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    Strange and questionable towns...

    by Astrobuck Updated Mar 13, 2005

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    In 1991, my cousin and I were on a road trip, driving through Idaho. We look at the gas gauge, and figured, "well, since we are low, lets get gas at the next exit." We pull off.....

    The rest of the story is frightening. Imagine yourself, pulling into a town that has one gas station (combined with a bar at that...never seen that one before), run down houses, burnt and rusted cars on cinderblocks, and trash in the street. Now, imagine yourself getting out of the car to pump suddenly get the feeling someone is watching you. You look across the street and see all these burly rough looking people standing on their porches with their arms crossed giving you very hard cold stares....

    This actually happened, in Idaho of all places. I pumped about $2 worth of gas, threw the handle back on the pump, ran inside, grabbed my cousin and said, "Give the man $2 and lets go...I'll explain along the way." On the way out, he saw what I was referring to.

    Basically, what I am trying to say is this: Road trips can be fun, but being careful going into strange towns is a must! If you need to get gas or stop, be sure to stop at a place you see from the interstate. Avoid these towns at all costs. If anyone knows of this place, please e-mail me and let me know so I can add more info to this page. I can't remember the name of the town we were in.

    I know that I will never return.

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    Don't believe everything you...

    by la_beba Written Aug 26, 2002

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    Don't believe everything you hear is true!!!!!

    The most commonly told story its about the'Cow Tipping Myth'
    and it involves a group of college students who got drunk one night, went out to a cow pasture, and teamed up to topple sleeping cows by sneaking up on them and giving them a surprise push. The story is usually told as documentation of the fact that cow tipping really exists. There are also people who swear that cow tipping was a form of recreation on their farm or in their community, although they never personally participated in it.
    TRUTH IS....

    Cow tipping is the kind of topic that comes up when there isn't much else to talk about..... :o) When it does, there is frequently dispute between those who believe cow tipping is real and has happened, and those who say it's nonsense. Although there is occasionally someone who swears to have participated in it or seen it, no one has found any credible evidence that it exists.... and cow experts say that although it's possible that somebody somewhere has toppled a cow, especially a young one, the logistics of cow tipping argue against it being a routine occurrence. Adult cows weigh several hundred pounds and are built low to the ground. They have a low center of gravity. Pushing one of them over would take a lot of muscle power. That's if you could get near enough to pull it off without it noticing!!!!! hahaha, this whole thing just cracks me up! Because even though cows have the reputation of being slow, they are actually very aware and very smart and and that it would be tough for someone to sneak up on one, especially at night (the cowboys at the ranch said this). They also said that cows do not sleep standing up!!!!!! hehehehehe

    Anyways..... the whole cow tipping deal is a myth and the whole idea is kinda stupid, but humorous. Don't ya'll agree? ROFL

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    At least during the summer and...

    by mikem Written Aug 25, 2002

    At least during the summer and late fall in the Idaho area, there is a real chance of wildfires. In July 2000, there were a significant number of wildfires. Keep track of the local news. Use any local website (such as Idaho Falls,Twin Falls,Boise)to see if there is news of fires in the area you are planning to visit. Your safety will be protected but you may have to move camp on quick notice when you get close to these area's. Don't create a wildfire situation. FOLLOW THE SIGNS ABOUT OPEN FIRES!! You will have plenty of warning on the conditions. In some dry weather conditions, fires are limited in camp sites.
    You can always find the location of a Ranger station nearby and get the information from the folks that deal with the problem each year.
    In back country, there may be area's closed due to bear's. If you go to the 'Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness' expect to be roughing it.

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  • I was warned by a fellow...

    by kahiwa Written Aug 24, 2002

    I was warned by a fellow Virtual Tourist that there were pick pockets in the malls. Apparently the kids look for open purses and steal your wallet. I didn't encounter any of that, but we didn't go to crowded areas.

    I was also warned about 'skin heads' who live in Idaho. These 'Neo-Nazis' apparently live further down south nearer to Boise, so we had no problems in Northern Idaho.

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    The roads are generally well...

    by Beast Written Aug 24, 2002

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    The roads are generally well maintained all year around in the south. In the north, if you are not prepared for driving on ice and snow, find a different way or time to travel. Spring time and Fall are the absolute best.

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    The Malls - PURSE SNATCHERS!!!...

    by LittlDot Written Aug 23, 2002

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    The Malls - PURSE SNATCHERS!!! ------- 9yr old girl went into my purse while I watched something in the mall. She took my Traveller Cheques, and Cash, then put the empty wallet back in my purse, and tried to walk away. Mall Secury said after catching her, they have a HUGE problem with these Kids!

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    Rope Confusion! Don't let this...

    by kinipela6 Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Rope Confusion! Don't let this happen to you. Ha Ha Ha, just kidding, there were just like, too many belayers in one place here. :) This is at the bottom of Elephant Rock. That is me on the right.

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