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  • The Snake River canyon close to the falls.
    The Snake River canyon close to the...
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  • Water and plenty of it.
    Water and plenty of it.
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Twin Falls Highlights

  • Pro
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     Beautiful scenery and a functioning downtown 

  • Con
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     Soulless newer business strip with every chain store or restaurant imaginable 

  • In a nutshell
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     A shortcut turned into a great side trip 

Twin Falls Things to Do

  • Enjoy the Views of the Snake River...

    There are several viewpoints along the Snake River canyon. The photographer will enjoy them all especially at the end of the day. A zoom lens will be useful since there are many wide-angle opportunities as well as many features desirable for shooting with a telephoto. Late afternoon sun provides nice shadows, so that's a good time for pictures.


    Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, Idaho is 212 feet high, some 40 feet higher than Niagara Falls. The shear beauty of the Falls and their are several side falls as well are worth the side trip about 5 miles east of Twin Falls, Hwy 93. Not as wide and as powerful as Niagara, but it does have its own charm and spray. There is a park that you can enter to...


    The Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho is the only manmade structure that allows you to jump off the bridge from a height of 486 feet to the Snake River below, without a permit. Of course, you better have some form of gear, parachute advised, that allows you to land safely or bye-bye. BASE jumpers refer to the bridge as the "Potato Bridge". While...


    Twin Falls, Idaho has the Snake River running through it, well it really is north of the city and not much after the Perrine Bridge to see for a while. The canyon walls that the river has carved through over the centuries has created a natural beauty of cliffs and river. At Sunset, this is a wonderous sight to behold with the glimmering water...

  • Shoshone Falls

    This is one of the main waterfalls near the city of Twin Falls, which actually takes its name from another nearby waterfall, Twin Falls.

  • Shoshone Falls

    The Shoshone Falls on the Snake River are a spectacular attraction, one you would think the city of Twin Falls would promote a little more, and for which they would provide better signage and directions. Nonetheless, it can be found without too much of a hassle, and we were impressed. The falls are, at 212 feet, actually taller than Niagara Falls....

  • I.B. Perinne Bridge over the Snake River

    Built in 1976, according to Wikipedia, the I.B. Perinne bridge replaced what was once the highest bridge in the world--a steel cantilever toll road bridge. The current structure is a steel truss arch span that is 486 feet above the river and spans 1,500 feet. It is named after one of the founders of Twin Falls, and agricultural promoter in the...

  • Downtown

    Downtown Twin Falls is worth a visit. It is not very large and its main thoroughfares are not too pleasant for pedestrians, but it is large enough to provide services and interest, with some interesting buildings and some good places to eat as well as good-looking shops on a couple fairly pedestrian-friendly streets.

  • Perrine Bridge and Snake River Gorge

    Much of the beautiful scenery near Twin Falls is along the Snake River. One of the primary sights to visit is the Perrine Bridge over the Snake River Gorge, just on the northern edge of town.

  • Elk meat farm.

    Just before the entrance to Shoshone Falls park there is an Elk farm. It was closed on the Sunday when I passed so am not sure if you can visit. There is an elk in an enclosure just on the last bend before the farm. Drive carefully here as there are people with cameras (me) and cars badly parked.

  • Shoshone Falls.

    We made a short detour here to see the Shoshone Falls on the Snake river and didn't regret the visit, although the water level wasn't very high. These falls must be spectacular during the Spring runoff as they, are at over 64 metres, 10 metres higher than Niagara, but of course without the amplitude. Once on the viewing platform, a little further...

  • Shoshone Falls Other Views and History

    Shoshone Falls gained the nickname “Niagara of the West” by early settlers who thought it bared similarities to the eastern giant. The falls had a similar Block type formation and the all too familiar large volume. In 1905 the Milner Dam was constructed and canals built from that point fed a growing irrigation project that saw the town grow into...

  • Shoshone Falls and Stats

    Unwisely the town of Twin Falls has no signage pointing the directions to these excellent falls. I attempted to view them on my last trip and had no directions so I had to return and even then I had to buy a map to find the directions. Either way Shoshone Falls is the most well known in Idaho and is often nicknamed the “Niagara of the West.”The...

  • Base Jumping Home Base

    Get a great view and watch these daredevils leap off this bridge and parachute down to a little predetermined spot....way cool

  • Storefront Facades

    Once you get through the new shopping district and head towards the older section of Twin Falls you will find some intact vintage storefronts that bring you back to another time.


Twin Falls Hotels

Twin Falls Restaurants


    A great woodsy looking building houses the Idaho Joe's restaurant and the inside has that down home feel good look. A complete menu is offered as well as a bakery, but the fun of it all is ordering an Idaho Baked Potato with all the trimmings. The Idaho Baked Potato. Why not? After all, this is Idaho and they are world famous for the potatoes they...

  • Large Portions Amaze

    Pepperoni's Pizza is located inside the Flying "J" Plaza Truck Stop. We haven't eaten there but check out the portions! This sausage wrap looks mighty filling.

  • Chinese Buffet in Twin Falls

    Wok N Grill is a Chinese-themed restaurant that is in a strip mall in Twin Falls near the larger malls. The restaurant claims it was voted one of the 100 best Chinese restaurants in the USA for 2009. They must have a loyal following, their food is not the most fabulous Chinese but it is edible and some items are very good. If they had more...

  • Different Tex-Mex

    Cafe Rio is a different kind of Tex-Mex restaurant. This Salt Lake-based chain has a unit in Twin Falls, Idaho on Blue Lakes Blvd. The chain claims to have won over 60 awards and accolades for it's food. After experiencing it, I can understand why.The menu is what you expect from a Texican restaurant; burros, enchiladas, quesadillas, tacos and...

  • Great Little Brewpub

    This is a great little brewpub, apparently fairly new, in downtown Twin Falls. We were looking for a place to eat and went downtown to get away from the horrid, bland chain mess nearer the Snake River. We saw a couple promising places in the heart of downtown but then saw this place on a quiet street a block away. It seemed promising and had...

  • Two Most Important Food Groups

    When you are on a road trip the two most important food groups are Salty and Sweet. Flying "J" makes sure that you have many options to choose from. Pringle's Potato Chips


Twin Falls Transportation

  • by rpyne Written Aug 26, 2002

    The only way to get to Twin Falls is to cycle, drive or take the bus.
    There is no public transportaion available other than the occasional Taxi. There are tour busses to Jackpot, Nevada two or three times a week.

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Twin Falls Shopping

  • Weird Stuff You Don't Need but Have to...

    A gathering of the kitschiest bobble head dolls, scary dolls kids would never want, tacky souvenirs, even patriotic clothing. Velvet flocked color it yourself posters. Groovy! Not expensive. Great deals to be had.

  • Semi-Truck Chrome Accessories

    Not only are there dolls, there are aisles of neat trucker necessities. Chrome knick knacks to stick on your semi, reflectors, chemical warning stickers, CB radio antennas, mud flaps...

  • Twin Falls Hotels

    15 Hotels in Twin Falls

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Twin Falls Local Customs

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    In the gloomy gorge above the falls there was, long ago, the trysting place of a deep-chested Shoshone [warrior] and the slender wild girl whom he loved. Their last meeting was here on a pile of rocks which overlooked the plunging waters. He went away to scalp with deft incisions and then lift the shaggy mane of white men with triumphant shout; and she came daily to stand by the thundering avalanche and remember him. That he would return unharmed she did not, with the ageless resourcefulness of women, ever allow herself to doubt. But time passed, and the moons that came and ripened where many, and she still came nightly to stand on the brink and watch the changeless journeying of the water. And it was here that she stood one black night above the roar of the flood when a warrior stepped out of shadow and whispered to her and then disappeared. As quiet as the flat stone under her feet, she stood for a long while, looking down into the fault where the waters boiled up like seething white hills to fill the sky with dazzling curtains and roll away in convulsed tides. For an hour she gazed down there 200 feed to a mad pouring of motion and sound into a black graveyard of the dead. And then, slowly, she lifted her arms above her. Listed her head to the fullest curve of her throat, and stood tiptoe foe a moment, poised and beautiful, and then dived in a long swift arc against the falling white background… and the river at this point and since that hour has never been the same.
    Quish-in-demi: Shoshone Tribe

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Twin Falls Warnings and Dangers

  • by stevenhaws Written Jul 29, 2009

    Stay away on the weekends. There is no manager there, and crazy early "20 somethings" are in charge, so expect the unexpected. You might just get to meet the Twin Falls Police Dept. for no reason.
    We did. On the lighter side, the Twin Falls PD are very nice people.

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Twin Falls Off The Beaten Path


    %Driving for about 1 1/2 hours north of Twin Falls, Idaho, on Hwy 93, you come to view one of the most fantastic sights in the vast fields of lava. I though I was on the Big Island of Hawaii when I first saw the black lava rocks looming ahead. The last volcanic activity here was 2100 years ago but the area is still only dormant. The area itself is...

  • Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument

    Highway 30, Hagerman, Idaho: just off the Scenic Thousand Springs Byway. "Fossil bones of zebras, beaver, otter, pelicans, and other water fowl, are found in sediments left from a 3,400,000 year old pond on the bluff across the river. Lava flows, pouring out over the plains on the side of the river where Hwy 30 runs, met and dammed up sedimentary...

  • Thousand Falls Scenic Byway

    Highway 30, just south of I-84, between Bliss and southeast of Twin Falls, Idaho: US 30 and 50; some of US 93. A gorgeous and monumental Scenic Byway that winds along the Snake River Plain Aquifer passing by hundreds of natural springs that are gushing from teh steep canyon walls and cascading into the Snake River below. The Aquifer creeps through...


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