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Most Viewed Restaurants in Hawaii (State of)

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    PONDS, HILO...DINING ON THE EDGE: Enjoy you Steak and Seafood in a beautiful setting

    by Slapshot1 Updated Nov 29, 2009

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Ponds Dining on the Edge was suggested to my wife and I by a local resident of Hilo and we were very happy to be introduced to this wonderful restaurant to dine in. Ponds was a very tranquil dining experience. The restaurant is on stilts above a very large koi pond that is at least an acre in size. It was absolutely gorgeous. While enjoying drinks and dinner you can slide open your window at yout table and enjoy the peaceful scenery of the pond and beautiful koi. It was an elegant but yet very relaxing place to dine at. All in all it was a great experience both in food, service and atmoshpere.

    Favorite Dish: I enjoyed my 10oz. Rib Eye Steak that was cooked to perfection just as I ordered it. It was served with fresh vegatables, smooth and creamy garlic mashed potatoes, pumpkin soup, salad and fresh hot rolls. This just seemed to make the atmosphere that much better. My wife enjoyed a prime rib dinner that looked sensational. She did not have much left on her plate so I know it was good, plus I had to sample her leftovers just to know for sure and it was very tasty. Desserts were offered to us but we had to pass as we were very satisfied and did not have room for anymore eats. The cakes looked very fabulous and I must indulge the next time we dine at Ponds. Ponds gets high marks from me!!! Thanks Deb and Rick, you have a great restaurant.

    A night time view of Ponds The Ponds A view of our table setting A view from our window My happy wife!!
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  • Eggs n' Things: Unique

    by flatland Written Nov 21, 2009

    We both ordered the house special, pancakes with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. We had to wait for about half an hour to get in. It was worth the wait. We each got 5 pancakes. My wife could not finish hers. It would be a good idea to ask if the have a half order.

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    Koiso Sushi Bar: The Best Sushi in all of Hawaii

    by monsterjay Updated Mar 4, 2009

    So your on the island of Maui and your looking for that one stop sushi experience that will have you bragging to your friends, family, and co-workers back home? Look no further as I have found your answer.

    If you want get away from your typical fast paced sushi bar with a menu designed for your elementary sushi lover please seek elsewhere. If however you appreciate a small scale sushi bar with extra personal attention and probably the freshest fish in all of Hawaii, please read on.

    What makes it so special is the sheer relaxation you will feel upon entering this place. I took advice from on this place and I am glad I did so. There are less than 10 seats. The small menu is written on a dry erase board. Your seated right at the base of where your sushi is made. Instead of picking items off the menu however, I highly suggest that you just leave your meal up to the sushi chef. Make sure also not to miss the Uni as it is probably the most amazing ocean exploding surprise your mouth and stomach will never forget.

    It is highly recommended to make a reservation at this place. Just during my visit alone there were 6 people that were turned away. I made one about a week before I showed up. There are literally less than a dozen seats here. It is a very personal and relaxing place to go to that is tucked away from your busy comparable nearby eateries.

    Although it can be expensive, one can eat here comfortably as well by limiting their own sushi options. However to truely experience this place, I suggest just leaving your meal in the hands of the sushi chef.

    Favorite Dish: The Uni and the toro. For those of you who aren't too familiar with sushi terms, simply sea urchin and blue fin tuna. Get the sashimi and you will have the freshest sushi your mouth and stomach has ever had. It is not to be missed! Also the wide variety of saki should not be overlooked. Hawaii is where you should try something new that you won't typically see on the mainland.

    Sampling of amazing sashimi at Koiso Freshest sushi you will ever have! Enjoying our time at this amazing sushi bar! Outside of the Koiso sushi bar Outside of Koiso.
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  • SurfingLuvr's Profile Photo

    Gordon Biersch Brewery & Restaurant: Great atmosphere

    by SurfingLuvr Written Feb 6, 2009

    Gordon Biersch is a great place to go if you want to try the different beers and listen to live music. The ambiance is great with their live music and view of the Honolulu Harbor.

    Favorite Dish: If you love garlic, have some of the garlic fries, but be warned: they are LOADED with garlic, much like everything else on the island!

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    Hana Ranch Restaurant: End of the Road to Hana

    by apbeaches Updated Oct 13, 2008

    We drove for 3 hours on the Road to Hana in Maui. It was a beautiful ride & we were hungry once we got to Hana. We wanted fish but were amazed to find so many heifers & stopped at this Hotel & Ranch for lunch. Waitress was knowledgeable, efficient & helpful. After a wonderful lunch we headed down the road to swim in a beautiful volcanic black beach.

    Favorite Dish: The buffalo burgers were the popular item on the menu & were huge & wonderful.

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    Cafe Oriente: Chinatown

    by apbeaches Updated Oct 13, 2008

    We walked through Chinatown and found a restaurant filled with Chinese. We found it to be clean, service excellent, and everything we ordered was extraordinary. We enjoyed Cafe Oriente so much we went back again the following day. We left beyond filled with a bill around $20.00.

    Around the corner & North of this restaurant was a small & wonderful Hawaiian shirt shop. They had tons of authentic batics in beautiful prints. This wasn't the cheesy bright rayon's but beautiful cotton batiks. My husband was hungry so we went through quickly purchasing only a few $5.00 shirts. The owner was very personable & said she was leaving for New York tomorrow. When my husband realized this find & we went back she was closed for vacation.

    Favorite Dish: Clams, shrimp, chicken, rice dishes were incredible. We looked at filled tables around us and everything looked wonderful & seemed to be enjoyed.

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  • bberry19's Profile Photo

    Ono's Hawaiian Resturant: Real Hawaiian Food!

    by bberry19 Updated Jul 18, 2008

    Small but authentic. The night a friend (she lives on island) took us there it was obvious that my husband and I were the only ones in the packed room that did not live on island. The food was inexpensive and good. You will not find better poi or poke any where else!

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  • andersonclan's Profile Photo

    Brennecke's Beach Broiler: Brennecke's Beach Broiler

    by andersonclan Written Jul 17, 2008

    Brennecke's Beach Broiler is at Poipu Beach. The food was really good. We ate here right at sunset which was beautiful. You have an ocean view & the overall atmosphere is just relaxed & fun. It's also the only original restaurant that survived the hurricane back 20+ (?)yrs ago.

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  • apbeaches's Profile Photo

    Cheeseburger in Paradise: Paradise alright!

    by apbeaches Updated Jul 15, 2008

    The best part was sitting inside the window and watching Waikiki go by. We loved the people watching, the surf ... Good music, casual atmosphere, great views of the beach & sunsets. Service was accommodating, friendly & efficient. We enjoyed it so much we went back again.

    Favorite Dish: Cheeseburgers, grilled chicken sandwiches ...

    Watching the beach go by
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  • BlueCollar's Profile Photo

    Kona Brewing Company Brewery & Pub: Have a true craft brew

    by BlueCollar Updated Jun 14, 2008

    Describe the food? Well, it has all the local influences. But we came here for one thing and one thing only – to tour their brewery and try some fresh, handcrafted brew. Back home in Florida we buy their Longboard Lager, Fire Rock Ale, and Wailua Wheat Ale all the time. And since we were going to be in Kona, we just had to see where this fantastic brew started.

    The Kona Brewery and Pub is just that. They brew all of the draught they sell here and even sell to competitive pubs as well. They also have a store/pub in Waikîkî (yes, on O‘ahu). All of the draught beer sold in the Islands comes from the Kona plant, where they produce several thousand barrels of product per year. The bottled product sold at various retail outlets throughout Hawai‘i and back on the mainland comes from Widmer Brewing in Washington State (that’s why it is so expensive to buy the bottles in Hawai‘i – heck, it’s cheaper for us to buy a 6-pk in Florida than Hawai‘i).

    My wife and I went on their brewery tour. It’s free – all you have to do is show up before the twice-daily tour and sign up. It’s not much of a tour as the place is very small. In the attached photos, you’ll see the two large grain silos at their pub’s entrance. Those are fully functional silos.

    After the tour was over, we were give four different pitchers of beer to try. We had the Wailua Wheat (my favorite), Castaway India Pale Ale (it was good), Pipeline Porter (the Kona coffee flavor was interesting), and the Black Sand Porter (it was rich and smooth). The 14 of us that were on the tour polished off the pitchers! And do you know that saying about how cheap is good, but free is better? Well, it’s true. We proved it with this little experiment. :) Anyway, there are plenty more flavors available (there were ten we saw on their list) than we were able to try in one sitting.

    Like I already mentioned, the Wailua Wheat, with its liliko‘i (passion fruit) flavoring, was my favorite. Since we are lucky enough to have it available back home in Florida, every time we want a little aloha in our day, we just pop open a bottle of this brew and we are instantly transported back to Hawai‘i. BTW, if you live in the Eastern US, check with your local Anheuser-Busch distributor for availability.

    Â hui hou aku!

    It was so symetrical, I had to take a photo Those are REAL silos holding grain. The guide explained their brewing process. Mmmm... beeeeeeerrrr (think Homer Simpson) The essentials in our condo's refrigerator
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  • Straggler's Profile Photo

    Diamond Head Cove Health Bar: Local health food - to and from Hanama Bay

    by Straggler Updated May 16, 2008

    Hey this is just a great little place to get good healthy vegetarian - local food.
    Fresh Fish, Salads, Smoothies and more.

    Just check out their web site and you will get the flavor.

    Favorite Dish: It is all good - but we had a fish wrap.

    I took this from their website

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  • Tiki's: best Ahi

    by 10boomboom Written Mar 19, 2008

    Good ambience. Gone here several times and have always awesome waitresses/waiters.

    Favorite Dish: The Pan-Seared Ahi cooked medium rare is the best thing ever. For some reason the more you eat it the tastier it gets. Every person I've recommended this meal to has loved it. I get it every time I'm there.

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  • RScottE1's Profile Photo

    Alan Wong's: Lots of Press, But Not Really Worth It

    by RScottE1 Updated Oct 28, 2007

    This place gets so much good press! I didn't know whether to list this under "Restaurants" or "Tourist Traps".

    It's located at the top of a kind of shabby office building in a pretty mundane section of Honolulu. Once inside it's a lot more upscale than it appears from the outside, but it has that sort of a "five years way overdue for a remodel" feel. The bar is cramped and uninviting and, for some reason, seems to be where they store a lot of dirty dishes?? We got a table in the large window overlooking the street, didn't really help the ambience.

    Friends who dine here frequently said the mochi-crusted Opakapaka was not to be missed. The mochi was soggy and very difficult to chew. I felt like it would take a week of flossing to get it out from between my teeth. The food was cold, the presentation mediocre at best and the staff not attentive in the least. The Kona coffee-crust steak special was pretty good, but for the price I expected a lot more.

    We know any restaurant can have an off night. But, the ambience of this place makes it seem like our experience was the norm rather than the exception. The uh... what's the term I'm searching for here... "white trash" quotient was pretty high here too.

    We're not shy about spending big bucks for a dining experience that's worth the money. Alan Wong's wasn't.

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  • RScottE1's Profile Photo

    Lahaina Grill: Simply Outstanding - Expensive But Worth It

    by RScottE1 Updated Oct 28, 2007

    When you imagine a very comfortable, upscale restaurant located in a picturesque town on an island paradise, this is it. Not located directly on the water, but only about a block from the beach. It's not large inside, but everything is quite elegant and the service is outstanding.

    Favorite Dish: The sesame crusted Ahi tuna was a work of art.

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  • RScottE1's Profile Photo

    Indigo Eurasian Restaurant: Beautiful Food, Beautiful Restaurant, Great Deal

    by RScottE1 Updated Oct 28, 2007

    I'm going to kick myself for advertising this place - I want it all for myself - but given my impression of Oahu I won't be going back soon. This place is located in downtown Honolulu. The interior is inviting; tall ceilings, lots of outdoor spaces, cool bar. The food was simply spectacular. The wine list was huge and guaranteed you'll find something you'll love.

    Favorite Dish: The glazed baby back ribs were about the best I've ever had. Although the Chili's "I want my baby backs..." song kept playing through my head, I ordered them anyway. The presentation was gorgeous, the pork was exceedingly tender, the sauce was perfectly spicy and sweet.

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