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  • Liz and I celebrating my Big 4-0 in Maui
    Liz and I celebrating my Big 4-0 in Maui
    by cjg1
  • Lava Flow and Mai Tai
    Lava Flow and Mai Tai
    by cjg1
  • Love my Mai Tai
    Love my Mai Tai
    by cjg1

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  • cjg1's Profile Photo

    Barefoot Bar: Drinks with a Beach View

    by cjg1 Updated Nov 27, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Barefoot Bar is located at the Hula Grill in the Whalers Village. I really loved this bar. The location is perfect right on the edge of Ka'anapali Beach. We have been to the Hula Grill in Waikiki and loved it so this made it an easy choice for us; as we knew the drinks were good.

    They have plenty of bar seating and bar tables available to just have a seat and enjoy. If you want a table in the sand closer to the beach then the hostess can seat you. My wife and I were meeting up with friends who live on Maui for some Birthday drinks (it was my big 40th birthday that day) so we decided to grab one of the bar tables that seats four people. We were a bit early so we decided to go ahead and start perusing the menu.

    The menu has a variety of food items: appetizers, pizzas, sandwiches, salads, burgers and some more substantial fare. We chose to just have drinks so we looked at their drink menu; which has a nice variety of choices. I choice my favorite drink; a Mai Tai. I love that they serve it in these kooky Tiki glass heads...makes it more fun(they are available for purchase at $12.50 a piece). My wife chose her favorite; a Lava Flow. She loves how they make it here; they use fresh coconut milk which makes a huge difference in the flavor.

    The bar area filled up fast that by the time our drinks arrived there was a huge line waiting for tables as well as bar seats. By the time we were halfway done with our drinks, our friends arrived to join in on the fun. We stuck to drinking Mai Tais and Lava Flows for some time before ordering their delicious Ice Cream Sandwich with four spoons. The Ice Cream Sandwich here is amazingly good and a huge portion. We first tried it in Waikiki many years ago and have loved it ever since.

    I loved sitting back and relaxing with my wife and friends with an incredible view of the beach. It was a fun time and the celebrating was only getting started...

    **Check out their Aloha Hour Specials on food and Drinks**

    Dress Code: Casual

    Enjoying a Birthday Mai Tai! (2/24/13) Liz and Her Lava Flow

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  • MarianneRules's Profile Photo

    Sansei: Late Nite Dining and Karaoke

    by MarianneRules Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It was late, we were hungry & ended up here by default. There was a line at 9:30 pm which seemed odd, but monkey see, monkey do..we got in line not knowing if it was worth waiting for or if they'd even let us in.

    Little did we know how cool it would be.. this was THE hip place to be. They started herding the nite customers in at 10 and the place was full of energy and already full of people from earlier. Clearly a local favorite for karaoke, dates, b-day parties, etc. I almost felt like I had snuck into the VIP restaurant by accident. It felt like everyone knew everyone…very good vibe. …Great sushi too.

    Dress Code: Casual but step it up and night, wear your 'nice' flip flops'

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  • Mstudwell's Profile Photo

    Front Street, Lahaina: Great spot to grab food and drinks!

    by Mstudwell Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Front Street is located right on the water in Lahaina, Maui. Besides its gorgeous views, this street holds multiple restaurants, bars, shops, and even historical landmarks! Amongst some of the typical big city restaurant chains, such as Hard Rock Cafe there are a multitude of nicer, smaller, and even classic dive-like places to grab a bite/drink and catch a sunset!

    Two of my favorite places are:

    Moose McGillicuddy's: One of the most lively pub&Grill's on Front Street! There is always an event going on; Karaoke, Happy Hours everyday, and good food! Try the Mahi Mahi Macadamia or the Kalua Pig Sandwich with a Moose Mai Tai and sit on the balcony to people watch! Moose's always has a young crowd and has a casual and fun atmosphere! Every time I am on Maui I always have to stop in for a drink!

    Kimo's: A bit quieter and more authentic Hawaiian with outstanding food and drinks! They are known for their view, as waves literally crash right beneath the deck! They are also famous for their awesome Hula Pie (A delicious dessert, that's perfect for a big sweet tooth or to share)! This is more of a romantic and peaceful place but perfect to eat and/or enjoy fun tropical drinks (All the classics with a few twists)! Most weekends there is good music, even though the waves and sound of the ocean is therapeutic as it is! This is a smaller place, so larger parties may have to call ahead to check table availability.

    Dress Code: Fairly casual. Almost everyone wears flip flops, shorts, and tank tops! Even the nicest place would except this casual beach wear with the addition of at least a clean shirt! Kimo's is a little bit nicer than Moose's with a tropical casual approach.

    Moose's Kimo's Deck and View!
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  • johnfrompalatineil's Profile Photo

    Lahaina Front Street: Variety of choices

    by johnfrompalatineil Written Aug 23, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Many eating, drinking and listening to music choices within a short distance walk. An Irish pub- Moose McGillycuddy's, Hard Rock Cafe', Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Cool Cat Cafe' to eat, drink and be merry. Many jewelry stores to see beautiful local jewelry. A cool, little store with displays of shark teeth, model boats, etc. Coldstone Creamery and some other local cafe's selling gelato. And general people watching. Best nightlife in Hawaii outside Honolulu.

    Dress Code: depends where you go. generally- casual.

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  • MarianneRules's Profile Photo

    Lifes a beach: Live the dream

    by MarianneRules Written Jun 26, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Just wandered by..and there they were...these two adorable chics living my fantasy.... my imaginary dream job is to play banjo in a blue grass band...(i know, dorky but whatever).

    This is a scruffy little surfer bar with live music and those two chics who turned out to be classically trained musicians were rocking out with their banjo and fiddle. Too cute! We actually saw them with friends at Sansei a few nights later. Kihei is a small town!

    This bar is another hot spot that I would hang out at while at home. It's right on the corner so just walk by and if it’s not too crowded, stop in for a bit. We enjoyed it and met a really nice local couple who were there just killing time :)

    Dress Code: Casual

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  • MarianneRules's Profile Photo

    Downtown Kihei: Wailea nightlife? Try Kihei

    by MarianneRules Written Jun 26, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Although we stayed in Wailea, there didn’t seem to be much night life. We stayed away from the big shopping center right next to our hotel so it could be there are fun spots we just didn’t find.

    The area we kept finding ourselves was in Kihei which has a few bars with music and dancing. Little gems for drinking, snacking, people watching, etc because this spot was mixed with locals and tourists. The demographics probably change depending on the season, but it was a very unpretentious casual place to essentially bar hop.

    Dress Code: Keep it casual

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  • rodrigonp's Profile Photo

    Tiki Lounge: Pub

    by rodrigonp Updated Mar 13, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Tiki Lounge located at Kihei is one of the most famous nightclubes in Maui, it's not so big but you can find a good space to dance and delicious drinks. You can also spend some time on its famous happy-hour and taste the delicious pizzas the have there.

    I'm not sure but I believe every monday there is live music starting at 10pm.

    Dress Code: - Marguerita drinks
    - Local drinks
    - Pizzas

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  • Albernfrau's Profile Photo

    Warren & Annabelle's Magic: Magic & Comedy - Incredible Value

    by Albernfrau Written Apr 18, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This show was outstanding! I have never wanted to go to a magic show but this one is soooo different.

    I won?t give it away but you enter the show in a very interesting way. All I will say is that in my group I got to be the one in the group with a key. Once you do get inside you enjoy dinner or dessert in a beautiful 1920s parlour. Annebelle the ghost starts playing everyone?s requests on the piano. Her invisible self twirls in her chair and plays the piano like no other. After an hour in the parlour we were escorted into a theatre. Right away we were picked along with 6 others out of the 80 present to be participants in the show. We had to sit at the stage. The magic/comedy was absolutely amazing. How two bowling balls can come out of a hat that they just put on the guy sitting next to me just blew me away. Just as good as the magic was Warren?s comedy. He is hilarious. We laughed for two hours straight.

    This is a show like no other and by far worth much more than the $50US per ticket. The entire experience was incredible. I highly recommend it.

    Make reservations as it sells out regularly.
    Must be 21 years of age
    3.5 hours long in total
    They sell dinner/show packages

    Dress Code: I would recommend not wearing extremely casual attire. Wear a sweater or jacket as they have air-conditioning on.

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  • rstary's Profile Photo

    Old Lahain Luau: Historic Luau

    by rstary Written Nov 8, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is definitely the Luau to go to. They have everything from the entrance to the exit wonderfully choreagraphed.

    CALL A NUMBER OF DAYS IN ADVANCE. They book up early. We only called a day ahead and got on a 15 person waiting list. When we called back later that afternoon, they told us we were in!

    You may want to get there a half hour before the 5:15 start to get in the main parking lot. (Only recommended for people who would find it difficult to walk a few blocks). Otherwise, there is ample parking across the street at the Lahaina Cannery Mall.

    Dress Code: You can wear your finest Hawaiian print shirt!

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  • AliasGirl's Profile Photo

    Tiffany Lee - CD - Settin' It Free: Tiffany Lee..A Live Entertainer from Maui

    by AliasGirl Written Sep 24, 2004

    I discovered Tiffany Lee singing at BJ's Chicago Pizza, see my review. She had three great sets, we loved her voice and bought her CD, Settin' It Free.

    She sings cover songs and a bunch of her own songs acoustically. She sang a mean version of Lenny Kravitz's 'Fly Away', totally awesome! Her original song that is great is called "Believe".

    If anyone knows what she is up to or if she has a website or a new CD, please let me know!!

    Tiffany Lee CD

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  • AliasGirl's Profile Photo

    Front Street: Lahaina at Dusk

    by AliasGirl Written Sep 24, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Front Street holds all of the nightlife excluding hotel bars and lounges. There are so many places to see and things to do here..

    You can walk up and down Front Street and stop in a million little shops for souvenir shopping, catch a drink and live music, dinner and dancing, art galleries, local artwork, and comedy clubs.

    This si the place to be for fun times, people watching, hanging with the locals, meeting other tourists, bar crawling, shopping - just about everything!

    Dress Code: shorts and tee shirt
    summer dresses
    cool & funky for nightclubs

    Front Street at Dusk

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  • akskibunny's Profile Photo

    Tsunami: Upscale Dance Club

    by akskibunny Written Jul 30, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Tsunami's is where the bold and the beautiful go to show off that tan they worked on all day. Located at the Grand Wailea Hotel, this club was by far the hottest I saw on Maui. There is a dress code (mostly directed at the guys... it seemed the girls could wear pretty much whatever... or NOT wear whatever as the case may be...) It's got the beat going on but if you've got two left feet, as the saying goes, it's still one of the best places for people watching.
    If a more subdued, lounge-type atmosphere is your idea of the perfect night spot, head up the marble stairs, past the high-end boutiques and into the center of the hotel complex where pools and fountains surround a patio-style bar. Gorgeous!

    Dress Code: There is a dress code at Tsunami's... but you'll want to be in at least khaki's and a pressed shirt to fit in on the patio.

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  • akskibunny's Profile Photo

    Hapa's Nightclub: Anything goes

    by akskibunny Written Jun 6, 2004

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Head to Hapa's on Monday nights to see Willie K and his band. There's no telling what they'll play. I was there just before Christmas and was introduced to Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer ala Jimi Hendrix. They play everything and they play it however they want to. The music is great and the atmosphere is fun. Get there early for a table or spot at the bar ( if I remember, they start about 9pm) and plan to stay all night.

    Dress Code: Dressed to kill or beach bum.... doesn't matter.

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  • virtualpatrick's Profile Photo

    See a Hula Show: See a Hula Show

    by virtualpatrick Written Oct 22, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are always hula shows scheduled in the early evenings between 7 and 9 pm at Whalers Village, Lahaina Cannery Mall, and most of the resorts along Kaanapali Beach.

    The pictures of the hula dancers are from the show at the Whalers Village.

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  • Erin74's Profile Photo

    Moose McGillicuddy's: Twenty-something gathering place

    by Erin74 Written Oct 15, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Moose McGillicuddy's is a popular night spot for the twenty-something crowd on Maui. Locals and tourists alike pack this bar on the weekends (and all week long, really). It has a dance floor and a large bar area and is centrally located in Maui. Wednesday is dollar drink night (starting at 9:30pm), don't miss that!

    Dress Code: The vibe here is casual-- jeans and khakis are okay.

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