Maui Local Customs

  • Local Customs
    by cjg1
  • Local Customs
    by cjg1
  • Mago, Guava and Orange Shave Ice (2/2013)
    Mago, Guava and Orange Shave Ice...
    by cjg1

Maui Local Customs

  • Local Rum

    When in Maui; try some of the locally produced Rum. There are many varieties available from several Rum producers on the island. My wife and I enjoy trying local products when visiting an area. The Maui Rum is produced from the local sugar can and is available in just about any store that carries liquor. Both my wife and I enjoy Rum drinks so...

  • Free Local Guides and Maps

    Free Local Guides and maps are available on the street, at visitor centers and at the airport. Take advantage of the local happenings, attractions, shopping and dining suggestions; you never know what you might find.

  • Shave Ice

    Shave ice an ice-based dessert made by shaving a block of ice. Shave Ice is mostly credited as being "Hawaiian" but is actually Japanese in origin. It does look like a snow cone but the ice is shaved into a soft texture that resembles snow while a snow cone is crushed ice. This snowy texture is perfect for absorbing the flavored syrup, instead of...

  • Kukui Necklaces

    The Kukui nut lei is made from the Kukui Nut Tree.The Kukui Nut Tree is also known as the Candlenut Tree and in ancient Hawai’i the nuts were burned to provide light and the oil also has many cooking and medicinal uses. The nuts are used also in necklaces (leis) and bracelets. The colors of the nuts can be black, brown or white and often painted...

  • Tasty Mai Tais

    The Mai Tai first came a popular cockatial in the 1950's and 1960's. The popular Elvis film Blue Hawaii featured this Tiki inspired drink. I am a big fan of Mai Tai's and love having them when visiting Hawaii. I've had them at almost every bar or restaurant I have visited and served in a variety of glasses from highball to interesting Tiki heads...

  • Try a Lava Flow

    When in Hawaii, definitely try a Lava Flow. The Lava Flow is a delicious drink made from Rum, pureed strawberries, coconut cream and coconut milk. It basically tastes like a Strawberry Pina Coladad but better. My wife loves these Lava Flows and has to have them whenever we are in Hawaii. Her favorite place for a Lava Flow is the Plantation Bar at...

  • Respect the Aina

    Aina is "land" in Hawaiian. The intent is to leave Hawaii as you found it, as the magical place it is. That said, there are a lot of mixed messages. It is common to find memorials to locals overlooking a beautiful view. Not making any judgements here, I'm just sayin......

  • Spam

    Way before spam became the e mail nuisance affecting your everyday living, the Hawaiians turned spam into a delicacy. From a casual reading, it appears a leftover (pun intended) of the GI days of WW 2, when Spam was included in the rations of the GI soldiers stationed on Hawaii.

  • Flower Leis

    On my very first trip to Hawaii, I was told by an native Hawaiian (and there are not that many true native Hawaiians left these days) if you want to ensure a safe return back to the islands, when you leave to toss your lei but first remove them from the string and then toss the petals into the ocean.Each of the Hawaiian Islands has their own color...

  • The Road to Hana

    Any trip to Maui is not complete until you have traveled the road to Hana. This part of Maui is totally different from the touristy side of the island as you travel along the infamous Hana Highway as it hairpins its way through one of Hawai'i's most beautiful tropical rainforest. The mileage to Hana isn't too bad (the roundtrip from Kahului is 126...

  • Aloha... Mahalo

    If you haven't been to Hawaii yet you probably will have some doubts about the language and its particularities. I recommend buy a hawaiian dictionary because many words that local people (kamaaina) are used to speak have origin in the hawaiian language.If you hear some words that you have never heard before don't think you are crazy. For example,...

  • It used to be a custom, not anymore...

    Stones used to be stacked near the entrance to the trail leading to the blowhole on the north end of the island (about 5 miles beyond Kapalua).Many that passed this way wondered what the purpose of the stones were when in actuality, there was no "purpose" but they sure looked great.It is unfortunate that the trail to the blowhole has been fenced...

  • Be prepared when you ask for...

    In Hawaii, we don't really go by conventional directions of North, South, East, or West. When you ask a local for directions you'll probably hear "makai" (towards the sea) or "mauka" (towards the mountain) for North or South. East or West is usually designated by town names. Example: West on Maui = towards Lahaina or Kapalua...East on Maui =...

  • Take off your shoes before entering...

    In Hawaii, we always remove our shoes before entering anyone's home. This is a sign of respect. Don't worry, no one's going to take your shoes. It may be hard to find it later though if there's a big party going on! :)

  • Tropical Flowers

    Some of my favorite flowers that grow everywhere in Hawaii!!!Plumeria's and orchids are commonly used to make lei's in Hawaii.

  • The Silversword of Haleakala

    The Silversword is a beautiful plant found only within the high elevations of Haleakala National Park on Maui. It can be recognized by the silver-colored hairs it has around it's base, and the large flowering stalk it produces at the end of it's life. They can grow as high as 6 ft. tall, and their life span ranges from 15 to 50 years. They only...

  • the only words I learned

    Mahalo - Thank YouAloha - (obviously the greeting we all know)Melakalikimaka - Merry Chrismas (thanks to SandraA`ole pilikia - No problemkane - manae - yesnai'a - dolphinimu - pit oven used at a luau

  • Passion Fruit Blossom

    When we visited Lorraine's little shop up in Kahakuloa Village, we stepped into the backyard porch and decided to take in the lovely view there. To our surprise, Lorraine had Passion Fruit growing in her back yard. We didn't see any of the fruit just yet, though it does thrive in Maui, but we did see the beautiful blossom. Take the time to enjoy...

  • Resident Heron

    During our stay at the Renaissance Wailea, we had a small Heron that seem to have made the Mokapu wing his home. He was there 3 of the 5 days that we were there and made the experience all the more enjoyable. Heron's are quite common in Maui, but generally speaking, you have to travel into the marshes and other bodies of inland water to find them....

  • Hula Lessons for Children

    Four Seasons has a Children's program like a day camp for kids on vacation. One day they had hula lessons, from the pool we were watching and I was itching to get up and join along..If you can, its a nice local custom to pick up, learn the ways of the traditional hula dance.

  • Erosion, Maui's greatest enemy

    Maui's main enemy has to be erosion. Whether it be wind or sea, both are slowly taking Maui off the planet. Someday, Maui will cease to exist. Fortunately, it will be thousands of years from now. The sea constantly chips away at the shore lines creating beautiful and unimaginable shapes. Wind and rain have eroded sites like Haleakala and much of...

  • Plumeria, another tropical beauty.

    Funny enough, I knew this flower as the Frangipani, but I learned on this last trip to Maui that Frangipani is actually a species in the genus Plumeria. So Plumeria frangipani is the flower I've long adored and anyone who's been to my apartment would know why. For those of you who don't know, I have a poster on my wall of a beautiful woman's torso...

  • Bird's of Paradise in Maui

    This very famous flower has become a mainstay of the flower industry. Most mixed bouquets will include this beautiful flower and fortunately, a visit to Maui will undoubtably include a few of these lovely flowers. Most resorts have them planted, but you do see the random ones growing in people's yards. At the airport, you can by some seeds to try...

  • "The Aloha Spirit"

    When you arrive on Maui, you'll hear references to things like "aloha spirit" and "island time." What this means is that you've arrived in a place with its own unique pace and lifestyle. People on Maui are kind, polite and not in a hurry. Slow down, take a deep breath and you'll soon be on your way to encountering the Aloha Spirit.You will want to...

  • Try a "lava flow" (cocktail)

    You just can't go to Hawaii and not try a lava flow. It is an amazing frozen cocktail that is sort of half pina colada, half strawberry margarita. It is made with rum, strawberries, bananas, pineapple and coconut-- and it is delicious! They serve this just about everywhere on Maui. Enjoy!

  • Farming in Maui

    Farming once once a mainstay in Maui. Pineapple, Sugar, exotic fruits, and even livestock. Today much of that has diminished dramatically. The great pineapple plantations of the past are reduced to a mere few. Don't get me wrong, many farms still exist but the tourism has taken on a much more important role in recent years.

  • Banyan Trees

    Some of the oldest trees in the world, definitely the largest I've ever seen (not tallest, largest), the banyan trees in Maui are immensely beautiful. Their roots span out in aerial patterns that until seen with one's own eyes, can only exist in one's imagination. This one pictured here was along the Pipiwai Trail up to Waimoku falls. It's a great...

  • Maui's unique botanical treasures

    The isolation of the Hawaiian islands, Maui included, has bestowed it with a wide variety of unique foliage. Add to this Maui's excellent climate and it's no wonder why this tiny volcanic island is full of lush vegetation. It seems that the color of all flowers in Maui are just a bit brighter than any where else I've been. A true splendor of...

  • Lu'aus

    Who doesn't know what a Lu'au is? We've all seen them somewhere, whether it be TV or a movie. We've all seen the fire-knife dancer risk life and limb while doing his juggling or the beautiful dancers bending their bodies to the sound of local music. The Lu'aus are highly recommended and you'll usually get all you can eat and drink for a price...

  • The Road to Hana

    One of the things that you must do when you visit Maui is take the trip to Hana. It's a trip back in time and at the same time an ecological wonder as you pass through many ecosystems (coastal, mountains, tropical forest). The driving is slow (it can be an all day trip) but the sights that you see and the people that you meet make this a...

  • Handy Roadside Stands

    Maui's shopping venues range from modern malls with all the conveniences to family-operated roadside stands offering their wares to the traveling tourist. Some of the roadside stands I saw were adorned with such items as Hawaiian T-shirts, sea shells, macrame planters made from sea shells and hand-crafted bowls and hats made from the leaves of...

  • Music for your drive around Maui

    I suppose this really isn't a cultural tip but I couldn't think of any other place were this might be applicable. However, I think it very important to mention because when you're driving through Maui, the experience is that much better if you have great music playing on the radio. For that, tune your radio to 99.9 FM for today's top pop music. We...

  • Be Friendly

    Don't be as aggressive here as you would at home. The people still drive fast & tailgate but they don't cut you off or honk their horns.Try to pronounce their words correctly. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.

  • The weather on Maui depends...

    The weather on Maui depends more on where you are than on what season is. The average daily temperature along the coast is about 78ºF (25.5ºC) in summer and during the winter it drops to 72ºF (22ºC).On Haleakala summit, the average is about 43-50ºF (6-10ºC).Nights are no more than 10 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than days.

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Maui Local Customs

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