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    by DennyP
    by DennyP
    by DennyP
  • Wonderful Old Gal

    by UCONNCASS Written Aug 7, 2014

    I first was on the Might Mo back in 1976 for a Missouri survivors reunion. My Uncle Joe served on this beautiful ship and was there to witness the signing of the surrender. At that time she was dry docked in Bremerton, WA. Tourists were only allowed to visit a small area of the ship but for the group of her ex crew they opened up the fantail. Watching my Uncle and my Father gave me chills as does thinking about it now. I was fortunate enough to see her again when I visited Hawaii. This ship is a beautiful piece of history both for this country and my family. Should you ever get a chance pay the price and go aboard won't be sorry.

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    by DennyP Updated Oct 2, 2013

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    This particular vist this time to Pearl Harbour was to visit the famous Iowa Class Battle ship the "USS Missouri". Memorial. I last was on this ship in Sydney Harbour at the 75th Anniversary of the RAN ( Royal Australian Navy) more than 25 years ago,
    The "USS Missouri" (BB 63) one of four IOWA Class Battleships built during the second world war .These were the longest Battleships ever built and were built for speed and fire power. These now are designated ""BB"" as this was Battleship Balistic and were so deignated as their weapons systems were upgraded from when they were first commissioned. The USS Missouri had its Keel laid down on the 6th January 1941 in The New York Naval Shipyard in Brooklyn New York and was Launched on the 29th January 1944 and Christened by Mary M Truman the daughter of the then Senator for Missouri Harry S Truman , was finally commissioned on the 11th June 1944..ready for action..
    This particular battleship with many battle honours (5 battle stars) .. like its other counterpart Iowa Class Battleships saw an amazing amount of action in their lifetimes especially in WW II. This famous battleship is best known for its being the place for the Japanese complete surrender of WW II. for on its deck on the 2nd September 1945 the unconditional surrender of the Japanes forces was signed in front of all the Allied Commanders of the Second World War bringing the biggest conflict in the worlds History to an end....The ship was anchored at the time in Tokyo Bay.
    These battleships of this Iowa Class were decommissioned after the second World war but only for a very brief period as they were re-commissioned and bought back on line for the Korean war..also .Vietnam War and two battleships of this class were to see battle and once more these huge guns were heard again in the Gulf War in Iraq ,
    The USS Missouri after being decommisioned again was finally struck off the Naval registar in January 1995 and then donated to the "USS Missouri Memorial Association
    To walk on the main deck is to be in awe of these amazing triple 16 inch guns of Turret #1 and Turret #2 and their unbeleivable and overwhelming firepower that they were able to bring to bear on any target. Any of these guns were able to fire 2,700 lb.shells over 20 miles (32klm's). There is also another triple 16 inch Turret to be seen on the aft deck..These particular class of barttleship was not a ship to be messed with and those that did suffered accordingly.

    Being a museum ship now the public can walk around or/and be guided by some really dedicated volunteers that will give you a wonderful account of the ships history and its many functions...great job guys...well done..Also beware of"head bangers "and "knee knockers" while getting about the ship. I myself looked all over the ship and had a wonderful chat with my guide about the ship which for me was a wonderful experience..
    The USS Missouri now is a Memorial to all those brave sailors and marines that served aboard this amazing Battleship. This Battleship was one of Four IOWA CLASS battleships that were built and the other three are also all decomissioned and "museum ships" are located at :
    The USS IOWA (BB 61) Decomissioned and at Berth 87 Port of Los Angeles.
    The USS NEW JERSEY (BB62) THE MIGHTY "J" Decomissioned and located in Camden New Jersey
    The USS MISSOURI "( BB63)THE MIGHTY MO" Decomissioned and located in Pearl Harbour
    The USS WISCONSIN (BB64) Located at The Navy Yard in Norfolk Virginia..
    I hope over time to visit all these amazing ships of this Class ..the likes we will never see again..
    " NOTE"
    IOWA CLASS #'s BB 65 thru to BB 71 were not built and scrapped as the war had finished.

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    USS Missouri

    by Ewingjr98 Updated Oct 6, 2012

    The retired battleship USS Missouri, or "Mighty Mo," is now a historical attraction on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor. It sits next to the famous USS Arizona on "Battleship Row," the location where numerous battleships were sunk by the Japanese long December 7th 1941.

    The Missouri was launched in 1944, then decommissioned for the first time in 1955. During the first year of service, the ship fought in the Pacific during WWII, and it famously served as the site if the Japanese surrender to end the war. The ship was recommissioned decades later in 1986, it served in the Persian Gulf War, then it was permanently decommissioned in 1992.

    Entry to the ship costs $22 per person, and it allows you to take guided, or self guided tours of about 6 different levels of the ships. Below decks you will find crew living and eating quarters, on the main deck, you will see the big guns and views of nearby memorials, and the upper levels house the command deck, from which the ship was steered and weapons fired.

    An area immediately above the main deck is called the "surrender deck," which has a brass plaque marking the spot on the ship where Japan signed the Instrument of Surrender to end World War II. This deck also has a glass case containing copies of the surrender document, along with a replica of one of the pens MacArthur used to sign the document as the senior Allied representative. Nearby are plaques and interpretive signs with additional details about the surrender and those present to represent their nations.

    The USS Missouri is located on Pearl Harbor's Ford Island, an active US Navy installation. Non-military people can visit the Missouri, but they must take a bus from the USS Arizona visitors center. The bus ride is only about 10 minutes.

    A plaque next to the surrender deck reads:

    The instrument of surrender terminating the Second World War was signed on this ship, 2 September 1945 east longitude date while she lay at anchor in Tokyo Bay.

    The Allied representatives were
    General of the Army Douglas MacArthur, The Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers
    Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, United States of America
    General Hsu Yung-Ch’ang, Republic of China
    Admiral Sir Bruce A Fraser, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    Lieutenant General Kuzma Nikilaevich Derevyanko, Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics
    General Sir Thomas Blamey, Commonwealth of Australia
    Colonel L. Moore Cosgrave, Canada
    General Jacques Le Clerc, Republic of France
    Air Vice Marshall Leonard M. Isitt, Dominion of New Zealand
    Admiral C. E. L. Helfrich, Kingdom of the Netherlands

    with their staffs and observing flag and general officers.

    The Japanese representatives were
    Mamoru Shigemitsu, Japanese Foreign Minister
    General Yoshijiro Umezu, Chief of Staff, Japanese Army Headquarters

    with nine staff and observing officers.

    At 0904, the Japanese representatives signed the instrument of their country’s surrender.

    At 0908, General of the Army Douglas MacArthur, the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers signed for all the nations joined in the war against Japan. He was accompanied by Lieutenant General Jonathan M. Wainwright, the Commanding General at the Fall of Corregidor in 1942, and by Lieutenant General Arthur Percival, the Commanding General at the Fall of Singapore in the same year.

    At 0912, Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz signed for the United States. He was accompanied by Admiral William F. Halsey, Commander of the United States Third Fleet and by Rear Admiral Forrest P. Sherman, Deputy Chief of Staff to Admiral Nimitz. Representatives of the other Allied Nations then signed. This completed the ceremony of surrender.

    A plaque imbedded in the deck of the Missouri, located at the exact spot of the signing of the Instrument of Surrender reads:

    U.S.S. Missouri. Over this spot on 2 September 1945 the Instrument of Formal Surrender of Japan to the Allied Powers was signed thus bringing to a close the Second World War. The ship at that time was anchored in Tokyo Bay. Latitude 35° 21′ 17″ North ~ Longitude 139° 45′ 36″ East.

    The USS Missouri overlooks the Arizona Memorial Surrender Deck The Instrument of Surrender Pllaque marks location of the Japanese surrender Mighty Mo

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    U.S.S Missouri

    by wilocrek Written Jan 4, 2008

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    Your visit to Pearl Harbor would not be complete without taking a tour of the "Mighty Mo"! Most tour packages include both Pearl Harbor and the USS Missouri so definitely take advantage of that. Its not often that citizens get to tour a USS battleship much less one that has as much history as the Missouri. The tour is excellent and they do a good job of intertwining history with explanations of what it like to be on a battleship. Some of the highlights of the tour are seeing where a WWII Japanese plane crashed into the battleship and the story behind it is quite memorable...don't worry I won't spill the beans! The best part of the tour is where they show you the seal that shows exactly the spot where the peace accord was signed. The tour takes about two hours and is a unique way to finish out your day after visiting Pearl Harbor.

    The exact spot where the peace accord was signed

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  • BlueCollar's Profile Photo

    Tour the USS Missouri

    by BlueCollar Updated Oct 30, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    On O'ahu:

    Honor our forefathers by touring the Mighty Mo. Walk her teakwood decks and stand on the very spot where the Japanese surrender took place at the end of WWII. Look down the barrel of her 16 inch guns and think about the power they held in firing a 2,700 pound (1,225kg) projectile and landing it within 25 yards (23m) of their target at a distance of 23 miles (37km)! Check my Travel Logue for a photo of the 16 inch shell.

    Visit this site for more info:

    USS Missouri Memorial

    On the dock next to Mighty Mo.
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