Waikiki Travel Guide

  • Our JumpingTwins at Waikiki Beach, May 30, 2010
    Our JumpingTwins at Waikiki Beach, May...
    by jumpingnorman
  • Waikiki beach (DAS)
    Waikiki beach (DAS)
    by JohnCarter
  • Waikik beach with Diamond head in the background
    Waikik beach with Diamond head in the...
    by dehay

Waikiki Things to Do

  • Beaches

    There is so much to and see in and around Waikiki but you can't forget or avoid the beaches. They are right there in your face no matter where you go in Waikiki. And they are beautiful. Nothing compares to the beautiful blue waters of Hawaii and Waikiki has some wonderful beaches to high light them. There are eight sections to the beach at Waikiki...

  • Diamond Head

    I love taking photos of lighthouses and collect them whenever I travel. I have many lighthouse photos. But Diamond Head Lighthouse is one of my favorites. It is located on a steep cliff on the coast of Oahu below the now extinct Diamond Head Volcano. It is 55 feet tall and stands 147 feet above sea level. It's light can be seen 18 miles out into...

  • Cruising Beyond Waikiki

    If you plan to drive around Honolulu traffic in a rental car, then beware.. you might spend more than half your time waiting in very slow moving traffic, getting lost in the maze of illogical road signs and confusing one way streets.. the laid back island nature of this place is a hassle when trying to get back to the hotel in time to dress for...


Waikiki Hotels

See all 3 Hotels in Waikiki
  • Hostelling International Waikiki

    2417 Prince Edward Street, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96815, United States

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Pat's at Punalu'u

    53-567 Kamehameha Hwy, Punaluu, North Shore, Hawaii, United States

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

  • Polynesian Beachclub

    2584 Lemon Road, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96815, United States

    Satisfaction: Poor

    Good for: Families

Waikiki Restaurants

  • With a view of the beach

    Climbing the steps to Lulu's in Waikiki you will find yourself in one ofthe best location for good food and people watching in Oahu. Lulu's open deck has a panoramic view of the beach as it's located right on the corner of a busy intersection facing the ocean. We love Lulu's for breakfast or a mid day brunch. For breakfast try the Hawaiian favorite...

  • Teppanyaki

    We went for one of the set menus. Teppanyaki, takoyaki, okonomiyaki etc.All of a high quality. Greatly enjoyed, and the restaurant is child friendly as well.

  • Perry Smorgy Restaurants

    Well what can I tell you about this place? I didnt care for the food at all and neither did the kids. I came for lunch and I was so starving. i saw " all you can eat" and the price was reasonable so in we went. It was so disappointing.The service was great and the people were very nice but the food was horrible. I feel bad saying that but it was...


Waikiki Nightlife

  • Beachfront Activities

    It was beautifully done. There was the performance near hotel’s largest swimming pool. Nice girls danced Hawaiian dances with those slow waving of their thighs, then all lights were off and darkness covered the beach. I thought they have technical problems with lights, even more I was scared when I heard shooting behind my back. I turned around and...

  • Cruises

    The Navatek 1 Sunset Buffet Dinner Cruise is awesome!! A full buffet style dinner, and entertainment, plus an amazing view of the sunset as it beams down on Diamond Head. The food is excellent! Mahi Mahi, Kahala chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, hapapia coconut cake, fresh fruit, etc.....!! After you finish eating, then the entertainment begins!...

  • Mai Tai Bar at Royal Hawaiian Hotel

    If you like me and you can't afford a room at the glamorous Royal Hawaiian Hotel there is still no excuse for not visiting the Mai Tai Bar on the beach at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Mai Tai's are the drink of choice all over Hawaii and I tried a lot of them. By far the best one I found is at the Royal Hawaiian Mai Tai Bar. Day or night it's a fun...


Waikiki Transportation

  • TheBus

    The bus is the best thing since bubble gum! Purchase a four day pass from the ABC store for $25 and you can travel and tour the ENTIRE island and ride it to the front door of the airport. Due to a cab being $30 a trip (if your lucky). The bus runs so often in all areas. There clean with friendly drivers that have major info on any thing you could...

  • Rental Cars

    Renting a car in Hawaii is about what it cost anywhere else in the U.S. The "catch" in renting a car in Waikiki is that the hotels will charge you a daily fee for parking it there and it is not cheap! At the Hilton Hawaii Village, where we stayed, our daily fee to park and valet service was $25 per day and not to mention the $2 tip you give the...

  • By Air

    If you are living anywhere other than Hawaii, your options are limited on how to get to Waikiki. I would recommend flying into Honolulu, (HNL), then renting a car, taking a shuttle, or catching a cab to Waikiki. There are many different options on getting to HNL, so consult your local travel agent, or go online to find a cheap seat!


Waikiki Shopping

See all 29 Shopping in Waikiki
  • International Market Place

    A great place to shopp in IF you know the art of bargain. If you´r not good at bargain then the shopping will be expensive. Besides the shopping you can take something to eat in the International Market Place Food Court (see my tip of the food court in International Market Place, restaurant tip), or you can just walk aroud at the wonderful Market...

  • Royal Hawaiian

    With over 150 shops in a tropical setting the ROYAL HAWAIIAN SHOPPING CENTER is in the heart of Waikiki. There is endless shopping,dining and entertainment for every taste. Open daily 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

  • Buying a Ukulele

    Puapua and Bob's are separate stores located on & near Kakakaua Rd respectively. Puapua has a very nice range including Martin & Kala plus Hawaiian made Ukes such as Kelii and Valley Made. They are on Kalakaua just before the road becomes beach front.Bob's is a more spartan affair located upstairs in the Royal Hawaiian shopping center. He also has...


Waikiki Local Customs

  • Ceremonies

    7 Feb 04 2045 Tonight we went to dinner and met this crazy middle-aged woman who was born in Australia, but raised in the US. I was given a lai (spelling??) by a big Hawaiian waitress. For good luck I had to give it away, but unfortunately I picked someone who didn't speak English (Easy to do in Waikiki due to the huge amounts of Japanese...

  • Music

    This was a concert of a Hawaiin band outside the zoo at the park. It was a great band and great time partying with the locals. Mahalo.. The banner says "THE WILDEST SHOW IN TOWN" sponsored by AT & T.

  • Longboard Lager

    Longboard Lager is not a beer that will turn any beer experts heads, but if you are looking for a good local brew to cool you off and quench your thirst, then this is your best bet. It clearly has more flavor than the buds and millers of the world, but is far from the top of the beer world's pecking order.I would highly recommend this lager when...


Waikiki Warnings and Dangers

  • Animals

    The only danger here is maybe waking her up and she might not like that and give you a little reminder to leave her alone. I believe it is tiresome many people wanted her attention and especially the children.

  • Luggage on TheBus

    If you have big luggage the bus driver wont let you in the bus, you can only carry on luggage that can fit under the passenger´s seat or on passenger´s lap. So have this in your mind when your going with the bus.

  • Red Light District (Kuhio Ave.)

    When in Waikiki at night be aware that Kuhio ave. is crawling with women soliciting sex. I visited Oahu when i was 17 and was nearly kidnapped right out from my parents sides. Poor me right, but seriously it is very irritating saying i have no money every 10 steps you take.I find it almost Ironic that Kuhio ave. is the red light area in Waikiki....


Waikiki Tourist Traps

  • Shopping

    Notice that the high-end shops in Waikiki and Ala Moana (Hermes, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Rolex, YSL etc.) are gorgeous and well-stocked. If you're from Japan or somewhere else where there are ridiculous import tariffs, you'll stock up. Check out Duty Free Shoppers as well -- you'll need a passport. If you're from anywhere else, you can buy all that...

  • Full MSRP for you

    Notice that the high-end shops in Waikiki and Ala Moana (Hermes, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Rolex, YSL etc.) are gorgeous and well-stocked. If you're from Japan or somewhere else where there are ridiculous import tariffs, you'll stock up. Check out Duty Free Shoppers as well -- you'll need a passport. If you're from anywhere else, you can buy all that...

  • International Market Place

    The International Market Place is indeed a tourist trap, the prices are very high compared to the other stores in Waikiki. Bargain, Bargain, Bargain, atleast 30% Waikele outlet center (see my tip of Waikele center on my Oahu page)


Waikiki What to Pack

  • March Packing List

    March, like most other months is absolutely gorgeous in Hawaii. I was very pleasant in a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, and flip flops. At one point in the four days I was there, it slightly drizzled for about 5 minutes, but it was not even worth carrying an umbrella, as it dried up just as quickly. Do not over think this one, and certainly don't...

  • Packing...

    Most hotels have porters so you won't have to carry your bags to your rooms etc. And not many people seem to take a bag to Waikiki so most of the time in Waikiki we didn't carry anything but our wallets... Take summer clothes...swimmers, shorts, singlet tops, thongs (flip flops?), sarongs etc... Take lots of sunscreen...you will get burnt...

  • Waikiki Hotels

    3 Hotels in Waikiki

Waikiki Off The Beaten Path

  • Cruising Waikiki & Beyond

    Oceanfront at the Outrigger Waikiki Hotel 2335 Kalakaua Ave Go in here to see all the photos of Duke Kahanamoku, Olympic swimmer, sheriff of Honolulu, and local icon. The photos are scattered throughout the bar. This place is usually noisy and crowded, but go in to see the photos if nothing else.

  • Hiking Diamond Head

    This is a moderate hike, with a strenuous 99 steps near the top. Be sure to take water, flashlight, and wear very comfortable walking shoes. This is a dry area, so it's quite dusty, and brown (not lush like other spots on the island) Once on the top of the summit, you can see for miles in almost all directions! The sights are breathtaking from the...

  • Auction

    One of the most unique things we did while on Oahu was attend a fish auction at the United Fishing Agency. This auction goes on M-Sat., occurs pretty early in the morning, and is the main source of all the local fresh seafood that winds up on your plate in the evening. Buyers from all types of restaurants, stores, and even wholesalers attend the...


Waikiki Sports & Outdoors

  • show time

    one of the MUST do in Hawaii! what i saw was so many people carrying surfboard and rushing to the sea. sad that those days didn't have any big waves for professional to show off their talents and skills. surfboard for sure! you can rent it at the beachthey also provide lesson for beginners.

  • unforgetable experience

    this is one of the dangerous but something you must do once if your lifetime. imagine you were a fish and see other creatures in the water and swim freely... that was an amazing experience to do scuba. it's totally different from snorkeling as it's in the water, not floating on the water. if you are catching cold, it is not a sport for you as your...

  • Surfing lessons, why not to do it on...

    After researching all the possibilities and prices of surfing lessons I decided to try it on my own. Here is what I did and advice you to do:1) surfing lessons at Hilton Hawaiian Village start at 9 am, 11 am, and 1 pm. I stationed myself on the beach in the nearest place I could to watch beginners doing those “moves on waves” jumping on and off the...


Waikiki Favorites

  • Beaches

    I loved eating fresh grilled fish sandwiches all over Waikiki and the island of Oahu. We dined at The Top of Wakiki (revolving restaurant). A little expensive (over $100 for two people) but a really unique experience. The Mahi Mahi was wonderful everywhere I went. Living in Minnesota you usually can only get lake fish sandwiches in restaurants and...

  • Internet Connections

    4 Feb 04 1115 I managed to find Buzz Cafe where I managed to swindle 10 minutes internet use, a coffee and bagel for just over $3. I got a blueberry bagel and despite some initial reservations have smothered it in cream cheese, American Style. I must say, It isn't bad. This was the cheapest internet I found, but I think they made a mistake, so I...

  • Hotel Attractions

    Each morning a young lady came and hand fed the Penguins in the natural habitat created in the Hotel's Garden area. Many Turtles were also in the Pond hanging loose with the Penguins. I allready miss all these wonderful scene of beauty created in the Gardens of this magnificent Hilton Hawaiian Village , indeed it is more than just an Hotel , it is...


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