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  • O'Hare International Airport
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  • O'Hare International Airport
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  • O'Hare International Airport
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    Other travel from O'Hare International airport

    by Dabs Updated Feb 25, 2009

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    Updated February 2009

    If you have a lot of luggage or prefer not to take public transportation, there are several other options for getting to and from O'Hare.

    Taxi-costs about $35-40 each way and take you directly to your hotel. You can catch taxis in front of every terminal, first come, first serve.

    Continental Airport Express-cost is $25 each way, $46 round trip if you book online. The cost goes down if you have more people, check the website for more info and current pricing. It sounds like they take you directly to your hotel but you may have to share and the trip might be longer than with a taxi.

    Rental car-unless you are traveling a lot to areas outside of Chicago, rethink renting a car. Public transportation, walking and taxis in Chicago should be adequate for your stay.

    For additional options see the website listed below.

    Historical note-Travelers to O'Hare will notice that their luggage tags read ORD. Originally O'Hare was called Orchard Field, it was renamed in 1949 for Butch O'Hare, a World War II fighter pilot from Chicago who was a war hero. If you'd like to read more about Butch O'Hare, here's a good link:

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    O'Hare Airport

    by rmdw Written Oct 29, 2003

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    O'Hare Terminal 1

    I don't know if O'Hare still holds the title of the busiest airport in the world but it is quite huge.

    O'Hare is the largest of the two Chicago airports, with Midway being the other. It's located NW of downtown Chicago.

    The best way to get to/from O'Hare is via the CTA Blue Line. It's a bit of a hike with a number of bags but the inexpensive cost is well worth it.

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    O'Hare Terminal Five

    by yooperprof Updated Mar 13, 2004

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    Thank you Mayor Daley

    Most international flights from O'Hare depart from Terminal Five (except for certain departures on American and United Airlines), and all international flights arrive here. It's only a short "people mover" ride from Terminals One, Two and Three. (Unfortunately, the "people mover" doesn't leave from the terminals themselves; you have to schlepp your bags a little distance to reach the "people mover" stations.) Whatever happened to Terminal Four? Don't ask. (I think flights to Hogwarts leave from Terminal Four.) The International flight check-in hall is a hive of activity, especially at holiday time, but it is well-designed and there is plenty of space to mill around. Still, I can't help but note that the restaurant and shopping facilities here are pretty meager, especially when compared with such true international hubs as Amsterdam and London Heathrow.

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    busiest in the world

    by FlyingElizabeth Updated Jan 7, 2009

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    O'Hare Airport in Chicago

    Last I checked, O'Hare International Airport has more pasengers (daily, weekly, monthly, & annually) than any other airport world-wide. But I think the title fluctuates amongst ATL & DFW too!

    There are info-booths located on lower levels at domestic and on both levels at international. There's also a currency exchange on the lower level of the international terminal.

    It's maybe 15 miles from to downtown and takes maybe an hour at peak times, but like a half-hour if the traffic is REALLY good. Taxi fare is around $30-$50.

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    One of the world's busiest airports

    by Jefie Written Oct 12, 2008

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    Chicago O'Hare International Airport
    1 more image

    Even though it recently lost its title as "the world's busiest airport", the Chicago O'Hare International Airport is still one of the biggest airports in the world. It was named in honor of Edward "Butch" O'Hare, who became the US Navy's first flying ace during World War II, and an F4F-3 Wildcat fighter plane he might have flown is on display at the airport. Even though it is quite easy to find your way once you reach the airport, getting there can sometimes be a bit of a challenge because of all the traffic, and you also need to allow yourself enough time to check-in as there can be a really long line-up to get to the counter and then to get through security. Since I was flying with Air Canada, I arrived and departed from Terminal 2. There were several restaurants and stores, so even if I got there pretty early, walking around the terminal and watching all the planes take off and land made the time go by really fast!

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    Getting help at O'Hare

    by rmdw Written Nov 6, 2004

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    Visitor's Information Booth

    When you arrive at O'Hare look for a booth like this on the baggage level. The person there should be able to assist you with any questions you may have.

    But don't pull out a camera or the same thing may happen to you that occurred to me!

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    International Flights

    by antistar Written Apr 24, 2007

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    Until 1998 O'Hare was the busiest airport in the world. Other airports may have stolen a march on O'Hare, but it hasn't got any less busier, the other airports just got even more air traffic. Compared to other airports of its kind, like Heathrow, Frankfurt and LAX, it's quite well ordered and easy to navigate. It does, however, have a bad reputation for delays, especially at peak times, so be prepared.

    Getting there can also be problematic at peak times. A taxi ride from the centre should take only about 40 minutes, but at rush hour this can double, or worse. Many people recommend taking the Orange line from the center at peak hours. This takes about 30 minutes, rush hour or not.

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    One of My Home Airports

    by riorich55 Updated May 9, 2009

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    Terminal 3 - American Airlines

    I actually have the choice of either of Chicago's airports when I leave town either on pleasure or business. I can either leave my house and go a little north and farther east to Midway or go a lot farther north but not so far east to O'Hare. Either way both airports are about 35 minutes from where I live (that's without traffic).

    Most of the time from O'Hare I am going through Terminal 3 which is shown in the picture. This is the main terminal for American Airlines which gets most of my business as it is the one the company I work for recommends (which means use unless you have no other option).

    If anybody has come into Chicago from international locations they have flown through O'Hare and even most domestic travelers at one point or another have at least stopped to change planes at O'Hare on there way to other destinations.

    There are enough sit down restaurants and snack bars along with the typical book stores and novelty stores here. One thing I have noticed over the years of traveling is that there is really a lack of retail outlets as compared to some of the other newer airports. Not a bad thing for me as I rarely buy anything at an airport, but if you need a diversion for a long wait at least you could window shop.

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    Getting from the Airport to your hotel

    by midnight_mike Updated May 20, 2006

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    If you are staying in a downtown hotel and flying into either Midway or O'Hare Airports, you might want to consider a train/taxi combo.

    First, if you are arriving into Chicago during the day, take the "El" train from the airport into downtown. Midway and O'Hare are the last stops on the Orange and Blue lines, respectively, so you don't have to worry which directions they are headed. Find out where your hotel is in relation to the El. If it is close to the train, find out which stop to get off at and how to get to your hotel from there. If it is more than a few blocks you might want to jump into a taxi and let the driver take you the rest of the way. If you take the train/taxi combo, you will pay about $8. If you take a taxi directly from the airport to your hotel, you will pay $30 to $45. And you won't be saving too much time. (If you are arriving/departing during the day, a taxi might take longer as it will be stuck in traffic.)

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    Guide to O'Hare Airport Terminal 1

    by TRimer Updated Aug 2, 2007

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    As a person who flys at least once a month, I thought I would make an attempt at providing a discussion on my take on O'Hare airport.

    If you are flying United, most likely you will be flying out of Terminal 1. The terminal is divided into the B concourse (close to ticketing) and C concourse. To get to the C concourse you have to go underground thru a pyschedelic tunnel. It is quite a distance to get to C gates (despite the people movers) so leave yourself extra time. If you are flying long distance (California, Shanghai) or short distances (Detroit, Columbus) you will most likely fly out of the C Concourse. United also flies out of Terminal 2 (E gates) for its United Express flights. Regardless, you need to check in for all United flights in Terminal 1. It often takes 20-40 mins. to get your luggage from a United Express flights so better to check your luggage at the gate (yes, you can do this). If you are connecting, there is a free shuttle that runs during the day from gate C9 to terminal 2 (E3).

    United has self-check in computers both in the ticketing area and in the causeway from long-term parking (carry on only). To check-in, use a credit card, follow the prompts and check bags if needed. You can even change your seats. On United, if you are checking luggage, you MUST check in at Terminal 1 regardless of what terminal you are flying out of.

    The security line for Terminal one is in the center of the ticketing area. The priority line for Premier and above has been moved to the far side near the entrance to Terminal 2. However, they rarely have it staffed correctly so you end up waiting for the first class passengers with too much carry on to pass through.

    If you are flying into Terminal 2 at O'Hare (check your itinerary), it is best not to check your luggage (they can gate check it) as it takes around 40 minutes for them to move the luggage over to the Terminal 1 baggage claim where all United luggage is picked up.

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    Layover at O' Hare

    by Dabs Written May 14, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Because O'Hare is a major hub for United and American, a lot of passengers layover at O' Hare. If you have a lot of time, you can take the el into downtown Chicago and grab a bite or take in a sight or two. Budget at least an hour each direction for transportation and an hour to negotiate the airport so I'd only do this with a 6+ hour layover.

    Another option is to get a day pass for the health club at the Hilton for $10 if you want to go for a swim or get in a quick workout. The Hilton is within walking distance of the terminals.

    Or since you either don't get or don't want to eat airline food, grab a bite to eat at one of the many good offerings at O' Hare. I usually stop at Pizzeria Uno or Panda for Chinese before hopping on flights, the Tribune food critic suggests Terminal 1-Berghoff, Terminal 2-Fox Skybox, Terminal 3-Wolfgang Puck's.

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    Immigration/customs at O'Hare for connections

    by Dabs Updated Dec 22, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A common question for travelers coming into O'Hare from overseas when transferring through Chicago is how long immigration and customs takes. I personally wouldn't contemplate a layover with anything less than 2 hours especially if you are coming in on a visa or ESTA and after the line I saw on September 8, 2013, I probably wouldn't do it with under 3 hours!

    For US residents and Canadian citizens ONLY transferring at O'Hare, there are new automated terminals that cut the wait time down immensely, Chicago is the 1st airport to have them. I have now used them three times and have been out of immigration in under 15 minutes twice and my bags were already on the conveyor. The 3rd time was not so pleasant, perhaps a function of multiple planes landing at the same time, that was over a 1/2 hour in line.

    All passengers must claim their luggage at the 1st point of entry into the US, if you are coming into Terminal 5 which is the international terminal, you need to claim your luggage and recheck it. If you are flying from Canada or Dublin (not all flights), which have preclearance before you fly, you may fly into a different terminal and may not need to recheck your luggage but be sure to ask

    After handing your form to customs, head out and find the airport transit if you are flying from Terminals 1-3, you will then need to go back through security. If you are flying from Terminal 5 then you need to just go back through security.

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    O'Hare for English People!

    by dansc0tt Written Feb 28, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Ah the wonders of economy....travel for 7 or 8 hours from our little Island and you are just ready for those 'have a nice day' smiles our little American cousins are famous for? Well think again.....its immigration time. While the guys seem to have gotten a little better, immigration is still a nightmare in the US. So here is my two penneth!

    1. Fill out the green and white forms ON THE PLANE. Not only does this hasten your trip through, but it also stops those behind you in the queue making snide comments about stupid tourists who should not be allowed out the confines of their own back yard

    2. RUN from the gate to the immigration desk. Otherwise you are likely to get stuck behind about 250 people, plus countless others doubtless from Nations less favoured by the US and hence who are going to be SLOW!

    3. Dress accordingly - it gets VERY hot in the immigration hall - whether it is the heating system or my running I'm not sure!

    4. Be nice to the man or lady behind the desk!

    5. err..... thats it!

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    O'HARE ; huge airpot

    by Martman Updated Aug 28, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A: terminal 5 view; the International terminal
    4 more images

    Chicago O'Hare used to be the busiest airport in the world. That title now belongs to Atlanta.
    My first Chicago holiday was via Midway Airport and my subsequent visit was through O'Hare. O'Hare International Airport has four terminals 1,2,3 and 5. Terminal 4 is no longer used for aircraft. I arrived through terminal 2 (Air Canada) and departed through terminal 2 (United).

    Now for a quick summary of each of my pictures:

    A: View of terminal 5 which is chiefly for international intercontinental flights. Not surprisingly, this terminal usually boasts the largest aircraft. My 737 wing is also visible!

    B: I had just arrived from Toronto and parked at terminal 2. That aircraft adjacent mine is also an Air Canada Embraer 175.

    C: A view for the line up for take-off. This same line is for runway 22L or 27L. The two runways commence at the same area. The front of the line looks like an American Airlines MD-80. I am inside a United Boeing 737-300

    D: A beautiful view of a United Boeing 777, the largest twin-engine jet. Also visible, is the nose of the Boeing 737 that will take me to Toronto. It just arrived from Kansas City. This is my only pic from within the airport itself and not taken from my aircraft window!

    E: I got this nice view of a Continental Boeing 737. Same aircraft as mine, but different airline!
    Pic of a 737 from a 737!

    Click here to return to my VT CHICAGO HOMEPAGE.

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    O'hare - real pain!

    by simcard Written May 13, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    O'hare is huge.. making your flight connection there is a real pain. Always allow PLENTY OF TIME when you need to connect your flight via O'hare, especially if your connection is between terminal C and any other terminal. C is completely seperate away from the main building, which means taking a shuttle or walking through the tunnel. Shuttle? I will say, forget about it. It just takes forever to wait! Take off your high heels and run if you are running out of time!

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