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  • Near Palouse, Washington, USA
    Near Palouse, Washington, USA
    by XenoHumph
  • Palouse Falls, Washington, USA
    Palouse Falls, Washington, USA
    by XenoHumph
  • Moscow
    by chhhhhhh22

Moscow Things to Do

  • Snake River Valley

    One of the famous rivers of the US winds through this region, the Snake river. This water corridor was taken by the famous Lewis and Clark expedition in 1805-1806 which was the first "white" people exploration to reach the Pacific coast. Indeed, the Snake river is a tributary to the Columbia river,which runs into the Pacific. Two towns, about 30...

  • Palouse Falls State Park

    A huge and beautiful water fall is the highlight of this nice little park. The white of the water is enhanced by the black of the basalt, very photogenic! There are numerous trails around, along the rim of the canyon. This part of Washington state is very dry, pretty much a desert in comparison to the surroundings of Moscow and Pullman.It cost $5...

  • Grande Ronde Canyon

    This magnificent canyon is where it started all: the huge Columbia basalt province poured out from this very spot. If you are geologist you might notive the "feeding dykes" criss-crossing the basalt layers, i.e. the lava conduits where the basalt was brought to the surface and poured out, all the way to the Pacific coast about 14.5 million years...


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  • Washington State University, Pullman,...

    The other major university of the area is that of Washington State. Also located on a hill overlooking Pullman, it has quite an extensive campus. I went to visit the Geology department there and I took a picture from their building in February 2006; the view from up there was absolutely spectacular, with the Palouse rolling hills up to the horizon.

  • University of Idaho, Moscow

    Even if Moscow and Pullman seem to be quite isolated as no major freeway goes by or no major airport is present, they each harbor major universities of their respective states. The University of Idaho is where our conference took place. the campus is very nice located on a hill. The presence of an agricultural farm as part of the university makes...

  • Beautiful old barns of the Palouse

    The Palouse hills are dotted with colorful farms, most in the old style of painted wood houses. The barns are particularly quaint with this characteristic American shape of the roof with 2 different slopes, and walls generally dark red. I could not help snapping pictures of them, so pretty! Se my travelogue on barns!The one on the picture belongs...


Moscow Warnings and Dangers

  • Don't get stuck in the Palouse mud like...

    Be careful if you decide to drive on dirt roads! Although most of them are nice gravel roads, sometimes they are just plain dirt. It means that if it rains, they become mud baths where even a 4-wheel drive can get in trouble. We did not see this one coming as going up the hill it was gravelled, but over the hill and it was too late we were skipping...

  • Call Bud in Palouse to tow your car out...

    If you are as careless as us and get your car stuck in some Palouse mud, I can suggest you a good address to help you tow it away: Baggot's motors in the town of Palouse in Washington state. Triple A never got to even bother to help us, and we waited for 4 hours for them to no avail. So we tried a local guy and he did a great job.Here is the...

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    The Columbia River Basalt Province

    by XenoHumph Updated Jul 17, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Between 17 and 15.5 millions years ago, this region was a very fierce furnace of relentless flowing lavas, simply gigantic flows not ever again witnessed since Homo Sapiens time. So much of it, that some of the flows reached what is now the Pacific, 300 miles away! These magmas covered a huge area called the Columbia River Basalt Province (grey area on map). Most of it originated from Grande Ronde canyon location (GR on map) in the Southeast corner of Washinton state. This "large igneous province" is one of the biggest basaltic province on Earth. There are only a few of them, for example the "Deccan traps" in India, the "Siberian traps", the "Karoo" in Southern Africa.

    Fondest memory: Please go see my travelogue on Columbia River Plateau basalts for a glimpse of these gigantic flows!

    Picture and some of the info from website below:

    Map of the Columbia River Basalt province (grey)
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