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  • Home of the Chicago Cubs
    Home of the Chicago Cubs
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  • Harry Carey
    Harry Carey
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  • Classic Wrigley Field Preserved To Perfection!
    Classic Wrigley Field Preserved To...
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    Post-Game Entertainment

    by shellybelly567 Written May 12, 2004

    And you thought the fun ended when the game ended...well you thought wrong. After games at Wrigley Field, there are various performers outside the field waiting for everyone to come out (and hopefully give them money). I think on the day we were there, there were at least three "entertainers" attempting some kind of music, including the guy in the picture, whose instruments included a couple 5 gallon buckets and a torn cymbal. So hang out and have some fun.

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    Rooftop Bleachers

    by shellybelly567 Written May 9, 2004
    Rooftop Bleachers

    On Sheffield and Waveland Aves there are bleachers on top of the buildings across from Wrigley. They're clubs, at which the owners charge very high prices for their patrons to watch Cubs Games from the rooftop-and I bet the drinks are pretty expensive too.

    Well, I guess the Cubs weren't too excited about this and filed suit agains the owners of the clubs, claiming they "unjustly enrich themselves to the tune of millions of dollars each year.'' All but two of the club owners settled out of court, agreeing to pay millions of dollars to the Cubs each year.

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    Where to sit in the bleachers

    by shellybelly567 Written May 9, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Hey Sammy, what's the count?

    Like I said before, there really isn't one bad seat at Wrigley. If you sit in the bleachers, just get there early so you have some options and then decide on left, right or center field.

    If you're a Sammy Sosa fan, then you need to sit in right field...if you're lucky you might get a ball from him, since he always throws the warm-up ball into the stands. My favorite things about sitting there, were heckling the Mets right fielder and asking Sammy what the count was-he'd answer by sticking out one or two fingers, without turning around.

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    Jerseys and Curse Breakers

    by shellybelly567 Written May 8, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Buy Buy Buy

    When you go to a Cubs game you have to come home with some kind of souvenir-whether you want to or not-seriously there are so many vendors everyhere you turn that you'll feel compelled to buy something.

    My favorite items were the "curse breaker" miniature stuffed goats. If you're not familiar with the Curse of the Goat, here's the story: Billy Sianis always brought his billy goat to games, but during a 1945 series with Detroit, he and his goat were kicked out due to the offensive odors emanating from the furry little creature. Sianis was so offended that he said "'No, Billy Sianis, no billy goat in the Friendly Confines, then there will never be a world series played at Wrigley Field again.'
    And there hasn't been one since then.

    Anyway, there is still a lot of debate whether the curse has been lifted. Cubs fans did bring a goat to a Houston Astros series and-guess what-the Cubs won, but I don't know, I guess only time and this season will tell.

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    by spunkygirl60637 Written Jan 14, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Wrigley Field -- you have to go to a Cubs game while in the city, if they're playing. The park is justifiably famous for its loveliness, and the fans are exuberant but not obnoxious. (at least, not as obnoxious as those from some other teams' cities)

    Equipment: On really hot days, wear a brimmed hat. If it's chilly, even if it's summer, bring a lightweight jacket and maybe even some gloves.

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    Famous Wrigley Field

    by rmdw Written Oct 3, 2003

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    Wrigley Field, Chicago

    Chicago is the home of Wrigley Field, named after the famous chewing gum company. This baseball park is home to the Chicago Cubs, one of two baseball teams in Chicago, the other being the White Sox who play on the south side of the city.

    Attending a game is great fun, especially in the summertime!

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    Wrigley Field - Chicago Cubs Baseball Club

    by cvsolfari Updated Jun 11, 2003
    Amazing Wrigley Field Rainbow

    The infamous Chicago Cubs play in Wrigley Field. This club, while typically not very good, has clearly the best atmosphere of any stadium in America, especially the inadequate Chicago White Sox stadium known as 'The Graveyard" (Comiskey Park).

    If you are looking to see a little baseball in a fan friendly place, this is the ultimate. And it is also Chicago's largest beer garden because by the 4th inning, the Cubs are quite far behind and there's nothing to do but socialize with your neighbors!

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    Catch a Baseball Game!

    by andreaarp Written Jun 9, 2003
    cubs game

    If you have never been to a cubs game in Chicago during the summer you are really missing out! I suggest that everyone does the routine... Go to Cubby bear or one of the sports bars near Wriggley Field and drink some beers to prep for the game. Go to the game all decked out and get ready to sing take me out to the ball game at the top of your lungs. Afterwards finish up at more sports bars!

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    Watching the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field

    by phil_uk_net Updated May 1, 2003
    The Montreal Expos at Wrigley Field

    If you are in Chicago in the baseball season you MUST go to Wrigley Field. It is a little piece of American history. In a land where nothing is very old it was a delight to be in a sports arena with a sense of history. Wrigley Field is the 3rd oldest ballpark in the land (I think). The Cubs were an exciting team then, back in '86. Young Ryne Sandberg was Rookie of the Year and a rising star. We watched the Cubbies play the Montreal Expos and of course had quite a few beers and hotdogs.
    After several beers we all became quite obnoxious and started taking the p*ss out of various people in the crowd. One guy wanted to beat me up. He thought that he'd pick on the little skinny guy. Fortunately I had two large friends with me to back me up and no fighting took place.
    Watching the Cubs at Wrigley made an indelible impression on this young English lad. To this day, if I have to name a favourite baseball team, it is the Chicago Cubs. Well, I'm a West Ham fan - I like losers!

    Equipment: When I went, Wrigley Field still didn't have floodlights. The story I was told goes like this. Mr Wrigley who donated the money to build Wrigley Field - he of the chewing gum family - decreed that there would be no floodlights at the stadium. He wanted the game to be suitable for kids to watch and didn't want then going to night games. However, in 1988 this decree was overruled and lights were finally installed.

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    The Friendly Confines

    by hoser_71 Updated Feb 16, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    My buddy Drew and I at the park enjoying a game

    If you're coming to Cchicago in the summer, you need to spend a day at the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field. I think tat Fenway is the only other baseball park that has the same feel to it. There are no distracting PA system blaring mussic. There are no huge neon signs. No mascots. It's baseball outdoors. It's relaxing to sit outside, drink a beer, and watch a game with 35,000 other people doing the same. There's no better way to skip out of work either.

    Equipment: Bring a cap or sunglasses. Might want to check the weather before you head out. I also suggest taking the Red Line train there, it runs right up to the park.

    If you's looking for a ticket, I suggest trying a scalper, they're usually cheaper than online ticket services.

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    by mocca Written Feb 6, 2003

    Chicago is the home of the Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, Bears. Any of these games will be great to watch one time.

    I saw the Cubs play (and loose), and it is great fun and the tickets for normal seats are afordable

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    Cubbies are going to Win Today!

    by ATXtraveler Updated Jul 30, 2007

    This is just a placeholder while I upload all my photos and then organize my tips. Please do not rate this one at this time.

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