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Lahaina Things to Do

  • Luau

    We arrived at Old Lahaina Luau at 5:10 pm and the parking lot was already full. They told us to park at the overflow parking lot at the Cannery Mall across the street but we were able to find some street parking that was a little closer instead. Once we parked, Chris just changed his shirt right there and we went inside. The luau area was...

  • Banyan Tree

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Right in the heart of Old Town Lahaina by the Courthouse is an exceptionally large and old Banyan Tree. The tree itself is over 60 feet tall and has over ten trunks that anchor it to the ground. This massive tree was first planted in 1873This massive tree provides a beautiful shaded area with benches underneath its branches. On weekends art...

  • Walking Tour

    We just walked into any of the historical sites in Lahaina and picked up a map to do this walk. It could take you a few hours to do but its free (except to where you need to pay admission), there are many signs to let you know where you are at and what to expect. I found it interesting and informative. Lots of great information. It takes you back...

  • Whalewatching

    My wife and I didn't have to go far for some whale watching. We pulled into Lahaina aboard the Celebrity Century in the early morning hours of my 40th Birthday. From our suite's balcony we watched a large group of humpback wales jumping out of the water, diving and waving their flippers. It was an amazing sight to see and so close to us. This...

  • Snorkeling and Diving

    The Beaches of Hawaii are Famous Worldwide!!! There is a reason -- because they are FANTASTIC!!! This is what you came here for, right? You will not be disappointed!!! I could live at these beaches! Relax on the beach, go for a swim, go snorkeling, take pictures and make memories! You won't want to forget this place!!!

  • Beaches

    Kaanapali Beach is a three mile stretch sand and clear blue waters. This beach area is quite popular and is lined by resorts, The Whaler's Village and restaurants. One of Kaanapali Beach’s most famous attractions is the daily cliff diving ceremony off of the beach’s northernmost cliffs known as Puu Kekaa, or Black Rock. Held every evening at...


Lahaina Hotels

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Lahaina Restaurants

  • Bubba Gump Shrimp Company

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant is a chain and they have a few places in Southern California, On Oahu, Northern California and other places. I had been here before but the kids havent. I was telling them about this restaurant and how they test you on the movie Forrest Gump and they got excited and wanted to come. Their specialty is shrimp but I am...

  • Lahaina Fish Company

    5 out of 5 stars

    Beautiful atmosphere -- fresh sea breeze air, blue and white decor... inside/outside restaurant. Sitting inside, but no windows... right on the ocean. Beautiful views! A wonderful choice of Hawaiian fresh fish, seafood, and other island fare, steaks, ribs and burgers. Their food here is excellent! For an appetizer, try the ceviche marinated in...

  • Pacific'O

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    Laid-back oceanside dining that's just steps from the beach. Head past the long, elegant martini bar for a seaside table with the island's best view of Lanai across the Maui channel. The sleek, modern design inside flows seamlessly with the surroundings, but it's the umbrella-shaded tables on the patio that draw the crowds. Whether you're there for...


Lahaina Nightlife

  • Tropical Drinks with a Beach View

    The Barefoot Bar is located at the Hula Grill in the Whalers Village. I really loved this bar. The location is perfect right on the edge of Ka'anapali Beach. We have been to the Hula Grill in Waikiki and loved it so this made it an easy choice for us; as well knew the drinks were good.They have plenty of bar seating and bar tables available to just...

  • If you wanna dance ...

    If you wanna dance in Lahaina, you must stop by Moose's. The DJ gladly plays requests, and the large dance floor is complete with a stripper pole. (Note: There aren't any strippers at Moose's, the pole is just for the crowd to dance with.) Super friendly staff, great drinks, and very airy with large, open windows. Moose's bar area is also ideal for...

  • A frosty drink beachside with amazing...

    The Barefoot Bar at the Hula Grill is located at the Whaler's Village beachside. Ferni and I have been to the location in Waikiki Beach, so we decided that after enjoying a few hours of fun in the sun and sand we'd grab a nice cold drink before heading back to the hotel. The resatuarant/bar is quite large with plenty of outdoor dining, large...


Lahaina Transportation

  • Arrival Via Cruise Ship

    My wife and I arrived in Maui via the Celebrity Century. This was a fifteen night cruise out of San Diego for my 40th Birthday. The cruise made sevral stops in the Hawaiian Islands; Maui being our second stop.We pulled close to shore rather early in the morning and were greated by humpback whales right off our balcony performing a little show. It...

  • Exorbitant Parking Fines in Lahaina

    The following email was circulated at the Advanced Maui Optical and Space Technologies (AMOS) Conference, an international conference of space professionals:"Caution for AMOS attendees on Lahaina ParkingThere is documented evidence of Lahaina Front Street parking vendors charging exorbitant fees if you go over the prepaid parking time. Reports are...

  • Parking in Lahaina is a PAIN!

    Parking is free on Front Street for three hours if you can get a stall, and yes, they do keep an eye on your car (meaning if you are there for longer you WILL get a ticket. There are several pay lots and if you are having a hard time finding any spots in Lahaina, the pay lot on Dickenson near Wainee seems to fill up later than other lots. They are...


Lahaina Shopping

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  • Clothing for the Island Life

    Tori Richard is a store that has men and womens clothes with an island theme to it. The stores has a nice selection of men's shirts, pants and shorts. The shirts range in price and in fabric with cotton, linen and silk shirts. The selection of women's clothing ranged from casual to elegant resort wear with dresses, tops, skirts and accessories. The...

  • Resort Wear

    Tommy Bahama is one of the many stores located in the Whalers Village. The shops carry men and women's clothing, shoes, swimwear, accessories and homegoods.Tommy Bahama is a favorite store of ours and we have shopping in their stores for many years now.Every store has different merchandise based on location. Obviously this Maui location won't carry...

  • Bathingsuits and Resort Wear

    Maui Water Wear is another of the many shops at the Whalers Village. The shop specializes in womens swimwear, coverups and beach accessories. After not finding a swimsit at Cruise, my wife decided to see if this place had anything to her liking. They had a multitude of swimsuits in a rainbow of colors and designs. There just wasn't anything...


Lahaina Local Customs

  • Local Rum

    When in Maui; try some of the locally produced Rum. There are many varieties available from several Rum producers on the island. My wife and I enjoy trying local products when visiting an area. The Maui Rum is produced from the local sugar can and is available in just about any store that carries liquor. Both my wife and I enjoy Rum drinks so...

  • Try a Lava Flow

    When in Hawaii, definitely try a Lava Flow. The Lava Flow is a delicious drink made from Rum, pureed strawberries, coconut cream and coconut milk. It basically tastes like a Strawberry Pina Coladad but better. My wife loves these Lava Flows and has to have them whenever we are in Hawaii. Her favorite place for a Lava Flow is the Plantation Bar at...

  • Shave Ice

    Shave ice an ice-based dessert made by shaving a block of ice. Shave Ice is mostly credited as being "Hawaiian" but is actually Japanese in origin. It does look like a snow cone but the ice is shaved into a soft texture that resembles snow while a snow cone is crushed ice. This snowy texture is perfect for absorbing the flavored syrup, instead of...


Lahaina Warnings and Dangers

  • Do Not Remove Lava Rocks!

    Yes, you want a souvenir of your vacation but do not remove any lava rocks. As superstition goes; removal of the rocks angers the volcano goddess Pele and brings bad luck to the person. So just go buy a souvenir from ABC..."Take only pictures; leave only footprints." "Take only gifts you are given (like flower lei’s); and leave only with Aloha."

  • The Sun is Strong

    It's always important to be aware of the sun. Relaxing on a beautiful beach with a breeze can make you easily forget to check you skin for signs of a sunburn. We always slather on the sunblock; usually SPF 100 and make sure to re-apply requently. Liz and I both brings hats to ensure our faces do not fry in the sun.The best thing to do is avoid peak...

  • if you are a haole

    if you walk into a building and you are the only haole. get out because most locals hate you this is coming from a hopa with a grandma whom is an ancient but the younger generation for the most part no longger wants to be part of the states and their are rebel groups in the hills i am not like that so now you have been warned


Lahaina Tourist Traps

  • Most boats or tour op. will...

    Most boats or tour will sale you a whale wach trip separet from a dive or snorkle the best value is to go in a snorckle trip to the island of molakini that to me it is the best diving or snorckle in the island...and the whales are a bonus you will see them every were from nov true march only

  • There virtually is a jewelry...

    There virtually is a jewelry store next to every ABC store on Front Street. Most sell the same things and most is not locally produced. If you like what you see in one of those shops, don't buy right away - negotiate. If you want unique jewelry, spend some time looking for the less ordinary - it is there also and is priced fairly, but negotiation...

  • Shopping at the Kaanapali...

    Shopping at the Kaanapali Whalers Village or the Shops At Wailea!As you might expect, both of these shopping complexes are attached to large, expensive hotel resort areas. Just call be strange but when I go on holiday I don't suddenly get the urge to shop at Gucci, Christian Dior, Versace, Tiffany and all those other designer shops which seem can...


Lahaina What to Pack

  • You don't need much in Maui

    Small carryon Shorts and T-shirts and a sundress for evenings out are all that you need. Add 2 bathing suits, sandals, flipflops. Must have sunscreen! You'll burn without it. Neosporin helps with coral burn and comes in individual foil packs that you can carry with you. Coiled strecth wrist strap for keys. Wear it in the water rather than risk...

  • Packing List

    During the summer, Lahaina is pretty warm. Shorts, short sleeve shirt and sandals will do. From Dec.-Apr., the days are warm, but the evenings can get chilly (for Hawaiian standards around 70 F). So, a light jacket may not be a bad idea. Swimsuit.

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Lahaina Off The Beaten Path

  • Take a side trip to Lana'i

    We took the ferry from Lahaina to Lana'i. We took the first ferry out at 6:45am and the waters were still and calm. Its a 45 minute ferry ride and the first ferrys out in the morning are not usually very crowded at all. There is a bathroom on the boat and you can sit inside or outside on top.We booked the ferry with a jeep package. Which was about...

  • Get married at Hawaii

    Well, this is not something one usually does on a usual basis, so I guess "Off the beaten track" is the closest category.Lahaina, Maui was the greatest place - very quiet with the whole church nearly to ourselves the whole day.A travelling couple we didn't even know stopped by and kindly dropped in to watch our ceremony!!!

  • Lanai it is the only island of...

    Lanai it is the only island of hawaii that you can go by is a privet island own by Dole pinneaples now an exclusive resort have bought it and it is a golfers heavens...and a hikers hiden placer.


Lahaina Favorites

  • Beautiful Rainbows

    Nothing makes a trip to Hawaii more beautiful than a Rainbow. We were fortunate to see many rainbows during our Hawaiin trip; the majority of them being in Maui.

  • Yum, Yum, Ice Cream!!!

    Roselani Ice Cream!! Is made on the Island of Maui. We can't get enough of it. If you Like Ice cream you will love this. There are numerous business' that sell it so keep an eye out for it. Especially the Macadamian Nut!! To die for!!!For more information about this Ice Cream and it's maker go to our website. Trying to...

  • Parking in Lahaina

    The fact that it is bustling with activity and is a really cool, quaint harbor town. The boat ride out to go watch whales (see my picture), as we were riding out you can see the town of Lahaina on the land and behind it the gorgeous green mountains and then the rainbow!!


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