Idaho Things to Do

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Idaho Things to Do

  • Hells Canyon

    Idaho Things to Do

    From White Bird, where we were staying, we were taken by 4x4 to a landing where we embarked on a tour of Hells Canyon with Killgore Adventures. Lunch and an unlimited (within reason) supply of chilled drinks were included. We were on board a sizable speedboat which was expertly driven by the guide through rapids and even at one point submerged! (or...

  • Riding the Ferris Wheel

    Twenty years ago, I rode on a Ferry's Wheel at a Fair in the State of Ohio, USA. On the third round of the Ferry's Wheel, I was already feeling dizzy but there was no way, I could ask for the Ferry's Wheel to stop. By the time that I got out, I was super dizzy and that was the last time I rode on one. I avoided every rides.But, on our visit to...

  • The Theatre of Illusion

    There is also a movie house at the Silverwood Theme Park. But due to limited time (my teenager children and their cousins) we didn't go to the Theater of Illusion.

  • The Roaring Creek

    The Roaring Creek ride is fun. Adults and children can ride at the same time on a log boat that goes up and down.

  • Riding the log flume

    I rode the log flume twice: one with my four year old niece and second, with my eight year old daughter.The first time was with my daughter Sierra and she rode behind me which was not a good idea. Sierra is also a scarry cat like me. But the ride is not that all bad.You get into this log which is only good for two people. It goes straight and...

  • The Cork Screw

    This is a roller coaster for teenagers and adults who are not scared at all. This roller coaster is crazy that it speeds up high and goes down really fast and twirls around.Only experienced roller coaster riders come here.My children Shelby and Rainier had been to too many roller coasters that I consider them both as seasoned riders without fear....

  • Riding the steam engine

    There is a train that goes around the theme park and it stops in the middle of the woods. There are shows (skit) made by the staff where the train is being robbed. The sheriff is apparently outnumberd by the robbers. The robbers goes from one passenger to another asking for jewelries, coins, etc. (of course, the passengers handed them some money...

  • Riding the carousel

    The carousel is fun for all ages. You can bring your infants, toddlers, teenagers, etc. here. This ride is fun and not "dangerous". Even my sister, who was pregnant at that time rode on the carousel.There are chairs in the carousel for adults waiting for their children get off from the carousel.

  • Riding an antique car

    With toddlers, my sister and I boarded the antique car! We drove along the designated lane at the park. It went along path of Evergreen trees and back to the ticket booth.The kids love it because they think they were really driving the antique car!

  • The Silverwood Theme Park

    This theme park is one of the attractions of C'ouer da Alane. Although it is actually located in Atol, Idaho, this theme park has many outrageous rides and activities that children, teenagers and adults will like.This is one of the best place to bring your children on their birthdays if their birthdays fall in the summer! The park has many great...

  • Idaho's Secret Park

    Lake Walcott State Park/Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge is a beautiful getaway not far from Rupert in South-Central Idaho. Boating, swimming, fishing, camping, and disc golf are available for recreation. It is a huge oasis, green, serene, full of old trees, and surrounding a huge lake. There are easy trails for walking or biking within the green...

  • White-water river tours on the Snake...

    From White Bird, where we were staying, we were taken by 4x4 to a landing where we embarked on a tour of Hells Canyon with Killgore Adventures. Lunch and an unlimited (within reason) supply of chilled drinks were included.We were on board a sizable speedboat which was expertly driven by the guide through rapids and even at one point submerged! (or...

  • Idaho Falls

    OK, I just passed through Idaho Falls without stopping, but I took a few photos and decided I could do some research and create a tip or two on the town. My favorite thing in town is the official-looking sign that reads: "Warning to Tourists: Do Not Laugh at the Natives."This is a pretty big town with 50,000 people, making it the state's fourth...

  • Coeur d'Alene's Old Mission

    This is the oldest building in Idaho. It dates from 1853 and was built by Jesuit Priests. There are actually several buildings on the site but the main building, the mission building itself, is simple yet beautiful.There are walking trails around the site as well as an Indian village, a parish house, a barn, a mill, and lots to keep anyone busy. It...

  • Rainey Creek Country Store & Square Ice...

    This is really just a gas station and country store, but their claim to fame is that this is the "Home of the World Famous Square Ice Cream Cone." On their wall they post statistics for ice cream cones sold per weekend, and they claim they happily served 9,841 cones during Memorial Day Weekend, 19,043 cones over the 4th of July, and 9723 cones...

  • Idaho's Scenic Route 31

    Scenic Route 31 is an alternate route between Idaho Falls and Jackson, WY, and is known as the Teton Scenic Byway. The scenic route actually runs just 20 miles or so between Swan Valley and Victor, ID. In the winter Route 31 might be open while much steeper Route 21 over Teton Pass could be restricted to vehicles with chains or even closed. The...

  • Idaho Farming

    Interstate 15 passes a lot of farms in Idaho. I saw a lot of cows and horses, but few other animals. Most crops seemed to be the straw that was stored in the numerous barns, many of which were buried in earth.Southern Idaho's farming was largly influenced by the Mormon settlers who brought both irrigation and dry farming techniques to the region....

  • Indian Rocks State Park

    Indian Rocks State Park is an odd park that runs along both sides of Interstate highway 15 for several miles in southern Idaho. From the highway the park appears to be miles of rock piled up in the shape of a military fortress in the center of the valley. Later you might pull off at a rest area and realize these rocks are ancient volcanic...

  • Idaho's Snake River

    The Snake River is a major tributary of the Columbia River that run 1,040 miles from the continental divide in Yellowstone National Park, and is the 12th largest river in the US in terms of water volume. It flows through Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park and Jackson, before entering Idaho at the Palisades Reservoir. In Idaho Falls and the...

  • Motorcycle Riding the Lolo Pass

    The Lolo Pass area runs roughly from Missoula Montana to Lewiston, Idaho, following Highway US 12. It is without doubt, THE best motorcycle road in the US, especially if you run it from East to West, which is an entirely downhill run. We're talking about a 170+ mile run of easy left and right turns around the Lochsa (pronounced Lock-saw) River....

  • Cross Country Skiing

    Many groomed and track-set ski areas within a short distance of McCall. As typical of most North American areas, a car is useful, but McCall has a local bus and Tamarack is served by bus.

  • The little village

    Walking in the rocks got me hungry and I drove down to Almo, before resuming my little hikes. For a European, it is quite an exotic place. A few wooden houses, horses in the gardens, lots of broken cars, bikes, agricultural tools, a little church, a football ground, and . . . . . the Outpost, where I even met “real cowboys” (haha, you can laugh,...

  • City of rocks

    Elephant Rock, Twin Sisters, Bread Loaves Group, Reassure Rock, and lots of other evocative names for some spectacular formations here! To me the most evocative is for the whole area: City of rocks. The granite here has been weathered and washed by humid climate, the fractures and cooling joints doing the rest: all sorts of shapes strange forms in...

  • A bit of rural life and quietude

    To many of you, this might sound very common, but me, I was discovering the deep (not so wild) West. Haha, real cowboys herding cattle, riding on horses! I had to stop and watch! On the second picture, these are not broncos, but they looked beautiful to me, in open range, on the roadside of my next destination. Is this not a nice view (Picture 3)?...

  • Sun and sky on the road

    The sun came down when I was driving between the craters and Twin Falls. The Snake river Plain is quite a boring place and the sunset was welcome, there was some color, something to distract from the uniform landscape.I share here a few pictures from the sunset (Pictures one to three)Next morning, I left Twin Falls early and could enjoy the...

  • Almost unnoticeable and very...

    In the park area there are signs directing the visitors to places of interest; fossils are usually found in sedimentary rocks, and it is very exceptional to find in volcanic rocks; these special fossils (in fact traces), are tree molds, in “living position” (vertical) but generally laying. I would not have found them easily and the signs are very...

  • Devil’s Orchard, Cinder Garden, Inferno...

    And now, with a map, you can drive and walk on the lava fields, see the rock formations, look at shapes, colors, and . . . try to think if the names given on the map fit with what you see! Many names are linked to hell, (ah?), like Devils Orchards, inferno cone, other places have poetic names, like Dewdrop Cave, and other are just describing what...

  • Crater of the Moon visitor center

    Before visiting the Moon, you can park your vehicle near the visitors centre and have a visit there; rangers welcome you, give documentation, inform you about what to see and where it is. A mini-museum dedicated to volcanology and nature of the area can be visited free; interesting is that the rock samples displayed are not only from here but from...

  • Walk on the lava, like on the moon!

    The NASA had mostly “image”, military and technical objectives with the first flights to the moon, and only the last flight (when the “race” to the moon has been won!) had scientists in the crew: Among them, Harrison Schmidt, one of the (to date) nine moon walkers was a geologist, a trained volcanologist and astrogeologist, made an “off the beaten...

  • Landscapes approaching the “Crater of...

    The “Crater of the moon” was one of the places I wanted to visit on my Idaho trip, and, coming from North East, the landscape tell you, you are arriving on a very recent volcanic activity area. Recent for me is less than a few million years. . . here, in the Snake River plain, activity began one million years ago and the most spectacular features...

  • Warning and danger, for me, at least!

    The dust stormAh not exactly a thing to do! Just get in a different world, a bit scaring when driving. . . . dust storms are very common in that area of Idaho, and signs on the roadside inform the drivers.Extensive agriculture favors soil erosion and the empty fields are just blown away when the soil is dry.The dust is transported as big clouds...

  • Don’t drive too fast, look at the old...

    Before arriving at Idaho falls, drive slowly downhill, the open eyes may glimpse some old ruined barn not far from the roadside; even old agricultural tools may be nearby. How old is this one? When was it abandoned for extensive agriculture? These old things have their charm, even if it is only a very common building, here, in the middle of...

  • The Indian Summer.

    Even if the weather is not the best, the aspen trees offer wonderful sceneries; the Snake River Valley widens after the village of Swan Valley and on the northern side, the forests cover the smooth slopes of the Snake River Range. Covering whole hills or isolated, these trees just brighten the landscapes. With nice weather it would be fine to walk...

  • Idaho Falls

    The Snake river runs through Idaho Falls, and the photo shows part of the falls. They are located next to a park in downtown Idaho Falls. The falls almost look like someone constructed them, not very natural looking. They also looked like they needed some maintenance to remove all of the debris.

  • Snowshoe and Nordic skiing snow fun!!

    For those visiting Boise in the winter who only have an afternoon to go crazy in the mountains, and desire something cheaper than skiing at Bogus Basin ski resort, look no further than Idaho City!!Roughly a 1 hour drive from Boise up Highway 21 past Idaho City. There are an abundance of trails marked with little blue tags on trees for your...

  • Boise's Egyptian Theater

    One of the most impressive things about my trip to Boise was my evening at the movies. Now, as seasoned travelers, many of you are probably looking at this tip funny. Why would something as simple as going to the movies, which you can do anywhere be special?The Egyptian Theater is one of the last of its kind in the country, where the picture being...

  • Opal prospecting

    Spencer, Idaho has more opals than anywhere in the US. This is a great place to go prospecting for Opals. Opals fetch a nice price from what I hear....

  • All Natural

    ALTHOUGH we've been to many areas of Idaho,....the most hidden, beautiful, natural area (oh I'm almost hesitating revealing it) is at the top of Lolo Pass.Just a few miles from the Montana border is a natural hotsprings called Jerry Johnson. Jerry is still somewhat known for it's 'hippie, beatnik, drugs and free-for-all era'....this has calmed.Now...

  • Old State Penitentiary

    A must see! Stroll about the grounds, visit the cells - avoid the former inmate tour guides Yikes!Check out the ladies prison too.Open all yearMemorial Day – Labor Day, open every day, 10am - 5pm.The rest of the year, open every day, noon - 5pm, closed state holidays

  • Craters of the Moon.Volcanic...

    Craters of the Moon.Volcanic productsCraters of the Moon National Monument is one of the best places in the world to see the awesome effects of volcanism. For 15,000 years, lava eruptions have created a landscape that has forced animals and plants to adapt, and people to endure or detour, and to ponder.

  • See the Soda Springs geyser.

    The tiny town of Soda Springs, in southeast Idaho, boasts a man-made geyser. It goes off every hour on the hour. The water is 82 degrees, and the geyser is powered by an underground pocket of carbon dioxide gas.

  • Please visit my travelogue...

    Please visit my travelogue about a Bull Riding Cowgirl

  • The City of Rocks, Near Burley...

    The City of Rocks, Near Burley Id, But a warning its out of the way and well of the beaten path. There is Camping and Rock climbing. and historic site to visit.Looks like the flintstones live here really neat and the Basalt rock formations are billions of yrs. old.

  • Wolf People Store/Kennels

    See neat wolf items and goods. Meet with wolf pups and see full grown wolves up close and personal. WEB Site:

  • There are so many wide...

    There are so many wide varieties of acitivities throughout Idaho it would be difficult to address even a few. How about:Trout Fishing on many of the streams, there are many streams with stocked fish and of course native cutthroat trout (please catch & release!). Horseback riding for the hour or the day Mystic Saddle Ranch...


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