and boxier than a normal board, with fins at both ends and straps for your feet. Then let a special, controllable, two-line kite drag you along. Like windsurfing, you don't have to go the direction the wind takes you, you have control (though not as much as a windsurf board) It's harder to learn than windsurfing, if you can get over the steeper learning curve.

    'Anini Beach Windsurfing (826-9463) gives 4-hour lessons at $400 per person (6 hours for 2 people) That's a lot at one time, but their instructor's are very good.
    Aloha Surf & Kiteboarding (826-1517) gives cheaper lessons at $75 per hour with a 2-hour minimum, but they don't seem as reliable.
    If you want to see kitesurfing in action, check out Kapa'a Beach Park, the most popular local spot. Moanakai Road is a good place to hang out and watch them.
    Since the first two hours of the lesson is learning how to flly the kite, you might want to buy your own kite beforehand (Sea Star Kaua'i at 332-8189 sells them from around $125 - $180)
    and learn how to fly it at your leisure. Then go straight to the next phase with your instructor.
    It's called body dragging and, though it sounds like something they do to you if your credit card is declined, it's actually where you allow the kite to drag you through the water while you maneuver it, and it's lot's of fun, at least for me to watch.

    Kite Surfer Getting Ready Kite Surfer
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    We had a bit of a nightmare...

    by richiecdisc Written Sep 7, 2002

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    We had a bit of a nightmare stay really. Nicole's house was without electricity and running water except the toilet . . . :-) and a hose outside. Her boyfriend got bitten by a huge scorpion while showering off in the yard. Yeow!

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  • Strenous/difficult trail

    by Hawaii-5-0 Updated Sep 14, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Kalalau trail is rated as a strenous/difficult trail to hike for the average individual .(800 ft. elevation gain/loss) People should be in fairly good physical condition and have basic outdoor skills such as camping,hiking,basic survival skills and first aid. Swimming is not advised due to extremely strong currents.
    People suffering from acrophobia (fear of heights) will have difficulties passing the 8 mile mark along the trail.Here the trail becomes very narrow
    (2-3 ft. wide) and there is a 4000 ft. sheer cliff on one side of the trail.
    Any serious injuries along the trail will require almost a day for someone to hike out and get help.Carry along a mirror and you might be able to signal a tour helicoper for emergency assistance.
    Wear bright colored clothing. Easier to spot from the air and added safety from goat and pig hunters on the trail.

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  • Camping Permits

    by Hawaii-5-0 Updated Aug 31, 2002

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    Camping without a permit.
    Park rangers check the campsites to verify permits.Campers without permits are:
    1.Issued a citation.
    2.Photo mug shot taken
    3.Camping gear confiscated.
    4.Ordered to appear in court and pay fines anywhere from $100-$1000 per day.
    5.Failure to appear in court will result in a
    warrant for your arrest and a criminal record.

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  • Travel2write's Profile Photo

    If in doubt, don't go out!

    by Travel2write Updated Oct 19, 2008

    Current and the beaches can be downright dangerous. If you are not experienced in the ocean, don't swim where there are not lifeguards and never swim alone. Sadly, 3 tourist died the week we were in kauai. he saying is, "If in doub't, don't go out!"

    Dangerous beaches
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  • Other Tourists! ;-)

    by Annapet Written Oct 5, 2004

    Beware of fellow tourists who have just arrived. No tan. Still uptight. They tend to cut in line. They stick like sore thumbs because they don't smile, the complete opposite of the locals.

    The locals are so friendly, polite, etc....It's contagious, thank goodness.

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  • Chickens!

    by mrandmrsdevlin Written Jan 25, 2006

    There are chickens everywhere!! They're not so much of a danger as a nuisance, as they don't seem to care what time it is as they are crowing their little heads off day and night. It's definitely something that you get used to in a day or two though.
    The story goes that they all escaped when a big hurricane hit Kauai. Since there are no predators, the chickens have flourished and can be seen, literally, everywhere!

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  • Big Surf

    by mrandmrsdevlin Written Jan 25, 2006

    It's definitely a good idea to listen to the surf report on the radio as you plan your day. The nice thing is that even if there are big swells on some beaches, it's invariable pretty nice on others around the island. We were there in the winter and got to see some pretty huge waves along the north shore. The next day at the same beach we were able to swim, so be prepared for anything I guess.

    Big waves at Hanalei

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  • Strong currents

    by mrandmrsdevlin Written Jan 25, 2006

    We were surprised that even at the "baby beaches", where the water is always calm because they are protected by big coral reefs, the current was so strong that it was still a little scary to get in the water.

    Waves break on the reef protecting Anini Beach

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  • Andraf's Profile Photo

    Muddy trails

    by Andraf Written Dec 6, 2003

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you go to Kauai in winter and attempt to do some hiking expect the trails to be muddy and slippery. Take a closer look at the picture as all trails look more or less like the one there.

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